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Friday Report

OP 75% (Better than the day before, at least! Food, Supplements, AI, 3FC, Electronics off @9, Bed @10)
Oh, well. Again not moving carefully (although I didn't mentally count that in the plan yesterday, knowing it wasn't a reasonable goal with that deadline.) No mail trip (bursitis flare up)

I feel that all that I did to reduce my pizza consumption worked. I might have scarfed the whole thing down, but reading my ARC and your posts reminded me that I didn't want a whole fatty pizza, no matter what kind of day I was having. I didn't want a 1-star meal, period, end of story.

I filled a large plate with lettuce, cucumber slices, tomato wedges, and celery bits and finished that whole thing before indulging in my not quite room temperature pizza, which I ate as slowly as I could, up to the halfway point. At the temptation to finish it, I set it down and drank my no-calorie beverage until the temptation had passed!

Still, I'm going to do some planning now so that I'm turning to food less for comfort.

Then I'm going to get in that pool, darn it!

Bill: for weight training! for your caution and working up to our previous level slowly.

Y'know what with all the blurring around here, I'm tempted to get my eyes checked!
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Thumbs up Saturday!

hi coaches!

credit to me for doing all the strength exercises plus jogging with the wii fit this morning. 17 min worth of moving. And the wii fit told me it'd been 20 days since i was last on it but in that 20 days i lost 1.8lbs. So that's good news.

i don't know what i did yesterday but i never made it to the mall so i'll go over and check out the clothes today.

I'm just going to have a nice day. I hope you guys do too.

twilit tera Good going with the pizza plan last night. And congrats on getting your comic done Sorry about the bursitis flare up...hope you get to the pool soon!

BillBlueEyes Smart fooling your elbow into thinking it's just doing the average thing when in fact it's working out! I should apply the same tactics to my own workouts I don't have new hair yet but will take the pink mohawk into consideration, depends on the outfit probably if I'll go for it! Maybe I'll save that for graduation...? I'm sure I wouldn't be the first art student in the last 30 years with a mohawk hahaha!

ChinaMaine I'm thinking good thoughts for you being able to hike and kayak in a few months. I know I really look forward to the summer and the good weather too. Let's hope you get your wish!

Okay coaches I'm off to enjoy the bright sunshine out there. Seems like a perfect day. See ya!
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Another quickie. I had a migraine last night, headache this time, so I skipped posting. Mostly on plan.

DS is better, with unexplained fever breaking on Friday morning, but we found out he may have been exposed to chickenpox and is too young to have been vaccinated. Waiting to see if the other shoe will drop.

Back tonight!

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Default Priceless

Y'all are, yanno...priceless. Beckies are the best.

Jivingandthriving, you had a really great way of synthesizing such a great truth. Thanks for that summary.

Ouch to my Beckie friends with such challenges..Tera, kudos for keepin' on keepin' on. I am such a baby..wimpie, wimpie, wimpie. I used to hear my son's coaches telling kids to play through the pain, and that just screamed out at the mom in me....yanno? No, honey, if it hurts, rest it.....

ChinaMaine, I am so impressed with the way you are dealing with your limitations. ..I appreciate the way you are keeping them in the "temporary" file.

Anne, it just amazes me how that sick kid thing just cycles around and around. I really picked up on the attendance "funny" comments...I am not a big feminist..I just do what I want to do and don't pay much attention. But this attendance scrutiny is aimed at women, and so unfair. All of us knowing you here know you can handle a multitude of tasks and then read all night,too! I know you can get the work done perfectly in the time you have to do it.

BillBE, you and I are the last two bystanders left wondering about the MN senate race. Nothing in the newspapers because we have such a short attention span. It appears that the challenger has prevailed in this round, but also a certainty that the incumbent will take the case to the state Supreme Court. I used to say jokingly we would have a second senator by ice-out (that is ~April 15 for us, likely to be a bit later this year), but now that does not appear likely. Now the good news is, the one senator we do have is a woman; she really is gittin-r-done. I think she can make enough noise for two..unfortunately there is that vote thang.......

Around here spring gardening starts with the advice to plant potatoes on Good Friday. I can't imagine living in a zone where one could plant anything on St. Patty's Day. And you are right, Bill, it would take a jack hammer.

