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Well, i am back. i was so busy last week with work that there was no time to sign and and say hi and that is how it is going to be this week too.

but the center told me the same thing about the scale, so i stopped using it, sometimes i get on it but i so try not too.

so as you know i had gained weight and was not happy about the fact that happened, then i started losing and when i went in on saturday i was down more and in one week lost 7 lbs total.

i almost fell over i was so shocked. i have to say that my period is coming and i could tell today and i know this is wrong but for my starches i had some baked doritos ( luckily only small handful)

i am hoping that i am still down tomorrow when i go in but i might not make it until tuesday.

i have tried the slim downs for lunch and that seems to work for a meal replacement, it works when i am so crazy busy at work.

i think i got a litttle to cocky with the big loss in a week and now am scared to go back and see what happened.

carmen- they did offer a nice package and i know what you mean about the job market. i have started to look and see what happens. my husband is a project manager and i am a visual merchandiser( spelling?)

all have a great night.

i am off to bed so i can get up to work out in the morning.
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Hey ladies, I have 4 more pages to get caught up on, I promise to try to keep up this week better than I have been lately.

I'm away from home in MA for the week for training. It's kind of cool because the hotel has a wireless internet access and I'm sitting in my bed in the hotel posting. I could get spoiled with this wireless stuff. DH wouldn't like it if we had it at home and I was in bed posting. LOL!

Oh, my class reunion was last night and I only got silly drunk, nothing bad and didn't have a hangover today. I have either allergies from something in the air or a cold coming on since Friday night. As door greeter at the reunion I talked none stop from 4:30pm until almost 7:00pm at the door, then I started to mingle and talked some more. I'm so horse today. If you could hear my voice, you wouldn't even reconize me. DH say I sound very sick, but I actually feel fine. I had the most awesome fun being the greeter. I got to see everyone that walked through the door. Star, I have to say you were right, and I think I had the best job in the house. What a blast! LOL! We got compliments from everyone at how much fun everyone was having or had at the event. They want us to plan another one and not wait another 10 years. It was so cool too that my younger sister who lives about 1 mile from the event, and she asked to pick me up and to spend the night at her home so I could have a couple drinks. She is such a sweetheart!

Julie: I got as far as reading your post on the sprinkling of the fairy dust - your such a sweetie. It hasn't caught up with me yet, but I plan on doing my best while since I'm out of town this week.

Well, should get some rest as I'm tried after the 5 1/2 hour drive here.

Hugs, Sy
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thanks everyone

and actually this is the first scale i have prbably owned since i moved out of my parents home. I just bought it because I wanted to be able to weigh myself without clothes to throw off the count ( I thought that might be a little uncomfotable at the center )

So I am not going crazy weighing myself, I was just kind of confused since as I said I haven't probably weighed myself outside of the doctors office in about 10 years.

Actually the idea of weighing myself 3 times a week in the center seems a little too much for me, and it makes me worry to much about the wieght and not focus on just eating right.

But anyhow, I'm going to stick to a once a week sunday morning weigh in for myself at home in my birthday suit for my own records
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I weigh myself every morning and sometimes in the afternoon. It's a touchstone for me, I mentally go by the scale at home rather than the scale at the center. I weigh in after work and so many factors can affect my weight by the time I get to the center (am I wearing different clothes, did I have a late lunch, did I get to exercise before I weighed in, etc.), so if I was down at home, but up at the center I know it's not a true gain and I don't worry about it.

That being said, the scale is a tricky issue for some it's motivating and for others it can be demoralizing. It's a personal thing and I thinke each of us needs to decide how/when to use it.

Most people think I'm nuts that I weigh everyday at home and at the center 3 times a week, but this is what I think I need to do to stay on far so good ;-)

Take care,

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Default New Week - oh-rah....

Morning Girlfriends!

Hope everyone that isn't sick had a great weekend and hope all you sick chicks are feeling better! As for us here in Michigan the weather is beautiful and I'm looking forward to Fall.....

Sy- Geez - sounds like you had a blast at your reunion. I know that being the greeter is the best! Our reunion was 2 years ago and people are still talking about it. I still get the video out every once in awhile and check it out. I'll bet you did some serious dancing huh?

Julie - Leave it to you to take the fat fairy idea and take it a step better - with money - oh-rah..... hey Julie was it you that bought the Project You program? I saw it on tv this morning when I was getting ready for work and thought it was you?

