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Default Cloths for Katrina

Hi all

For any of you knitters, crocheters or weavers, please visit my blog and there is a direct link to sign up for a yahoo group who is collecting handmade cloths for Katrina victims. There is a direct sign up on my blog, on the RH side, right above my adopted Llama. Thanks for your help!
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Leah - I think it is great that you at 5'6" are concerned about weighing 159. Good for you and what that means is that you'll never have to re-enter onederland. You are nipping the problem in the bud - that is what many of us wish we had done...

Mary - Yeah - like Eli could be any more
I can just see you now - moving the scale around the bathroom from tile to tile - too funny! Have you tried a spot out in the garage yet?

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Hey Everyone!

Leah, How much did you lose the first time on LAWL?
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I meant that I just worry about everything in general. Kids, me, my hubby, the world, etc... I'm just a great worrier. It may not be the healthiest thing, but it's me in a nutshell... And, hey, as a nut, I fit right in that shell!
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Hey Everyone.

I was out here being nosey on the boards and came across a really inspirational post. This lady sums it up nicely. Thank you Mrs. Jim!

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Jenn- You and funny and sweet. Here's my moms number two will get along
Mary - Don't get it too close to the bathtub or the
Carmen - I have read alot from Mrs. Jim - she is one smart cookie...Hum let me go read......
Bye Girlfriends....check you tomorrow.....Hugs
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I'm embarrassed to say this because you'll see that I let myself ruin everything I had done on LAWL. I lost 24 lbs. which doesn't sound that impressive, but it was hard for me, and stupid me starting eating the way I did before LAWL and Hello 19 lbs.
I'm back at though.
It's not really the number weight that bothers me. It's just how I feel...Everyone is definitely diffferent, but whether it's 20lbs. or 200lbs., someone is losing, I think it's what weight you feel good at that's important. What's onederland??
How old is Eli? My husband had a little "procedure" on his "manhood" when he was about 5.

Okay, I did my meat and veggies TO for two days now, It's the water I struggle with.
I'm walking again tomorrow at 5:30.
I'm getting on the scales Saturday.
Good Night Everyone
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Woohoo! doin the happy dance!! I lost my first 10%. 34 lbs. Not sure if it was fast enough, and I had a few ups along the way..but I did it!! Took 3 months and 6 days to lose that 34 lbs. and I'm never letting it back!!
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Congratulations, Linda!!! I'm happy for you.
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Congrats Linda! Don't worry about it being fast enough, I'm very proud of you!

Star and Jenn: My mom wouldn't know what to do if she wasn't worrying - they should start a conference call. LOL!

Star: By the way, how is Karen doing?

Carmen: Thanks for sharing that article! We all need inspiration!

Mary: Wow, I would be dreaming about the guy too! Thanks for sharing the pictures! Isn't it funny that everytime you take 50 steps back you will think of him.

Leah: No reason to be embarrassed here. Many of us are life time dieters, so we have done the lose/gain thing too. The most important thing is that you realized the gain and your back on track. Good Luck!

Metal, Julie and Mitchy: How ya'll doing ladies.

I'm off to a busy day of errands, have a great day!

Hugs, Sy
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Default tgif

Leah - Onderland is when you weigh under 200. From what I understand you were never over 200 (lucky you). I think my friend use to call 200 and over tooterville..... I never knew these terms either until I met the professional dieters on here We are one sick club you know
You are so right about we know what weight we feel best at and that's all that matters. I have gained alittle lately and boy oh boy can I ever tell. It's really strange but I think I can tell when I gain as little as five pounds. Thank goodness I've come to my senses and the scale is going down again.

Mary, checked out your crush - he's hot. Oh the little things that make us huh? But he's not Eli's daddy and just a memory....

SY - I know we are twins but maybe our moms are too? My mom even worries when everything is fine....her little mind just won't stand still BUT they don't make them like here anymore, she is a sweetheart and sooooooooooooo cute....she's shrinking now (84) and still rolls her hair and fusses over how she looks. I'm don't mean to sound braggy but she's movie star pretty.
Oh and Karen/Rusty is doing good, inbetween plans, but happy. I miss her posts too.
Linda - Congrats on the great loss - you ROCK
My DH works for Ford Motor and they are matching donations from the employees for Katrina survivors. I think I will put my donation there. Any other good suggestions about that?
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morning, chicks!

Finally, sore throat AND headache are gone, so all is right in my world.

BTW, my mother is not a worrier, but my father IS. Can he join the club?

Linda - WTG, chickie! It takes as long as it takes, don't worry about the speed - it's the journey, and what we learn along the way to make it easier when we get to goal. . .

Star - how was the class last night?

Mary - great pics of the guy - he looks like he should be one of the trainers on the biggest loser . ..

Leah, I agree with Sy - most of us are lifetime dieters - somehow we got it in our heads when we were teenagers that we were overweight when we weren't and then we proceeded to get more overweight after each diet (speaking for myself here). I wish I hadn't listened to that old BF who said I was overweight when I was 135. . .but then he was a leg man, and that's not my best feature. . .

BTW, Nora Roberts is also doing an at-least-even-match for Katrina victims -- earmarked for Habitat for Humanity (see

Sprinkling skinny fairy dust around to all of us --

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Hum - I just tried to create a ticker and it's in my signiture box but it's not showing - what is wrong? I have no clue.....

Julie - Jazzercise was good. Not as much 'fun' as I remember. Don't know if it was becuz that was 25 years ago or that I probably weigh 30 pounds more now? It seemed very fast and alittle jerky to me, but didn't have a problem keeping up.....I will let you know how the progress goes with it. I may be the oldest chick there but I'm not the biggest (just for the
Oh and Julie - glad your world is right again!

DUH - There it is...... I'm too blonde....

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Let's try this again . .
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Hey chickies-

Well, I've had an awesome week. I've lost 30lbs now and feel great and last night at my church's first choir rehearsal of the season-everybody kept coming over to tell me how great I looked. I had a great new outfit-and my hair was cooperating too. i don't know if anyone realized I'd lost weight or not. Nobody asked. I think they new something was different but didn't know what, you know what I mean? Anyway, it was fun.

AND-I have a date tonite. I don't remember the last time I had a date. A DINNER and DANCING date, no less. We met on one of the online match sites-he seems really sweet. So exciting!

Okay-I'm done. Wish me luck!
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Mary- If I could sleep til 7, I'd do a happy dance. Carson gets up between 5:15 - 6:00. 6:00 is a treat. And if we keep him up late, he wakes up EARLIER. It's really strange! I can't imagine a mom keeping their child up that late just so they can sleep in. But my daughter's sleep disorder doctor told me that every person has their own internal clock and everybody's is different, so I guess to each their own may apply...

Juliemarie: Have a great time on your date. My hubby and I met online as well. I'm sure you already know to be careful with meeting people online, though...they don't HAVE to tell the truth. Enough of my motherly worrying. Have FUN!
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