ChinaMaine, I will match your balmy 30 above today. It feels downright hot at 30 degrees. We do get pretty thick blood up here, I have to say. I am heading into town today..I will report back, but I'll bet anything I will see more than one person in flipflops! I swear.

Saw something last Thursday (the day it was -34 that morning) that reminds me why I live here. Was driving ~45 mph on a slightly neglected county highway, with no traffic for miles and miles....just moi.....I got to see an immature Bald Eagle do something I have never seen before. I saw him lumbering, struggling off the side of the road, flapping his wings really hard. It looked so odd...eagles soar; they don't struggle to do anything ..when I saw what he was carrying off......a dead Red Fox, I understood. I just couldn't believe he was carrying that body straight up into the air. I do know what he (or she, for that matter) was thinking......."Walleyes are so much tastier, so much lighter, and so darned much more fun to catch".
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Hunger-not an emergency!
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Sorry that I have not been here. Have been having problems with meds and a-fib. Went to see dr and he stated that the olds meds were not working so he took me off the prophafanone and I am on other meds. Also the beta bocker was not enough for my weight and so he uped it. He also stopped me from working for a while because of the a-fib.
Since I have redone my meds I did go into a-fib but it was hardly noticeable and did not last long. Dr. stated that as the meds get into my system that the a-fib will be less noticeable and that I will be able to drive with it. Also have decided to try for the surgery this summer. Maybe I can get rid of this now. sick with sinus and congestion and cannot take any decongestants..yeck. So that is my week in a minute. Have been doing okay with the eating....stress is still heavy word on dh yet.
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Coaches/Buddies Wading back in. I didn't make a plan for today due to the headache last night, but am doing the usual thing and it is working out OK. Will be planning for tomorrow.

So far no sign of chickenpox. And DS and I were out walking Friday and a swarm of bees came across the road in front of us. I have never actually seen them swarm before and it was terrifying, probably because of DS. But they had a mission and we weren't it, so, dodged a bullet. Yikes.

New low today, or at least a nicer 195.x to look at. Ran this morning, early. This was my last scheduled walk break in the C25K program with a 2x1miler. Saw four coyotes traveling in a group. No javelinas, bobcat, mountain lion, or bee swarm today, nor loose or feral domestic dogs, which completes my list of animal dangers. Outdoors is not for the faint hearted around here.

Thanks everyone for the well-wishes on the kiddo!

Bill Good job on getting to the gym when you didn't want to go. Hope you got off the wrong list. I am always on the wrong list, and since I'm in good company there, at least at my company, I have ceased to worry about that.

Three pairs of socks as retail therapy for the male of the species! LOL. Sorry about your coworkers outdoing themselves on increasing your waistline. That's just bonkers. Good job on outwitting your elbow!

Ah, spring in the desert is beautiful. First the trees bloom and then the wildflowers. Finally the cacti get into the act. From March to May it is gorgeous here! But you still don't dare touch anything because EVERYTHING has thorns. Trees, bushes, random weeds as well as cacti. We do have several distinct seasons here, but they are different from the standard four where I grew up. We have winter, spring, HOT, and thunderstorm.

Susan Love your little cheats add up to big pounds RC. I find the short ones stick in my head better than the longer ones, although I get out the wordy ones when I need to beat a particularly bad thought into submission.

Good to see you are thinking deeply about your own personal reasons for being overweight. It will help you focus on the appropriate strategies as time passes!

davidette Good job on getting to the gym when you didn't want to go. (I C&P'ed that from Bill's response). Glad we are scary enough to get you "motivated" to go, LOL.

Good to hear you are on-plan again. I also have trouble maintaining focus on mindful eating. So much to do and think about, and I just tend to go on autopilot. Fortunately my autopilot is better tuned these days, and I do more manual checklists, but it is a hard one to keep up. I think one of the Beck books even says the same, maybe BDS?

Tera Sorry about your 44%, but nice job on attempting the elliptical. Excellent progress with the new low!

Glad you got your art project done. Count me as one who is big on the "no food forbidden" side of weight loss, barring issues like celiac or food allergies. If you planned a pizza, eat the pizza and enjoy it with as little guilt as you can. Good thinking on eating the salad first, and then eating just want you wanted after that. One of my standard restaurant strategies. I personally plan in McDonald's once a week, albeit usually (but not always) one of the healthier choices.

