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honey55bun 03-05-2001 12:35 AM

Just thought I would start a new thread. I hope everyone is doing well. I will write more tomorrow. I hope we all like the new site. It seems cool so far.


shortstuff 03-05-2001 07:54 AM

Good Morning
Happy Monday!

Well its snowing here! They started out the weekend saying we were only supposed to get a couple inches. The accumulation amounts have increased and now they are saying we will see over a foot. That's unusual here to see that much from a Nor'easter seeing how we're so far west and north. My mom is supposed to get nailed in MA with 2 possibly 3 feet.

I hope you all had a good weekend. Mine was OK. Had a sick kid all weekend running a fever the whole nine yards. He should be up in a minute and we'll figure out if he's going to school.

Have a terrific day everyone. Talk to ya later!


mom2twins 03-05-2001 01:57 PM

A loss!!
Well after a weekend at Disney, I still managed a loss of 1 1/4 lbs since Friday. I am very happy with this. Hope everyone else is doing well. How are the northerners managing with the "Storm of the Centrury"? It is cool here in Florida. Take care all.

ladydi 03-05-2001 09:15 PM

Hi everyone:
I had a nice visit at my center Saturday. We have a new manager. I didn't ask her but from looking at her I think she may be on program. She was real nice, didn't try to get me to buy anything...very professional...I have gained 2lbs, so I need to get serious.
We didn't get the storm today so I did go to the gym, my eating was okay, could have been better. I cheated real bad yesterday because since they predicted the blizzard I got some extra sweets for my daughter, well I ended up eating some of the sweets. But this week I will do better and drink water, water water!!
Terry: hope your child is feeling better, the storm missed us here in Pa. so far, we may have a few inches by the time I wake up tommorrow.
Crystal: Hi glad you are doing well..
Mom.: congrats. on your loss.
I am getting used to this new set up,,I am glad they are giving a preview feature before you send your message..

shortstuff 03-05-2001 10:16 PM

Hey ladies!

Well so far we've seen about 6 inches here. Its barely snowing right now but I guess its supposed to pick up again overnight. We'll see. My guy is still feeling kind of miserable. I don't know, we'll have to see about school in the morning. IF there's school.

Mom - WOW, that's a wonderful loss after spending the weekend at Disney. You should be very proud of yourself!

Di - Glad the storm missed you. Thats cool that your new manager at your center is nice and didn't try to push anything on you. Hide those sweets so they don't get ya anymore!

The new forum is pretty cool I think. It's got some neat features.

Well, I'm off for tonite, have a good tomorrow ladies.

Terry :)

honey55bun 03-06-2001 12:36 AM

Well, I was able to get on the treadmill today. I walked 2 miles. I am back to good health now. Thank goodness. I was really giving myself the guilt trips for not exercising when I was sick. How crazy is that? I just have some guilt issues, always have :) I guess I was afraid that if I stopped, I would never start back up again. (That is what always happened in the past) But this is not the past and I can't dwell on what I did back then. I was in a totally different mind set. Now I have proved to myself that I can start back up. I lost 1 3/4 lbs Saturday. So I made up for the 1 3/4 lbs that I gained the previous Tuesday. I am at my lowest. I dread the weigh in tomorrow because I really think that I was dehydrated Saturday when I weighed in. No matter what the scale says, I am back on track!!

I have two wedding showers to go to Saturday! Yippee. :( I hope that I can keep it together.

Di- You can get it off. Just start again. :)

Mom- good job. You can keep it up!! you can do it!

Terry- how many more days until the big Trip. I bet you are too excited.

Talk to you all later,

ladydi 03-06-2001 09:45 AM

LAWL-thanks for the encouragement
Hi everyone: just dropping by...

Thanks for the encouragement Terry and Crystal,,,I figure March is make it or break it month,,,come April it can be warm and time to take off the coats and see the real "body"..I look a lot better,,,but I am that point where I can look even better!!

Thanks again..

mom2twins 03-06-2001 10:20 AM

great losses
Di and Crystal... congrats on your losses this week. I was good yesterday on Express and hope to have another good day. I will weigh in again tomorrow. I know the feeling of being afraid of the scale because a loss may not feel "real" maybe dehydration or whatever. Hopefully at some point I will get over my dread of the scale. There was a sign up at my center on Monday about a new program, a 2 day "take-off". I asked about it but nobody knew anything yet, they are going to be trained on it soon. I think it is a 2 day juice thing. My manager said they introduced it at a conference in January in Las Vegas but she hasn't gotten the particulars yet. Anyone out there have more info? I wonder if I'll be eligible to try it. The new manager at my center is awesome. Very professional, however, she has never had to do LA weight loss. She never pushes new products, or supplements. She also seems to have gotten the staff into shape. Anyway, I'm just rambling now. Talk to you all later.

honey55bun 03-06-2001 02:27 PM

I lost 2 lbs. I just can't believe it. I haven't done horrible, but I haven't done perfect either. Maybe this weight lifing is working.

at work, talk later,

mom2twins 03-06-2001 02:32 PM

crystal's loss
Great loss crystal. Congrats

ladydi 03-07-2001 01:02 PM

Crystal's Loss
Hi Everyone:

Just checking in....Crystal congrats of your loss!!

