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Well, hello chicks
i have been away for a while, so busy at work but still losing. we are going to Vegas on Thursday so this is the pre-vacation to the cruise in december. hope i can stay on plan in sin city. i am juicing again, this time 8 oz a day for 8 days as a fruit. hoping that it helps this time as opposed to the first time i did it when it did not work.

did not read all the previous posts yet, but will tomorrow.

watching the Norte Dame game, and it is half time. GO IRISH

talk to everyone later.
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I was hoping ND would win that game
Oh well
We're die hard Auburn fans here!
I checked out that sex offender site. That is so creepy to see pictures of actual people who have committed such horrible acts. I think child molestors should be locked up forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I hope everyone is having a good weekend. I must admit I did not stay OP last week. It started when we took our kids to visit my Dad and went to the fair. I wasn't terrible, but I need to get back to POP this week.
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Finally dropped two of the 5 I picked up last weekend; so that's progress.

I am so OUT of the Halloween thing. I don't get lots of kids, so I don't buy candy - I have actually given quarters or change instead of food. Not as much fun, but at least they can use it for milk money!

Katie - WTG! 2.8 is awesome!

Andi - hope WI was good for you! BTW, I have heard other people turning around on the scales so they don't see the numbers all the time.

WB Wrigley - where are you cruising?

Hey, Shennie - you are really doing terrif!

Sy, how was the game?

Do ya'll realize that it's just about 12 weeks until New Years?

Hope all has a great POP day!
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Mary, don't beat yourself up.

I had a off program day yesterday too. My son's footbal team won the championship 37-7!!!!! Well I was in such a hurry int he morning, i didn't eat breakfast, but I did get a lite in for AM snack. Because fo the great season the league president offered to take us all to Ryan's (a buffet) for lunch. I did pretty good and although I did go over on my portoins I started out with a huge salad and fresh fruit (to fill me up) and had about 2oz of grilled chicken (absolutly delicious),2 rolls with butter, about 1/2 of a potatoe of potatoes and onions and 1 chicken wing (fried). So I know I had some sodium galore in my system and lots of extra fat, but I was only up .8 this morning and I had about 20 glasses of water yesterday, and plan on having alot of water today.
Sometimes things come up in life and we want to celbrate and be friendly. It felt great to be in a room full of 7-9 year olds who felt good about what they had accomplished this year and parents who supported their children, so I wrote it all in my journal and i will "proudly" show them on Monday. Life happens!!!
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it must have been a weekend for going off plan...
last night I was a BAAAD girl...
I totally bombed my day...starting out by not eating enough food to start the day...
then my MIL (to be) called and asked if we could go to dinner with her...

I, too, know what you mean, Marbear about the food thing...

I came from an Southern ITALIAN-heritage family...I had no escape from the "food is love" thing. I had some of the appetizer and even a couple of bits of cheese tummy was NOT happy with me (and I could not sleep because my body was trying to process the extra calories before I slept)...that was the first fried food and the first sugar that I had had in a LONG time...
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Red face

Hello!!! I was surfing the web and found this site- I am soooooo glad!!! I just joined LA Weightloss and and in the first day of the TakeOff--so far so good!!! I have done everything right-- but it is not so easy!! Reading some of the posts are very encouraging-- i do hope that this will get me to where I want to be. I am 5'3 and weighted in at 194-- I am going for 160 as my goal weight. I have never been skinney and I think that this is something that I can maintain-- I hope so-- who knows, if all goes good I may just keep going
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Morning chicks!

I am almost back down to my previous trip weight, so that makes me VERY happy -- Had two comments from friends yesterday - they said I looked 'svelte'. I take that as a great NSV!

Mary - when I'm in situations where I can't control the food - I try to make the best choices I can - I try to leave white space on the plate - in other words, don't fill it to over flowing. . . I eat as many plain veg as I want, because those are things that fill me up -- and I try to stick to one plate. This is a hint that I got from a nutrionist - if you're at a buffet place - only one plate - we can't always control social situations, and if we are not going to be hermits, then we have to just control it as best we can?

Honestly, I think the trick is to just get back POP as soon as we can - otherwise, that water weight just turns into forever weight.

cnt0418 - welcome! glad you found us! Where in Idaho are you -- I drove thru bits of it over the summer- very pretty state!

Hey to all the other chicks! We were even more quiet than usual over the weekend.

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THE SOX ARE IN THE WORLD SERIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so I am not sure how well I will do next week with plan (just telling the truth)

I was back at 170.0 this morning, so my buffet lunch didn't hurt me terribly.


thanks for the tips, Julie

Mary~ the rest of that water weight should be gone by morning!

Check in with you chicks later

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Sorry I was MIA this weekend. My Friday started off with a printer problem that DH needed fixed ASAP. It can really be a hassel working in IT as he expects me to know 'everything' about all computers, software and anything attached to them. Nice guy to have so much faith in me. I get to log the calls and deal with the support people from India. I don't have anything against them as long as I can understand them and they fix my problem. Well, they were unable to resolve my problem, but could order me a replacement that had an ETA of 11/15 (yes, 1 month away). I continued working the issue, and yesterday figured it out and his printer was working normally again. TG for that! Still hoping they replace the printer anyway.