JenMusic I used to live in Tucson and didn't have a dryer! Ah the good ol' days.

onebyone Here's to holding that line on the scale. I haven't been on my WiiFit in so long I may have to reintroduce myself. It'll probably make my new Mii fat too.

Good luck on the all cash/no credit. We have almost moved completely the other way, but we pay the cards off in full every month, so it is just a convenience thing for us.

Hope you enjoyed your nice day!

RobinW We'll miss you. Hope you get a chance to at least lurk. I may say something hysterical and then you'll be sorry you didn't at least read.

maryblu Well, I got the other 6 months of goodness here, and it seems like 2.5 million Minnesotans come visit us then too! LOL. I got cold reading your post. 75 and gorgeous here today. You can pity me when it is 120 in June.

Weird thing: one of my coworkers is a part timer who chose that schedule to support his wife's career (going places) and spend more time with the kids. He gets much worse comments about his schedule and commitment than I do. So there's sexism and then there's sexism.

ChinaMaine Glad you got some much-needed rest in. I do work part time, which I'm happy about, but I support a number of on-going projects, and there isn't enough of me to go around. I've issued as many "no"s in triplicate as I can. At least I'm pretty confident that I'll have a job for a while.

I hope you don't lose another summer to fatigue. Can you make some alternate plans if the hiking/kayaking doesn't pan out this year?

Chris Sending you best wishes on getting your condition properly managed. It's been a real trial for you.

I think I'm caught up. Be back tomorrow night!

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PS. to kuhljeanie! Are you doin' all right?
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Thanks for all the encouraging and helpful words about Mexican. Personally, I don't think it was an eating disaster, which for me means it was a rousing success.

I ended up eating exactly 5 tortilla chips with salsa, half of an order of black beans, and two small soft tortillas with my veggie fajitas (which were oilier than I expected). I was full and satisfied, and proud of how I did . . . then, a complimentary order of sopapillas arrived at the table! What?! At first I thought my father had told the server it was my mom's birthday, but it was actually because we'd never been to this restaurant before. They were little sopapillas (think pizza roll size, if you know what those are) and for a second I thought about not eating one, but I did - I had 3 little ones. So overall for the day I feel I stuck to the plan.

It's been raining here, so no outside walks, and I haven't worked out yet because I'm waiting on a call from a friend who's in town for the weekend - we might meet for dinner depending on when his meetings end. That's not great (either the missing/postponed exercise, or another meal out so soon after the other one), but one thing that was a "No choice" for me when starting this lifestyle change is that I can't isolate myself from people by avoiding social situations involving food. I just need to make more good choices if we do end up meeting for dinner.

Anne - Bees, coyotes, AND the c25k? You're pretty brave! WTG on seeing a happier weight. On the dryer, I feel like I'm blessed to have one now (because of the time factor) but at the same time I kind of miss not having one, too. Crazy, huh?

angelmomma - Sorry for all the health problems. Thanks for checking in, and we're sending you good thoughts!

maryblu - OK, hearing the bald eagle story, maybe I understand a little more about why people live in MN. I still don't think my blood's thick enough, but it must be amazing to live in a place where you could experience that.

onebyone - YAY for getting on the WiiFit and having your weight go down! CREDIT for all the movement and getting outside - was it a nice day?
On finance, have you envelope budgeted before? It takes some getting to, but I like the structure it provides. It's really helped me, and I'm on a super-limited budget.

Tera - Honestly, you handled the pizza SO WELL. Eating it slowly, stopping when full . . . can you pass some of that strong resistance muscle over my way? I know you still want to work on emotional eating, but I also hope that you enjoy this victory.
I lived in China for 4 years, and loved it. I'm going back in April for a 2 week vacation (thanks to my frequent flyer miles). I saw parts, but it's such a big country there's tons more to see. You should go - it seems intimidating to most people (including me) at first, but the people ae so friendly and there's no place like it.

davidette - Thanks for the advice. I do use the DP and love it, but I hate having to estimate my calories when I have no idea how many is in what. I'm still learning, and find I estimate way off. But I think I did OK.

ChinaMaine - You are dealing with so much. I really hope that you are able to enjoy good health this summer.

Bill - CREDIT for weights, and for not bothering the elbow! I guess the protein shake really is good motivation.

