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fatklr 06-15-2009 09:17 AM

Fat Smash Questionnare
Here's a few questions I have about your Fat Smashing experiences:

1) How long have you been on Fat Smash, and what Phase are you on?

2) Do you find it hard to keep up with food choices and preperation?

3) How many days out of the week do you normally exercise and for how long?

4) Have you or do you plan on staying on Phase 1 for longer than 9 days?

5) What do you like about The Fat Smash diet the most?

Thinfor5Minutes 06-15-2009 10:09 AM

1) This day 8 for me.
2) It's a lot of work to get the foods ready and to do all the shopping, but totally worth it on so many levels.
3) My husband and I get up every weekday morning at 5:30 and are working out by 6. I have about 20 minutes before I need to get back in my car and head home to shower. I am hoping that once our work is finished in our basement, I can set up hubby's old weight bench and do my weight workouts at home, and I can increase the duration of my workouts by avoiding the drive and checkin time at the gym. I'm also going to start saving for a treadmill or elliptical so I can get out of the gym altogether.
4) I may stay on it through Friday and then switch to Phase 2. I am a little nervous about adding foods back in at this pont.
5) The success I have had is wonderful. Plus Phase 1 has worked beautifully with my lifestyle, since hubby is a vegetarian and I was already used to eating most of the foods on the plan.

fatklr 06-15-2009 02:24 PM

Thanks for your input! I am by no means a vegetarian, but I find this diet and the foods that i'm preparing to be quite fun and tasty. I just don't want to get in the routine of making the same things over and over. What seems to be at the top of my lunch/dinner list is fried brown rice, soup beans and phase one pizza. I'm trying to find more ideas for lunch and dinner...breakfast and snacks are so easy for me. I am very comfortable with phase 1 and plan on staying on it definitely longer than 9 days!

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