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keikoasmom 03-05-2009 12:27 PM


Originally Posted by migotokokoro (Post 2585243)
I haven't been sticking to the plan for about a week now... I feel horrible. I haven't gained the weight back, but I still feel really bad. I'm starting again today and hopefully I don't fall out of it again. I'm really upset because someone I've known for over 2 years called me fat and obese yesterday and she even told her 11 year old daughter to watch her weight or she'll turn out like me... That really hurts, and I don't want people to think of me like that anymore.

Migo that is terrible!! I am so sorry, people can be horrible sometimes. No real friend would say that, how hurtful.
I wish I was close by, I would take you out for coffee and hugs!:hug:

Sometimes people just make me so mad. I think, OK, so if I never lose weight, I look like Roseanne, or Queen Latifah or go to Beautiful-Actresses-in-Plus-Size-Gowns

Then I think, "OK, I can look ok if you don't see my "saddle bags", but I am going to lose some weight, and no one is going to damage my self-esteem whether I'm fat or slim. I am a good person, I have things I'm good at (make a list, it helps!) and maybe I need new friends!

I gained 2 pounds, DH treated me to steak and drinks at Texas Roadhouse (next time I'll have chicken or something) but it was great. We only go out once a month, so now I'll have tuna and behave, lol! I am determined to eat more salads and the 3 hour thing was working until I ran out of food!

Good luck everyone, and hang in there, Migo, you're probably a much nicer person than that person anyway. :devil:

delafax 03-05-2009 06:15 PM

Hoosiermama - I guess you have to have so many posts before you can reply to an email. Glad you are here.
Bev- Glad to see your back on
Hi Linda
I did my usual routine today...
Breakfast at 7 am, Lunch one at 10 am, Lunch two at 1pm and then when I got home I just wasn't hungy for anything. Normally I would eat 1/2 of my dinner at 4 pm and then the other 1/2 at 7 pm. Instead of skipping a meal I ate some cottage cheese and a few nuts. I know the key to me losing weight is eating every 3 hours. I think it's funny that I am eating to lose weight. Of course my co-workers find it hard to believe that I have lost 27 pounds due to eating so often...but it's true.

keikoasmom 03-06-2009 02:12 PM

Delafax, that is so amazing, 27 pounds! And so funny, eating to lose weight!
I had a muffin for breakfast, need breakfast 2 in an hour. I have trouble eating in the morning, but I'll get more creative after I get groceries on Mon.
I had a cake mix (Betty Crocker? or one of them, cherry) that was low in fat, so I made it and added a cup of muesli for fiber. Not great, but all I had.
Maybe I should make the second breakfast a first lunch?

waterski chick 03-11-2009 06:31 AM

Delafax... a great book that incorporates 5-6 small meals a day is The Eat Clean Diet by Tosca Reno.

delafax 03-11-2009 08:41 PM

Waterski Chick - Thanks for the information about that book. I just bought it online today. I got a new one with shipping and handling for a total of $7.41.
Eventhough I have create my on plan for eating every 3 hours I do enjoy reading books that believe in eating several meals a day. I find it a good way to incorporate or atleast try new ideas and/or recipes.
Keikoasmom - How are you doing? Did you make your 2nd breakfast a first luch instead?
How is everyone else doing?

pattygirl63 03-11-2009 11:28 PM

Hi Everybody,

It will take me a while to learn everybodies names. I'm bad about that, but I am so excited about this thread. I've just learned about this last week some time and went online and checked it out. Then I started eating about every 3 hours or so last Thurs or Fri. I have had some days that have been difficult to eat every 3 hours so sometimes it has gone to 4 hours, but I hope things will settle down so I can do the every 3 hours. Sundays are especially a hard time to work it out with church and all. They have snacks before church and also at night at the Bible study, but it is usually pastries and I really don't want to start eating those. Maybe with spring time coming in, I can take some healthier snacks to the evening class.

I've been reading what some of you are eating especially you with blood sugar issues hypoglycemia. I have recently been diagnosed with that too. I have done low carb before, but they were either too restrictive or they had you eat 3 meals and maybe a snack back when I did it which only set me up for bad cravings for sweets. I know I feel better when I eat more protein and may try that again eating every 3 hours. However, I also think it is important to get some of the good grains in as well. But I've been reading a lot of nutrition books and it doesn't have to be a lot mostly fiber which also is in the fruits and veggies. With spring coming in that will be easy to find good frest fruits and veggies that I like. That should be easy to do. When I weighed Mon, I had lost 8 lbs. I know that was probably water weight, but a loss is a loss and I will take it.

Any way, I'm glad that we have this going here. Thanks delafax for the PM and for starting this thread. I look forward to getting to know all of you and hope we can encourage each other as well.

