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BillBlueEyes 11-01-2008 04:23 AM

The Beck Diet Solution – November 2008 – Group for Support, Discussion, Diet Coach
Welcome to The Beck DIET solution discussion group, support group, diet coach group relating to the book by Dr. Judith S. Beck:
The Beck DIET solution: train your brain to think like a thin person.
The Beck Diet Solution is a psychological program, not a food plan. It provides a step-by-step program to learn specific techniques to stay on our diet, lose weight, and maintain our weight loss for life. The program is based on Dr. Beck's clinical research in Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT).

There are no eating plans, calorie counts, recipes or exercises; according to Beck, any healthy diet will work if we learn to think differently about eating and food. Beck's book is like an extended therapy session with a diet coach.

This is a place to discuss the Beck strategies and our daily efforts, to receive and provide support, and, for some of us, is where we serve as on-line diet coach to each other.

If you’ve arrived from a search engine, you’ve landed at the site of 3 fat chicks, a remarkable place for those interested in a healthy life style, including mindful eating, exercise, and weight loss. More about the site, including how to register so that you can post can be found here.

The book, The Beck Diet Solution, is available on Amazon through the 3FC store by clicking here.

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BillBlueEyes 11-01-2008 05:26 AM

Saturday - Three days until US elections
Diet Coaches - Consumed no Kit-Kats all evening. CREDIT moi. Interesting that it wasn't a struggle; didn't particularly rely on No Choice. I was helped by remembering that so many people describe their disappointment in the taste of mediocre stuff that is so fondly remembered. However, the situation isn't over. We had fewer trick-or-treat'ers than expected so there remain 2 and a half bags of Kit-Kats to dispose of. DS and his GF refused. Next door neighbor already asked if I'd take their left overs, sigh.

Probably some 80% of the kids wore purchased costumes. Notable self-mades were a young teen as a Ninja in a silk kimono, and several white faced mimes. Two collectors for UNICEF. Two very young mothers pushing kids in strollers doing the collecting themselves in large canvas shopping bags (like I know who that candy is for). Most of the kids were being prompted by parents to say "Thank You."

Jeanie (kuhljeanie) - Kudos for a big OP day. Really impressed that you studied the loot for 20 minutes and then decided on a Bistro snack - that's such a victory for making wise choices. Good luck with the recruiter.

Robin (RobinW) - LOL at "I still need a housewife?!?!!!!!!!" Yep don't we all. Having an image of you under a huge mound of t-shirts fighting your way out. Our last visitor was at 9:30 pm - two teenage girls just wandering about carrying huge goodie bags. I gave them several Kit-Kats each but couldn't bring myself to dump the whole remaining load on them.

shrinkin - Kudos for being OP when eating two meals out in one day. And Kudos for doing pool and PT in the same day. Sending warm supportive thoughts as you go to work with your mother.

Tera (twilit tera) - Kudos for OP including 40 minutes of swimming. Neat choice of Halloween graphics. Around here, the little kids are all done by 6:30 pm or so. About 8:00 pm, when our neighborhood was already pretty quite, I drove through an area only about 3 blocks away that was still swarming with kids - like middle school kids traveling in bunches of 10. Now that's scary.

Readers -
"Prepare your home and work environments by putting tempting foods where you won't easily see them - and by putting wholesome foods allowed by your diet in palin view." Beck, pg 90.

bennyhannahmama 11-01-2008 09:43 AM

New Here and Excited About Finding The BDS!
Hi all,
I inadvertendtly came across this website while doing some research on the Sensewear WMS. I actually found a post in a different forum but the author of the post mentioned the Beck Diet Solution. Something about it caught my eye and made me dig a little further until I found this sub-forum. Just reading the description at the beginning of the thread gave me hope that I found what I've been looking for. I have struggled with my weight/body-image since I was about 12 years old (I'm 34 now). I have successfully lost weight through many different programs (WW, Body for Life, etc.) and have had times when I've been in great shape. I know that my struggles are completely emotional/mental/behavioral. I've been in and out of therapy for over 15 years for various reasons, but this is certainly one of them. I know that if I'm ever to get a handle on this aspect of my life, I need to deal with the emotional/mental/behavioral components. So, I need to get myself the book before I completely jump on board, but I really think this is what I need right now (and therefore why I came across it.)

