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I am Tab 07-07-2003 09:29 AM

LA Weightloss #71
Time for a New Thread.....Diane and Kim kept the last going...Thank you Ladies...:)

I will try and be around more this time. Hopefully things here at work have calmed down for the most part.

More later....

I am Tab 07-07-2003 10:08 AM

Hello Ladies..

I hope everyone enjoyed their 4th of July. Well I can say that I pretty much fell off the wagon this weekend. I was good until a friend of mine.....some friend :lol: took me to this new ice cream shoppe in our town....oh my goodness was it good...I went there on July 4th and the flavor of the day was "Death by Chocolate" it was soooo good. So good that I had to take my hubby there on Saturday and have more....:p and the flavor of the day on Saturday was peanut butter chocolate...my two favorite things...

Well I weighed in on Saturday and I was the exact same weight as last so i guess I am doing the maintenace pretty good. I do find myself eating more junk and less food...I need to get it together. I am just enjoying life.

I have to say that I went to the pool on Sunday and I wore a 2-piece bathing suit. This is the first time that I have done this in my life. I was a little worried but after I got there and I got comfortable I enjoyed myself.

Kim....Wow...the PT sessions went by fast. I remember when you started. Only 3 left...you are moving right along. I need to jump start my workout. I actually sent my old PT an email last week and I got a response. He is working on base and told me to come and visit and workout with him. I don't know if I am ready. Cardio wise I am ready...but I have really slacked off on the weights....I think I need to do less cardio and more weight but I just can bring myself to do that. It is hard.

Well I need to get to work this wonderful monday morning...I will check back in later...Everyone enjoy their day.

Kimbova 07-07-2003 10:18 AM

Thanks Tab!
Good morning! It's Monday all over again. This weekend was good and bad. DH was sick with an upset stomach and we do know how men can act with any kinda sickness. We can be broke down in pain and they still expect us to function. Anyway, he's better now, must of been some 24/48 hr bug or something.

Anyway, eating wise, I didn't do so well over the weekend, not as bad as it could have been but difinately could have been better. But today is a new day and a new week and I'm expecting great things! My weight has not changed, maybe because it's that TOM. Maybe once this is over, I'll lose a couple of pounds, that would be nice.

DH & I went out with the couple we're going on the cruise with yesterday. It was a nice dinner date, lot's of fun. Also, they had a guess visiting from the Bahamas. A real nice guy, after a while I was able to understand the accent.

Anyway, I tried so hard to work-out on Friday but the streets were all blocked off in the downtown area so I wasted gas trying to go to the gym. So I went back home and washed the truck & the car, it took 2 hours, I really believe I got a good workout doing that. Well, family is in town until Wednesday so I need to spend some quality time with them along with working, taking care of business and taking the truck in for service (the alarm goes on & off when ever it want's to). Oh well, it's going to be a week!

Until later, have a great day!

dianem1 07-07-2003 01:02 PM

Hi Tab and Kimbo:
Kimbo my husband was sick also, what a baby, so my weekend my kind of boring because my DH was SO sick. But I did see T3 on Thrusday.
Tab The ice cream has been getting me also but not as enjoyable as the flavors you have been eating.
Kimbo have you been back to the center yet they have a new lite out chocolate cookie dough, I have been having trouble with eating to many of them plus they offer it in a double box.
Tab congrats with the bathing suit, was that the first time since you lost weight for the two piece.

I am Tab 07-07-2003 03:06 PM

Good Afternoon Ladies...

I am back from my lunch time kickboxing class and boy did it feel good. Relieved alot of stress.....it felt nice...now I can make it till the end of the day.

