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Sammy- Your post made me

I had my second appt this evening and my dh went with me. I think he was feeling a little strange about the idea of me doing this. Mostly because I paid almost $900 for this plan. He wants it to me legitimate. I don't blame him and was feeling the same way.

Anyway, I am glad he went. At first we watched this dumb video of their products. It was so boring and sales pitch-y it was nauseating.

The counselor was a male. I felt very uncomfy with that at first, but he turned out to know quite a bit of stuff. He seemed much more knowledgeable than the other people I had dealt with earlier this week.

I am on the red plan. Does anyone know if that is the least restrictive or what?

They are not having me do that cleansing juice thing. I am a breastfeeding mom still so I am very glad they are considering everything. I did worry about that, but all is well.

Btw- has anyone ordered their bars from eBay? I noticed there were quite a few selling on there. I asked the counselor about having to purchase them at the center. He said that of course they want you to, but plenty of people find places online that works better for their budget.

I assumed he meant eBay, but does anyone know of other places that sell them?

Thanks so much for the support! I appreciate it so much.
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"Wow" - everyone is doing great at losing.

Kristi: I can't believe you really felt full or kind of full when doing the 2 day take off. What is your secret? LOL! You know, I could get hooked on doing the 2 day take off if I knew I would lose 3 lbs each time I did it. LA says I shouldn't do it more than once every 2 weeks. Your weekend sounds awesome, enjoy! Please write and tell us about stabilization. I have asked my sister a few times and she still hasn't repied to me. She has been on stabilization for 2 weeks and each weigh-in she continues to lose more weight. If that is not a nice reward, what is?

Congrats on making it to goal - I'm so happy for you. You won't leave us will you? Your the first on site since I have been posting that has make it to goal and I want to know all the details.

Sammy: I was drooling when I read the post from Beach (about her sandwich). I'm in total agreement with you. What would it be like having 2 piece of bread, and not only that - it being regular bread! Yum.

June: How did you make out at your meeting/dinner last night?

Pink: The only place that I've seen the LA Lites (besides the center) was on eBay. Looks like you can get them 1/2 price there. I couldn't do this without them. Some people try different bars that have the same or very similar nutritional values - I'm sure they would work fine. Myself, I'm leery of buying food from someone I don't know on a place like that? But, if you do - be sure to read the comments as some of the people sell boxes that are already opened (and that would freak me out more). And, if you do, please share your experience. Glad DH went with you. My sisters (2) had a male counsoler and loved him the best. He spend the most time with them, never pressured them to buy, buy, buy - and was most informative. He was so good, they promoted him to be a Branch Manager and he moved away. They were very disappointed when he left.

Anyone have any plans for the long weekend besides Kristi? I'm going to the NY State Fair with my husband and a clam bake at a friends house on Sunday.

Sammy: Forgot, I make my own taco seasoning and mix it with ground turkey or chicken. I don't know the exact amounts as I'm posting from work, but I can tell you what I add and it tastes good to me, here is what I add: McCormick's Chili Powder, dried onions flakes, onion powder, garlic powder, Splenda and Low Sodium Chicken Broth. I'll post the exact quantities when I"m posting from home.

Everyone have a great day POP. ~Sy~
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Good morning everyone, congrats on the losses, and congrats to Pink for getting rolling!

I was mega bad last night. We went to a concert at the House of Blues last night, and had dinner in their restaurant before the show. I had checked their menu online before we went and was planning on having a turkey burger (half the bun) and salad, but when we got there it wasn't on the menu. I ended up having stewed chicken and peeled away the skin and scraped off the sauce. But my BF had to have an appetizer and dessert, and of course, I had to have a couple of bites of each.

I felt so guilty after the concert that I decided not to stay over at my BF's as I had planned because I wanted to get home and weigh myself and possibly do some penance time on the exercise bike before bed. The good news is I appear to have gotten away with it - I actually weighed less when I got home than I had that morning, and I'm down more this morning.

Still, I'm not taking any chances at weigh-in today - last time I showed no change because I was wearing big heavy sweat pants; today, I'm going in as close to naked as possible in shorts and a tank top!

Pink - If you want to buy the Lites on ebay, make sure the seller says that they're unopened packages, check the seller's feedback to see if they've sold similar items with no complaints, and pay with a credit card through paypal so if they arrive opened or tampered with, you can get a chargeback even if the seller is uncooperative.
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Aim, I know this was directed at Pink, but thanks for the info on eBay! I have never purchased anything because I wouldn't want to give out my credit card number to just anymore, I have no idea how it worked and it's nice to know that there is a way to pay on credit without having to give our credit card info to someone we don't know. I did read the comments on some of the boxes of LA Lites and some are opened. I know I'm aging myself, but since the Tylenol scare years ago - I won't buy anything that is going in my body that even appears to be opened. Thanks again for the tip!

Overall, you did a great job at your choices. Look at it this way, you didn't eat a whole appetizer yourself, and same with desert. Good Job. I would have skipped going over to BF's house as well, because I would have felt just as guilty as you. Great job.