I look forward to meeting, learning from and supporting all of you!


RobinW 11-01-2008 12:02 PM

Afternoon :wave:

bennyhannamama~ :welcome3: We're glad you found us!!

Bill~ Kudos for not even wanting the extra kitkats!! You are in a very good place when you dont "want" them!! Besides, the american kitkats taste horrible! The canadian kitkats on the other hand are very good :D

Hubby tells me this morning that there was a huge fight/screaming match out in front of our house last night. The fire trucks and police came with sirens and flashing lights. It was so loud (so Im told) that most of the neighbourhood was out on their porches watching the event. Me? I slept thru it all :lol:

Eating was weird yesterday. Unplanned food that was diet acceptable was tossed in, making supper kinda tricky. Because supper would have been too much food for the day. Oh well....I managed.

Have a great saturday everyone.......Im printing t's again today. See if I had that housewife, she could be home getting all my saturday "around the house" stuff done for me. Some day.......I'll sell enough t-shirts and signs I can hire me a housewife!! :lol:

shrinkin 11-02-2008 12:35 AM

Saturday night check in
Hi, coaches,

Almost bed time and just realized that we get to put our clocks back an hour tonight...so I have time to post.

Two pretty good days. Was over calories by about 200 yesterday and totally OP today. Hard to meet calorie goals when travelling. Yesterday lunch at airport consisted of one half of a personal cheese pizza (not any good entree choices at the small concession at the airport). Decided to cut pizza in half and throw away half...WHOA that is a first. Looked up pizza after the fact. Oh my, even 1/2 is 450 calories. Yikes. Did manage to pick up some carrots and celery in Detroit airport and that plus banana got me thru the afternoon and early evening without either hunger or food desire.

Up early and went to pool at Y before mom up at about. She did not even know that I had gone. So, got in a 50 min workout. Had to ice shoulder and elbow afterwards though so probably did a bit too much. OH WELL.

Tomorrow driving mom to see relatives that I have not seen in years. We will both enjoy it. Sad thing is in 24 hours she will not remember having gone, who we saw or what they said. At best, she remembers things for 5-10 min. Oh Well. I won't get my workout in tomorrow because of this trip, but decided it is worth it. I am taking her for a test on Monday and will have about 3 hours waiting time. May just have to find a pool to go to during that time. We'll see.

kuhljeanie-WTG resisting halloween candy long enough to decide that it simply no longer has a draw for you. :crossed: that it just stays that way. Sure would be nice, wouldn't it? Ouch for keeping clothes a long time and then deciding it was not worth it. Oh Well, good news is that you could wear them because you are thinner now!:carrot:

BillBlueEyes-Enjoyed your Halloween observations as I did not get to participate in handing out any goodies this year. WooHoo for not even feeling the desire for KitKats, even when they were present in mass. LOL for "knowing where the candy was going" for those mothers pushing strollers. Neat about the kids learning to say "thank you". The airport was empty Friday night...maybe everyone was out trick or treating.

RobinW-Know the feeling of needing house wife...sure is hard to keep up with the life chores while working. Hope you get that printing done and get in some time for you.:cool:

bennyhannahmama-:welcome2: to the Beck board. IMO reporting in keeps one accoutable and motivated. Hope you will keep posting back!

Tera-watching for your :yay: to return after the zombie is gone! LOL. Vision of you in get-up providing trick or treaters with real scare. :D Wonder if your Debussy presentation is over? High five for your OP behavior and for that pool work out. Do you swim the whole time?

OK Becksters, I think we may need to organize a search party for onebyone...hope she is not under the wagon.
QuilterInVa-Hope you are doing well out there.:dancer:

:goodvibes to Ronnie and Happy1025 and all other Beck readers and posters.

