Losers and Friends February 16-22

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  • Yay! Congratulations!
    You've inspired me! If you could stay on plan during all that stress I sure as **** can stay on plan until I leave for Dominican!

    I did get right back on plan yesterday. Even when the first email I see when I arrive at work is saying how the office is going to have cake...right outside my office of course. But I did not touch. I had to say no several times with people coming into my office with a plateful of cake but I did it Still missed a couple servings of veggies yesterday though...but I'm working on that!
  • Yahoooooo Nicole!!!!
  • Kristin, If I bring veggies all sliced up to eat in little baggies to work with me, I will eat it at my desk. Since if I have food with me here, I will almost always eat it. Not only is it getting my veggies in, I have something to eat when there is candy or cake or donuts or muffins or bagels here.... Oh and the stupid bread machine that one of my coworkers brought in and makes fresh baked bread right outside of my office a couple of times a week... I need my veggie defense against eating that.

    Nicole, You are down over 14 pounds! Amazing! I think you are winning that race to 20.

    Jillian, good news that your blood sugar is good. I know it is a pain to go and see the doctor so regularly, but I always liked the reassurance that everything was fine. The first time my ob's nurse took my blood pressure she screwed up and somehow ended up bruising the bejesus out of my arm, so every time I would go in and she would take my blood pressure, they would claim it was a little too high, and then the doctor would retake it and it was fine...

    Julie, I can always feel water retention in my fingers too... It is just how my rings fit. If they are wedged onto my fingers, the scale is not going to be kind. I'm an excellent bloater, and your measly 1.5 pounds is hardly anything... I've gone up an astounding 7-8 pounds (the great pickle rebellion of 2008)
  • Hey guys!

    Thanks for all your encouragement! I feel better today. I actually around 8pm last night all of a sudden felt better, so I cleaned the house, did laundry, and dishes!

    I realize te weight is going to come off slow, but that's healthy! I am not doing the gym this week, doctor's orders, so am trying to up my water and eat well.

    I am making Hungry Girl Tomato Soup tonight! I'll let you know how it turns out!!

    Have a great night!
  • Hi guys!

    Nicole-WTG on the weekend loss! So scary to hear about your accident. I am SO glad you and the fam are ok. Thank goodness you weren't hurt!!!

    I wish I could say I lost this weekend. But I struggled. We drove down to socal to visit my family so there was some fast food and some sweets, things I typically am not tempted by. Eating out for every meal is just so hard! But I am already back on track. So no worries. I'll have a nice big loss by next Tues. I can feel it!

    Amy-how was your soup?

    Way to resist that cake Kristin! That is so tough!

    Ok-finishing up TBL on tivo then off to bed!
  • morning everyone. just thought i'd stop in and say hi really quick. hope everyone has a good day.
    i'll try to check in later.
  • Hey gang..

    Hope all is well.. Way to go Nicole!!

    Things have been slow around the house this week.. I had a bit of elective surgery last week and have to lay off the exercise for a few more days... Everything is cool, but I'm chomping at the bit to get active again..

    Liz's birthday was yesterday and we went to a Japanese joint for dinner.. I walked out of there with about half my plate uneaten.. Unbelieveable how much food they give you to eat in these places.

    Have a great day all!!
  • Good morning all

    Jillian......I have to tell you, I absolutely LOVE the name Elliot for a girl. I was going to name my puppy that, but everyone didn't agree on it. I tend to name animals human names.....as my last furbaby was named Maggie Mae.

    Hang in there everyone........
  • oooooh, that's right, Dan......forgot about the snip snip. I hope you are feeling ok and back to normal very soon
  • Quote: Good morning all

    Jillian......I have to tell you, I absolutely LOVE the name Elliot for a girl. I was going to name my puppy that, but everyone didn't agree on it. I tend to name animals human names.....as my last furbaby was named Maggie Mae.

    Hang in there everyone........
    thanks nicole. i thought we had decided so we've been calling her Xanthia for about 2 months now. so the thought of changing her name is a little odd. we both like both names..so i just don't know what the final choice will be. i don't want to use either for a middle name because i want the middle name to either be Rose (my middle name), Eileen (DD's middle name) or Julia (DD's first name--even though it doesn't flow well with either name)

    so i guess we've got about 2 months to go and may just make a final choice at the birth. it's fun to pick a name, but at the same time, it's such a huge decision. ugh.
  • You know, my 3rd DD was going to be named Jenna my entire pregnancy. She was born on Dec. 19th, and I suddenly (at the hospital, in hard labor) decided to name her Natalie, because it means born at Christmastime. I have not regretted it for a second. Sometimes you just have to wait until the time is near, or until you see them to know what their name ought to be I see you are registered for your NAMI walk again. How old will your baby be by then? You might not beable to do your walk this year........
  • oh i'm doing the NAMI walk again this year....it's mid may, so as long as i don't have a c-section (which i shouldn't) i'm going! i've done it the last 3yrs and refuse to miss it! (gotta love my determination and stubborness!)
  • Hey Nicole, I was in an accident this weekend too. Mine not as serious though. Some young guy backed into my car in the parking lot. I couldn't move so I was honking my horn at him but he was totally oblivious. I have a small dent so hopefully I can get it fixed soon. Yup it was on Valentines day!!
    Thank goodness the rest of the day was good.
    Last night I went to aerobics and was totally lost. I was so frustrated because I just couldn't get the steps. I really wanted to just quit but I didn't. Thank goodness I only have two more classes to embarass myself in!!!
    Well I should run...just wanted to say Hi and vent for a moment. haha
    Have a great day everyone
    By the way, Jillian, I like your original name of Xanthia Rose!
  • Nicole - what did you name the new puppy afterall? I think I missed that one...
  • Hey guys,

    Just checking in to say hello! The HG Tomato Soup was awful! I ate a few spoonfulls and threw the rest out. What a waste of 7 plum tomatoes!!! UGH!

    Am home tonight studying Globalization for my exam tomorrow. I hate this class. I am very conservative and this is as left wing liberal as it gets!

    Was down 1.5 pounds today, so I take back Mondays rant! It's just not coming off as fast as I would like. But i am happy.

    Have a great night!