I'm new & looking for others who eat EVERY 3 HOURS

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  • I Want to try this, what do you eat?
    Would like to try this can I have examples of what some of you eat in a day? And Do any of you combine it with a diet like south beach or weight watchers? Thanks
  • Hi Lucia and Stormy13,
    This is a copy of a post I did earlier that explains what I eat. Since posting this I haven't changed anything and I still feel as great as ever. I have to admit I still have not exercised yet unless thinking about it counts LOL I eat whatever I want but just mindful of the amount of food I eat. By eating every 3 hours I am NEVER hungry.

    I don't count calories or anything. I have tried "diets" in the past and lost weight but then put it back on and then some. I feel like I am basically eating the same amount of food but just spreading it out throughout the day. Of course I am more mindful of what I am eating. But...I am not pigging out, eating too much or binge eating anymore because afterall I eat every three hours. I did switch from Coke to Coke Zero. I am also drinking hot tea. I'd rather drink hot tea than cold water right now. That's the only changes to what I eat I have made. I haven't exercised yet but plan to start in a month or two.
    Within one week - I noticed I had more energy, feel better and my mood is better. I don't need a nap after work anymore. The absolute best part is I feel like I eat plenty and this is something I CAN do for the rest of my life.
    One more thing I noticed..it has evened out my sugar or insulin levels and I don't feel the ups and downs like I used to feel after eating a meal. Seems like I would crash and the only way to feel better was to eat again.
    I eat breakfast at 7am, lunch one at 10am, lunch two at 1pm, dinner one at 4 pm and dinner two at 7pm. I think too much about food to forget about eating..LOL
  • Most of the weight I have lost has been done with frequent mini meals.
    I believe it really helps, especially if you have low blood sugar issues.