Time for some zzzs.

BillBlueEyes 11-02-2008 04:54 AM

Welcome Kim (bennyhannahmama)
:welcome: Kim (bennyhannahmama) :welcome:

Welcome to the Beck Diet Solution Discussion Group, Support Group, Diet Coach Group.

And, in honor of your first post on 3FC, :wel3fc:

That's neat that you found out about 3FC when investigating Sensewear, and from there found out about Beck, and that led you to search for this thread. Good detective work there.

BillBlueEyes 11-02-2008 05:34 AM

Sunday - Two days before US elections
Diet Coaches - Bought strawberries anyway. CREDIT moi. Despite my DW turning up her nose because the quality of November strawberries is, well, at least somewhat, lacking. Got in my third gym session for the week after getting off schedule when I worked late and missed gym on Wednesday. CREDIT moi. And a big deal (for me): I figured out a better way to get started with the dumbbells so I tried the 50 pounders again - and I got them up without incident for both sets. CREDIT moi. I so like the feeling that the numbers are increasing so that I'm gaining by working out.

Robin (RobinW) - What's up with the "The canadian kitkats on the other hand are very good." You'd think that would make it easier to diet in the US, and so you'd expect fewer obese folks here. hmmm.... the statistics don't seem to support that. Therefore, gotta wonder about those Candadian KitKats, LOL. Kudos for figuring out supper on a weird food day.

shrinkin - Kudos for getting to the pool in a stressful situation. Sending supportive thoughts while you're working with your mother. Is it possible to take pictures of the visits with relatives, including her, for her to review later?

Kim (bennyhannahmama) - Yep, the Beck Diet Solution is a good way to deal with the "emotional/mental/behavioral components" of sticking to a diet plan and an exercise plan. I really like that it helps me to identify when it's Sabotaging Thoughts that are whispering for me to wander and helps me to generate Helpful Responses to stay the course. Great that you're going to get the book. (If you order it through Amazon via the 3FC website by clicking on the link in the first post, they will get a coin to help pay expenses around here.) Keep reading and posting - many of us find that the interactions with others using the Beck techniques help to keep us focused.

Readers -
"It is crucially important for you to review at least a couple of times a day all the reasons you have for wanting to lose weight." Beck, pg 96.

twilit tera 11-02-2008 09:04 AM

:yay: OP Supplements

No, no zombieing for me. I guess I will have to be content with the halloween party of a week before. (I've really got to scan the pic I have of us in costume!)

B came home with KFC and I'm afraid I overdid it a bit. I didn't need the biscuit and ate it anyway. I could have had corn instead of potato wedges. Oh, well. Moving on.

:yay: OP Food
:yay: OP Supplements
:yay: Planned exercise :swim: at the Club
:yay: Spontaneous exercise :running: at 6 Flags

I have come to the conclusion that I don't get as much from theme parks as I might have once upon a time. I'd much prefer a trip to a national park or a day in the zoo. We have these season passes though and I'm getting all the enjoyment I can out of them - which for me means mostly seeing the stage performances. And at least I'm getting more exercise than I would staying home and playing Okami.

:welcome3: Kim :welcome3:

Bill: :yay: for resisting Kit Kats. The way I see it, if you're going to add un-nutritious calories to your day, it should be for something spectacular. Let us know what finally becomes of the left-overs. I'll be calling my aunt today to ask her what she's doing with hers.

shrinkin: I'd have forgotten too, except for Jack FM's "What if we don't want to save daylight?" on the way down to the park. The Debussy presentation is tomorrow night, so I'll have time to tweak my slides and rehearse a little tomorrow.

In the pool I start with a stretch and then I do something between laps and water aerobics for about 30 minutes. I don't worry too much on how fast I'm moving as long as I keep my arms and legs moving and I use different strokes to keep my muscles from tiring out before I'm ready to slow down. I finish up with about 5 minutes of resistance training on my upper body, using the water resistance as if it were a weight machine. :D

I hope you're enjoying the time with your family, although I realize that it's rough.

