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Congrats to you Sharon!!!! WEIGH TO GO!!! I didn't get to weigh in today, but I am going to go tomorrow. I didn't think I was gonna be able to make it tomorrow, but now I can. Hopefully their scale will say the same as mine. I matched them up one day, so hopefully they are right. I have had a really good day plan wise. 2 days down and 5 to go to reach my goal for the week..that is to stay on plan for the full 7 days. I am a little nervous about next week b/c I am going on a business trip for 6 days. I know that I just need to make smart choices. I know that everyone will want to meet up in the bar and chat. I just need to have will power! I can do this!!! Janie, I am gonna ask about the cook book. That would help a lot. Hope everyone has a great night!!
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Default Business Trip

Just a suggestion if you do have to meet at a bar and chat. Try drinking some tonic water w/ lemon or just plain water. I know it's tough especially when you're out in a group like that. I have the same problem. A beer is much more fun and easier to drink when you're with friends!!! But yesterday on Oprah (I just happened to have caught it 'cause I was home) Dr. Phil made a good point which he sent right thru my TV to me!!! We have to realize that losing weight is OUR time. NO ONE ELSES! It's all about us and no one else. We deserve this so anyone who tries to talk us into eating or drinking something we really don't need is only trying to sabatage this so he said "GROW UP". We are adults here and we have the power to do what we want, we're not 9y/o in school where if we don't do what someone wants us to, then they won't be our friend. It was pretty down, dirty and truthful. I may see if I can get copies of the tapes that he has done on weight loss on OPRAH! Sorry to have rattled on so long!
I just know what you're going thru and it's really tough. Marcie,
We can do this!!!!! We just have to believe we can! Have a great day!
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Default Marcie

Janie has a good idea with the lemon water.
If someone wants you to drink just tell them it does not mix with your medicine you are taking.
Maybe that will just stop it there.
I know I use to like to go out for a brew, but now I don't care about alcohol at all. It is not even in the house.
I hope you do well while you are on your trip.
Sometimes I think if we make this a game and we can be the winners if we follow the program. Make it a game at the restaurant to find out the best choices and keep track with you journal. I think that is the secret to losing is jotting everything down, even if we don't want to see it in writing.
Be accountable, I know you can do it or you would not have joined this program. It is hard work and don't let anyone tell you that it is not.
How are you doing Janie?
I still have choir camp at church the rest of the week. Water day today.
See ya gals,
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Thanks you guys for the support! You are so right! It is my time and I want to lose this stinking weight so badly. I got on my scale this morning and it said 186. Which is 2 pounds down from yesterday. I can't wait to see if it says the same at LAWL. I started looking through my closet and looking at some clothes that I would kill to get into...and for the first time in forever...I knew that I would wear those clothes again. It made me very excited. I guess b/c I am finally seeing results that I haven't seen in two years, I can really believe in myself now. Janie...Dr. Phil is so right! A co-worker of mine and I used to eat Mexican and drink Margarita's together and yesterday she said she was taking me out today to the ole Mexican restaurant to celebrate my last day, and it scared me to death. I was do I tell her no? But you are right..I am not 9 years old and I can just say NO. She will understand b/c she knows how much this means to me. She has been trying to lose as well, but she isn't serious about it so she doesn't mind pigging out on bad things. I am gonna reach my weekly goal..I am gonna go 7 days without cheating. I am on my third day and I am not looking back! Thanks you guys for your support. I am all fired up now!! I walked in this morning to last day..and the kitchen is full of junk that my boss bought last night. TONS OF CHOCOLATE!! At first I thought ooh just one piece and then I was like "no" that is the old me. The new me doesn't give in that easy! Sorry for going on so long...hope everyone's day goes well. I will let you know my weigh in later!!

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Marcie, you are doing so well! It is hard to resist chocolate and you should be very proud of yourself!!!

I lost another 1.5 at weigh in this morning. I am back to my quick losing self. I was losing extremly fast in the beginning and slowed down a lot. Now, I seem to be losing quickly again. The only difference is I am less stressed and I am exercising daily! I was the one who the counselor said to limit exercising. I shoed her I sometimes so 45 minutes on my treadmill! I have done at least 20 minutes 5 times a week for 2 weeks! I feel so good and I know it is helping!

Just wondering if we should start a new thread? We are at 4 pages now. It might be time to do LA #29. I will go start it right now.

See all of you there!!
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