RobinW - Hope you're able to lurk a little. Have a good few weeks!
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Red face after shopping

I went to the mall and tried on a ton of stuff at the big lady's store. I left there with nothing, went to another store and found a Chanel-like blazer/jacket black with white trim unlined thing. Then I went back to the first store and bought the linen skirt I tried on before and I'm not sure whether I will keep it or trade it in for pants. So that's all good... but... I wanted so many other items that really fit badly. I have these giant upper arms, a family trait. Size 18-20 bottoms/ 24 or up top due to never being able to fit in the arms and then the body is baggy. It always makes me feel sad. Someday this won't be this much of an issue anymore right? right.
I still need to get shoes (I adore shoe shopping), a haircut and a sleeveless top. Part of me is wondering if I shouldn't buy some linen and make a dress--I want a simple straight sleeveless dress. Not hard to sew. We'll see. I should be doing my homework though, not making a dress.

I am surprisingly accepting of this body I have. There used to be a time when I hated my body in that changing room and I just sort of know what I look like now and don't expect to see anything other than what I am. Self-acceptance of some sort for sure. The bad side is I am so used to seeing myself the way that I look now that I have a hard time imagining me looking any other way. I'll have to just male the changes, lose the weight, and take another look then.

So, credit moi for buying something and not worrying what size the tag says.
And credit for shopping for 2 hours and working up a sweat

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Catching up on personals:

onebyone Kudos for a real budget - that's been on my to-do list for years. And Bravo for 18 years together. I'm sure there's plenty of traveling in your future, albeit not this summer. I have a feeling you would find even if you could/did move downtown, some new noise would interfere with your peace. I have leaf blowers that sound like jets taking off and neighbors who believe everyone enjoys their radio station, and don't forget a DS who plays drums. I'm working on converting "the way you look at things changes the way they look" to "the way you listen to thing changes the way they sound" but no luck yet!

CREDIT wii fit weight loss over 20 days. Hoping DD brings her wii home for break this week and I can get similar good news. I just love those balance games!

CREDIT successful shopping trip! I'm most impressed at your self acceptance; we'll get where we want to be by loving ourselves, congratulating ourselves on our victories, and building our confidence, not by beating ourselves up!

chinamaine I'm a pretty loose vegetarian; no meat, pork, or beef, which I find pretty easy since I still eat fish, cheese and eggs. I can see giving up the cheese and eggs some day but I can't imagine no fish. I didn't do this to lower my cholesterol, but it did go down and stay down 40 to 50 points. I actually found it quite easy.

tera I like the way you factor in "extra credit" with your daily report - keep appreciating those off the chart accomplishments! Bravo on getting the group project finished. Kudos for planning and being present for every minute of your pizza celebration. I'm finding that allowing myself "forbidden" foods in a planned manner is not only possible but precisely what makes it possible to stay on a plan long term!

A spin class is just an adjustable bicycle with a resistance knob which allows you to control how hard it is to push the pedals. The instructor plays music and guides you through faster and slower paces. I'd never do it except I have an exercise buddy I meet there every week, I get a good workout, and I need to be pushed out of my mental comfort zone.

I'm so glad you brought up the question "what exactly is distracting" me from the mindful eating. The underlying answer is I'm taking the path of least resistance, as jivingandthriving pointed out, being overweight is easy: doing what I've always done, eating with the TV on, on the couch, reading, etc., is second nature. I need to refocus with some new RC and not let those old habits creep back in. And Bill thanks for reminding me that's my reptile talking. Anne's life on autopilot phrase gave me another new RC: taking care of my mom, I'm visibly reminded daily to appreciate what I have; she can't taste much, smells nothing, has no teeth and can't wear dentures, the list goes on. What she wouldn't give to savor just one meal!

jenmusic Kudos for handling the Mexican restaurant well! Stopping with 5 tortilla chips is a major victory. I too struggle with knowing my estimations are way off, but I try to make them high and, really, what's the alternative? Hopefully more restaurants will post nutrition information on their menus and web sites as the nation becomes more informed about obesity.

Bill CREDIT taking care of that elbow!

