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Default Pretty Much Everything we've eaten...

Phase 1:
Oatmeal- Cook until about 2 minutes before its done. I would put in fresh sliced peaches. Cook them in the oatmeal for a minute or two and then add some cinnamon if you like. We actually think it tastes a lot better than with sugar. Some other ideas would be bananas, blueberries, strawberries, etc. It's your breakfast, be creative!
Eggs- Make your life easier and get Egg Beaters. I just get the store brand. I would chop up a little bit of onion and bell pepper and put in there. Just like the oatmeal, you can put anything you like in this. Try it with some salsa on the side for an extra kick.

Snack- Usually fruit-bananas really help with keeping full

Lunch- I found this recipe online for vegetarian chili-
I made this recipe three times so far! Its REALLY spicy so just be aware of how much jalepeno and chili powder you are using. Other than that its super filling and delicious. Since it has vegetarian burger crumbles, it totally feels like you're eating meat but its so much better for you!
Salad- Of course this won't be as filling as the chili but I like to mix it up. Put some beans, carrots, anything you like to make it your own. I like to eat my salad with an apple so I get some extra fiber.
Another idea is making a vegetable or some kind of bean soup.

Snack- Usually some type of fruit again. If I was still hungry I would eat a yogurt. Strawberry banana is my favorite! Another idea is hard boiling some eggs and just eating the whites. Good for protein! Pears are great as well. Some days you might feel just insatiable so you might think about drinking some herbal tea. I recommend if you are at the point of starvation (you shouldn't be!) try to focus on why this diet is helping you. There were times that I would think about all the junk I would eat at the current moment and realize that I would easily pass up fruits and veggies. Try to learn to enjoy different things.

Dinner-We had sweet potatoes and brown rice every night. We would pair it with either broccoli, corn on the cob, or asparagus. He's a little vague in the book about butter. We used what we needed for the vegetables and rice but didn't overdo it. I prefer to use some type of margarine because its less calories but its up to you. Don't forget to salt and pepper the rice. It really helps! Dinner was also when we would drink the milk allowance.

If you must eat out-go to Panera Bread. They have a vegetarian black bean soup that is very satisfying and good for you! We would pair it up with a salad-ask for no croutons or cheese and switch the baguette for an apple. We were FULL after eating this!

Snack- Sometimes we would be full enough from dinner so we wouldn't eat more than some fruit salad. I read in the FAQs that we could have air popped popcorn so we would eat that while watching a movie or something. We allowed ourselves to go get frozen yogurt when we went out on Saturday night. Delicious!

Just remember its SOOO important to drink a ton of water and get a LOT of rest. If you stay up too late, you might start thinking about bad things to eat so just dream about them. Haha, I had dreams about Domino's pizza, pasta, meat. It was weird because I would wake up thinking I cheated terribly but I never ate any of it!

Exercise- DO IT! Really, just do it! We've started switching up Wii Fit, jogging, fitness tapes, etc. Find what you like and get to sweating!

YAY MEAT! Haha...

Cereal- Kashi Go Lean Crunch is a favorite of ours. It has more calories than most cereals, but there's a lot of fiber so you will stay fuller for longer.
Eggs- Use the Egg Beaters but put in 1 whole egg and scramble it up with whatever you like. I also add a little bit of cheese-YUM!
Oatmeal- Always a good option. I did it the same way with peaches and no sugar but add some sugar if you like.

Snack- Fruit again, usually a banana. I'm such a creature of habit.

Lunch- Salads are your friend! Try grilled chicken, tuna, or salmon in some greens with a healthy vinaigrette. A really good salad from McDonald's is their southwest salad, just pick out the Frito looking things. I also pick out some of the cheese to save me some calories and so I can have more with my eggs! Once again, its really spicy but we enjoy it if we have to eat on the go.
You could also make some brown rice with a meat of your choice and veggies
We've been eating that chili as well-its so good! Even better in phase 2 because of the cheese factor.

Snack- Same as phase 1, I tried putting a tablespoon of honey in my tea the other day- WOW! It was so nice and soothing

Dinner- I've been getting very creative with dinners. I try to take my favorite things and mixing it up so we feel like we're eating like kings.

