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flyby my beckies, both old and new...

finishing up the last few chapters of Kessler's overeating book. beck, anyone? totally different approach to the material, but the content itself is almost exactly the same. makes sense no matter how you say it.

work is stressful and frustrating, and all i wanted to do today was get away and pound it out on a treadmill. while i'm not happy about the stress, i'm thrilled that exercise seemed to be what i really wanted. and i do feel better now, for real better.

shouting out to all...i know i haven't posted to everyone, and i'm sorry! hopefully the universe will bring the right buyer to my house, it'll sell, and i won't be so dependent on the corporate teat.

also just discovered i the last person to discover this amazing blog/site?

love to all...particularly to bill for referrring to me as a chef. that just made my day, man.

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Default Tgiw

Food and exercise were good today. My DHs cousin is coming tonight for along weekend, so this was a day to tie up all the loose ends on my project. I did a pretty good job, although it took a long day to make it happen. But I’m reveling in the thought of 5 days off in a row.
WI-down .2 lbs. Made a plan, read my cards. Food – op, Exercise – op (48m).
Kim (in NH) Love your new workout schedule. Isn’t doing weights fun??

Robin Food stinks! Do I have an excuse...of course I do. Should I use it? Probably not. -- way to work your Beck.

upallnight116 I’m not sure I welcomed you so, I’m going to do it [again] now, just in case.

Life pushed me down and then started kicking me for a while there

I've managed to keep from overeating, and eating when I'm not hungry or not supposed to eat. – that’s really impressive. Kudos!

Margaret Ouch for the rejection. Kudos for tracking food and 10K steps.

Kuhljeanie Nice that exercise is becoming your refuge… The link is cool, thanks!
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Lovin' Life
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Originally Posted by kuhljeanie View Post

also just discovered i the last person to discover this amazing blog/site?
Ive been a fan of of this site for years and years! But I always go to the same page (cottage cheese page) Thanks for the actual link...I discovered she has a protein bar page! wAy cool!
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Green Tomatoes
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Today defied planning. My food was okay anyway -- I'm finding that having a plan helps guide my food choices whether or not I follow it to the letter. No exercise. Oh well. That's only the second day I missed in September and, fortunately, I met my goal for the month yesterday. Tomorrow is a new month!

WI: -0.2kgs , Exercise: +0, 1241/1200 minutes for September, Food: off plan, Read my Advantages and Responses: no

Nuxmaga: That artwork session sounds like a very nerve-wracking experience. Sorry it didn't go well. Good for you for finding your own paths through your art.

BillBlueEyes: good job on thinking through the eating event and approaching it with confidence!

ChinaMaine: Yay for 5 days off! That should help with the stress level!

Kim in NH: love your response to taking the chocolate cake announcement as a warning! (Dragons be here). Yay for eating on plan and the exercise and the alcohol denial experiment. It all seems to be working for you!

RobinW: one of the reasons we bought the new house was the big tub in the bathroom! A book and a bath is definitely my favorite stress fighter!

upallnight116: sorry for your stressors and good for you for using your new skills to keep food from being your response to stress.

kuhljeanie: yay for finding exercise to be your stress-reliever of choice!
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Thank You gardenerJoy, BillBlueEyes, ChinaMaine, KiminNH, and everyone else for the warm welcome. It means a lot--it can be intimidating jumping into a new group. I'm sure i'll be doing personals once i get caught up with everyone's story and get a better foothold on what i need to be doing.

Today was a good day! and even though i'm not officially giving my self credit, i have to say i made some good choices. For one, i was running late and didn't pack a good snack for my son when i picked him up from preschool to eat in the car on the way home (we live 30 min, and he's usually starving). He begged, begged, begged to go to Wendy's for chicken nuggets. And while i know i could have ordered a mayo-less chicken sammy (and who would have known if a few fries fell into my mouth?) I said no. Over and over again. And you know what? i did feel stronger each time i did. and i was able to recognize those sabotaging thoughts that were saying 'you're not officially on the diet', or 'enjoy it now before you get strict.' I read my Advantage Response Card and remembered the must be sitting rule (and then argued with myself that i technically was sitting b/c i was driving). But i didn't do it and it felt great.

for now i have to get to bed...i'll post some of my ARC points tomorrow. I think my plan this week is to try to incorporate the days at once and practice the items. I already have my diet plan and exercise figured out, so i might as well move on to giving credit, organizing my environment, slowing down eating, and such. The diet coach i'm guessing is where you all come in? Or do most of you all have a off-line coach you report to?

big day tomorrow--lots of errands in the car with the boys. i better keep that ARC out and handy!
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Thumbs up Discussion continues on the October 2009 Thread

This discussion continues on Beck Diet For Life/Solution – October 2009 – Support, Discussion, Buddy/Coach

Please join us there.
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