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Hi! My name is Gail. I'm...<whispering>...56 years...young! I've been married to my high school sweetheart for 36 years. We've raised two daughters, both married--the youngest has two little girls (precious!) and the oldest expecting her first child (a son!) any day now!! I'm newly retired--I was a records analyst for a university. I love being retired--do not miss the work but do miss seeing my friends everyday. I've tried more weight loss programs than I count on my fingers and toes. I've lost weight on all the programs but have never succeeded in getting to goal with any of them. I joined LAWL a year ago and lost 25 lbs. but then I had to put my account on hold due to work stress (which led to my retirement) and family responsibilities (parents out of state). I have gained about 15 lbs. of the 25 lbs. back. Now that my life is back to "normal" (?!) it's time for me to take care of me. Today I have an appointment at 10am at LAWL--I'm taking my account off hold and starting again!

I hope to be a contributing and supportive member of this group...

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Becca on LAWL
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Hi all...

I have posted a few notes here and there, mostly asking for advice!!

My name is Becca & I am a SAHM of three children. I have been overweight most of my adult life (except for a brief stint in the 120's when I was 20!) I have put on weight & taken it off here & there throughout the years on variosu weight loss programs. It is my first time on LAWL. I joined on April 1st with my dh & my sister. I have signed on to lose about 100 pounds. (Wow! It felt kind of bizarre actually typing that...) And I feel as though I am well on my way. For the first time ever, I actually know that this goal is something I will accomplilsh.

I am loving it so far...but mostly, I LOVE the support that I find here on these boards! Thank you all so much for allowing me to be part of your community!!
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Wow, lots of newbies!

Sherri- You will get a lot of great support and ideas around here!

mysweetugly- . This will be the best thing you have ever done for yourself, I promise!

Tosha- Fantastic losses! Don't be a stranger!

IAme- 30 lbs is great!

Nicky- How is the cabbage soup diet going?

Gail- Good to see over on the Losers and Friends thread!

Becca- You are starting about the same place that I did. You can do this!!!!
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Danette lawl march 20/07
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NOt a newbie but I figured I'd take the time to introduce myself My name is Danette I'll be married 17 years may 5th this saturday We have one daughter age 14 soon to be 15 on may 21st she works at dairy queen. My husband will be 47 on aug 20th and works as a assistant manager at cash & carry a whole sale company. I'm going to be 41 this aug 10th and work as a hairdresser for 20 years now. I have been carrying my baby fat from my daughter for almost 15 years now with my highest at 215 and my lowest at 185 I have tried many diets.... nuti system before my daughter was born I was 132 pounds then after my daughter WW many times, tried it also on my own also DR phil diet and lost 20 but got bored as I always do. I live in CAPE BRETON , nova scotia canada. The farthest i have ever traveled was to ontario canada and boston mass
We are planning a trip to cuba with our great friends in april off 2008 for there 25th wedding anniversary. We have 3 cats and a dog
Well I guess thats about it about me this was hard to write never had to describe myself before lol
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Default Back on the Wagon!

Hello All,

My name is Amy, I will be 24 next week, and I am from Haddon Heights, NJ. This is my second time on LAWL, the first time being succesfully down 40+ pounds. I fell off the wagon due to a breakup of my engagement, and these things called COMFORT foods. Gradually over the next year and a half, I gained almost all of it back. I went to pull out my spring and summer wardrobe and found , much to my chagrin, my skirts, crops, etc. were super tight. I am back on it now, am in my second week, and have lost 6 pounds. I wish I had this the first time around. The recipes are such a help! I look forward to trying them. Best of luck to all!!
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LAWL since 2/07
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Welcome Amy!
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Hi Everyone, I'm Jessica. I just turned 22 in April. I have a little boy, who just turned 2 in March. I've never been skinny, however my pre-baby weight was around 180 (still overweight for my height of 5'4). Then during my pregnancy, I got up to 220. That was my heaviest ever. March 28th I decided to join LAWL, after trying WW twice and failing to be able to stick with it. Yes, it was expensive, but that is actually the insentive for me to stick with it. When I joined a little over a month ago, my weight was 213, and now I am down to 201! I cant believe I'm almost below 200!! Anyhow, I look forward to getting to know everyone here, the recipes are soo helpful!
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Welcome Jessica! I remember from the last time getting under 200, it's a great, GREAT feeling! Good luck!
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Junior Member
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Default New

Iam new to this forum,

Iam ashly.

