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Hi all, just a quickie.

I got on the scale today, and was actually suspicious of the number. I need to reweigh in tomorrow on the digital and the other one I need shorter legs for!

Hubby made me a chart in excel so Im all set to give this a go!

Have a wonderful evening everyone!
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Unhappy Shifts

Hi Becksters/Coaches

Many things going on. First credit moi for starting the wii fit tonight.
I did 15 minutes and plan on 15 more later. Most bouts are only 2 min in length. That was surprising. As is my excellent posture and center of gravity and flexibility. It's good news. Even if the wii fit estimates my wii age at +14 years over my real age

Foodwise I don't think I have much of anything good to report. I kept track and then just didn't. Oh well. I'm not really off, well no I am off, and I am not paying full attention to either my food choices or my amounts. And then this morning I got a call from my niece (I haven't talked to her in a year) explaining how she felt I should know what's up with my family and that I was indeed being ostracized by everyone but for, get this, being happy

Family systems.
She also said my mother's been diagnosed with alzheimer's and this too had sent everyone spinning and no one is talking to anyone I guess.
I just got my first email from my brother in over 8 months when I offered to send him a tree for his 50th birthday this past week. He answered that email. And 2 more since then. All short emails of a sentence or two.
It's one of my sister's birthday this week and I guess I'll send her a card and a present. My niece says she's really freaking out with the $ stuff these days (this is my millionaire sister) and her own life which is unfulfilled and she's getting older and and and...

I can afford to be the one to reach out this time, but ask me if I want to... I'm not at all sure that getting re-involved is the right thing for me. really. It looks like I really am happier that the others. I would never have believed it had my niece not told me. My default is that everyone else is doing way better than me and they are happy without me. You guys can for ever assuming this again. I need to adjust my default settings.

So I guess I am emotional, I'm about to go for a walk and buy a lotto ticket for tonights 48million dollar jackpot (I rarely buy tickets). I just wanted to report in that I think I love my wii fit!
Thanks for reading Becksters.
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Um, hi! Sheepish hello from me.

My last post - almost 2 weeks ago - mentioned that I had a visitor and that I was busy. That was true, but became an excuse to just stop thinking about food and exercise and Beck and success skills. I didn't go crazy, but I did overeat and under-exercise and eat while standing and pay no attention to hunger signals. In short, not a bright and shining moment.

After last week was over, I spent some time reassessing what I was doing and why I was doing it. I was mighty tempted to chuck my Beck book in the trash, because all of those sabatoging thoughts were showing up:
- Thin people don't have to do this
- It's not fair
- This so restrictive
- I'm tired of living this way (love this one, after 2 whole weeks! )
- Etc.

After letting this settle for a while, I decided that losing weight and getting healthier is important to me, I needed to really do something I know is going to work (calorie counting) and I need the tools to do it - and that's where Beck fits in. So, I'm here and hopefully more focused and more aware of what I need to keep in mind to be successful.

Thanks for listening, and for being such a great community!
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Talking Saturday

A beautiful day!.
Beck – WI-up .5 lb. Read my cards, made plans for today and tomorrow.
Food – made pan-seared scallops for dinner – yum! / Exercise – I planned on 45 minutes and did 77 instead. My hubbie J split wood while I stacked it in the garage. It was so warm and sunny today, we decided to ‘cool down’ by taking a 30 minute stroll down our road.
Bill – Bravo for skipping food stores again! – So do you mean if you know you might stop at a food store later in the walk, you spend more time *thinking* about food during your walk?

davidette Cheers for the new low! I can see the rate of my weight loss starting to slow down (which I’ve been anticipating). So I’ve been wrestling with the same issues about losing a ½ lb per week. I guess the idea is to keep and eye on the trend and not on the rate of loss? I think having mini-goals will help too. Do you do mini-goals?

Tera – I’m glad you know *how* you inflamed your hip and hope it feels better soon. CREDIT for using your resistance muscles last night. That was a very challenging situation – and you got through it with flying colors!

angelmomma It’s good to hear from you. It’s good to hear you feel better. And best wishes for DH’s surgery!

Robin A very funny story about the scale!

one by one I’m glad you like your wii fit. But don’t believe the wii fit age, I understand from ‘the internets’ that is a pretty useless number. Credit for using the wii fit. And here’s to hoping you get back on track food-wise when you are ready to.

