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Heya I'mgonnadoit,

I'm 5'6.5". All those weight chart things say I should be like 135-145lbs but I know that that's way to low. I was 150 once and in a 28" jean and sooooo sickly...BUT my friend who was 28" waist was 125 and I couldn't get it through my thick skull that we were the same size, I NEEDED to be 125. So I'm saying 170 because then I'll be healthy!! I just want to be a nice size so that I can buy all the clothes I want! Right now I'm stuck between regular sizes and plus sizes. I don't have the boobs to wear plus sizes and I'm too "fluffy" for regular sizes! My legs aren't big and it seems that clothes makers think big waist=big legs/arms/boobs so it's hard to find clothes that fit the waist but don't balloon everywhere else!!

That's another beef I have...when I gain or loose my bra size never least if I went up a couple sizes when I gained weight I'd have something to be happy about!!

How about you? (how tall)

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HI Ladies:
I am going to post a new thread see you there.
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Has anyone substituted Kashi bars to the la weight loss bars?
170 cal
4g fat
30 carbs
5g fiber

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How much protein does the kashi bar have? The LA Lites have around 8g of soy based protein, helping keep you full, though the Kashi bar looks similar in other categories.
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HI mybabiesx4 - if you are on LAWL, you also might try Luna bars - they are very similar to the lites. I use them interchangeably.

If you're on the LAWL plan, come join us on thread LAWL and Friends #86 - you'll see where a very friendly supportive group!
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