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CruiseinJanuary 04-12-2005 01:59 PM

LAWL Extras
Hi all! I just started on Thursday and just had my first LA Lite Bar as a snack today. It was good! Had 1/2 the carmel and 1/2 the Chocolate Peanut Butter to try out some different ones before purchase any. Just wanted to see what everyones opinion was on all the extra stuff that LAWL sells. Is it worth it to get the supplements or can you get those from any drug store. What about the shakes, cheese curls and other items? Please let me know what you have used and feel is very important in the weight loss segment of the program and what you feel was a waste of money. I really had to talk my husband into letting me do the program so i definitely want to be successful, but I know if I go back and have to pay a ton I won't have a happy hubby. Thanks for the advice!

brittyboo07 04-12-2005 02:06 PM

hey there!!! welcome to the club.....
My opinion on their "extras" is that they are only there for LAWL to get "extra" money out of us. The only extras that i even like are the biscotti, and the jet start and i very rarely get those. I have the cheese curls and it was awful! But everybody is different so whose to say that you might not like them. For me i would rather eat some OP things that equal the same things as their bag of cheese curls. Its a trial and error thing.
Not sure this will help you but thought i would answer your question.


vibrantecho 04-12-2005 02:15 PM

Hey again Amy...good question. The straightforward answer is, the plan CAN BE DONE without ANY of those extras that they will try to sell you.

I personally have only ever bought the bars - initially because they were "required" to get the rebate at the end of the program...well, I've completely blown all the other requirements for the rebate anyway, but I have kept up with the bars because it's nice to have an "approved" something to snack on without having to give up part of my food allotment (or having to buy their overpriced, not-any-better-for-you-than-regular-junk-food snacks). BUT, you can substitute Luna bars which cost less per bar than the LA ones, or you can pick up the LA bars on e-bay (although usually after shipping they cost about the same as buying them at the center, I think). It's also been suggested that you can substitute real food - imagine that! - an egg and some cheese or yogurt gives you about the same calories and protein as one LA bar, I think. Also, if you put your foot down and tell them you do NOT want to do the bars, they will bump you up a plan level to make up the calories and nutrients that the bars would provide.

If you think there is a supplement that may help you - I'm seriously thinking about looking into the one that supposedly affects your taste as discussed in the other thread, because my sweet/carb tooth is a major stumbling block for me - you can get it at any health food store or even Wal-mart-type store for much less $$$. I don't know how it is with the new plan, but when I first joined they gave me a folder full of stuff, including some cards with the nutrition labels for all the supplements on them. If you have that, you can take it to whatever store and compare ingredients and nutritional values.


mandyd26 04-12-2005 02:34 PM

well said Fiona. I was going to post, but now I don't need too. :) You made all of the points that I was going to make.


CruiseinJanuary 04-12-2005 05:25 PM

OH! I love Luna bars! So I can substitute Luna Bars for the LA Lites? Will they make me change programs if I want to do that or is that only if you decide not to do any bars at all and just do "regular" food? Thanks for all the quick responses!!!

textjewel 04-12-2005 06:14 PM

Amy, this is unknown territory for me - I bought the lites in bulk when I started the program, so even when I substitute a luna bar, I mark down a lite. I think, if you tell them you are not going to buy the lites, they will move you to a higher plan. However - you can always say that you purchased the lites off ebay to save money, and duck the question. . . Does this help? If they mention take-off juice to you, you can use the same strategy.

Good luck, and glad that you joined us!

mandyd26 04-12-2005 06:49 PM

Marisa- I have been doing lawl for about a year. (started march 28 2004) Yes I lost all of my weight on this plan. I took about a month break and tried ww. I lost a couple of pounds on that plan but it came off very slowly. so I got discouraged and then stopped dieting all together, so I gained 7 pounds back in a very short time. I finally decided that enough was enough. I knew LAWL was what worked for me, so I came back to it. Lost the 7 pounds in a couple of weeks and got back on track. It's been about a month since I've been totally back on track and following the plan. I'm sooo thankful I did. Now I'm just 10 pounds from my goal. Last month around this time I was at 174! So long story short (or short story long.:))... yes I have lost all of my weight on this plan and I'm sure if I counted all of the weight I've had to re-lose after holidays and vacations I would be up in the 100 pounds lost area. :) I have 6 weeks left from a 50 week program. (I had them put my file on hold for a few months. I still followed the plan, but I was tired of going in to the office. That was after about 9 months of being on the plan). Anyway, I hope this post didn't confuse you. I'm sort of confused and it's my story. :)

Amy, I use the luna bars (or some other substitution) and I just mark down a la lite in my diary. I bought my bars in bulk and ended up selling them on ebay, so they don't know the difference. I think Julie had a good idea when she said just tell them you are using la lites you bought off ebay.


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