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  • Quote: Why didn't you do a Carb Craver's meal, Diane? I eat cheese pizza every week. I'm like you, the smell drives me to distraction. I don't mind the popcorn at the theater, but love the smell of pizza. I'm thankful that I'm allowed to have it!
    I would have - that's the negotiating I was doing, but I'm already trying to get back down from where I was last Thursday and try to loose the 2 lb goal I had for myself this week. I didn't want to take a chance and make another exception. And, of course, one piece has a way of turning into two - ya da ya da.... I will be finding ways to fit pizza in the plan soon. I absolutely love it, but I need to make up for bad behavior right now
  • Momof3 - don't try to rationalize the carb cravers from any kind of a nutritional point of view - it just doesn't work!! It's basically just a "treat" option for those of us that love our starches and can't live on two slices of diet bread a day...sometimes you just need that pizza or giant bowl of cereal! You just substitute one of "carb cravers" options for a regular protein serving.

  • I guess I need to re-read my info ... LOL

    Thaks for the explaination Fiona !
  • Mom 0f 3 - you are blonde and dealing with 3 kids - that quailfys you for some 'thinking slack' But I can help you - two blondes are better than

    I don't do the Carb Cravers becuz who can eat one piece of pizza???? I do like a peanut butter-jelly sandwich once in awhile though.

    Debie didn't have the carb cravers becuz she is grounded for bad behavior (eating) - she grounded herself....that's the best way....makes you feel real bad....self inflected punishment....

    Mary - that is cool that DH is going on plan. My only concern is that if he is a perfectionist, he will do really well....and you will wonder why? Ofcourse it will be becuz men are from another planet and they lose at some incrediable speed....which is very hard for me to watch (beenthere/donethat w/DH)....

    hey Bratty Kid Sister - giant bowl of cereal - ? Glad I'm not the only one that read it that way.....but actually I think it says...1/2 to 1 1/4 cups - BUT I translated it to GIANT too...

    Karen - Rusty - Hey Chick - yes come back and post - we miss you!

    Hi to all........
  • I haven't been able to find any of the "lean cuisine" or "healthy choice" type frozen cheese pizza in the store. Only the ones with sausage or roni. But, I keep looking.

    BTW, if you don't eat a la lite, what do you replace that with - for exchanges? I know some people do the plan without those and the move to a different plan without lites.
  • Sorry debie - can't help you there - I'm seriously addicted to the LA Double Chocolate Lites.......But sure someone else can help Karen/Metal....

    Gotta scoot.....
  • cherry covered chocolate luna is my favorite,, and to all the Oregon Chicks, Albertsons had luna's 10 for $10.

  • From Red to Purple
    Hello Ladies,

    At WI today I moved from the red plan to the purple plan. Lost 2.4 lbs. since Saturday. So, I'm okay.

    What's the BL website and POP. I'm so noisy but I just can't help myself.

    Welcome back Julie. Hope you had a wonderful vacation.

    You are so cute Marbear with the overweight versus obese. You sound like a lovely person in any category.

    Well ladies, I'm off to force the final veggies down my throat.

    Have a good night,

  • okay, so the eating sensible gods are against me today...

    DH stopped by work to take me to lunch.. we went down the road to a nice place... I read and re-read the menu and decided to take the high road and order a mandarin chicken salad... dressing on the side.. description stated had some chinese noodles included, but I could eat around those.. or so I thought.. what arrived in a huge bowl: oil soaked noodles, with very little chicken, not a shred of lettuce to be found, it did however, have mandarin oranges
    I'm not sure how it got listed on the menu under salads... I ate some, but DH got a bonus lunch..

    So, at least I tried.. next time I will just order the hamburger.. If I'm only going to eat half of something.. it may as well be something I love.

    life happens
  • Hey Bre - POP = Perfect On Plan --which is our main challenge some days!

    BL - The Biggest Loser TV show. . .

    Good luck on Purple -- that's my plan - hoping to get to gold sometime soon!

  • I had an interesting WI in today.. she looked at my file and asked why I was put on Gold at the start( I said because they did, I don't knowI don't work there) then she said that they screwed up im too tall for that and she gave me 8 weeks back.. I guess I shouldn't have been put on gold for another 5-10 pounds.. lol

    Her other thing was that I don't always eat a protien in the morning.. She said that if you don't then your metabolisim won't kick in.. Anyone notice this or is it a bunch of poo??

    Also I had a great idea.. (haha) Ive decided I hate exercise but I think it has to do with me getting bored with it. Blockbuster online has a great selection of workout dvds, I fixed it so I'll get a new one every 2 days or so.. that should keep me motivated...
  • Mary - I think her asking if she was pregnant meant ... what other reason would he marry her for ... and I agree with you on the second comment, if she liked her, I think she would have said so ...
  • Mary, I agree. Grandma is on to her and doesn't care for her - sounds like a smart lady. If I were you I would try to not think about it anymore. You don't want to drive your self crazy about the whole ordeal. It's their life they're screwing up and it doesn't sound like her motives are good. And I think I read that you live 8 hours away? That's a good thing. Be proud of what you got and let them screw up their lives (while they gloat like pigs). But, you know that their probably doomed. I would just keep up appearances and ignore the rest.

    Just a thought
  • Oh yeah, glad your done with egg whites Mary!

    Egg salad sounds pretty good. I might make that for lunch tomorrow or later this week. Oh damn, I have a lunch meeting tomorrow and a dinner outing! This is the stuff that makes this so challenging. Dinner is a client event - circus fundraiser - with some sort of gormet boxed dinner. I'll do my best to stick to the on program exchanges. Lunch is at a restaurant, again with for work, I'm think I'll do a chicken salad perhaps? Uugg.
  • Anyone tried the "Xpress Accelerated Weightloss program" from LAWL? Found info about it in the pdf from ebay. It says from weeks 3-8 do express for 2 days/week - eat 1 xtra bar and then switch several portions for protein portions (give you 6 proteins in additional to your existing proteins). It includes more cheeses. This is not the take-off days. Any success?

    Had date night last night with DH. We usually end up at a restaurant where I go completely OP in addition to having a drink (or 2). Last night we got some salads and flatbread sandwiches - did a picnic dinner at a cool lookout/hiking place. It was great - kept me POP, cheap and we got to spend quality time together (without the kids).

    Beth - great on getting 8 weeks back! I try to eat a protein in the morning - it makes me less hungry the rest of the day. Microwaved scrambled eggs have become my favorite b/c they are quick and easy.

    Mary - I can't stand my SIL - thank goodness we live on different continents. Big Mama probably has a good idea of the bigger picture. drum-roll for the new numbers!

    Diane - I was wondering that too - I am almost out of bars and I won't get my next shipment for a few weeks. I will call my center and ask today. I have heard eat an extra starch and fruit; however that doesn't compensate for the missing proteins.

    Bre - WTG on the 2.5 lbs -- hope being on the plan helps you become a big looser!