Kim....I am sure the scale will show a loss after TOM. I am always up 3 to 4lbs during that time. Enjoy time with your family. I know what you mean about getting a different type of workout from washing the cars. I need to cut our grass but it has just been so darn hot. I love to cut the grass we have a hill in our front yard so it is a definte workout....using different muscles...same as car washing. Have you seen pictures of the boat that you will be taking your cruise on? The boat is awesome...I forgot to mention that they have the rock climbing wall...which I could not make to top....because I got scared...they have a putt putt golf course... and they have rollerblade track. You are going to have soooo much fun.....Do you know what type of room that you are getting? Our cruise lady booked our cabin and it was wonderful....we had a balcony and we kinda got lucky. They have special rooms for the handicap and on the cruise we were on they did not sell all the handicap accesibile rooms...so we got one of those rooms and it was sooooo big....unlike my friends cabin which was small...and we wont even talk about how small the bathrooms are in the regular rooms. That is the only bad part of the cruise unless you are getting a suite and they are huge. Don't want to discourage you and you really are not in your room that much....just want to fill you in on stuff as I think about it...hope you don't mind...I am just soooo excited for you.

Diane...How was the movie T3? My hubby wants to go see that this weekend. Ohhhh the ice cream has been soooo good. I could become addicted to that stuff....glad the ice cream shoppe is across town. Not close to my house or it would be dangerous. I just went to our center on Saturday and I didn't see any new Lites. I will ask this Saturday...I am always looking for something new to eat. I only get one bar on maintence. I wore a two piece on our honeymoon and I was 40lbs heavier then....other than that I have never wore one.

Have a good afternoon and I will check in tomorrow morning...have a good night.

Kimbova 07-07-2003 05:36 PM

Hello ladies!

What a day, 3 projects in one day and 1 person out. Anyway, the day is almost over and I'm leaving on time.

Diane-I don't believe we have that kind in this area yet but I will check. How was T3, my sister & nieces went over the weekend but I just asked if it was OK and did they enjoy it. How did you like it?

Tab-Please tell me everything you can about the cruise. I'm so excited I could just burst! We do have a cabin w/balcony, lounge area, refrigerator, TV, VCR and some other good stuff I can't think of off the top of my head. It's a D9 room which is next to the highest level. The price was really good. Did you get the insurance? It's in our package right now but we wasn't sure if it was necessary. We can't afford to lose any money so I guess we should keep it.

As long as I can fit in the bathroom, I'm OK, the size of that room is not important, I'm just so happy to going:).

Anyway, I'm going to go until tomorrow. I'm just trying to kill some time cause I really don't want to start a new project today.

Until tomorrow, happy evening!;)

chubbyskychick 07-08-2003 03:13 AM

sad news girls...
I'm sorry I haven't been on.

Two sad tragedys. On July 4, a dear friend of mine that I met on a Health board was killed when the elevator she was in plummented to ground with her in it.

She was so dear to many of us. Jan was from Oklahoma. We had posted together every day for over a year and a half.
Jan was 54.
I know I will meet her in Heaven. She was a wonderful testimony for the Lord.

The week before, my son's friend from grade school was killed in an car wreck. He was 25.

I tell you all this because it is true. Life on earth is short. We have no guarantees. Only that we are guaranteed to face death.

The friends we meet on earth we hold dear in our hearts. Nothing can replace a dear friendship. You ladies that have become friends through daily and weekly postings, never know what each may encounter after you've made your posts.
It's so important to stay connected.
Jan's husband informed us by getting our email from her.

Look at the lives Jan touched through modern technology.

She had lost over 100 lbs. In the recent months Jan had been diagnosed with Graves disease.
She was the main reason I became motivated to lose weight and get my life on track.
Her memory I'll hold in my heart forever.

I want each of you to know how wonderful I think you are and we've never met either. We are here for encouragement through our trials and struggles we all face in over coming our food habits.
The friendship part is the icing on the cake.

Thank you for the help I've received here on your forum.


I'll post my LAWL tomorrow. I'm at an 8lb loss for 4 weeks. I'm sure I could be doing better. I'm having trouble eating and also trouble with my times.

See you later. God Bless!


I am Tab 07-08-2003 10:01 AM

Good morning ladies....

Skychick...I am so sorry to hear about the things that you are dealing with....just know that we are here for you if you need us. Don't worry about your eating...just getting through the next couple of weeks will be hard. You are doing great. Stay strong.