JenMusic welcome back. Yeah it is hard to do this and I can imagine that it’s really hard to get back once you’ve gotten out of the daily habit of it. I mean really, it does take a lot of thought, planning and dedication. But as you say, it is worth it and I’m glad you are ready to give it another go!!
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Coaches/Buddies On plan day for me today. I needed one. I'm very tired and DH watched the kids so I could get in an hour and a half nap this afternoon. It helped a lot, but I'm still feeling pretty tired, and I'm planning to get to bed a bit early tonight. Still feeling less sick, but more tired. Plan to make and then zzzzzzzzzzz.

Oh yes, I almost forgot. I went shopping yesterday and bought a size down, which puts me comfortably in 16s. I also got to go "shopping" in my pre-pregnancy bins and have now pulled about 1/4 of the stuff out for regular wearing, along with a new pair of "test" pants, which will tell me when it is time to shop again.

I need to do some extra thinking/planning for our trip next week. I'll try to post some detail for accountability--I hate coming back here and saying, well, I just didn't have it in me. We are leaving Thursday, so I'll be scarce for about a week. I'll try to touch base a couple times, but almost certainly won't get to personals for a bit.

ChinaMaine Let's hear it for low-cal pizza! American Heart Association recommends 7% of calories from saturated fats, government says less than 10%.

Excellent work on the exercise today!

Bill I think divorcing your walking and food shopping on occasion sounds like a good idea. You often sound like you are on the prowl to me..

davidette Glad you had a fun class. Congrats on the new scale low. I hear you on how frustration slow weight loss is, but I always ask myself what else was I planning on doing. Losing it quick and getting fat again? Nope! When it is a true lifestyle change, we are doing it basically for the rest of our lives. Might as well pace ourselves.

Tera Sorry about your pain. Hope that you start feeling better soon! Nice work on beefing up your resistance muscle.

Chris Sorry to hear your sinus problems continued, and hope you are feeling better. Sending good thought to your DH for his surgery.

RobinW Good for you for stepping on the scale. I hope your chart makes it go better. Mine does.

onebyone Nice work on the Wii Fit. for your family issues. Sounds like maybe there is small progress with your brother and your niece, but it must be hard to figure out if you want to risk your happiness on that. It would be so much easier if we could pick our relatives. I hope you find the right balance to strike. But keep being happy either way!

JenMusic Glad you are back and glad you busted those sabotaging thoughts. That's how it starts--a few excuses here and a few unexamined slips there. Perfection is never required but diligence is. You get a big CREDIT for putting yourself right back on the path.


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Hello, Beckbuddies!

Very tired, and probably soon to bed. My friends will be getting back very late, and will be ringing my cell to be let in (my idea) after hopping room parties at the Con. In hindsight, I should have just given one of them a key.

B and I have done a lot of nuthin' today. Very good idea, all things considered. Still, I feel a bit down. Had a brief temptation to soothe with food, but am giving myself NO CHOICE. Oh, well.

Another Oh, well for the scale today. 1 pound up. This is the second weigh-in since back on track, so it's very likelly cyclical weight. I'm sure next week will be better because I've been so good.

angelmomma: and for hubby and the procedure. Glad you were able to get some rest.

Robin: Is your excel chart for weight? I love my account. I have my weight chart embedded in my blog and everything!

onebyone: for wii-fit-ing! Your family sounds... problematic. I can't really offer advice - they are your family. I do think I should remind you that you shouldn't feel under any obligation to reach out, if they aren't reaching out themselves. Just make sure that what you do, it's truly what you decide to do and where it takes you, you have chosen to go there.

And for your walk.

Jen!!!! Good to see you back! for talking yourself back on track! One of the things I do is keep track of how I'm feeling (with a little smily or frown face) next to my food record. It really helped me one week that the scale wasn't kind to me. My sabotaging thought was that I was suffering for nothing - then I looked back at my food diary. All the little smiley faces reminded me that, although it was work, I wasn't suffering at all! Maybe something like that would be a reminder to you that you can be/have been successful and happy?

Anyway, I hope to see you more now!

ChinaMaine: for exceeding your planned exercise!! Stacking wood is a serious workout!

Anne: for you getting the rest your body clearly needs. also for forming a plan for your trip.

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Thumbs up Sunday

Diet Coaches/Buddies - Worked on taxes all day. Ugh and CREDIT moi. It's easier when I just do the work rather than beat myself up for not being a better daily bookkeeper throughout the year. In my next life I'm coming back as a person who never procrastinates.

