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  • Our thread was getting long so I took the liberty of starting a new one. I hope everyone is having a great day. I go weigh this afternoon. I'm thinking about starting with the Carb Cravers. Sounds like it might be just the thing I need to get thru some difficult days. Right now, I'm gung-ho, but there will come a day when I'm sick of eating and want something like a PB&J sandwich!

    Hope everyone has a wonderful "on program" (OP) day!

  • Hello Everyone:
    Tab I am glad to see you are back, its hard when you get off track isn't it. I've been back and forth with what I want to do, I still have time left at LAWL and I still weigh in once a week, but I have not been following plan and of course not losing either. I have two years of maintenence that I never ever got to.
    rann91 whenI am following plan I really did not have a 2 pound weight loss, I think as long as you are doing well that is what counts. Good Luck
    Hello to all the new comers. Good luck
  • Hi all!
    Well I'm two weeks into it and 6lbs down. Wow! It seems like such a long way to my goal but I'm shooting for small goals. I just have to remind myself of that!

    Diane, you are so right! When you get off track it is so hard to get back on track! I'm trying to stay ahead of the game, keeping food and stuff made up. My daughter told me last night that she wasn't going to let me quit this time. That's a big thing coming from a 12yr old! I suppose it's accountability!
    Tab and Diane, hang in there! It'll come off!

    I have a history of being a slow loser so I have to really stay focused! It's hard when you have kids, job and everything else plus are going in 50 different directions everyday! Sometimes I just want the world to stop spinning and let me off!

    Hope everyone has a great weekend!

  • Hi Janie:
    I am also a slow loser so to lose weight I have to really stay consistant, if I don't thats when the yo-yo stuff starts happening. Congrats on the six pounds thats great!
    I have thought about quitting lately but did not have enough nerve to say anything to my husband so far I just keep going.
  • Hey Diane,
    Don't quit! You can do it. I know the frustration you're going thru. I have only been at this for 2 weeks and already I'm so sick of chicken! Especially if it's not cooked right, I just can't stomach it! But I have a little turkey breast in the crockpot so it'll be good for the week! Go back to your earlier food diaries and see what you've done when you were successful. That always seems to help kickstart us!
  • Good Morning Everyone...

    Just wanted to post and say hello to everyone. is soooo very hard to get back on track. But what is making me soooooo mad is that I have lost this weight and now I am slowly gaining it back. Everyone tells me that I am gaining muscle. Well I know when you start lifting weights you will gain weight because yes I know muscle weighs more than body is changing and my clothes that I wore this time last year are getting tight in my butt. Just in the butt area...I think maybe since l started lifting weights 2 months ago that my body has done a transformation. I am changing body shape. I know that sounds weird but I think it is happening. I am weighing my self 3 times a week. And I am not losing and I am not gaining. I am just maintaining....but I want to lose. Ok Ok...thanks for letting me vent my fustrations...I will not whine anymore....*smile*

    Diane....Don't will be more disappointed with yourself if you quite. If I can do this soo can you...cause believe me...I feel like quitting everyday. We can do this. We just have to stick together and try and make the best possible food choices.

    Janie61....I admire your enthusiasm...I remember when I just started I had it too. And it was sooo exciting when the weight was coming off. Congrats on your 6lbs...that is so awesome. Now that I have lost the weight on LAWL...went through stabilization and then onto maintenance...something happened. I don't remember what it was I don't reallly think it was one thing...I just kinda fell off the wagon. I am slowly getting back my eating habits. I never lost the exercise habit because I love to exercise...I run 4 to 6 miles a day and lift weights 4 times a week...I have no problem with that part of my lifestyle just sometimes your right...I want that PB&J sandwich and unfortunately I do eat it. Where as when I was losing weight I would not. So I just have to readjust my lifestyle and make better food choices. These last 8lbs or soo that I keep gaining and losing will come off and stay off. Soo keep up the good work. I love hearing your success...makes me strive to be successful too.

    Welll everyone have a great day and I will check back in later...bye for now

    Kim....You still around????
  • Hi Tab:
    I am not giving up, I am just feeling frustrated becuase like you I did lose the weight but I gained more back than I wanted to. Did you ever try the carb craver from LAWL before you left, I think they probably will still let you buy it. They actually have peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on there menu now.
    I enjoy the exercise also its just this food thing that gets me. I love doing step workouts and I also do some weights in between.
    Kim is still around she went to Colorado I think she said she would be gone almost a month. I will be gone for a week to Florida. My only plan for there is to try to stick to plan and to stay away from the junk food if anything.
    Have a great week everyone
  • Hi everyone

    I've been on LAWL now for almost 4 weeks. I have lost 15 of my target 48 lbs, but gained back 1.5 almost overnight just by overdoing it on Chinese food - water retention, I guess. I'm feeling the urge to undereat for the next couple of days and am chugging down lemon water.
    It's good to know that there are others around to talk to besides the counselors at the center who keep trying to push products. I did give in to buying the FB500 today becuase I was so disappointed in the weight gain. Anyone have success with that?