I am having just a normal day....so far work has not stressed me and that is a good thing...but it is only 8:50am....I still have till 4pm. My eating is good...but I do think that I am eating too much fruit...I love fruit in the summer time...I am allowed 4 servings but I think I eat more...actually I know I eat more...my thinking is better to eat more fruit than have the startches or the ice cream...mmm mmm good

Kim...As I think about things from the cruise I will post them. Sounds like you have an upgraded room...which should be nice...and your bathroom and shower may be upsized also. Also, what until you last full day at sea to buy things...they put alot of their merchandise on sale for 50% off. I think it is on Saturday. I only knew that because someone told me. And I got a wonderful Royal Carribean sweatshirt for 50%.....it was still expensive but it was my souvienar from the boat. If you or your hubby is a soda drinker...see I love diet coke....you need to buy the coke card...I think it is like $30 but all your sodas are free for the entire cruise...if not you will pay $2 or $3 for each one. Believe me that saved me a fortune. You only need one because you can share..not supposed to but....trying to save money...*smile* They also have mixed drink cards......you get 12 drinks and I can't remember the price....we bought one and me and hubby split the drinks...we are not big drinkers but we loved to have the frutti tootie drinks while we were sitting buy the pool.....you gotta try a "love connection" very good fruity drink. Yes....we got the insurance....didn't need it but it just felt nice knowing that we had it. Becuase as we were told...October is hurricane season....so we went ahead and got it. When you are having a bad day at work just stop a second and think about cruise...smile and start again...believe me you wont want to get off the boat. You will want to take you cabin steward person home with you to clean up after you....I just have so much to tell you....hope I don't bore you....I have been looking at cruises on the internet...I wanna go again....

Well everyone have a great day...I will check back in later...

Kimbova 07-08-2003 11:32 AM

Good morning ladies,

skychick-I'm so sorry to hear about your friend. You're so right, we just don't know what hand life is going to deal us but we must put our faith in God. He holds are destiny. My prayers are with you and the family of your friend. Find comfort in knowing she is in a better place and if she had a choice, I believe she would stay right where she is, with the Lord!

Tab-Believe me Tab, you are not boring me at all and thanks for the shopping advise, I will probably go to the stores daily and see what's on sale and how the prices go down. That is really good to know. Of course my DH doesn't look for sales, he just buys what he wants but I'm the opposite.

Are you saying that food is free but any type of drinks aren't? We don't drink alcohol but I do love the fruity drinks (virgins). Believe me, you could never bore me with stuff about the cruise, everyday I get more and more excited so as you remember just let me know.

Diane-How are you today?


dianem1 07-08-2003 12:50 PM

Hi Ladies:
I got chased off the computer yesterday, my husband was waiting for a fax that never came.
Skychick my thoughts are with you. I've grown attached to my internet friends also.
Kimbo and Tab I liked T3, it had a lot of action in it, but I thought it could have had more of a plot. Without getting into to much detail I was diappointed with the end.
Tab I think your making everyone want to go on a cruise. I am just ready to go some place. Everybody is into cutting grass and I would not even know how to use a lawn mower.
As for my diet, I have been doing so much better, but the scale is just not showing it yet, a little discouraging but I am sticking with it. I am just don't want to do the juice, I am afraid it might set off a binge and I have been doing so well staying on track.

Kimbova 07-09-2003 09:30 AM

Good morning ladies,

What a beautiful morning inspite of the of 30% chance of rain. Not to hot or humid as of yet. One of the first times I've walked into this office and it's actually cool, not cold, just cooler than usual.

I'm 3 days of cheat free and feeling real good about it. I'll weigh myself after that TOM. I'm ready to conquer my next 10lbs so I've got to stay focus, with the help of God and you Tab, Diane & Skychick as my support. You really don't know how much you help me stay on track, I get the same kinda support from the morning girls in the gym. It's nothing for them to ask, "Kim, how's your eating, what level are you exercising on, don't rush the weight lost, it will come off in time, take it slow". It really keeps me encouraged. My DH has never had a weight problem and no one in his immediate family either, so he doesn't understand why I worry from season to season about clothes fitting or why I go through the changes I do. He is as supportive as he nows how, which is allowing me to have a PT or join a weight loss group so I can't complain but I wish he noticed more than he does, but he claims cause I live with you I don't see it like others, but that's OK, I do know he's noticed the change.