Robin (RobinW) - Yay for a scale reading good enough to raise suspicion.

onebyone - Kudos for starting you Wii Fit. Yay for your flexibility - I remember your frexibility from before. Neat physical feature to carry about with you all the time. Sending supportive thoughts for dealing with your mother's Alzheimer's; that's a blow. Ouch for, one more time, discovering the complexity of your family's dynamics. Good to be reminded that, despite being hard on yourself when you're not perfect, you have found a centeredness and a joy in your life and that you have available when dealing with your family.

Anne (wndranne) - Yay for a nap. Congrats on that size down - big NSV. Cool success shopping in that great source of FREE clothes, your own closet. Yep, methinks you're dead on with "prowl" for some of my walks.

Tera (twilit tera) - Ouch for the continued hip pain. Good to hear that you know the cause. Kudos for exercising your Resistance Muscle with the Chinese food and Newman-O's.

angelmomma210 - Yay for sleep. Did your DH enjoy his classes? Sending supportive thoughts for his surgery next Friday.

davidette - Congrats on a new scale low. Kudos for the positive attitude toward a half pound a week on a permanent lifetime change. Re my vinaigrette: I add a pack of Good Seasonings Italian dry mix to balsamic vinegar and a little water - no oil. Next time I plan to try Penzeys Italian Salad Dressing mix (I bought a four ounce package last visit to their store). We have a pantry full of good spices; can't think of a reason not to mix my own. Let me know if you find a combo that tweaks your taste.

Jen (JenMusic) - Kudos for recognizing the Sabotaging Thoughts and particularly Big Kudos for spotting the Exaggerated Thinking of "I'm tired of living this way." Getting back on board by making a food plan for tomorrow is a good step.

ChinaMaine - Kudos for stacking the wood; now that's a noble exercise that your ancestors would admire. Your question helps me to see my motives more clearly; Yep, when I've added browsing a food store to my walk, I do tend to think about food more than when I'm only doing the exercise. Neat insight. That's another reason to reduce the recreational visits to food sources.

Tali199 - Waving. Hope there's some warm sun in your area for the weekend.

Readers -
"tip: Be careful - don't fool yourself. Some dieters believe they are getting quite a lot of exercise when they shop at a mall or go to a fair because they get tired. Being tired doesn't always mean that you got good exericse. And a 20-minute walk with your dog, who stops at every bush, doesn't give you the same workout as walking fast the whole time." The Complete Beck Diet for Life, pg 70

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Tera about the hip, glad you are able to enjoy your friends' visit in spite of that. Chinese food and really to how your body felt! I see more and more literature on how diet affects the overall level of inflammation in our body and how chronic inflammation affects so many body systems. Keep us informed as you learn!

angelmomma Good luck with DH's surgery. Glad you got a good night's sleep, hope that continues.

robin suspicious scale weigh in - I think you'll find the chart helps tremendously at seeing your overall progress. Do you plan on weighing daily?

onebyone starting Wii fit! I won't even tell you how old that thing says I am, but I felt better when it told my daughter roughly the same thing and she's a great weight and very active.

Regarding your family, you've worked hard to be "happier than the others"; mentally and physically. You deserve it. Maybe thinking of what you would tell a friend in a similar situation would help detach enough to make a decision clearer.

lotto ticket wins!

JenMusic Sounds like you're remotivated and you've got the right idea: "what I need to keep in mind". Every day I'm more amazed at how I look at things affects the way they look.

ChinaMaine Extra exercise! My reward system revolves around a charm bracelet: I gave myself the bracelet for maintaining my focus throughout January. I have the first charm ready to myself for getting through February on track. The original plan was a charm for each 5 pounds, but no way I could wait 3 months for a reward, and I don't like tying my reward to a specific scale number on a specific date because it fluctuates so much! Hence my monthly treats for maintaining my focus. I'll probably hit my 5 pounds next month and I'll do an extra charm or maybe a matching necklace or ring. This works for me because I don't wear a lot of jewelry so I notice the bracelet shining throughout the day and feel very strong I've come this far!

anne size down! I'm going to be so excited when I get back in my "skinny jeans". I needed that reminder to pace myself; I can get all caught up in "doing better" rather than being satisified with where I'm at right now.

