Too graphic? LAWL and TOM question...

  • Does anyone notice a change in TOM since LAWL??? Mine is for the better, surprisingly so, maybe its just a fluke. (Mary, I know youre suffering, sorry C/S's definitely make them worse, but it does subside with time)
  • thats rotten. Maybe its just me.
  • My own experience with TOM is that some months are much worse than others. However, I have also read that estrogen is fat soluble, so when we lose fat, there's more floating around in our bodies, which makes things wacky. (Mary, this could be part of what you're going thru, too?)

    But - I also think that once we start getting our eating under control; like less sugar(!), we feel better in general, so TOM is overall a better 'experience'.

  • I remeber this book I had to read ( I only skimmed though) in undergrad that was about being an holistic women and it said that with a proper natural diet, you can actually end your monthly cycle (but it takes years)

    I didn't really belive it then and I am not to much into all of that, but it was a required course and I just thought it would be of some interest since we are on this subject. Maybe i will think of the book one day
  • Deetsmom,

    Tom came onto time for me this Sunday, and it was lighter and gone by Wednesday. Usually she'd be here til this Friday. So who knows. I have never got cramps though. I've had 2 c-sections with 18 mos of each other. BUt, still no cramps or heavier cycles. I pray hard though!

    That sucks, but I'm praying it will get better for you. TOM would be much tolerable if she would come and go, and not bring any pain or syndromes.

    Hey girl! I wish that method would only take months, then it might be achievable, but years! HA! With all this temptation around us, our diets wouldn't be perfect long at all. Chic Fila and Olive Garden would be a temptation for me! But, I'm seeing there are a lot of benefits to this healthy eating, so I'll stick to that instead!
  • Kisha,

    I found the recipe for Olive Gardens Capelinni and doctored it up some to make it Op, it is on the recipe thread, I love it,but with the way my week has been going, i can't go anywhere near pasta, but it uses fresh tomatoes and olive oil, so you can use it on plan. (i made it once with just the pam sray to make the tomatoes not stick and it was just as well, so the Olive oil isn't really necessary.)
  • Mary- I have had 3 C-Sections, but I have not had any cramping trouble after any of them. I did get an IUD after my last baby, and it has made TOM flow double. I get really moody, though, so I can relate. My kids, daycare care kids, DH and repo clients all probably fear me for a few days. Before LAWL I would drown my irritation with chocolate and ice cream, but now................well, I don't know, apple slices just aren't the same. Oh well, the end result will be sooo worth it. Katie
  • No doubt, sometimes food does help. You know what, there are more important things than LAWL. Good for you for doing something that helped with out beating yourself up!
  • Mary - we all do this, and TOM can be the worst time of all .. .