My days are long with working out at 5:30A and then coming into the office until 5PM. I really start feeling it around 3 in the afternoon. My level of energy is about gone but then as soon as I leave work I get some energy from some where. I'm starting to think it's the job.

Anyway, I've said enough for now so until later, have a great morning!

I am Tab 07-09-2003 10:29 AM

Good Morning Everyone.....

Kim....Wow you have long days...How do you do it??? I know what you mean about getting support from here and from the people at the gym. As I have mentioned before none of my friends that I hang out with on weekends know that I did LAWL. I kept it from them....didn't what to here the negativity. Now...it is totally different with the girls at the gym...I didn't actually say I was doing LAWL but they knew I was doing something...and they were sooo supportive....it was nice. I still have problems with my friends...they just don't understand...they are all overweight and they are not happy but they don't choose to do anything about it. I never talk about diet or exercise when I am around them. And of course they try to push food on me...just like the b-day cookout I had for my friend...I took my veggie burgers to grill...and I got nothing but negative comments about them....but I ate them with a smile on my face. My hubby supports me 150%....gotta remember I meet him at the gym when I was 252lbs...so he has been with me through thick and thin....he tells me that I am even a different woman from the woman he married...I say yeah I am 43lbs lighter....but I am happy and I am sorry that my friends are not feeling what I feel. I don't dwell on it too much or it brings me down.

My and one of my friends are going to a concert Saturday night and the first thing she asked...do you want to go to dinner before the concert?? I don't really want to go...but I will. I am sure it will be some place that is totally tempting...but I will have just a salad...and then I will hear..."Is that all your gonna eat" but .....sorry starting to dwell on it....See I have addes stress when it comes to diet and exercise.

Diane....I love to cut our grass...and actually this weekend we are heading off to Lowes to buy a new lawn mower....we are actually going to get a self-propelled mower...which will make cutting the grass not as difficult. That will kinda take out the exercise part of cutting the grass....but I guess walking and guiding the mower will still be exercising. I am sure the scale will move....when you least expect it...you will show a loss...I am still trying to understand about maintaining.....I wanna see a loss every Saturday when I weigh...but I know I am eating more and all I need to do is maintain....but....I think it is the old me...wanting to lose. I need to keep working on changing my mind set....One day. I am definately ready to go on a cruise. If you have never been on one....I would say it is the best vacation for your money. To be honest I am going to call our cruise lady today and see if there are any specials....when we go this time...we don't have to have all the extras....just wanna go. Let you guys know what she comes up with.

Well I have a meeting soooo I will check back in later!! Have a great day.

dianem1 07-09-2003 05:12 PM

Hi Ladies:
Kimbo, I am right there with you, its day 5 for me with no cheating. As long as I don't tempt myself I should be fine. I can be my own worst enemy with food.
Tab you did a great job don't let anyone get to you. There just feeling sooo envious.

I am Tab 07-10-2003 10:27 AM

Good morning ladies....

Just wanted to say a quick hello before I start my day. I will be off for the next 10 days...Actually not off I will be in training but I will not be in the office...so I will not be posting or checking the site. I will miss you ladies...but keep up the good work and give me posts to read when I get back.

I wish I could post that a number of days that I have not cheated. I don't really cheat....I just eat too much of the good things...I know...same as cheating. I just love peanut butter and I know i should not buy it but I do...and I end up eating it. I say it is for my hubby but I really think it is for me. So the only thing that I have really cheated with is peanut butter. And maybe too much fruit...I just love fresh watermelon...mmm mmm good.

Last night I went and took an hour and 15 minute yoga class. Boy do I feel good this morning...my neck hurts a little must have stretched it too far. I really am going to try to take more yoga and piliates classes. I hear they are really good for you. And last night I realized you have to have upper body strength to be able to hoover on the floor....it was a really good class and I enjoyed. Anyone else take yoga or piliates.

Well I will check back in later today before I leave for the week.

Have a good one.

dianem1 07-10-2003 02:05 PM

We will miss you while you are gone, watch yourself with that good food. Do you really think you need to worry about to much watermelon. There are worse things.

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