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Default Ok Just wondering for LAWL Newbies, and anyone that remembers ....

I was wondering what your first month of weight loss was like. I am going to list the dates I started the dates of my WI and then I'll ask the question...maybe you can figure out the pattern here....

4/14 191
4/15 189.6
4/19 188.2
4/21 187.0
4/22 186.6
4/25 186.6
4/27 186.0
4/28 185.4
5/2 185.0
5/4 185.6
5/5 185.6
5/9 185.2
5/11 185.0
5/14 185.6
5/16 186.4
5/18 185.4
5/23 184.0

As you can see I was stuck between 186.4 and 185.4...Did this happen to anyone else as well???? Meaning in the begninng to find that you leveled out for a little bit, and then began loosing again???? Thanks Chickies!!
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I started a couple weeks after you, but so far I haven't had any hold ups. The only times I didn't loses was one week I stayed exactly where I was. After that one week everything has been all going down. I did gain one week but then later realized that I had my lighter and keys and a bunch of other junk in my pockets (I'm not the brightest cookie in the jar sometimes), but then when I went back I had lost a lot so it was ok.

If you are exercising your weight loss and muscle gain may have kept you in the same area for a little while. I wouldn't worry about it. My counselors were really positive when I had stayed still and actually said it was ok to stay still especially when your body is getting used to exercise. I was shocked because I had heard it was all about the scale and not the inches with LAWL.
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Irish -

Scale weight is affected by so many things - what you are wearing, what time of day you WI, what your sodium levels are, and how much water you drank! And if you visited the rest room before you stepped on the scale. Not to mention TOM, and any medications you might be using.

Do you try to wear the same thing each time you WI? I know some people (I think Sy) has a set of WI clothes, so they are not a factor in the scale number.

Can you eat several times a day? It seems that really helps keeping the
metabolism going.

I don't have records for my first months in LAWL - but I know that I didn't lose anything for at least 10-14 days after my initial loss on the starting juice and protein fast. The thing that kept me going was that I knew that I wasn't eating too much to lose weight, AND I had just spent LOTS of money on it. The other thing I found was that I really needed to weigh my proteins - I was eating too much chicken!

And I went thru a stretch where I was hovering up and down .2 pounds - and I started eating a lite every morning for my breakfast, and that seemed to start things going again. Not that you have to eat a lite, but something in the morning. But I usually go to WI about 10:00.

And truthfully, WL is never constant for me. I tend to lose in clumps, and then my body plateaus, and then I lose again. For me, this is the process.

Hope this helps!
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