Will giving up Diet Coke help weight loss?

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  • About five years ago I gave up caffeine and aspartame for almost a year. I have fibromyalgia and some people find caffeine and aspartame to worsen their symptoms. I didn't notice any drastic improvement, but figured it was a good idea anyway. When my fatigue was getting worse, my doctors prescribed Provigil, but advised me to choose caffeine before prescription meds. I'm trying to drink more tea, because it's a more natural source of caffeine, but my caffeine delivery method of choice is still diet soda.

    I think that sometimes we have to pick our battles. My goal is to eat cleaner, but progress over perfection works best for me. Everything in moderation, even moderation.
  • I believe the artificial sweetener in it is the problem
    Those sweeteners can spike your blood sugar - then when it suddenly drops back down - you experience hunger and cravings - so in a way, yes, it does sabotage your diet.
  • I also dropped diet soda and nothing else and lost 18 pounds over a few weeks! That was about a year ago. I began to drink about 2-4 over the weekends (as opposed to all day every day) for the caffeine and over time realized that drinking diet soda was directly connected to my feeling very hungry and craving sweets for about 24 hours after. Time and time again.

    Now I drink sparkling mineral water, teas, water and the occasional skinny latte.
  • Huh. I've lost 140 pounds while guzzling diet soda. I'm at a stall now - perhaps I'll experiment with dropping it for a few weeks, see if I can break it and report back in with my findings. I'd like to think it doesn't make a difference in the least for me. Although getting out of this pesky stall would be nice.
  • 140 lbs... WOW.
    Quote: Huh. I've lost 140 pounds while guzzling diet soda.

    WOW. You've lost 140 lbs. Regardless of the diet coke thing (even though I am apprently a diet coke ****... ) You must look AMAZING at 150 (or so). Congratulations, way to go, you really are an inspiration.
  • Thanks Lan! But seriously, since I'm about at the tail end of my weight loss and have been 'stuck' for about a month I'll subject myself to a ban on Diet Coke experiment to see if it makes a difference. I eat on plan everyday, as well as exercise religiously, I'm a very consistent person with my plan - so this will prove to be interesting. The only thing I'll change is to give up Diet Coke and other diet sodas.

    Like I said, I don't really think it made a difference for ME - but maybe I'll prove myself wrong? Who knows? Cheers to that! Whatever you choose to drink!
  • I cut out diet sodas and I feel a lot better. Now I notice that when I drink one, I feel bloated. Never noticed the bloat when I was drinking them everyday...
  • i hope not, i love diet coke. I dont really drink that much of it though, maybe about 2 litres a week? I hope that isnt enough for any bad effects. Its the one tasty thing that has close to no calories, i dont want to stop drinking it!
  • i used to drink DC all the time but now i only have 1 with dinner. i'm trying to cut it out completly though because whenever i have one i always want something sweet like M&M's and it just makes me feel bad after dinner too.
  • Weight loss result?
    Quote: I was a major Diet Coke addict, as in a 12-pack a day. I gave it up about two weeks ago. Since then I have had it twice when I was out in town. At first it really sucked. I was tired all the time, I had a headache, and my stomach hurt. Now it hardly bothers me at all. I still like fizzy drinks so now I drink very low sodium mineral water with a little lemon or lime.

    I feel a lot better. My skin is better. I'm not retaining as much water. My resting pulse rate has dropped from 100+ to around 85, and I am sleeping better. There are still days when I really want soda, but I got pretty bad headaches those days I drank it in town, so I resist.

    I drank around the same amount. I quit it yesterday. Did it help
    With your weightloss?