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  • Kristi.....Thanks. I would appreciate that very much. Right now I'm paid up until September 30th but I don't think I'll be going back there. I will still be doing the plan though but just weighing in on my own scales. Thanks again Kristi.
    Does anyone else know how this works?
  • Hi Again,
    I'm waiting for dinner to cook!
    SY: My kids asked for meatloaf again, so I'm taking your recipe with ground turkey for myself - dinner smells great!!! Thanks for the tip!!!

    Karen: I'm not sure if each center handles things differently or not. When I signed my full contract my counselor said that if I don't make my goal weight in the number of weight loss weeks she estimated it would take me then any additional weight loss weeks are on her. It's actually part of my contract. Take a look at your contract closely - does it say anything like that at all? I'm sure that if you wanted to work something out with them I bet they would try to accomodate you. I don't think they want to lose business. Anyway, it's worth a shot.

    Okay, gonna check on dinner. Talk to you all later and have a wonderful evening.

  • Oy...Day One not going so good! Actually everything was going fine until about an hour ago, all of a sudden I started feeling really queasy (on the drive home, no less, thank goodness it's not too far) and as soon as I got home (sorry) promptly threw up just about everything I ate today! I think it had to be either the Lite that I ate in the afternoon or the calcium supp. (not LAWL) that I took with lunch??? Nothing else I ate today was out of the ordinary (toast, pineapple, chicken, broccoli...).

    Anyway, now I feel all "off" of my stomach settled right down so I ate a PBJ sandwich to get something in it, but not sure what to do about the rest of the night, and am kind of wary about the rest of my sample box of bars. I've heard of others who couldn't eat the bars, but didn't expect to be one of them since I don't have any other food sensitivities.

  • P.S.

    Kristi: Congrats on your loss!!!!

  • Fiona,
    Oh my!!! That doesn't sound good - which type of bar did you try? Could you be coming down with something? You should probably call your center and tell them what happened. Maybe they will have some answers for you.
  • It was the peanut butter kind. I had one of the caramel ones last night, and had no problems with it. I also split the BP one today...half in the morning and half in the afternoon, 3:30ish, and felt fine all day until almost 5:00. It was definitely wierd. I don't feel ill at all, other than fever or chills, just a little jittery which I figure is probably to be expected. I hope I'm not coming down with something - I don't have the vacation/sick days to spare right now!

    Thanks for your concern - I'll call and see what they suggest.

  • Fiona:
    Let is know what the center said. Maybe it's the peanut putter in that bar - I don't think I've ever had the peanut butter type - I don't recall that being in the original sample pack I had. I like the chocolate mint the best. Hope you are feeling better.
  • Kristi, your dinner sounded good. I don't know exactly what curry tastes like, and I just got some shrimp last night to have to dinner tonight, so I may give it a try.

    June, how was your 'turkey' loaf? I know it's not as good without bread crumbs, eggs or whatever I normally put into it, but it beats eatting chicken breast each night. I do have to say, that sometimes mine come out good, sometimes they don't. Depends on what I put in them. I found that the dried onion flakes taste better then scallions (my center said you could use them). I made the turkey loaf muffins this week, think I'm repeating myself (sorry). But what I want to add was that since your starting back to school/work soon, you can make them ahead of time and they are ready for your lunch. This week I used more turkey, so I got 8 regular size loafs (muffin like), plus - I had got green peppers at the market, so I put 4 servings in a green pepper. So, I have enough for 12 meals and only had to cook once. I froze 1/2 of them, and will take out as I need them.

    Fiona, I agree with Kristi, I can't imagine you getting sick on the bars. The peaunt butter ones are my favorite, then the double chocolate. I have left my bars in my car for a couple days by mistake, they kind of melted but still ate them, and I never had any affect on my. But, I do have a stomach made of stone, meaning I don't get sick to my stomach much. If you feel okay, but could have been the combination of what you ate. I can't remember, and don't have time to check back - but aren't you the person who doesn't go to the center - and your doing this on your own? I could be mistaken.

    I have to run, catch up with you all later. Diane, I agree - June and others have livened (is that a word?) up this board. ~Sy~
  • Wow, I feel MUCH better this morning. I didn't get a hold of my center last night (too busy laying on the couch feeling sorry for myself, lol) but since I feel good this morning, I'm going to see how today goes and see what they say at my weigh in tomorrow. I can't imagine it was the bars, either - the more I think about it, it was probably the calcium supplements, which my DEAR husband neglected to tell me to take one per meal, so I downed all three with my lunch!!! So I'm going to eat like normal today including my bars, except skip the calcium, and see how it goes.

    BTW, just gotta crow a little bit - I bought a pair of size 18 slacks at Lane Bryant on Saturday, even though they were definitely too snug - I could get them on and buttoned, but there was some definite bulging going on, to the point that I didn't want to wear them out of the dressing room to look in the big mirror. I figured I'd be able to wear them in a couple of weeks. I tried them on this morning just to see how much farther I had to go and THEY FIT!!!

    Challenges coming up this week, though! Birthday dinner for my dad tonight, groom's dinner for my brother's wedding on Friday, and then the wedding itself on Saturday.
  • Good Morning Everyone:
    No weight loss news to report - weighed in at the center this morning, and I'm still the same - I suppose that's good - but it's so much better when you see a dip!!! I am expecting my period soon - and I know I tend to retain water just prior - so I suppose staying the same is a good thing! I'll be able to tell better after TOM passes.