  • Hi All,
    This is just what I needed. I just joined LAWL on Wed3/31> I lost 3 pounds so far. I am still trying to understand the program. But I think it is one that will fit my needs. I will apologize now if I start asking to many stupid questions. But this time I will succeed.
  • I missed the new thread at first and then I went on vacation. I didn't stay on plan during vacation, but I only gained 2 pounds. Which is good. However, i haven't lost a single pound for the previous 16 days before vacation. I was starting to get fustrated anyway. Now just to get back on plan after my break... Does anyone have any tricks for getting back into the swing of things?

    Tab- that is great how much you exercise. I can't quite get in the habit and stay there. I have access to a treadmill, home gym, and countless videos. I just can't get the habit started. I do really well for about 4 weeks, but then something comes up and time gets tight. Excuses! Excuses! As long as I keep trying I will finally succeed at getting the habit started. I enjoy it once I get there. It is just getting started.

    Lynettejax- How are you doing? You should be just about through your first week. I hope it is all going well. What do they say- the only stupid question is the one not asked- or something like that. I would ask away. There are a lot of good ideas that you can get from other people.

    Tomorrow- I get back on plan!!!!!!
  • Hello Everyone....

    I have to say that I been hanging in there. I guess I am maintaining. I am not gaining and I am not losing. That is depressing because I am trying to lose. So I need to do something...just haven't figured out what it is yet...*smile*...Have someone sew my mouth shut so I can not put food in...just kidding...but hey it might work.

    Diane...We have come to far...we just have to find what works for us..I am still searching. I asked the center about the carb craver menu and they told me since I was on maintenance that I pretty much can eat what I want so it would not help me. That is pretty much why I did not buy another 52 weeks of maintainece for $100. If they can't do anything for me than I can weigh myself at home. I say that now...but I am weighing with my husband...and that has helped. Some....
    Thanks for the info on Kim...I hope she is having a good time.

    Jenni...Wow...that is awesome...keep up the good work. You will reach your goal weight in no time at all. Yeah..that sodium and MSG in Chinese food will get you everytime. You are doing the right thing hot lemon water and getting back on track. You will see a difference. Yes...this board has been great for support. I never bought any of the supplements...sometimes I want to but I just don't know if it will help. Well keep us posted on your success.

    Lynette...Welcome to the program and the boards. Just let us know if we can help. Not that I am doing so great at the moment but I did have a time when I was losing. Hoping to be there again soon. And remember no question is stupid.

    Rann...Once you make exercise a habit it becomes easier. I pack my gym bag every night when I get home. The good thing is that I have to drive right past the gym to get home. So really I have no excuse not to stop. I do not have kids soooo...I really have no excuses. They say it takes 2 weeks to get a habit started soooo maybe just try and see what happens. You done it once you can do it again. Only a 2lb gain on vacation that is great. I know that sounds weird but just think of how bad it really could have been. I don't even wanna think about what I gained when I went to Vegas...ick...but that was back in October and the sad thing is I am still trying to lose that extra 5lbs. But hey I will get there. Not going to beat myself up over it.

    Well everyone have a great day and I will check back in later to see all our you successes.

    Have a good one
  • Hello Everyone:
    Well I did not lose any weight while I was away but I did not gain anything either, I am very relieved I did not come back gaining the 5 pounds that I usually always do while I am on vacation.
    Tab with that kind of answer I don't think I would have bought another year of maintence either. As long as you keep being honest with yourself I am sure you will be fine.
    Janie61 I am sick of chicken but it got me through vacation plus I did not always have it the same way and it was warm so I did not mind the salads to much.
    Hello to all the new comers.
  • I am SOOOOOO thrilled to find you guys!!! I am a LAWL gal, too... here in SC! I had committed, after YEARS of loosing and gaining tons of weight... to do it the old fashioned way..... the way the doctors say is best for us.... 2 pounds a week. I knew diet and exercise was the way to go, but I just NEED the accountablity! I found it at LAWL! The program goes hand in hand with what I knew I needed to do. After years of fanatical losses so fast... my "mantra" was "I am OK with loosing ONE POUND a week, I am OK with loosing ONE POUND a week!" lol I have to say it until I believe it because this is such a QUICK SOLUTION society! The problem is that my problem needs long term correction ... that other programs couldn't offer me.....

    I am going on way too long! I just wanted to say HI, and hope it is ok if I join in!

  • Good Morning...

    Welcome Jan2002...How long have you been doing LAWL? Looking forward to getting to know you and tracking those loss of pounds...*smile*

    Well I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter. Of course this is a hard holiday for me because of the candy. Yesterday, I passed on Easter dinner at my aunts house which was you normal dinner with Ham and all the fixes...why did I pass you ask??? I passed so I could eat the candy...I know isn't that sad. I need help with curbing this sweet tooth of mine. So I was in candy shock all last night and then about 9:30pm I just dropped. It is a horrible feeling and I hate when I do it to myself. Just cant seem to control myself around that kind of stuff. I was supposed to weigh myself this morning but I couldn't bear to face the scale. I will weigh on Wed....I plan to be extra good for the next few days.

    Well ladies it is off to the gym for my morning run. I will check back in later. Have a great rainy day. Good day to just stay in bed and read.

  • Hello Everyone...

    Actually where is everyone...*smile* Just wanted to say a quick hello and say the easter candy is almost gone. Gone...because I am eating it all. Not a good thing. The weather here has just been so gray and nasty. Not very motivating to workout. Last night after work I went home and took a nap. I just couldn't get moving. Well I hope everyone is OK.

    Have a great day!