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  • HI all! New lurker!!! Finished the fast forward and it's been one week since I started LAWL - LOST 5 pounds. Any suggestions on water weight gain???? When I weigh in after work I can see the excess fluid retention in my ankles and think...."Bet I could have lost more!"

    Can't wait to meet more of you all!
  • Hi
    Morning all and to the new

    Mary - I would say that Big Mama doesn't care for the girl either, she's on to her. Her remark "they think she is a living doll" would mean to me that she doesn't or she's indifferent to say the least. It also confirms that DH's parents are gonna compare the two of you. I agree with whoever said to just forget about it - put it out of your mind and get on with your and DH's life. You have bigger fish to fry...... (I do like the spice of the story though, but not more than I like you)

    Debi - Doesn't it make you mad when you order something that sounds kinda on plan and then when it gets to the table your like That's when you just have to remember, like you said 'life happens'

    About water weight retention. I have heard that the best thing for that is more water. But if I were you I wouldn't weigh after work anyhow. Atleast I always weigh more after noon.

    Okay - Later chicks....

    Beth - You decided you hate to exercise? I'm so sorry to hear that. I thought you were actually starting to like it. I give you credit for trying to find something that you can do without the hate part....
  • Happy Wednesday !! Hope that everyone is having a great week so far !! I have been doing well so far this week !! Actually got off my butt and exercised

    Welcome ldwhitney4
  • Good morning chickies!

    As I expected I re-put that 5-6 pounds back on while I was away. Hopefully they'll come off again as quick as I put them on.

    I was so proud of myself - I bought all kinds of POP food yesterday at the store, plus 8 new notebooks to write in -- now today, Laundry, and Blow the dust off the workout tapes.

    I am so glad that you chicks are around - it would be so easy to stay off the wagon --

    Sy -- I heard about the layoffs while I was on the road. We will try to make the board less interesting so you are not tempted to post during working hours. Have you figured out what you're going to wear to that reunion? It must be great to be in better shape than when you left! I'm hoping for the same in my 30 year when it comes up in a couple of years.

    Mary - I'm with Star - that Big Mama is just waiting for the other shoe to fall. .

    Henrysgirls - haven't heard anything about the accelerated program -- wonder if it's part of the old program?

    ldwhitney - water retention - watch the salt at lunch? do you normally do Lean Cuisines? try the lemon water - not sure if it works, but worth a try. Also do you stop drinking awhile before you WI?

    Beth - I do believe that protein will keep you fuller longer - I usually start of the day with a lite, becuz I'm not a big breakfast eater, and it keeps me going until my mid morning snack of yogurt and fruit.

    Of to the water cocktails!

  • I know Iíve been MIA for a while, but work has been super busy and I havenít had time during the day to read posts, let alone post anything myself. Also, Iíve been out of town since last Thursday visiting family in Iowa, but Iím back and caught up on August posts!

    As far as being OP, itís been pretty hit or miss lately. My birthday was the 3rd week in July, then we went to a pool party that same weekend, I had great intentions of staying POP, but that went right out the window. I did TO and got myself back to .6 above where I started from, but then our trip to IA was disastrous for being OP, though I had a great time!

    It started Thur when I got to town, we had manicures and pedicures scheduled, so we took vodka lemonades with us, then went for Mexican food and drinks. Friday we spent all day at a jazz festival with many cold beers and fair type food, Friday night it was pizza (and not cheese or veggie) and birthday cake. Sat. it was ribs for lunch and all evening at jazz fest with many more cold beers, we rounded out the night have a late night breakfast. Sunday we grilled steaks, baked potatoes, corn, salad and opened several bottles of wine. By the time we left Monday, I was exhausted and suffering. Monday I ended up compounding my problems by having McDonaldís on the way home and then ordering Chinese food that night.

