$5/ week commercial

  • I have been doing LAWL since June and have lost 21 lbs. When I started, I set my goal at what I could afford, not really where I want to be.....

    My center had the promotion where if you came in 10 times during the month of June, July, August, you receive a $25 coupon that can be used on anything.

    I plan to purchase more WL weeks w/ 2 of my coupons. Well, TODAY I asked the counselor if the $5/week special was going on now and was told that no, the lites are on special this week.

    Well, no sooner was I home and had the TV on, that the commercial for LAWL came on and stated the $5/week special - ACK!

    They aren't going to be happy that I plan on spending my $50 worth of coupons on more WL weeks b/c they would normally try to talk me into it later when it's more expensive.

    Anyone else buy the WL weeks along the way when they go on sale?
  • slimmerkim-tell them that in your area the commercial is running for $5 a week, and let them know you want them to honor that. Be hard nosed about it.

    The reason men get what they want is because they usually are more hard nosed-and will take their business elsewhere more quickly than women in a lot of cases.
  • It is a common perception that women are pushovers, and men "mean business". After dealing with me though, a lot of people have learned otherwise. My husband is more the pushover.

    marbear-your story is a perfect example of that treatment. I am glad you kept after them until you got your free rental.