Jen - I do the same as you with the weighing - it lets me know where I am and what I need to do. For me weighing myself is a sure way to not go in the wrong direction.

Check ya'll later.....

Hugs -
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Morning chicks!

Woohoo - down to 191 this AM - -will update my ticker -- two down on the Halloween challenge!

Bre, Mary -- and all you sick chicks - so sorry --

Mary - WTG on the big drop -- that's the way it goes for me, nothing moves for a while, and then bam, I start dropping again. . . It's just the way it goes for some of us - the trick is to just stick with it --

Leah - I just wanted to comment on your Pizza Hut experience -- you did great - but NEVER think you are not worth eating what you think is right. It is so easy for us chicks on a diet to not think we are worth the best choices. If it were your best friend, would you feel guilty about her eating salad?

Hi Shennie and welcome! About the scale - I try to weigh myself every morning -it's my signal to myself that I am going to be good with food today. It starts off my day right. My center weight can vary by what I'm wearing, how much fluid I've had, etc. . . so for me, the true weight is my home scale - and eventually that will be all that I have. . .But - I will say, I've done the multiple times during the day weighing - I'm always at least two pounds heavier at night than I am in the morning -it's becuz of the fluid and food that I've eaten. There's an old saying -'A pints a pound the world around' - a pint of water weighs just about a pound - so that can make a big difference in your scale weight.

Hey Wrigley - wtg on the big loss this week!

Hi Sy - sounds like the reunion was lots of fun - how many people recognized you?? Are you going to get to see anything of Boston? I have a cousin that lives there, and when I went, I got to see Harvard -very cool.

Hey Star - how was your Saturday, and your meeting with Trina2? Yes, it was me and the Project you -- that's on my list - hope to get back to it full time after getting back in the cardio groove -- I'm just not quite mentally ready for 6days a week --

Hi to all the other chicks - and I'll have that fat fairy sprinkle so more dust - seems like it's working!

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Default Happy Monday

Hi Everyone...

Sickies - feel better soon. Losers - CONGRATS!

Well...the Browns lost yesterday . Otherwise, I had a great weekend. I literally unplugged all of my telephones and spent the day with my fellas. DH cancelled his football party plans and we spent Sunday watching the browns, finishing up laundry and having snacks.

I think I did really well yesterday. DH made pizza and nachos for him and the DSs, so I browned some ground turkey, put the garlic salt, pepper and cumin in it, put it atop a few chips with some salsa and FF sour cream (skipped the cheese), and enjoyed. I could taste the salt on the nacho chips so I am trying to flush that away today, so, wish me luck
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I just got done doing a step aerobics video that I haven't done in years. I was amazed that I still remembered all the moves and, in fact, could recite the whole video, including the way-to-go's, while doing it. Hopefully that will make up for some of my sins over the weekend. I tried to make decent choices for the most part, but I was off program. I will go weigh in tomorrow. I just don't want to know today. *sigh* I had been doing so well, too.

Have a great day. I'm back on program today again. It's so hard to go to family functions where there seem to be no good choices...
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Default Morning!!!!

Good Morning Chickies!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow sounds like everyone had a good weekend. Hope those under the weather feel better soon. Congrats on all the weight loss!

I think i have found my motivation again. Crossing fingers at least. So far this morning im OP almost finished with my first bottle of water and i have written in my diary and went to the center. I am back up to 255 since i havent been drinking water or following the plan AT ALL! But you know what i was expecting that. I know what i have done wrong and i know what works STICKING TO PLAN!! So I have my lunch ready to take with me to school today. And I have dinner planned for tonight to today should be a POP day.

Its hard to get back on the program if you have fallen off the wagon and in your mind can reason why. Refocusing and getting your motivation back does take time and hopefully i am there. I am starting to feel the gain if that makes sense and see it also lets just say that you can really see where 10 lbs make a difference. So that being said i believe that i have a date with the Fat Fairy. She is bring a bus with her to take some of her little people on a permanent vacation.

I am getting ready to leave to do a few errands and then its off to school for the rest of the day. I will be back tomorrow however for a little while. Have to take my Granny and Great Aunt to the airport tomorrow before i have class tomorrow night. They are going to visit my Uncle. Anywho glad to see that everyone is doing so well. Everyone have a great day and drink lots of H2O!!!!!