Have a good Sunday, everyone. Hope you get your fill of the weekend before Monday. :)

onebyone 11-02-2008 12:24 PM

Here I am

Originally Posted by shrinkin (Post 2435037)
OK Becksters, I think we may need to organize a search party for onebyone...hope she is not under the wagon.

Oh shrinkin'. Thanks for thinking of me. Give me a hand getting out of the ditch will you? The wagon has been out of reach the last few days.

I'm starting a do-over today. Got my TOM yesterday. Ate everything as far as the eye could see Wed, Thurs, Fri, and Saturday. Just abandoned ship and hopped off the wagon. I didn't fall off. I hopped off. I say this as I flat out refused to make my lunches and snacks, did not buy what I need for the week, certainly did not write anything down nor read anything that would stop me, I just closed the curtains and sat in the dark and did not let anyone talk me out of eating whatever I wanted. I can't pinpoint why either. I think it's because my birthday is Tuesday and I am not going to be under 250. STUPID NUMBER. i could have been under that number by now.

I think Becksters I am going to put that scale away starting today for the next 7 weeks. I already weighed in. I am re-starting my fantastic workable do able forgivable WOE and I am not going to weigh myself except when I complete the next round, including the two maintenance weeks. My goal will be to stay OP. Already I am saying to myself "but it's my birthday and I will already NOT BE OP if I have a treat that day... I'm never going to do this."
And another voice is kicking in, the Beck voice, that says "Dr. Beck writes exactly about this in her book. Pick it up and read it. You're not just following a foodplan you are following a foodplan AND using Beck to keep you OP. You need emotional support and you can get that here and in that book. Do it."

This has to be a real priority in my life this foodplan and exercise and focus on my health. It keeps slipping to #4 or #5 status. Once it slips I easily discard it, telling myself when my weight rises due to poor food choices (often it's just sodium retention) I slip into feeling low, seeing it as proof I will never do this. It's just a lie. A lie. I have not always been this weight. I've just been this weight for a while now. It's not permanent. "This weight" is a span of about 6lbs: 251-257. Sometimes I spill over the top of it and quickly act to bring it down and sometimes I manage to get to that 250 and once this past month I SAW that 249 and it made me extremely happy and I felt like I had broken through my mental block.
I can do that again and more.
But I can't focus on that scale number. I think I am too easily distracted by it when I am feeling low. I should focus on my food and my pre-planning and staying OP.

twilit tera Yay for exercise and being OP. Yay for moving forward.

BillBlueEyes Kudos for gym progress. I bought two fantastic huge California pomegranates this week. 2 for $5.00. Giant ripe perfect pomegranates. My favorite fruit. I was checking out this site this morning
http://100milediet.org/ wondering if I could do this once a week? Eat only what is grown within 100 miles of your locale. Another site I saw called these the "dark days" for local food knowing it is a lot harder to gather local food over the winter months

I wonder if I can do this wihout a) a car and b) on a tight budget
money-wise and c) tight time budget.

What do you think about these ideas?

RobinW Still hard at work I see. It's good that you are so good at what you do. Kudos on staying focused on your foodplan amidst it all.

bennyhannahmama :welcome2: You've found a great supportive wise group. Hope you join in!

kuhljeanie I see you have a job interview? Exciting! And trying on thsoe clothes to discover they fit but aren't even what you want? That's really exciting too! I suspect the things I am looking forward to clothes-wise (except my fake fur coat that I desperately do want to wear) are really out of date and in the end I want NEW things to celebrate the NEW me. Enjoy the whole trying on of new clothes! You deserve it.:hug:

QuilterinVA Sorry to hear about the death of your dear friend. Was nice to see you back.:hug:

shrinkin' All the best to you and your mom. Hang in there over your visit okay? Sorry it's so hard.

angelmomma, ronnie, coastalsue, maryblu waving hello and wishing you joy today:val1:

Okay off to get some homework started. Thanks for being here.

