LA Weight Loss #55

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  • How about the chocolate shakes? I LOVE the shakes!
  • Hi Kathy:
    I am pretty sick of the lites also, sometimes I have the Hot chocolate or the vanilla cafe, they are pretty good with the biscotti
    for some reason I do not use the shakes that much. Glad you made it back to the center, did they take your weeks away or they let it go?
    Hannah sometimes I find the two-day a little tough hardly any food but you might want to try it.
    suecat cheating with this prgram is tough I find I go up and have to work at it the whole week to get off a day of cheating. Kathy you agree?
    4/06/01 201
    10/19/02 152.2
    goal 135-140
  • Hello All, I was out of town since Thursday afternoon. I ate pretty much off plan, but not necessarily what I wanted. I enjoyed the food but made wiser decisions than I ever had in my life which is a very encouraging thing to see, but it is frustrating knowing that when I go to weigh in Monday the scale may not show a loss or even worse will show a gain I enjoy eating way too much to give up everything, but I want to make good choices. I can't wait until I'm at my goal! Agh!! this gets so frustrating.

    I am going to be on plan for sure starting tomorrow. One thing I have going for me is that I have had a lot of physical activity this week.

  • I was up at weigh in today, 2 lbs. But...I did my seasonal switch from shorts to jeans at weigh in, so I am sure it is just the pants. It is sad to go in and be up, even if you know the reason.
  • I screwed up again today. Starting tomorrow I am strict on plan from now through the end of the week. I have to get back into the swing of things. The only great thing I have going for me is that I purchased a home walking video (you all inspired me). I did it this morning and will continue to do so each day. I enjoyed it and with the cold weather here it will be a nice way to get in my exercise.
  • Good Morning all!

    I didn't do good this weekend, but it wasn't that bad. I managed to loose .8, so at least it wasn't a gain.

    Diane- your right, once you cheat on this diet, weight creeps up very quickly, it's so discouraging. You whind up spending days just to get back down! I also, got some of the LA lite soups. those i like. Not to crazy about the shakes though. I haven't had a biscotti yet, I can't justify giving a little biscotti one of my starches, I only get 2. lol Thanks for the advice. How's the la lite hot chocolate? I tried the coffee once, but it was so nasty!lol

    xYTx- how's it going? did you make it back OP?

    er130- I hear ya, don't be so hard on yourself. You'll get back into the swing of things. Enjoy those video's! Who'd you get Leslie Sansone?

    Jibbelle- i'm sure it's the jeans as well.

  • Hey guys. Well, I made it through the Halloween parties this weekend. I didn't do too badly, although i did have two mini cream puffs...definitely not on my food plan. and...a couple of beers... again, not smiled upon by the LAWL food ****s...the good news is that i was down .25 pounds at my weigh in this morning. that means i'm only .75 pounds away from my halloween goal. so, i'll be eating very strictly for the next couple of days and trying to get in some extra water and exercise.

    it's so hard to stay motivated after time change, i hate how early it gets dark. is anybody else having this problem?

    also, it's the week before my TOM. typically, this is the week i retain lots of water and my weight will be up and down all week. ugh!

    hey jibbelle, i know what you mean about being up because of the change in wardrobe. and, even when you know the reason you're up, it's still depressing. just look at it this way though, when you go in next time, the scale will register a loss because regardless of the jeans, you are losing. do you have a scale at home that you weigh on?
  • Does anyone know if the Hollywoosd Diet Drink is the same as LAWL's Take Off Drink?
    I'd rather spend $13.99 than $23.99 if it works as well. Thanks!
  • Jeans!!! Heavens no!!! My center told me never to wear jeans...they are the heaviest!! Actually, I have been bringing shorts and a t shirt. A lot of people at my center do it--they let you change in their bathroom. I'll be in there in a tank top and shorts in the dead of winter!

    I have a question about frozen meals. I rely on them a lot, since I work full time, and after getting to the gym after work, who has time to cook and eat before bedtime!! (esp since we are not supposed to eat hours before going to bed!)

    Anyway, I noticed that there are no WW Smart Ones meals on the Fasttracker. Now, I understand for obvious reasons, why they would not include WW meals on their plan (wouldn't want us to defect and go to their competition), but other than that, is there any reason why we can't have those meals? Any ideas??
  • Hi Cheer:
    I count the WW dinners the same a starch and a protein.
    Kathy the Hot chocolate is not to bad tastes pretty good, your right about the biscotti that little thing is a fruit and a starch, I was just looking for something different.
    er how are you doing, I think a few of us have they same problem, it seem so hard lately.
    Kathie La will tell you it is not the same juice but it is everything matches up.
  • I am not sure how it happened, but I am down 3 pounds this week! I did exercise quite a bit. Yeah!! I only have 1 pound to go to 20. I'm excited and motivated once again. Thank you all for your support it is so encouraging to get on and read your messages. It is going to be a great week ladies don't let the candy tempt you! I'm not even buying any. If a trick-or-treater comes I will just give them a quarter. With the low number of kids we get I'll probably actually save money and not have the sweet temptation.
  • Hi everyone

    Well, I stayed OP until our halloween party on Saturday. I expected to cheat, so I tried to minimize the damage. I haven't weighed since then, and I'm trying to go starch-free for a couple of days. The scale will just make things harder So, since I'm working on Halloween, I will have no occasion to cheat. Woohoo! I'll weigh again on Wednesday or Thursday.
  • Erin- 3 lbs! Wow! What is your secret? I'm so inspired! Exercise really helps. Good idea about the Halloween candy...I bought candy that I KNOW that I wil not eat....Ring Pops!! I just would feel like a fool, walking around, sucking on a ring pop!

    Reeses Peanut Butter cups, on the other hand, would have been a problem!

    I go to weigh in today....I am down a half a pound on my home I'm hoping to see the same at the center. Wish me luck!

  • Hi all,

    Still not doing to well. I'm not outrageous but it's not LAWL I should have frozen my weeks, cause I just wasted 3wks not doing anything but cheating.

    Cheer- good idea on buying Halloween candy that you won't eat so your not tempted. Good luck on the weigh in. I count the WW frozen meals the same as Diane as one protein and starch.

    er130- congrats on the 3# gone!

    Kathie- I do the Hollywood diet drink instead of the LAWL drink. It's the same thing. BTW, where can you find the Hollywood drink for $13.99?

  • Erin, three pounds is fabulous! You're doing so good. Twenty pounds is just around the corner.

    Cheer, i did the same thing. i bought whoppers to pass out...they are possibly the only candy that i don't like. plus, a friend is coming over to hand out candy with me....he's promised to help keep me in line.

    kathy, you're right about the hollywood stuff, it's exactly the same. they keep pretty good prices on it at walmart and walgreens around here.