Got back in a pair of jeans previously too tight; now they are snug, but wearable Spending some time this morning writing down some "rules" for DD visit that allow flexibility within limits. She'll go to the gym with me so that's good. I'm hoping to get her to go to the Zumba (latin dance exercise) class, we could get some good laffs out of that! Today is step class and then 2 days to recuperate from daily work outs. Strangely I'm looking forward to both the class and the break!

to all!
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Thumbs up Sunday - The Ides of March

Diet Coaches/Buddies - An unusual confluence of events gave me the opportunity to make some muddy food choices. Needed to make a Costco run, so planned it for early before the FREE samples were handed out. But, had to plant peas with DW early. Now the peas were a bust because our ground is still frozen. And on my later trip to Costco's I sampled. Ouch and Oh Well. I didn't fall in head first as I did on my first trip, but still sampled like a pauper who'd never seen food before. That place really does make me crazy. Almost bought a four pound clam of strawberries - before I finally realized that I couldn't eat four pounds before they spoiled. Saved that one.

But the big challenge came when I had to attend two dinner events in the same evening. At the early restaurant dinner, I split something with DW so we would seem part of the group, and even took some of that home. Smallish CREDIT moi. Then at the big party, the one with appetizer tables, walking hot appetizers, four serving tables of different hot entrees, and huge dessert table, I did only about OK, given that I'd already had a starter course. So a weak CREDIT moi for that part.

Kinda desperate here so, full CREDIT moi for knowing when to write desert, when to write dessert, and to pronounce Mt. Desert Island in Maine as dessert like the locals do, LOL.

maryblu - Amazing visual of that immature Bald Eagle carrying off a dead Red Fox. Makes me want to move to Minnesota. An Osprey would never demean itself with carrion; it'd go for your yummy Walleyes, carefully turning it in flight to aerodynamically point forward.

Hats off to "gittin-r-done" U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar for doing the job of two senators for the state of Minnesota. Finally found some news about the current trial:
By BRIAN BAKST • Associated Press • March 14, 2009
ST. PAUL, Minn. — Judges began deliberating Friday in the dispute over Minnesota’s vacant Senate seat, where they must decide if Republican Norm Coleman proved there were enough flaws in the election and a recount to invalidate Democrat Al Franken’s 225-vote recount win. ... Hamilton said the trial had seen 134 witnesses and 2,182 exhibits during 35 days in court. The binders and copies, he said, have “piled up like snowdrifts on the bookshelves, tables and floors of this courtroom.”
onebyone - Kudos for "I am surprisingly accepting of this body I have," along with "buying something and not worrying what size the tag says." All the acceptance and sanity just bursts out of the page as a level of self-confidence that'll make you shine at the Governor-General's place for sure.

And I suppose some sort of Kudos for working up a sweat while shopping, where my hesitancy comes from my personal experience because I work up a sweat just thinking about shopping, LOL.

Anne (wndranne) - Yeah for DS past the fever and out walking. Thanks for the neat report here to the Beck Nature and Wildlife Thread - specifically for reminding me of the beauty of the desert in Spring. Thinking of those delicate blossoms on cacti makes me want to take an Arizona trip again.

Chris (angelmomma210) - Yeah for an attentive doctor who shifted you to more effective meds. Congratulations for making the bold decision to go forward with the surgery. Hope you are back to driving soon.

Tera (twilit tera) - Amazing story of using a stack of strategies to combat one pizza. Kudos for planning them, for sticking to the plan, and for stopping at half a personal sized pizza. LOL at getting your eyeballs checked, which confused me until I finally went back and read my post and found the source of all that blurring.

Jen (JenMusic) - Kudos for conquering Mexico with style. And Kudos for making the commitment, "that I can't isolate myself from people by avoiding social situations involving food." Smart to make the decisions that recognize the lifetime journey.

davidette - Congrats on the jeans fit. Big Kudos for planning your DD's visit; just good thinking to get your head ready. Hope the Zumba works out.

Readers -
Success Skill 6 experiment 2
Prove to yourself that hunger isn't an emergency.
You may even wonder, "Shouldn't I eat when I'm Hungry? Actually the answer is , "You should eat only if it's time to eat." It's important for dieters to know that hunger is normal and most people without weight problems get hungry every day often a little while before meals. If you ask them what they do about it, they usually get a funny look on their faces and say, "What do you mean? I wait for dinner." They know that hunger is not to be feared or avoided and that food actually tastes better when they're hungry.

