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  • Julie-You're probably right, I've been on red for so long I forgot what the others are like. Red you get 8 ounces of chicken and 6 ounces of beef, and 6 or 7 ounces of fish (depending on what kind).
  • Yes, Jen, that's like purple . . .It'll be interesting to see what maintainance is like for you since you're at a higher plan than I'll be when I'm done. (notice I say when not if)
  • Quote: Karen/MC - seems like your DF is a little territorial?
    DF took me to lunch and was all kissy kissy, I love you. I guess he feels bad since I went OFF this morning on him. DF has complained all week about my daughter coming in the bathroom that is our bedroom all week. Today he was just plain rude about it and didn't want to hear why she was in there. So in turn, I flew off the handle in defense of my child and the fact that I live there too; and I should have some say so.

    Actually, I'm not sure if he can help it. Last week I went with him to the doctor to talk about his mood swings and temprementalness. DF started on Lexapro on Monday, but the doctor said it would probably take about 3-4 weeks for it to make a difference. There is a girl here at work that takes Lexapro. I asked her about how she was before she started taking it, and she said "I was a b*@$#." Hopefully, this will help DF! I have anxiety real bad and take Effexor for mine, and I know I was a b*@$# before I started taking it.
  • Marbear - Are you gonna get your daisey dukes on for his birthday?
  • Almost time.....
    Bye girlfriends.......have a great holiday weekend.....
    Remember don't & ........
  • When DH and I married (almost 29 years ago), I had two kids from a previous marriage, ages 3 & 13 months. He adopted them when they were 11 and 9. Previous hubby didn't have a problem with it. I had explained that he would always be their father, but David had all the responsibility (1st hubby hadn't paid child support in all the time I was re-married) but none of the rights and if they were adopted, they would benefit from Veteran's benefits should anything happen to David. He readily agreed (I think because he knew I would go after over $20,000 back child support if he didn't) and the kids became "ours." We then had one more and David has never made one whit of difference among them. They all carried his last name throughout school and when the middle child got married she had David walk her down the aisle and danced the father/daughter dance with him even though her "biological father" was in attendance.

    Have a great week-end everybody!
  • I've only lost 7 and my hubby says he sees a difference. The other day he was helping me take off my bra (my shoulder was hurt) and he said, "HEY! This is really a lot looser!"

    Then again, when you spend as much as it costs to lose 100+ pounds on LAWL, I think there's some wishful thinking that we're getting our money's worth!
  • Hello All!!!!
    I joined LAWL a week ago. Right now I am having mixed emotions about it. I was not losing any LBS, then went in and was down over 2Lbs, and now back up again.
    We did eat out a lot last week and prob. more in the upcoming weeks. The trainer at the center I go to gave me some options of a menu for a couple of days to follow, saying that if I eat the same things then my body knows what is coming and the I will not lose the weight.
    I am hoping that this forum is a good line of support, my husband tries but doesn't really get it since we were told that I could pretty much eat all the same things as before(within moderation).
    It is a stressful time right now for us. We moved here from Chicago in November for our jobs and now our company is moving out of Ohio, and to Chicago and we decided to stay and he is going to start his own business and I won't have a job. Stressful.
    I want to get the cookbook, but I feel like all I am doing is spending money on this program and nothing is working.
    Anyone got any good advice for me.
  • Hi Dawn!

    What kind of advice is your center giving you? Also, what plan are you on - red?

    From my own experience, it is really tough to eat out and lose weight unless you are sticking to a grilled protein (chicken/beef/etc) salad -- with dressing on the side, and hold the croutons.

    When you eat out, what do you normally get? Do you use the restaurant guide to help with the selections?

    It is sort of true that you can eat the same things as before - but it depends what you were eating before? does that make sense? In otherwords, the diet is not really any magic - it's a variety of foods, portion controlled. Me - my old diet had lots of full fat ice cream and cake . . . at least once a week - so that Had To Go. . .

    We all give and get lots of support on the board - but we are more quiet on weekends. It's wonderful that your DH is supportive, but many men just don't get it. They can lose weight by just not eating bread sometimes!

  • Welcome Dawn, I also eat out alot. I've found ways of eating (most) of the things I like without getting into trouble. I usually try and stick with chicken, salad or fish when I'm out. I ask for a "to go" box right away and put in it what I shouldn't have. I go with steamed veggies instead of potato. When I want a potato, I put the other 1/2 in the to go box. I'm not tempted to over eat when the food is already in the box. I also make sure to drink ALOT of extra water if I end up having chinese.

    Good luck
  • Thanks for all the support and advice!!!!!
    We actually stopped eating out but work is causing that to happen right now.
    I stick to either what is in the book or a salad, I like the dressing on the side which I have been doing since I love the dressing, it helps alot.

    In the center I don't see the same person, and yesterday I got really emotional and the girl was like I don't think that you need to be getting upset now. What the heck is that all about?

    Well, she gave me some stuff to try out and told me I need to mix it up a little.

    I printed some recipes (sp) from the LAWL site, and I got a meal planner that I found online as well, and printed that up. I am going to have to try this meal planning thing, which I am not used to and see how that works out.

    I just jumped on our gazelle for about 12 1/2 minutes and tomorrow I will try for a little longer, I am going to lose this weight.

    How much is the cookbook? Does anyone rememeber and is it worth it? Like I said I feel like I am only spending money so far.

    The Hubby on the other hand, well you nailed that on the head, he LOVES his starches, when I tried the South Beach I give him credit he tried but then could not take the no carbs for the firs 2 weeks and then gave up.

    Thanks again for all the help, you guys are great.
  • Jewel - that's a great way to exercise control when eating out - split it first - I am so bad at that.

    Dawn, I do think the cookbook is about $28.00, but you may be able to find it cheaper on ebay, but then you have to factor in the postage. What kind of things do you like to make? I do have the cookbook, and I'll look and see if there's anything similar, or we can give you ideas on how to adjust stuff.

    You've probably noticed that the plan limits starches ALOT. That means we have to adjust the way we fix things. If your DH likes beans - we can have those (a lot of beans is 1P) --

    Truthfully, when I need a starch fix, I usually use a lean cuisine or healthy choice -- it does count as both a protein and a starch, but I think it's worth it.

  • I just bought the cookbook, too and it seems like it might be worth it. (Not overwhelming praise, I know). I use the cookbook and then make the recipes "my own" by changing up the spices.

    I just started 3 weeks ago and I had a weight gain inthe first week. But it went away along with a couple of friends...

    This is a great group of people. You'll get lots of support here. I feel like I've already got friends here, even though I've never met any of them.
  • I totally understand. I accidentally went off program today when Carson shoved a nilla wafer in my mouth. It's easy to forget you're on a diet when a smiling, cute two-year-old is trying to feed you clean (I hope) cookies! After I ate one (actually I did spit it out) all I wanted was some tortilla chips! Salty and Corny and full of fatty yumminess... But I resisted by going shopping.

    I hope the good voice of resistance will win out over temptation. You've worked far too hard to give up on yourself now!

    And, really, you're so close to your biggie goal!!!
  • Mary
    I want to Veg and munch too but you can do it. don't give into temtation. i found a new SF Candy. Lifesavers Sobets. they are in a pink bag and they are AWESOME.

    Try those they might help.