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Welcome Ashly
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Default hello

I am doing the program and feel good about it. I am a Lifetime Member who has gained back but have the grit to do what I need to do. I am attending the meetings, of course only one so far as Tuesday was my first day. I like the fact that you can change to the other program on wiegh in day if you would like. I am doing the Flex now.

I am a granny to two lovely grandsons and one of those grandsons is making me a Great Grandma. The little bundle of joy will be here around August 8th.

My hubby and I like to camp, boat, swim (I play in the water and do my water therapy he swims!!). We like to travel and see what there is to see out there.

I like to scrapbook, sew, crochet, swedish weaving and quilting. I like to cook and am always trying new recipes.

I am 59 and been married for 40 years, May 6th was our 40th ann.

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Angela on LAWL
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Thought I should add a quick bio as well. I have been lurking for about a month trying to soak up as much info as I can. This place is great for that! I am in my 3rd week on the plan and am doing it with my mom. It has so far been a great experience. It's nice to have her to lean on and keep each other in check. If anything I am the more strict of the two of us.

A little personal info...I am a volunteer EMT in Big Sky country where I live with my husband of almost seven years. We met in the army where I was active and at my healthiest. I used to be able to run like the wind. I slowly started gaining weight and here I sit six and half years later 75 pounds heavier. My husband is extremely supportive. We have the extra challenge that he has a hyperthyroid and works hard to gain weight (I wish). Two totally different ends of the spectrum.

We have been trying to have a baby for about 5 years and are having issues with PCOS. I quit smoking a year and a half ago to help and have been told that I need to lose weight as well (as if I didn't already know that ). So here I am.

My goals are to be able to fit back into his pants (sound crazy, but they used to be too big for me, now I can't fit one thigh into them) and to be able to run again . I am studying to be a paramedic and hopefully this time next year when I am getting my license I will be able to move around the ambulance with no problems. It would also be nice if I could paint my toe nails with out having to move my belly out of the way.
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My name is Sharon and I am a food-a-haulic. I have been hiding in the shadows for quite a while, actually about 6 months (can't believe it's been that long!), been soaking up all the pearls of wisdom and incouragement shared.

Dan's "slipping away" post this morning really woke me up and I knew I had to come on and let all of you know how much you have helped me. I had been considering LAWL for a couple of years but would talk myself out of it, primarily because of the expense (didn't think I was worth it). I found this site around Nov of last year and was encouraged by so many that were active then, especially Cassie, Nicole and Deb. I owe you all an enormous THANK YOU. Seeing the success you had and your ability to stay with it for so long, told me this is the plan I have been looking for.

I had no doubt I could lose the weight, it's keeping it off that is the challenge. I've done WW and some extreme programs and I've lost 50 lbs twice before with Nutri System. N.S. was great, totally effortless and mindless, therefore I learned nothing and within a couple of years had gained it back. 200 was my "panic weight" back then. Seems like I woke up one day and I was way past my panic point (285). Decided to make some changes, my DH agreed to support me for awhile so I quit my stress filled, despised job last March and within 3 months had lost 25 lbs. without making any changes. Did not realize how that job was effecting me until I was free. I manged to lose another 10 lbs, but around the holidays got depressed and started gaining. I started looking for info on programs (like an alcoholic, I need the "meetings") and found this site. At over 250 I was angry with myself and felt totally hopeless. I never went anywhere because I was so ashamed of the way I looked and felt everyone else was too. Having over 100lbs to lose seemed impossible. It was so encouraging to find people that are successfully on the same journey. My only concern is age, the older you are the harder it can be, just means I have to be more POP than those of you that are so much younger.

At 59 I decided I can do nothing about being a old woman, but I don't have to be a FAT old woman. So I declared 2007 as MY YEAR, to put myself first (or at least closer to the top of the list). I am scheduled to be at my goal just in time to celebrate my DH birthday Jan 8 and our 40th anniversary in Feb. I want to dance all night and know that my DH is proud to be seen with me. As of this week I am no longer 59. Having a bit of a crisis about that so my dear sis suggested I just start counting backwards. Might work, for a little while anyway.

Looking forward to your help in the months to come.
Once again, from the bottom of my heart......................

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Sharon - I'm a little late to the party, but WELCOME!!!!
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LAWL Salt Police
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test.. I can't seem to access the last page...
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