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Missing Ohio
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Default Castor Oil

Hello to the Losers, Maintainers, and the Newbies

I'm feeling much better and I think I finally found the cure - CASTOR OIL. I hate, but was so sick, couldn't sleep at night and figured that if I'm going to be up all night that I may as well flush the sickness out. It worked, because after each bathroom run, I felt better and finally got five hours of good sleep. I'm doing the fast today and tomorrow because I just don't want to think about eating food. If I'm still feeling achey, I will take more CO tonight -yuck. My weight has not changed and that's ok.

Regarding the scale, I weigh at home and that's what I go by. The COD is usually .8lb to 1.3lbs. more and that's okay as long as I know what I weighed at home naked, before I eat or drink anything. I didn't go to the COD last week and they called again. I will probably go in tomorrow, but have told them that I will not waste gasoline just to come there for them to record my weight.

Must go pay a few bills online before they are late. Take care chickies, will type/talk at you later.
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I went ahead and braved going in to the COD this afternoon. I figured if I didn't go today, I'd find an excuse to not go tomorrow then it wouldn't be that big a deal for me to not go at all this week and maybe just have a little Ben and Jerry's with my hubby and then a whole pint 'cause I'd failed again.

So I went in and was surprised that I'd only gained .2 pound over the weekend.

Back on program now--I'm inspired.
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Hey Jenn,
I know how you feel. I ate cookies this weekend-I had the munchies and that satisfied it!-and went to COD today and lost -.4! I was glad I went. It keeps me on track and back in the game!
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okay so today was the day from ****. i had 1 cup of coffee, a slim down, and a la lite all day. i was so busy and then finally just had subway for dinner, thank goodness subway is on the menu. i was at that new store all morning then all afternoon and it as SOOOOO hot in there. well when I went to WI i was down another 2lbs? i am not sure what the heck is happening, but I LOVE IT.

glad everone is feeling better.

have a great Tuesday
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Mary: Thanks for the comment, you are such a sweetie! I wouldn't say skinny, but I am less weight than the 20th reunion and in much better shape (due to exercise). TG it wasn't last year when I was 35+ lbs heavier! I'm very happy.

Star: I did have a ball, and I hope we get comments like you did years after (or at least until the next one).

Fiona: What's been up with you? I don't recall seeing a post from you in a while? Are you okay?

Julie: I'm about 25 miles west of Boston and I won't go into the city at night alone. Wish DH or a girl friend was with me so I could venture into Boston. I haven't been to Bean Town in probably 4-5 years and it was a quick stop at Filene's and back to the medical center. My older sister forced me into taking the T into Boston, kept telling me I was a big baby and to JUST DO IT. Boy, do I miss her! Anyway, my classes run from 8:30am until anytime between 5-6pm because the instructor was told to do a 5 day class in 4 days. Not sure why as we are all planning on staying until Friday? Guess I'll find out more later in the week. There is a great seafood restaurant that I'm planning on going to this week, it's called Coral Seafood and last time I was there I had the lobster dinner. Plan on doing the same.

I love the wireless connection, but typing on my laptop without my regular keyboard is a real challenge as my cursor keeps jumping up the screen for no good reason.

I was not OP today. I have to tell you, when I went to the table that I'd be sitting at today for training, they gave us a baseball cap, and a huge bag of goodies. There was at least 20 snacks in the bag, from peanut M & M's to Grandma's Oatmeal cookies, Tic-Tacs, gum, chips, crackers and cheese, fruit chewy snacks, honey cover peanuts to name a few. What are they crazy? Well, you know who got into them - but tonight I asked for directions to a grocery store and got a couple different kinds of fruit so I will bring 2 with me tomorrow so I'm not tempted and the remaining item in the bag are going to the front of the room out of my sight. I did okay at dinner by having crab cakes and a dish of sliced veggies. It wasn't the best choice, but one of the better ones. Should have had the chicken as the crab cakes were made with too much breading. Not a very good choice after seeing how they were made. Live and learn, right!?

Well, I'm sure there are more entries I have to caught up on as I started this about 5:30pm and left it on my screen and I'm just finishing up after working out on the treadmill for 40 minutes. Could have done better with that but want to try to get some restful sleep tonight.

I may post again after getting caught up. Hugs, Sy
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Mary: Glad you got away from that guy and he really did do you a favor by making that comment to you. Now your married it a guy who loves you for who you really are. And, now you are losing the weight for yourself (and maybe a little for Eli). I would say that is a huge NSV (even after 10 years). I'm very proud of you. Now that guy will be eatting his heart out next time he sees you. Too bad he treats his wife so badly. Can you image her self esteem. Glad you got away!

Hugs, Sy
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