The Complete Beck Diet for Life, pg 76

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Thumbs up Sunday Morning Hello

Hi coaches

It's a little cold out there but I have the back door open. Nice. Glad it's only a little cold now we're due to reach the 40's today! woo-hoo!

I am pleased to report I woke up and got out the wii fit and intended to do 15 min but did 32min instead! I really got competitive in the step portion of the aerobics section, unlocking the advanced step and doing that a few times. I love how after you've done an activity it shows the time you've spent as coins going into a piggy bank. i got competitive with that and just wanted to see it reach 30, all by 3min and 5min increments. As usual I approached the wii fit thinking "this isn't doing anything really" and then found myself sweating
15min into it, which is what happens with me no matter what the exercise. Anyway it's all good. I think I am getting hooked! credit moi for my competitive nature and my addictive nature this case anyway

I saw an exercise ball, the kind that you blow up and sit on, at the store yesterday and I am going to get it this morning. I'm also bringing back the sealer this morning. It's a good day to get out and walk around a bit. I am totally avoiding schoolwork today. I am taking a break during my March Break!
Oh and DH and I ordered the 3 month free preview of HD channels and OMG so many travel shows! I am thrilled. I love to watch this stuff and paint so I think I may get to that this afternoon. There's something bubbling up that wants out Yay for the urge to make things and the time to do it!

BillBlueEyes Do you know what gardening zone you are in? We are a 5a. We used to be a 4! Rule of thumb is for us to have all the tender plants (tomatoes peppers) in on the May 24th weekend...but it's all okay if we don't get them in until June 15th. There's a 3 week buffer for that. Snow peas go in once the soil has thawed and drained...early May/end of April. Soil that is too wet will rot your seeds... I can't imagine that the Boston area is that much warmer than here... is it? Looking forward to your gardening adventures this year! Sorry for the perfect food storm assaulting you yesterday. I think you did alright. These days, especially on the net, writing desert instead of dessert and knowing which is which IS a credit to you! (I just went to the lol cat translator and got "CREDIT MOI 4 KNOWIN WHEN 2 USE DESERT AN DESERT." Some would have said that.)

davidette Congrats on getting into those jeans! Awesome. And goo doing preparing for your DD's visit. It sounds like you'll have someone to do some fun active stuff with. That's great. You'll stay the course I am sure.

JenMusic Good going on the Mexican restaurant. I believe too that we need to be able to live our lives and find a plan that fits no matter the challenge. Beck's strategies are perfect for that. It's all about the strategies and the thinking and the planning. With these skills we can really be successful over the long term. Kudos to you!

wndranne Here's hoping DS is feeling better and better. All that roaming wildlife! Javelinas are wild pigs right? Are they prone to charge at you or do they run away? Do you have poisonous snakes too? Friends of ours in Cave Creek told us stories of the snakes curling up near their pool and being removed by the fire department to the edge of their property as you can't just drop these critters off anywhere "out there" anymore. Interesting place. We just have skunks, black squirrels, groundhogs, oh and free range cats around here.

angelmomma210 Sorry to hear you are still going through it. I bet you must be tired of all this stress. I would be. I hope your surgery corrects your heart issues. If you have a minute could you explain what exactly a-fib is? Is it an irregular heartbeat? How did that start?? for everything being such a challenge! I hope you have some nice early spring weather to enjoy

maryblu I had a huge smile when I heard that Al Franken had been voted in. I know him from Stuart Smalley fame and the thought of him moving into politics was interesting. And that he'd be voted in was even more intriguing. I knew it was going to be challenged no matter what side was pronounced the winner. It's comforting though to realize this is all a process, as frustrating as it is. In other countries people would just say "I am the Winner" and take over! All in all, this process is much better.

Special to kuhljeanie How are you??? Hope to hear from you soon! and a to RobinW
as you head into spring break and toward your special event... enjoy!

I'm off to enjoy my day. Hope you enjoy yours as well!

