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Thanks Juliemarie! Maybe I will look it up. I did previously look into Weight Watchers but I never followed thru with it. I wish the LA Weightloss centre was still open because that is what worked for me the best. The eating thing is so hard fro me to do on my own. My girlfriend suggested me meeting with a nutritionist so I may give that some thought too. Portion is a big part of my problem. I know the day will come where I have it under control.
It took me years to quit smoking and I did it. I think its been over ten years now. I have committed to exercising now for 8 months so thats another accomplishment. My next challenge is my daily diet.....
Yes I have become a gym rat and I love it, who would have thought it! Im a regular now, so funny!
Have a great weekend ladies!

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Joan - you should be soooo proud of yourself (I'm proud of you and don't even know you )! Seriously, I have had a really hard time committing to a workout plan, and the last time I quit smoking I ate like the world was running out of food - and gained 40lbs. BTW have you taken your measurements? You've probably lost a lot of fat....

I'm still stuck at 158lbs... at least I'm keeping it off. The plan is to reach the 140's by July 1st and give up smoking for good. Wish me luck - Enjoy your day and stay OP y'all
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Hi everyone!

Mary- Knock, knock, knock....where are you hiding?

Nicole- Good for you for being determined to stick with your health lifestyle. I didn't and I have been very sorry.

Joan- Great to see you!

I am continuing to eat low carb/gluten free. My weight is slowly slipping down. I feel pretty darn good!

Keep loving yourselves ladies, we can do this together!
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Hello everyone!
Congrats on the progress and losses! I can report an overall loss since I started LAWL around St. Patricks Day of 17 pounds. It's so exciting, and kind of hard to fathom that that much weight is gone. I haven't noticed much of a difference appearance wise, but clothing may be fitting slightly better, and I'm feeling a lot better physically with this more balanced, healthy way of eating. I've recently started ramping it up at the gym, and got a personal trainer to work with twice a week. Here's hoping for elevated results!
Oh, and I've just recently gotten one of those big hefty BlendTec blenders. Does anyone else here like to blend foods, or maybe have some sources for recipes?
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Thank you, everyone, for you kind words . I am still holding strong with my WL efforts....although there have been a few bumps along the way. I think what I am loving right now, is that even if I eff up every now and then, I DECIDE...and I have a little something or another, and I continue on as usual. Before, I used to dive in, head first to fatty disaster. Now, I just dip my toes in every once in a while and stay safe. I feel good.

And JM....I agree. I wanted to say something the last time I came on here.....but I was really busy. This is NOT the kind of group to come to for free materials. It is NOT cool to ask for them. Enough said.

I will WI in the a.m., and try to catch up some more this week. I have been soo busy helping my mom get her affairs in order and with her blood and blood products. I dont' know if I told all of you, but her remission only lasted 2 months, and she is not doing any further treatment. She is receiving blood and blood products for comfort measures only. 2012 is proving to be kind of rough for my family, but we are still very happy to have what time we have together.
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156lbs - Took me a while but I'm down 30lbs. Started walking again a week ago and it feels pretty good!
Off to face Manic Monday *sigh* . Have a great week all!
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Wow I can hear the crickets in here. Where is everybody. No May Thread yet?

What some slackers. LOL
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