    Kristi: I checked my contract, and on the sheet of paper that says LAWL Service Guarantee it first states the number of pounds you want to lose, and the number of weeks the center projects that you will need to reach that goal. The next line says "LAWL Centers will continue your program until ou have lost the amount of weight indicated - WITHOUT ADDITIOANL CHARGE FOR SERVICES. LA Lites and Vitamins/Supplements will be available at their regular prices." Below that it says that the guarantee is valid under the following contions: A. Vist the center at least 3 times weekly, B. Only consume foods for all meals as directed by the company, C. Follow the personalized counseling as instructed, D. Take the service weeks consecutively, E. Consume LA lites as directed by the company. From my understanding they are loose about the 3 visits per week, as long as you've been weighing in every week - so that's probably why your center hasn't asked for any more money for extra weeks - I don't think they will. Just keep at it - you're doing great.

    SY: I really enjoyed your turkey loaf recipe - it's a great change - and like you said, there is plenty left over for other meals - and this is something that I can have for lunch once I start back to work.

    Fiona: I'm glad you're feeling better and congrats on the pants fitting - that must make you feel great - and it's wonderful incentive. I'd be interested to hear what your center has to say - you are right - it may very well be the calcium supplements - what kind are you taking? I take about a 600 mg. dosage daily.

    Star: Thanks for all your advice and support. It's much appreciated!!!

    Have a wonderful day everyone.

  • Wow Fiona, that is great that those pants fit so quickly. What a great feeling. Now I see I did mix you up with another newbie, sorry about that. You sure do have some challenges coming up this week and weekend. If you want to know, if you do drink - a glass 4oz glass of wine counts as a fruit, and 1 light beer counts as a starch. I'm not sure on the hard stuff, but at LA they have a list - but don't hand out copies, I think it's for the counselor's reference. There are other things but I have never seen the listings (as I just saw them in her desk drawer). I could see me getting sick if I took 3 of those tables as well. Sometimes those things just don't go down right. There are Carb Carvers that you could have used for your PB&J sandwich depending on what plan your on. I'm on the GOLD so I could have made a PB&J like this: 2 slices of light bread, 1 T of reduced fat peanut butter, and 1 T of all fruit jelly/jam. All of that equals 1 protein and I would have stayed on program. Check out the Carb Craver's menu for your plan as my sister is on the Purple plan, and can have real bread as her sandwich, there are differences. Maybe something on the Carb Craver's menu would help you with the events you have coming up. Plan ahead, and remember - there will be more birthday cake in your future and since it's not 'your' birthday, you won't feel deprived for not having any. Besides, no matter what time of year, there will be similar challenages along the way, you just have to decide if you want to give in, or make it to your goal. I always try to think that it's only food that we are passing up, and it's not going away. You'd be suprised how much easier it gets, the more your challenged.

    Good Luck on your challenages this week. ~Sy~
  • Thanks for the GREAT advice!

    Has anyone here NOT told friends/family that they are on LAWL (when they first started, anyway)? My DH knows, obviously, and one friend who helped me decided whether to go for it (actually helped me talk myself out of it, til DH said go for it), and one coworker who wants to "see how I do" before signing up herself. But I don't want to say anything to my family, a lot because I don't want to get into the $$$ of it with my parents, but also because I want to see how long it takes before someone notices that I'm slimming down.

    And another thing (tired of my questions yet? ) ... I'm really enjoying the Lites bars (chocolate crunch today, yum) but I'm surprised to find that they are SO rich that I don't want to eat the whole thing in one sitting, so I've been splitting my "a.m." bar between my morning and afternoon snacks, and munching my "p.m." bar later in the evening. I hope this is okay???

    Okay, and another thing! When I did my plan explanation on Monday, they told me they didn't want me to come in again until Thursday. Anybody know if there is a reason for the extra-long gap?

  • Fiona....Do they have you on a juice plan. When I signed up, it was on a Monday night. They had me do a juice plan and was told to come back in on Thursday to weigh in and get my plan. After that, I started weighing in on M,W, F but now if I weigh in 3 times a week, I do it on T,T,S (just easier for me on those days)
    Also this is to whovever was talking about paying for more weeks. I also think that you have to follow the plan exactly with no cheats to be able to get any extra weeks free.
    As for me, I love the bars and don't know how I'll ever be able to give them
    Oh, one other thing about the carb cravers plan. I have been having a sandwich everyday for the last few weeks. I also bought the carb enders to take before the meal. For me, I think it's slowing my weight loss down, but everyones body handles carbs in a different way. I've decided to try to only have a carb cravers me just a few times a week to see if that is the problem. Maybe I'm just stalled here. I'll let you know what I find out.
  • I did the juice on Sunday and Monday, weighed in Monday and then they told me not to come back til Thursday. Not that it's any big deal, I was just wondering if there was a purpose behind it that they forgot to tell me. I'll have to ask tomorrow, along with my questions about the Fast Trackers, Carb Whatsits, and how to handle the pre-wedding barbecue and wedding-night buffet! I need to make a list, I think!

  • Kristi...Sorry about not knowing it was you. I didn't go back to check. The 5.00 weeks is a special the center is running right now. They were just offering it to me incase I wanted to get them now. I still have about 6 weeks left before I pay again (if I do)