LA Weight Loss #55

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  • Well, I made it through day ONE of the juice diet. I hate it. It always makes me feel lousy BUT I'm desperate to get back on track, and this is the way to do it.

    I can't wait to find out about this weekends off business I miss chinese food so much... even more than peanut butter and bananas. Doing TakeOff on Halloween's going to be a little rough. Come to find out, the hospital I work in is having a little party tomorrow. With food. And I signed up to make brownies. I may just buy them on the way to work or skip it completely. I just can't trust myself right now :b
  • You can buy the "No Pudge" brownies. They are made with the mix and fat free yogurt. They are low fat, as far as brownies go.
  • But they're not vegan I didn't mention that I'm making vegan brownies so that everyone can enjoy them (we have a few vegetarians/vegans at work.). Unfortunately, low-cal often means high in weird chemicals and sweeteners. Health stores sell vegan equivalents to lots of dairy, egg, and meat products, but they're pretty high in calories to make them taste like the "real thing." Maybe someday when vegetarian/vegan diets are more common, we'll have low-cal animal-free products But that's probably a long way off.

    I'm baking this morning after all I think I can keep my resolve. I have my two Luna Bars for the day, after all. I'll just keep busy today.
  • recovery plan
    Hi everyone-

    I lost .4 today at my weigh in this morning....then I went to my Halloween luncheon at work and although I didn't go crazy, I did have a 1/2 a turkey wrap, salad with regular dressing (about 2 T worth) and a brownie (I couldn't resist)

    I know that this is not the end of the world...but I want your opinions on this.

    When I "cheat" early in the day, I try to compensate later in the I will just have some fruit/veggies for dinner, and will forgo my afternoon LA Lite. But, the LAWL center told me to continue eating the rest of my foods and get them all in even after a "cheat"

    What do you think?
  • I just realized this post has additional pages. I was only getting the first page.
    The weekends are my toughest time. I was given the weekends off but I am afraid that I might go overboard with the starches. I have lost a total of 5 pounds in 3 weeks. They are really pushing the 2 pound a week thing.
    I am getting sick of the bars as well. When I signed up, I was under the impression that you had to use the bars.
    I am still trucking along. Good luck.
    I will be around a lot more since I figure this post out.
  • HI Everyone:
    Welcome meltin using the bars is part of the program. I am nervous about the weekend off thing also our center is not doing it until next week. Great with the five pounds. I really did not lose two pounds a week and no one really pushed me do it.
    He Kathy how are you doing?
    Marcie did you get back on track?
    I made it through Halloween without any candy, Iam glad that over.
    Have a good day
  • Today is my weigh in day and I hope I can be down some. I feel kind of stuck at 12-13#s gone. I just have been going back and forth.

    I was going to do a 2 day juice take off, but didn't get the juice. Maybe this week. I will wait to see if I got the scale moving otherwise.

    This program works, if I can get my head in the right place. For me that is the main thing. Everything is good if I am mentally in the right place. Why is this so hard?

  • CRAP! i forgot to ask my center about the weekends off thing. i haven't heard anything about it down here. the idea sounds great though. can anybody tell me a little more about it????
  • Weekends Off
    I am on the Gold Plan and the new Weekends Off gives you 4 oz. protein, 3 veg, 2 fruits, 4 starches, 2 fats, 4 oz skim milk amd 2 lites. She said you can have 2 starches at the same time, but I can't remember if they are the limited or unlimited. I wish they would put out sample menus.
  • LA Lites
    I don't want to undermind what Jibble wrote a couple days ago, but I want you all to know that at least here in MI and also in IN where I have a friend on the plan the bars are not mandatory. When they presented the program they said optional along with all of the material. They will pressure you to buy them though. Sneaky! But if you ask them to modify the plan so that you do not have to buy the bars I think they pretty much have to. Now I enjoy the bars (not the price though). They keep my cravings away for the most part. Just wanted you all to know what I found out.
  • Wow, they never had the weekend off plan when I was doing the plan. And with 4 starches in stead of 2 that's great. But for me I don't know if that would work. I find if I ate more startches then I should then crave them even more. And the weekend thing wouldn't work for me either. I am like a carbo junkie and I would just go overboard and would be off my plan, totaly.
  • At my center, you can refuse the bars, too. I didn't do it, because I like them, but now that I found Luna Bars (with the same nutritional values) I won't be buying any more of LA's. I think it would work if you explained to them that the bars make you feel crappy. Make it a health issue, and they have to back down.
  • I love the luna bars but they are so expensive. So I am doing granola bars. I am sure that they aren't as good as the luna bars