Bill You think you procrastinate? I don't even bother thinking I'll get my taxes in on time, I just take an extension. I'll be trying the Good Seasons dressing packet; maybe I can figure out how to use my fresh basil, etc., this summer. I love growing herbs.

CREDIT MOI - Went out to eat last night; planned ahead, asked for sauce on the side and broccoli without butter and felt very peaceful and satisfied sticking to my plan. Allowed myself a Smart Ones sundae for desert at home and it was way better than any Max and Erma's cookie because it was eaten with PRIDE!

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Default Weekend Check-In

Hello all my Beck Buddies/Coaches

I’m having an OP weekend. Which means 100% OP with diet and exercise. I finished my first read of BDS and received the other Beck book yesterday. I will start reading it today or tomorrow. I just downloaded a couple more Responses into my PDA.

Oh, about my frozen garage door. Turns out that it wasn’t frozen shut after all. The motor went out in the Genie. Although my garage door is just a couple of years old, the Genie is very old and it just finally gave out. They are going to replace the Genie one day this week. It’s a good thing that I only drive on the weekends because I still can’t get out of my garage. My uncle had to take me to the grocery store yesterday so that I could get my food for the week.

Speaking of food, I will be doing a LOT of food prep today, plus laundry and general house cleaning.

Anne – Glad to hear that you’re feeling and doing better!

ChinaMaine – for the 1 pound down! That Pizza your Hubby made you made my mouth water, even though I didn’t even know what the ingredients were.

Bill – Yes, Chicago has definitely been in the news a lot lately. We go from one corrupt politician scandal to another. All I can say is – oh well….

Oh, I think white chili is chili made with white beans (as opposed red or black beans).

Davidette – Glad that you’re not letting the fickleness of the scale get you down.

Tera – Congrats on exercising your resistance muscle with the Chinese food!

One-by-One – Congrats on starting with the Wii Fit, I’ve heard nothing but good things about them. Sorry about all of your family drama, but please don’t forget that taking care of yourself is top priority.

Hi JenMusic – Welcome back to Beck!

Annefor those size 16s!

Bill – Did you have to remind me that I have to get started on my taxes?

Davidette – Yes, you do deserve credit for your successful dinner last night.

Okay all, I have a ton of things to get accomplished today. Please send some productivity vibes my way. Everyone have a GREAT day!
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Saturday Report

100% OP (Supplements, Food, Rest, Anti-Inflammatory, 3FCx2)

Good news: My beloved coffee is (barely) anti-inflammatory. I don't have to give it up!!

Today, my friends are done with the Con at around 2pm. I had the opportunity to introduce them to The Big Bang Theory, a sitcom I love. When they get back, we may play Apples to Apples.

She wanted doughnuts for breakfast, but it looks like they're going to pick it up on the way to the hotel. At the mention of doughnuts, my instinct was "yes, doughnuts!" but I took a step back and was going to ask for one of those new flatbread sandwiches at Dunkin Donuts instead. Of course, it's a moot point now.

Less pain today, but still not stretching... it still hurts enough to know that the stretching would hurt it even more. Hopefully I'll be well enough for walking the pool tomorrow.

Bill: for doing taxes. Tax time is the only time I'm glad I don't have anything, because I have nothing to track.

Davidette: Paying attention to my body is the foundation of my plan. I'm not trying to look good, I'm trying to get myself in better health. I could diet and ignore my body and probably lose a lot of weight and look great (for a short time at least) but would I really be in any better condition?

I used to think of my body as a part of me, but more and more, I think of it as a tool or vehicle, like a car, that must be maintained and taken in to be looked at if it starts "making that funny sound."

for good choices at the restaurant and going home for a planned treat!

Tali: for another OP weekend! That's two in a row!

Bummer about the genie. Is there no manual way to open the garage door?
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Thumbs up Good Sunday Morning

Morning Coaches

I am feeling good this morning. My food and exercise plan is coming together and I am back on track today, feeling renewed. I started my day with 21 minutes on the wii fit. Credit moi. And Credit moi for making the decision to
get on the wagon. I will claim here an overall credit for no longer staying off the wagon for very long. I seem to take periodic timeouts but continue to return again and again.

I have found an intriguing website I'm going to consult for some new recipes to try out. From the homepage, along the side, there's a food and recipe database. I clicked on browse recipes by ingredient and up came a lot of stuff. So I think I'm going to pick a couple to try out. I am looking for meatless dishes. I'd like to limit meat to one main meal a day. I saw a garbanzo bean meatloaf I'd like to try. I love the garbanzo (aka chick pea) and I'll bet this could be good.