Will be back later. ~Sy~
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Kristi - I think it goes purple then red, because red is what they usually recommend to people who exercise a lot (>5 hours per week).

Have a great day everyone - nothing exciting to report here.

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Hello Everyone,

The faculty dinner went very well last night and I was able to stay on plan as it was a buffet - so was able to have the server control the portions in front of me and stuck to roast beef, broccoli, string beans and salad. I skipped dessert, as I was already full. Everyone remarked on how wonderful I looked - so that helped as well.

Kristi: I told you that you'd get there!!! Congrats on your loss and I'm sure that tomorrow you will be at goal and you have that wonderful weekend to look forward to.
Have a great time!!!!

Beach: That sandwich does sound delicious. I miss my bread ((((

SY: Sounds like we have similar plans for the weekend. My older son wants to go up to westchester county to go apple picking and to the Rennaissance fair. Have a great time at your fair!!!

aim: Sounds like you did okay in spite of the dinner problem - and your motivation to excercise is great!!! You're doing wonderfully.

pink: It's great that your husband is involved and supporting you in this program. It really makes life so much easier, and I'm glad that you found a counselor that is so imformative and not pushy - that will help as well. Good luck!!!

Sammy: I had to laugh as well at your post about dinner!!! It was too funny. Just stick with that attitude and you're going to continue to lose and be at goal in no time.

Star, Karen, Fiona, and Diane have a wonderful weekend and enjoy all your holiday plans. I'll be sorry to see summer come to an end (((( I'm really not a winter person - hate the snow and cold weather.

Talk to you all soon ladies. Looking forward to the posts on Tuesday!!!!!

Big Hugs,
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Sy - You're welcome! Paypal is a really good, safe way to pay for ebay purchases. It's actually more safe for the buyers who use it than the sellers who accept it. But I'm willing to accept the risks of the occasional fraudster in accepting paypal because it gets me a lot more bids since the bidders love the convenience and security of it, plus I have access to that money minutes after the auctions end.

Sy, June, and Kristi - Thanks for the kudos! I still feel a little guilty, but I was down 1.6 at weigh in today, so I guess I got away with it!

Kristi - Congrats on the loss and on the pants! I have a closet full of great clothes that used to fit - when I get back into that stuff it will be like a free shopping spree - I can't wait!

June - Congrats on resisting the temptation of the buffet! I have three parties to go to this weekend, all of which will feature buffets that will definitely challenge me, plus I'll probably be saving fruits and starches so I can drink.

I'll check in after tonight's party - everyone have a great weekend!!
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Hi all!!

Congrats to Kristi, aim and all the other loosers including myself! I was down .6 so not quite as much as I had hoped for but I will get there!

Kristi I can't wait to hear about maintenance!!! and your weekend!!

Well I am knee deep in cleaning as all is painted and now I need to maintain!

Hope everyone has a great weekend it is cold and we have soccer and well the dreaded family!! I purchased turkey burger and am going to fix that as both of my parents are on LAWL diets! However the smell and crunch of Doritos is soooo hard to resist!!

Hope everyone has a great last summer weekend! Can't wait to hear from you all on Tuesday
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Hi all, Well I was up .2 from Wednesday and I am determined to have a loss on Tuesday. I've just been playing around since getting home from vacation so now I have to get serious. I know what happens to me - I start eating bigger portionsand then a bite of things I shouldn't eat etc. We've probably all been there. Have a great holiday weekend. Our weather is actually hot. For how long I don't know but I do enjoy it.
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Good morning everyone. Beach, the weather has been awesome here in Syracuse for the past few days and it's suppose to stay like this all weekend. For a change, it's not suppose to rain until Tuesday - which is fine with me. And, being up .2 is nothing to worry about and you have the right attitude. I sure know how the little bites add up. Get the scales out again and use them. I have to tell myself that too every so often.

Everyone have a great weekend. I'll try to check back.
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Hi Everyone:
I am back from vacation.
I started a new thread LAWL & Friends # 83
see you there.
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Default new at lawl

Hi Everyone!! I just started LAWL on Friday and I am almost done with the drink (thank god!!) My question is, does anyone have any recipes to share, I am a picky eater and I am worried that i am going to get in a rut eating the same things. Thanks!!
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Jewels13, we are all over on LAWL Friends #84 so come and join us there.
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Default Rejoining LAWL Tomorrow!!!

Hello Everyone!

I'm sorry that I haven't been in touch. I have been through SOOO much over the last few weeks. Needless to say, I have not been successful with following the LAWL diet on my own. So, I will be rejoing tomorrow.

The center here gave me somewhat of a deal - 30 weeks for $240. I'm at about 196 (will have the official weight tomorrow), and my goal weight is 140 (size 8). We'll see how it goes!

I'm not big on exercise, but I am a former dancer, so I'll be coupling the Winsor Pilates program with this. I truly hope to be successful. One thing is for sure - this board will be a great help! For me, accountability and encouragement often make all the difference.

Well, I'll check in with you all tomorrow!

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