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Default Since dieting, what have you discovered to be "true" hunger?

Only since I've started eating only when I need to have I experienced actual hunger often, for the first time in my life. What have you guys experienced actual hunger to be?
For me, it's a pain deep in the pit of my stomach. I do get "growlies" but don't really associate them with hunger. For me it's not a growlie at all, but that deep gnawing pain in my stomach that feels like cramps do almost, except in the stomach. Every time I get this I've found it's true hunger, and not "thirst" hunger. The growlies can mean I'm thirsty, but the gnawing cramp in my stomach is DEFINITELY hunger.
I try to avoid it if possible, by eating a snack every few hours or so (but only when I've designated, not just because I "feel like it," so that I'm eating to avoid hunger, not for emotional reasons). But sometimes I forget or I apparently hadn't eaten enough, and I get the hunger pains. When that happens I eat something IMMEDIATELY, as I will NEVER punish my body for being hungry. If I feel hungry it's because my body needs fuel so I must not have given it enough, and depriving it does no good (at least in my opinion). I'll have a piece of fruit or a small snack and it usually clears it right up. Even the other day, we were supposed to leave for a restaurant in just half an hour, but I got the hunger pains and went and ate a banana, knowing torturing myself till dinner just wasn't worth it. It was GENUINE hunger.
I was just curious? It's so refreshing to really know what real hunger is. Then it truly becomes apparent and is easily distinguishable from emotional hunger and I feel IN CONTROL when I eat because I know it's because my body needs. So what about you guys? What have you found is genuine hunger for you?

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Lol .Well i get that cramp in my stomach too also sometimes i get really angry and other times when i;m really really hungry my vision starts to blurr and i feel like i'm gonna faint.All those feelings make me realise how truly stupid i was to overeat in the past when i really wasn't hungry.Cuz i'm and emotional eater,thats why i sometimes get angry.Hopefully in time i'll learn that hunger is a natural feeling just like thirst,sleepiness,itchiness ,pain and happiness etc.
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I always know when I start to feel lightheaded at work and I feel like I can't function another minute. A small yogurt or granola bar usually pick me up from that, but thats definately how I know I am TRUELY hungry.

My biggest problem is eating at night time, when I'm watching TV or just hanging out with my fiance.. I get bored hunger.. and thats the worst..
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