am i supposed to be eating?

  • I eat regularly but some days I find that I'm just not hungry for dinner. Tonight I'm having a string cheese and some grapes because I feel like I SHOULD eat, otherwise I'll be starving in a little while when it's time for bed. About a month ago I started a workout program lifting heavy weights. I was told to expect to be MORE hungry (I don't know if I believe this anyway) but I've actually found the opposite. Maybe it's all my imagination.

  • You know, I really think it depends on what you eat throughout the day and what time of day you work out. I like to eat within one hour of working out, but it is usually my heaviest meal of the day. Just make sure you really listen to your body -- not just your mind -- and make sure you are getting enough calories per day. I eat a lot in the mornings and then not a lot for lunch, and then a pretty big dinner right before bed with very few snacks. That is what works for me.