    So, by yesterday the last thing I wanted was anything to eatÖIím up 4lbs from my ridiculous weekend and am counting myself lucky! Iím doing TO today and tomorrow to try to get back to my starting point. I have 4 weeks left of weight loss and roughly 10 lbs to go (well, 14 now, but figure these 4 will come off pretty quick with TO). I may buy one more month to get me through Sept. My problem is that we have family coming to visit in the third week in Sept and as you can all see, we love to eat and drink and that would be right in the middle of stabilization, so it would be better to still be in weight loss, have the last week of Sept to recover and start stabilization the first week in Oct, and be in maintenance right before thanksgiving.

    All right, thatís my story and Iím sticking to it ;-)

    Hi to all the chicks!!!!

    Take care,
  • .
    Julie - I'm so glad you back....
  • Sounds like you had fun Jen.....

    When is your b-day? Mine is July 24...
  • Star, I don't really hate it I think I got bored with walking on the treadmill. I luv my weight class that I go to, I missed saturday and have felt crappy since.. lol Im hoping by getting a new video all the time it'll get me going again with cardio stuff..

    Thanks everyone for the protien answer, I'll try eating it first thing in the morning and see what happens.. Ive been stuck where im at for a few weeks again.. grrr
  • Karen-Mine was the 21st ;-)
  • Good morning chicks!

    Jen, I've had weekends like those. Food and alcohol seemed to be a part of all the social events. Congrats on getting back on program. You're in the home stretch.

    So, I'm down another pound from yesterday (180 lb - naked first thing in the morning - of course). So, if I had time this am for the COD I might have weighed in the same as last Thursday (181.8). As you may recall, my goal by this saturday was to be officially under the 180 mark. I'm close. Now I just have to survive the next couple days of events and food outings. The state fair starts tomorrow and I must be their for work events - tonight's circus premier, tomorrow's opening ceremonies and lunch and then who knows after that. This am I started off with blueberries and yogurt, to save my starches for lunch and dinner. I'll need 'em. Wish me luck.

    Hope everyone has a POP day. Cheers! (with the water cocktail)
  • MEN! What gets into their heads sometimes?!?

    DFIL asked DH if he'd like to go kayacking (sp?) one day this week, DH said sure. So off they went at 6:00 this morning (by the way, neither of them has ever so much as sat in a kayack in their lives) and DH tells me they expect to be back around 8 p.m. Sure, whatever, have a great time. I figured they were planning on driving a couple hours into Wisconsin which has a lot of good canoeing-type rivers, but no, DH just called me: apparently they are driving FIVE HOURS NORTH to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area so they can kayack on some middle-of-nowhere river for two whole hours before driving FIVE HOURS back to the cities!?!?! Am I missing something, or is this a huge waste of a perfectly good day???

  • Beth, I found the protien in the morning helps too. I've also started with the la lite and then had fruit and yogurt for the snack. It worked better then oatmeal.
  • Thanks Diane, hopefully it does something. they put me on blue a few weeks ago and here I sit.. I also got some protien powder yesterday (a suggestion) and put it in my lite drink so instead of 8g in it I had 29g lol I added it to my juice this morning as well..

    Fionia thats men for ya..
  • Beth - did not realize that protein powder was OP -- how do you count it, or do you just sneak it in?

    Fi - obviously this was a male bonding day - they wanted to really get into new territory.

    Star - I'm glad to be back, too. Was it you that posted about there being weights where our body was happy? I think 201 is one of mine.

    Jen - glad to see you --

  • Fiona - They need male bonding time - like FIVE HOURS in a
    Jen - I'm so glad to see you are holding your 'party girl' status - someone has to do Weight damage at 4 lbs was really low, don't you think?...WTG and cheers.
    Oh - my use to be birthday was July 5th......
    Beth - Hope you find some great videos - God knows there's plenty of them out there. Speaking of that, DH just now (well on Sunday) hooked up our VCR/DVD (we moved on April 2nd) so I started back doing the Beach Body Ab Tape and the Bun&Thigh Machine Tape........before I go to the gym..
    Julie - Yes, about the happy body weight - mine is 181. Off plan that's where it always goes........