Anyway that's it for today. I have a lot of homework to do and this week is full of ceramic room duties. The part-time ceramic instructor who was away having surgery is now back. I find myself getting mad anytime I get any kind of email from her cracking the whip. I really should just quit that job. My heart is not in it so I avoid doing it. I may be better off getting a "joe job" maybe back at the theatre where I would at least get a free movie pass! I had that once a few years ago, working alongside the teens, and boy did I LOVE that pass! DH and I (I could bring along a guest) would sometimes see three movies in arow. We went so often that we got to assessing the types of audiences that we found ourselves in for each film and how they reacted to the movies, along with, of course, seeing the films themselves. And we'd choose the movies to be the most jarring genres from one to the other: sci-fi to romantic comedy to action for example. That was fun. Very fun!

Better go. Much to get done this afternoon.

BTW DH will not use the wii fit yet "because the living room is too messy & there's too much crap in the way". yeah. okay. So I will take the "hint" and try to make some space for my man. He's not totally wrong for saying this but there is NO WAY he is getting out of his promise to start the wii fit program with me. His tummy is expanding at an alarming rate (I do not say this to him only you my coaches)
and I have to create an environment supportive of his health as well as mine.

I can do this, and I can do this TODAY. Will report in when it is done.

Enjoy your Sunday!
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Good Afternoon,

Not a great day, but Im ok with it. Ive planned to be off plan today. With restraint. Ive also reworked what I am going to do next. Food is pretty much planned for next week. I need to do a bit of shopping later for a few things.

Scale trials.....Tomorrow will start a new 21 day, daily weigh-in. The scale I need shorter legs for (or better eyes) seems to weigh me a bit heavy. I had suspected this for quite a while since my weights anywhere else were always a bit lighter than I thought I was. Only by 2 lbs, but no matter. Ive gotten the new digital scale in the batroom. I can get on it every day before I get in the shower. K....I can do this!! My graph/chart is all set up, I'll work the plan and remember to take it one day at a time.

Tera~ Thanks so much for the link, I checked it out and I like it (alot). I checked out your blog that a 3fc blog? It's really pretty!

I think you may have posted before about your hip, but what happened originally to cause the pain you are having? Im glad the shoes are helping. I had a girlfriend who had issues with her back and hips, the dr. told her that the only time she was to take her shoes off was when she was in the shower, or in bed. They helped her so much she couldnt believe it herself. It wasnt the shoes it was the inserts she had.

onebyone~ sounds like a serious case of jealousy on your family's part. You are happy, living a wonderful life, and they havent (for what ever reason) been able to achieve that. Good for you My advice for what its worth .....if you decide to get reinvolved, do it with a guarded heart.

As for dh's excuses....gotta love them mine does the same thing. Getting everything cleaned up so he cant complain is wonderful!! Good on ya!

Bill~ We have people. (for taxes) No really, the accountant does it all. Both my husband and I NOT math wizards. (right, so how do we run a business?) Good luck!

White chili as my husband described it, chicken pot pie without the crust and white navy beans added. He wasnt happy it was without the crust!

Anne~ I love the treat your dd got when she went to the dentist. My dd still gets suckers Have fun while you are away!!

Have a wonderful sunday evening everyone! Im off to get some cooking and laundry done.
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Default Sunday

Oof-tah! Where did my energy go?
Beck – WI-down .25 lb. I’m just feeling without any energy today. Am packing away the Xmas decorations between bouts of reclining… Did no beck-work today (I had made my food plan yesterday…)
Food – op; Exercise – off-plan. This was a 30 minute exercise day and I’ve only done 10 minutes of it.
Anne I’m glad you were on plan yesterday. I’m getting more than a bit worried about your health. You’ve been tired and sick for several weeks now. Should you see your doctor again?

But size 16 jeans and wearing ¼ of your pre-pregnancy clothes!! You have been working so hard, it must be really nice to see substantive evidence of it. Good luck on planning for your trip – traveling is such a challenge…

Thanks for the info on the AHA guidelines – I checked and my average sat fat is 7.5%. Even better my latest cholesterol numbers appear to be back down in the normal range. I hope to get the actual numbers when my doc returns from vacation on Monday… I tried to find out what experimental data had for recommending 7%, but have had no success yet on tracking it down.