Julie: The game was really bad. I think I can play better football than the team this year - it's really too bad. Fans are starting to fade away from the dome, even the student seating was empty. In past years, everyone blamed it on Coach P until they booted him out, well the new coach is doing worst with these guys. We left at the beginning of the 3rd quarter and walked 3 miles back to our car (as we normally take the train to the dome but it doesn't return for pickup until the end of the 3rd quarter). It was a nice walk in the daylight and the fact that DH was with me. Otherwise, most of the walk boarders a bad section of town.

Saturday left the house at 10:30am and got home at 10:00pm. I was not POP but did pretty good considering my options for the day. Was right back POP yesterday and don't think I did any 'real' damage. Saturday included a pig roast and a NASCAR party. I had 2 liquid starches (Blue Lites), drank diet soda most of the day and couldn't fall asleep until after 1:am. There was a water advisory in the area where the game was so couldn't drink water from that area.

I haven't caught up with all the post so will do that and be back. Hugs, Sy
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Default Happy Monday

Good Morning Everyone. cnt!!!

I had a long and enjoyable weekend with the DSs. I took a vacation day on Friday, and then the DSs and I went to breakfast (I resisted the buffet and had an eggbeater omelette with salsa . After breakfast, we went to my DPs house and stayed all day long. My DM and DF were so glad for the visit, and we had a great time. I truly adore my folks.

On Saturday I worked out with Gilad (he's a funny guy), cleaned house and then met my DBGF and her DD for some girl-time. We went to see the Wallace and Gromit movie (cute), and I made decent choices there too. My tummy was talking to me though all night Saturday night, don't know what that was about.

Yesterday was church, and I did get some compliments, which, on top of the word, REALLY made my day. YES!

Today is WI. Wish me luck. I am feeling a bit skinnier, although TOM has rounded the corner and will be knocking at my door any day now. TOM is so unpredictable now that I am getting older. I don't get it. I have some errands to run today during lunch so I will not be able to make it to the FC, but if time/work schedule permits maybe I can go after work.
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Good Morning Chickies!

What's going on today?

DFI and I actually had kind of a date.... My DD had two friends spending the night so we went and got them some food from Wendy's. Then we went to Red Lobster

I love Red Lobster, it was so good! I think I did pretty well on my choices. I wanted to mention that on the back page of their menu had some of their menu items with the nutrition facts. They had the nutrition facts for their side items, salads, and broiled fish selections. The last time I was there, they didn't have this new handy tool to good choices.

CYA Ladies later......
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Default Good Southern Manners

Marbear - It think it was very admirable what you did at the Polish dinner. The little water weight gain is nothing compared to what you left with them. You go girl. You also know what to do to get rid of it. Remember that Dolly Parton still eats all of the southern food that she has enjoyed her whole life, but now she only takes a spoonful/a bite of this and a spoonful/a bite of that.
One of her favorites is smothered porkchops and mashed potatoes. Love and kindness is not always shown with hugs/kisses, cards/gifts, or words. But, some show it with food. I'm guilty of the same because I will stay in the kitchen and cook all of the family favorites and it is enjoyed more than if I had gone out and bought expensive gifts. Most of these people that I cook for don't have the weight problems that I have. Go figure

I say a big YAHOO to the losers. Keep it up. To us offer planners I say get back on the wagon and do what we know to do.

Everyone have a great Monday.
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Hi all!

Not sure if i've posted since i've been home, but we arrived safely tuesday night. The trip was great but we left a day later b/c of the packing. Mom and I did everything ourselves, it was a lot of work. My back is not great either now and by the time we got to CA i had severe swelling in my feet, ankles and legs, that is gone now after drinking parsley tea. So just trying to get back in the swing of things. Looking for a job this week, organizing, putting stuff away.

Not quite on the LAWL wagon yet, but started today with coffee, black, no cream. It's a start. Mom and I are doing it together, we got some on program food yesterday at the store, we'll get it together soon.

I have been lurking, you all are doing well. Keep it up, i look toward all of you for inspiration!
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Hi Mary,

Your "Stros" are killing my beloved Cardinals! Been a Cardinal fan for 50 years now!! Not sure WHAT the problem is, but the best team will win -
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Sorry Mary, but this is the year of the SOX,
so treasure you win against the Cardinals, because that will be the last win of the year for the Astro's

I even let my son stay up and watch the game last night. this mornign they had all of the kids on the news who stayed up all night waiting for the Sox to come back home to meet them at the airport. They were soooo tired and they had the most creative excuses for missing school girl said she will tell her teacher that she was doing extra credit math homework by counting the times the Sox made easy runs on the Angels.

We can't afford world series tickets, but I plan to take my son downtown to see the game Saturday at a bar that is advertising "Family viewings"
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