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  • Shennie - I want to try that Carmen Electra tape. I understand its getting mixed reviews but it may be worth a try. Maybe I'll rent it.

    Today - 45 mins of yoga. It was tough, and I sweat a couple of buckets.
  • Tuesday - Gym one hour cardio....
    Today physical - 2 hours....lol - result - good.....
  • Morning chicks....
    last night - (Jazzercise) one hour, enjoying it more, giving me more flexibility. Have noticed they put several pilates movements in.

    This AM - Gym - 45 minutes 15 minutes

    Yesterday had complete physical exam. Dr R is very through. She is very pleased with my workout schedule. She said that weight training has been underestimated (for women) for years. The combo of weight and cardio is the most effective way to achieve results. I also noticed for the first time, I'm smaller than her and for some reason (fat girl syndrome ) that made me feel

    Because of my workout schedule I don't need a stress test. Will have a bone density test. Which, the last one I had came out great and she said that the best thing women can do for our bones is lift weights

    Just hit me you chicks over here don't need this info, it's the girls that don't visit us here at the exercise yard. I'm gonna double post this......
  • Hi Ladies.

    For some reason I've been extremely tired for the past few days. Its as though all week my energy has been siphoned from me. I haven't eaten anything out of the norm, the only change I've really made is that I've started working out. Could it be that I need to eat different types of foods to boost my energy? Its also starting to get cool outside. Do you think the weather could be the culprit?

    Concerned In Cleveland
  • no workout yesterday -- had to deal with other non-chick stuff -- plan on back on the wagon today!

  • Tgif
    Let's do the Friday Dance

    Last night - - one hour. Chicks - this jazzercise is starting to kick my butt. I guess it becuz with this type of exercise all the movement comes from our muscles alone, no motors, no belts - just muscle. Anyhow today and this isn't the first time, I'm really sore....

    This morning - Gym - -one hour-
  • 60 min treadmill, everyday all week this week
  • 30 minutes on horseback Monday, Wednesday and Friday this week. Back to the gym at least on non-riding days starting next week.

  • saturday weight workout.. treadmill everyday. 60 min
  • Elliptical trainer today - 35 minutes/ 375 cals. Yes!!!

    They have 2 different brands of ellipticals at the fitness center. I tried a different one today and it was BRUTAL! I almost quit a few times but I stuck it out and completed the program. That was a victory in itself, that I didn't give up becuz I sure wanted to!
  • Trying to think if I want to go to Jazzercise tonight.....Actually I have to drink some stuff tonight for my Cat Scan tomorrow. I could feel sorry for myself and say I just need to take it easy and drink the stuff and watch tv OR I could be tough and go to Jazzercise (only 1 hour) and then come home, drink the stuff and watch tv....hum....
  • treadmill 60 min
  • last night - Jazzercise one hour
  • Yoga today - it seemed easier so that's good. I can feel the muscles in my arms will be sore tomorrow too. No one-legged balancing acts so that was great!
  • Treadmill 60 min