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Default staying on plan when eating out

Just for fun I sometimes check restaurants so if I am ever there I know what to get. My mom likes to eat out often and when I was with my boyfriend it was also a problem always eating out and sometimes winding up at random places or diners and I'd just order anything. Since it happens often, not once in awhile where I can treat myself, I'm now looking at how I could of and how I can make choices without going off my plan.

Friendly's for example really has nothing healthy and doesn't list nutrition on the site. thedailyplate lists things, are they accurate? And when it list just a wrap or sandwich, is that without fries? What serving size of fries would you calculate if you just ordered a plate of food?

Rainforest cafe doesn't list any nutrition info and I couldn't find much info on their food online yet. it also looks like there is nothing really healthy there.. most stuff is listed as fried. So what would be best way to order if you really didn't want to go off plan but were stuck going there?

Champps lists most of their salads coming with a buttered roll, is that included in the calorie count they give? Because if I don't eat the roll then I could take off maybe 200 calories?
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Can you steer your outings to restaurants that have a lite menu? I've hijacked some outings to Chili's and Applebee's. They have a few acceptable options and menus are online so you can decide ahead of time exactly what you will order (I find that important so I can stick to it, rather than deciding once I'm there).

If not, sometimes you can special order. You might get something healthy (or at least healthier) but it won't come with a calorie count.
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Olive Garden has a lite menu now and I hear the apricot chicken is really yummmy!!
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No rolls are usually not counted with the salads. I just tell waiters to not bring it to the table.

Creamy ANYTHING is fattening. If you get a soup, pick ones that are broth based.

If you get salads, get dressing on the side or balsamic/italian dressings (not creamy).

I refrain from burgers and fries and breaded items when I go out.

Last time I went out to denny's I had the grilled tilapia with veggies and a side salad with ranch- a much better choice than 99% of the items on the menu. I said no to the bread and rice.

ETA just because it's a salad doesn't mean it's healthy, a cesar salad can be 1000 calories! I usually say no croutons in my salads as well.

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