No Ordinary Love 03-12-2009 11:03 AM

I'm also new to the eating every 3 hours
I just started eating every 3 hours last week, so far so good... I don't feel deprived of foods and actually is quite hard to eat so much food. I was eating just 2 meals a day basically, would eat sometime around 1100 and then would not eat again until dinner time. By that time I was so hungry, I would just eat anything that I could get my hands on. :faint:

Last week I found the 3 hour diet book and could not stop reading it... I am thrilled with this book, it is giving me the understanding that I need about how food and timing of meals affect your body. :coach:

Well a week has gone by and my first 2 lbs are gone. I think I can make it, a couple of pounds at a time...

:goodscale :cheer:

pattygirl63 03-12-2009 01:37 PM

I woke up this morning ready to get up which hasn't happened in a looong time. I got up and made me 1/2 serving of oatmeal etc and ate it around 10 am. Since we eat our main meal around 2 o'clock, I had a serving of melons at noon. I will probably make dinner for DH and then eat mine at 3 to get onto my 3 hour cycle for the rest of the day. I have no more candy in the house that I usual eat and plan to replace the candy with fruit. I am a night eater and since DH and I are retired and stay up late and get up later in the mornings, I plan my every 3 hours around that schedule. I do try to stop eating 3 hours before going to bed. I didn't do to good with that last night, but hope to get better at it.

No Ordinary Love - CONGRATULATIONS on the 2 lb loss.

Hope everyone has a great day.

delafax 03-12-2009 06:36 PM

Pattygirl63 - I have trouble with names too - especially when we are dealing with user names and real names LOL
Welcome No Ordinary Love - Isn't it great not to feel deprived? I read the 3 hour diet book too - several times. It has good ideas and I have incorporated many into my plan. I don't have the 100 calorie snacks though as I am more satisfied if all my meals are about the same. I joined that site for free and quickly cancelled as there were very, very few people there. Not worth it - not even the free 10 days. They had my credit card number so I was afraid when it took me several phone calls before someone answered but I was finally able to cancel before my free time was up.
I am so determined to eat every 3 hours and meet my goal weight by 8-15-09that even my boss and co-workers know what I am doing. I am a school teacher and last week during one of our sp ed staff meetings I ate! I warned them before the meeting and it was funny when they saw me break out my lunch at 10 am. Eating every 3 hours has really put my insulin levels back in check. I don't feel the highs and lows like I used to feel. Now I am considering on telling people I have a medical condition that requires me to eat every 3 hours. Of course my coworkers still can't get over the fact that I am eating to lose weight. (Since 1-1-09 I have lost 30 pounds)

Kecia08 03-12-2009 09:37 PM

My husband is always telling me I need to eat more often, but I didn't really understand why. It seems to work though! At the moment, I am focusing more on exercising than on a diet plan, but I think I will create a schedule to stick by on when to eat.

Thanks for the inspiration! :)

yoyoma 03-12-2009 10:10 PM

I space 6 minimeals about 3 hours apart during the day. The exact schedule depends on my constraints that day. I think it helps my weight loss, but I'm primarily a calorie counter and I would eat too much in my minimeals if I weren't tracking calories.

pattygirl63 03-12-2009 10:45 PM

Hi Everybody, It is so nice to see more of us doing this and sharing on this thread. When I decided to do this, I was wishing we had a thread for it and here we are.

Delafax - Congratulations on the 30 lbs lost so far. I looked at the 100 calorie snacks and none of them were appealing so I didn't get any. My experience with them in the past was that they made me want another one so have chosen not to go that route.

I've had a pretty good day. Feel like I might be eating too much, but we will see. I drank a lot of water today and seem to be feeling it right now maybe too much too fast. By the way, I drink a lot of hot green tea and some black tea myself mainly because I don't like ice water during cold weather so I drink more of the hot teas than water. When the warmer weather hits, I will drink more water as I will not want much hot teas during that time. Of course, I can have ice tea then. I still try to get at least 1/2 or a little more liquids as water though. Guess that comes from WW.

Have good evening and I'll catch y'all tomorrow.

No Ordinary Love 03-13-2009 05:08 PM


Originally Posted by pattygirl63 (Post 2651618)

No Ordinary Love - CONGRATULATIONS on the 2 lb loss.

Hope everyone has a great day.

Thanks!!! :hug:

No Ordinary Love 03-13-2009 05:12 PM


Originally Posted by delafax (Post 2652115)

Welcome No Ordinary Love - Isn't it great not to feel deprived? I read the 3 hour diet book too - several times...

(Since 1-1-09 I have lost 30 pounds)

Thanks!!! I feel sometimes like I'm eating too much. Wow great job on the 30 lbs lost. Hope I am able to lose 30 lbs in a short time like that. Well I guess a few pounds at a time...


delafax 03-14-2009 02:18 PM

Hi guys. How is everyone today? I love subs and yesterday I decided to get one. I was so so proud of myself. I ate about 3 inches of it for dinner. This morning I had another 3 inches of it for breakfast. I'm looking forward to sharing the rest of it with my husband later on for one of my dinners. A few months ago I could eat a large sub, with chips and a soda in one sitting with no problem. I would never dream of doing that now.

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