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Talking Saturday

I got most of this done last night but wanted to finish all of Saturday’s personals before sending it out.
Spring fever! Thanks for everyone’s warm, supportive best wishes. It means so very much to me! Especially the last few days when I was in ‘poor me’ territory. I’m feeling much happier and hopeful today!
Beck – WI-no change Did not read my cards, but made plan for the day
Food – op –Exercise – op. As planned my hubbie and I went out today. We’d planned on snow-shoeing but found that the snow on top of the ice had melted during the sunny days this week. It had then refrozen into more ice. So we put our ice thingies on and went for a 90 min walk out on the ice. It was brilliantly sunny, and even though we both put on sunscreen, we both got slight sunburns. But it was a lot of fun. We walked our favorite kayak trip, which is back to the southern most part of our lake. There’s a stream there that beavers have made a dam in. We got too tired to make it all the way to the dam, but had a great walk nonetheless.
Bill My hubbie thought the story of the dueling food pushers was pretty funny too. While we were making dinner Friday night, we decided it might work as a recurring sub-plot in The Office. I guess Jim would play your role… I think he’d do an admirable job of showing up with a 10 lb bag of trail mix. (Amused at the abusrdity of the situation and making the time to mug for the camera, of course!) Credit for the successful workout and hope you enjoyed your protein shake.

Tera I’m terribly sorry about the bursitis and that you still have a lot of work to do. But kudos for staying op 44% Thurs and 75% Fri. Especially walking when you were in pain and for not indulging on a day it might have been very tempting… I love how you are facing your sabotaging thoughts head-on. And Congrats on eating the pizza wisely!

one by one Congrats on the exercise and for losing 1.8 lbs! Hope you found some nice clothes today. Post-shopping addendum: for acceptance. It’s something about this Beck approach I think. Everything about it seems to lead one to pay attention to the facts rather than sabotaging self-loathing and expectations. I too have noticed an increased acceptance of what I really look like, without the internal self-critical analysis to go with it. It is quite freeing, isn’t it? So, credit for getting yourself to the place where you see yourself as you are and accept it! And, I’m happy you found some clothes that’ll work. Since you can sew would it make sense to buy a larger top and tailor it to fit your torso? I don’t sew well, so it's just a thought...

Anne I’m glad DS is better and hope that he doesn’t have chicken pox. Credit for doing the usual thing food wise, and for what sounds like a lovely early morning run. I live out in the middle of nowhere, and while we hear coyotes at night, I’ve never actually seen one. The worst I see on a walk are turkeys and marauding dogs. Finally for the new low!

maryblu Great bald eagle story! I’ve never seen an immature one in the wild. We have a pair that nest nearby, so they fish in our cove quite a bit. It is weird to see one having trouble taking off. I saw that happen last fall when an eagle was fishing as the lake was starting to freeze over. He hit the ice instead of the water and got trapped for a minute or so before he was able to break out.

angelmomma I’m glad you are getting different meds for you a-fib. Take some much-needed rest while you aren’t working. And I hope the surgery puts you on the road to recovery…

JenMusic Sounds like a rousing success! Your food choices at the Mexican restaurant were great – though I actually wondered if you were getting enough food until the sopapillas arrived! I’ll be you were pleasantly full, and guilt-free. Wonderful! Too bad about the postponed exercise…
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Just a quick hi. The weight has been going in the wrong direction, and I am trying not to panic! Phil, my boyfriend had another hospitalization for pneumonia on Monday and came home Thursday night. I got a cold, of course, from all the stress. I didn't get to the gym this week but I hope to get there today. I did some of my back exercises in my livingroom this morning, and I notice that I am not eating everything in sight. I made a new graph which started out about 2 1/2 lbs higher than the last one. I have not been planning in advance enough, and sometimes not even writing down what I ate. Today I'l commit to at least writing down what I've consumed, and a calorie estimate. I do think the months of reading the cards and the advantages have stopped me from going into a lasting full-scale "I'm not dieting" mode--which I think she refers to as adolescent rebellion. I'm hanging around the apt. today as Phil rests, and I hope to get some more productive things done. Taxes got sent in yesterday, and I paid off a credit card bill today which makes me out of debt! For the first time since 2003! Kudos moi!
I will go back and read some more of your posts--take care, Lily
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A-Fib for heart beats anywhere from 120 to 180 beats per minute and is irreguar. It makes me very tired, but with the new meds I was in it for about 10 minutes and it was very light...I do mean very light. Dr. said that with this med I may not really know when I am in it and if I do it will be very light. So far so good.
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