Keep it up...see what determination will do for you...!!


mom2twins 03-07-2001 03:28 PM

My weigh in
I can't believe that I still lost today. It is TTOM, anyway I was down another 2 1/4 lbs. I have the feeling that it isn't for "real". We will see on Friday. I hope to stay perfectly on program for the next two days. This is the lowest weight I have been in over 6 years. Absolutely nothing fits I really need to go shopping, but have been avoiding the stores. I went for another fitting on my bridesmaid's gown for my sister's wedding 3/26. The dress needed to be taken in some more. Anyway, I hope everyone else is doing well. Where did everyone else go?

shortstuff 03-08-2001 05:55 PM

Hi everyone!!!

Sorry I've been kind of scarce the last few days. Just been really busy. I get so many emails and guesbook signings on my page since I hit taebo I feel like all I do is sit here at the computer and write to people! That's not a bad thing....just very time consuming.

Had my weekly weigh in today and am holding my own at 114.5 so that's good. I think I may have finally levelled off. Haven't been to the gym at all this week, between a sick kid, snow day and whatever else, but have done taebo everyday. Got my new Get Ripped series in the mail and tried one of the new advanced tapes this morning. WOW! that just about sums it up, everytime I get a new tape I think its better than the rest. Amazing.

Crystal - Congrats on the terrific loss!!!!! You're on a roll this week keep up the great work. I feel guilty when I don't get my workout in. Not so much because I think I won't start up again, because that isn't going to happen anymore its such a part of my life. But more because I feel like I'm cheating myself if I miss it. I miss that high I get after I'm done when I don't do it. It absolutely kills me to take Sundays off (mentally) but my muscles thank me very much for the rest and I am stronger Monday for it. My trip is coming up fast....only 27 days to go!!!

Di - The warm weather is coming! I always dreaded it before, didn't want to have to take off the layers. But not this year. I'm dying to get out there and buy new shorts and cute little tops to show off all my hard work. You'll be out there shopping right next to me I just know it!

Sara - Congrats to you too on your terrific loss!!! Go buy yourself something new, you certainly deserve it!!! I noticed all the signs up at my center for the Take Off when I weighed in today. I didn't ask about it, being maintenance I don't think I'd need it anyway. Its some sort of juice thing that you can use from what I understand a couple days every couple weeks. Its supposed to boost your metabolism. The signs in my center say it will be available on March 12th.

My husband has all his flight info for coming home. He'll be home May 8th!!! YAHOO!! A real date to look forward too. And the best part is this time he's home to stay, no saying goodbye 21 days later!!! I can't wait. He has 30 days leave before we move. So we'll be leaving here to head to Maryland on June 7th. Wow, that's only 3 months away and I have sooooooo much to do!!! I really hate moving.

Time to go figure out dinner! Have no clue what we're having I didn't make it to the market today. HHHMMMM!!!! Talk to ya later.


honey55bun 03-08-2001 10:24 PM

weigh in
Okay, I weighed in at LAWL this morning and was up 1 1/2. I knew that Monday was too good to be true. However, I weighed at TOPS tonight and I was down 4 lbs. (I gained there last week 3/4lb.). Last week was my first gain all year according to TOPS. I only weigh there once a week so I like to go by their scales. Besides, that scale only gets used once a week and the one at LAWL gets used numerous times a day. I don't know if that affects anything, but it helps me to think it :)
So now I am at 164 by TOPS, and 166.25 by LAWL. I am not going to make my goal by the end of the contract, but I am slowly getting there. I have 2 more lbs at TOPS and I will have lost 30 lbs. since Sept. 28, not as fast as most, but it is off. That is all that counts.

Enough of the number game :)

Di- Hope you are doing well, thanks for the encouragment

Terry- you are such an inspiration. I appreciate all the help you give all of us. I have started to notice that I don't have as big an appetite since I started lifting weights. I guess that can be a bad thing, because that can work against me with the metabolism ? right? I don't know, but I haven't been getting all my foods in like I am supposed to. I guess that can be a goal.

I have two showers this weekend, so I will be trying not to each too much. Surely one will have a fruit and veggie tray :)

Talk to you all later,

shortstuff 03-09-2001 05:23 PM

Crystal - thats pretty amazing how far apart the two scales are. Talk about a roller coaster everytime you weigh in not knowing which one is right. 30lbs since Sept. is terrific!!!! Don't worry about how fast someone else is loosing, we're all different and will loose at different paces. A nice slow, steady weight loss is best anyway, you'll be more apt to keep it off in the long run. Make sure you eat all your food every day!!!! I can't say that enough, you are working your muscles hard and they need the food to energize them and help sustain and build them. That is very important, otherwise, you may still lose weight but instead of loosing fat you'll loose lean body mass and you don't want to do that! Good luck at the showers, hopefully they'll have something healthy for you to choose from.

Not much going on here, same ol' same ol'!!! Its snowing AGAIN! We are actually supposed to see the 40's by the beginning of the week! YAHOO!!! Maybe spring is finally coming. I sure hope so!

Hope everyone else is doing well, Have a terrific weekend!!!!!


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