"Chipotle" burrito bowls-I make Mexican brown rice- use this recipe, its really easy and I just half it since its just the two of us
Shred up some cooked chicken and mix it with a can of black beans and a taco seasoning packet with the right amount of water
Heat up a can of refried beans- whatever kind you like
Assembling- Put the brown rice on the bottom, then the beans, then the chicken. I then top it with cheese, shredded lettuce, salsa, and some sour cream. My husband went nuts when we ate this. Actually I did too because it was so delicious and super easy! Plus we only had one bowl and we were stuffed! Yay for leftovers!

"Burger" and "Fries"- We went to Costco and got some turkey patties. I cooked them on the George Foreman grill with salt and pepper for 3 minutes on each side. Top with tomato, cheese, and ketchup and wrap with lettuce.

Preheat oven to 450 degrees. Take 2 sweet potatoes and cut them up to the size of french fries. Coat them with olive oil and put them on a foil lined baking sheet. Don't forget the salt and pepper. I like fresh cracked. Bake for 15 minutes then turn them over and bake for another 10 minutes. We dip them in low fat dressing.
I'm telling you, you will never miss the bread or white potatoes. It beats going out and spending a bunch of money too!

I also make chicken or salmon with brown rice and veggies.

Another idea if you must go out- We really enjoy the steak and shrimp from Outback Steakhouse. Just make sure to ask for a sweet potato with nothing on it and put your own butter on it! You wouldn't believe how much butter and brown sugar they put on it! I actually had mine plain because I just love sweet potatoes so much. We would pair it up with an approved salad and tell the waitress NO bread! You won't want it anyway because the meal is so filling. We brought back some steak to have steak and eggs tomorrow- YUM!

Phase 3- We're not here yet but we'll soon be there. I will post more of my ideas and recipes I find.

I hope this has been helpful. PLEASE do not hesitate to ask for help. I love it!

I've noticed myself in the kitchen a lot more than normal. Not only are we saving money, our waistlines are getting happier because of it. The cooking does take a little more effort but think about how healthy we are all eating. Very! Keep on smashing!
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Thank you so much! This is a great sample for those interested. You lost 17 pounds in the first phase, right?

As a reminder to everybody, PLEASE buy the book. There are things you MUST eat every day, and some things you cannot eat, or can only eat limited portions of.
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No problem, I am glad to help!

I STILL cannot believe it but yes, I lost 17 pounds. Its not like I have THAT much to lose but I did it. My husband lost 11 the first weigh in. Of course its slowed down but we both lost 3 lbs each week since. Trust me, we eat like crazy. We never starve. Doesn't sound like a diet! Haha.

Yes, buy the book! The least people can do is support Dr. Smith. Its cheap too!

Keep on smashing!
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I ave been doing this diet for a week and think it is the best thing on Earth! I started at 172.5 and I am down to 165 already. I go to the gym everyday and I love it. I worked out before and recently had a baby. This is the best program to lose weight!
I make the rice with salt free corn, soy sauce and carrots or broccoli. I love it! You have to eat so much of it you kinda have to get creative.
Also if you work like I do, the sliced apples are the best way to go. I bring that and the yogurt to work for breakfast.
Idon't like any beans, so I have had to stomach them a little. Is ther any substitution for them. I cant stand the mushy texture!
I am so motivated and excited about the program!
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thanks for the great post!

i do agree that the book is a little vague on alot of things. i appreciate the time to post what has worked for you as it gives others just starting some great ideas!

what i love about this diet is that it is truly just a healthy way of eating. when i am doing the fatsmash, i just feel better and am not hungry.

one of my favorite snacks on the diet is hummus. i love dipping sweet red bell peppers in it! mmm mmmm good!!!

for the hummus, i dump 2 cans of garbanzo beans, a little cumin, a little lemon juice, a little olive oil, a little salt and a couple of cloves of garlic in the food processor and blend. if you like it tangier, add more lemon juice, spicier, add some cayenne. there are a million things you can do to hummus.
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