Tera – Kudos for the ‘No Choice’ and ‘oh well’! Your scale will probably be better next week. (To paraphrase the great Beck) - The number on the scale is just a source of important information, and not an indication of your worth.

And on Saturday – hooray for the op day; credit stepping back from your initial reaction to donuts! I really hope your hip feels well enough for exercises tomorrow.

Bill – Credit on your taxes! You’re ahead of me -- I’m about 2 hours from having all my info organized.

davidette for your dining out success! – and thanks for telling me about your charm bracelet. I can see how that would reinforce you throughout the day.

Tali - Kudos for an op weekend, and for the food prep!

one by one Bravo for food/exercise plans coming together! And for the wii fit time…

Robin Good luck with the scale – hope weighing every day works for you.
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Well, BillBE, you really know how to suck me back into the fold. I was happy just reading along, cheering, laughing, and even staying out of the bean sprouts discussion, but, you KNOW what I can't stay stifled about.

"Sending sympathy that Illinois has joined maryblu in Minnesota for having their senator's credentials in the news."

You KNOW politics is my Achilles Heel. *sigh. waiting, waiting,

Ever our Good Cyber Sheppard, as always!

I certainly hope that what I have read for ages about sprouts being more nutritious as sprouts than after they grow up is true. I would rather eat my own home-sprouted broccoli sprouts than chew on the grown up stuff. Seriously. So if anyone finds out otherwise, please don't tell me.

Thanks Wndranne for review of Breaking Through Your Setpoint. It rings true with me as I know I have one. Two "official" weigh-ins last Wed. .one on my tried and true balance beam scale at one of our labs, and then an hour later at the Dr.'s office. 154. Set Point. Set Point.

And thank you, thank you, thank you, Anne, for Micheal Scott and The Alchemist. It has been a longggggggggg time since anything has remotely come close to what J.K. Rowling created. Love it!
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Coaches/Buddies Food was mostly on plan today. I had an extra 100 calorie granola bar this afternoon, but it fit into my calorie budget and I was dying for something sweet. Exercise was good, too. Took DD to a nearby trail and we hiked for about 1.5 miles in an hour, and then I ran tonight. I'm going to move up to C25K Week 5. Have to program my Garmin--first time since December. Woo-hoo! I continue to feel better. Still tired, but better. DS has developed a new set of boogers though, so I'm scared.

Still to do tonight: food plan for tomorrow, program Garmin, read RCs.

Tera Sending : that the scale reflects your work soon. Nice work on the donut plan. You'll have it ready next time.

I didn't know that coffee wasn't inflammatory. I have read it is the number one source of antioxidants in the average American's diet. I have also read that the role of free radicals in aging and other bad physical stuff is not as great as was even recently thought. Perhaps I should just drink it because I like it and it makes me feel good, and not feel the need to rationalize everything.

Bill Hope your taxes turned out like you want them. In my next life, I'm coming back filthy rich, so I can procrastinate all I want.

davidette Nice work on your eating out experience. Those can be tough.

Tali Yay for on plan weekends! Hope your Genie gets fixed soon. Will you get three more wishes when they get it working again.

onebyone Yay for renewal and 21 minutes on the Wii Fit. I take it you weren't unbalanced like I was, LOL? Hope you got it decluttered! My first thought was, cool, messy, more wii for you, but reading further, it looks like you want to share.

RobinW I really hope the 21 day daily weighing works out for you. It is such good (though not perfect), immediate feedback.

ChinaMaine Thanks for your concern about my health. I am beyond frustrated, but I remember going through this with DD and it got a lot better about 10 or 11 months, which is right around the corner. We just have to run the gauntlet on those viruses, and my immune system is pretty wimpy after depleting my body for the pregnancy and nursing, followed up by lousy sleep for several months. The end is in sight.

Are you doing Cheat Sheets? Do you need to do one for your exercise? I always think of it as a food cheat tool, but it could be used for anything off plan. Exercise, sleep, stress management, whatever activities you use for weight management.

maryblu Glad you liked The Alchemyst. I have started The Magician but haven't gotten very far yet. The next one comes out in May, The Sorceress, I think. Then a long 3 year wait for the rest of the 6 part series. Ah, well, something to look forward to.

Here's hoping you kick that Set Point after the standard 6 months. Or even sooner.

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