RobinW 11-02-2008 06:58 PM

Good Evening

I had a wonderful excessive sleep-in this morning :) It was wonderful. I think it totaled 14hrs sleep :D Oh boy did I need it. We woke up, went to our fav. starbucks for our sunday paper read and our coffee. Then did a bit of grocery shopping, then home for laundry and some cooking. I just sat down to take a little break. I plan to take 1/2 a day off this coming week, just for myself.

Bill~how did the strawberries taste? Kudos for getting in all your workout days. I belong to a another weightlifting forum if you are interested in checking it out let me know. Its very small, and the group is very friendly and helpful. You might find it useful. The age range there is early 30's to I think mid/early 60's Let me know and I'll pm the link to you.

onebyone~ it sounds like you know what you want to do, just not keeping consistent. Life certainly does get in the way doesnt it. Ive put my cards back in my purse....and Im thinking of photo copying them so I have a set at home and one at work too. Just little somethings to help me remember to stay on track.

Im off to finish laundry....the laundry fairy didnt come either :( :lol:

BillBlueEyes 11-03-2008 05:15 AM

Monday - The eve of US Elections
Diet Coaches - Planning ahead: since I woke up at the usual body time - there's no such thing as body-daylight-savings-time - I used the hour to make a batch of curried zucchini and basmati rice for this weeks lunches. CREDIT moi. I'm reminded that one core aspect of the Beck Diet Solution is working today to prepare for tomorrow, rather than working at fighting off the food desires. When my food is planned, purchased, and prepared, I have an easier time sticking to my eating plan.

My DS tasted my dish - asked how much cumin I had used. He laughed at my one tablespoon, suggested three tablespoons. His secret for good Indian food is lots of spices. So, by nightfall, he had dropped off a huge bag of cumin seeds from the local Indian Market so that I can grind it fresh next time. Alas, so much to learn about this cooking business.

onebyone - Ouch for the rough times; Kudos for making changes to your routine to get going again. I like your notion to avoid the scale if it is causing you pain. You can revel in staying on plan and let your body figure out how to fall in line.

Thanks for the pointers to the eating locally stuff. I'm a believer, although we don't hesitate to eat bananas and pineapples and mangoes from far far away. And joyfully eat walnuts and almonds and avocados from California. And look forward to grapefruit and oranges from Florida. OK, so that's not so local. But veggies are local from farmers' markets during summer. And we choose local apples for which there are many options.

I think you'd find it tough to go 100% local with realistic time constraints; the author admits that they spent mucho time doing this. (My DW considers the carbon impact of driving to a distant farm stand verses the local supermarket. Fortunately, I easily pass urban farmers' markets 3 or 4 times a week on my walks. And some days I think of Whole Foods as local - some day I think of Whole Foods as agribusiness.) Perhaps you could try his idea to have one meal a week with 90% local. Or try for 100% local veggies during season; Ontario has great options to support that. For me, it is reasonable to eat whole wheat shipped from the vast plains of the US and Canada. And in my brain local includes blue berries from Maine without asking which part of Maine in order to calculate the 100 miles.

OK, lots of words and not much answer, I guess because it's a challenging question and we continue to actively work on it. Good luck on making your choices.

Robin (RobinW) - Just WOW at 14 hours of sleep; yep, your body must have needed it. Great idea to take a half day off for yourself, especially after printing a zillion t-shirts this week and weekend. Re the strawberries: they're OK, not great, good enough to remind me what strawberries taste like.

Tera (twilit tera) - Yeah for spontaneous exercise at six flags. Your comment about theme parks reminds me of my three day trip to Disney World when the kids were young. I hadn't realized how remarkably well the place was designed until about two and a half days into the trip when I suddenly realized that I knew where everything was and where the edges were; the Magic Kingdom was just a theme park. If I lived my life over again, I'd go for only two days just to retain the feeling of magic.

angelmomma210 - Thinking of you and your DH today on Kathy's Holiday.

Readers -
If you struggle to motivate yourself to exercise, ask a friend or official exercise coach (such as a personal trainer) to meet you for your exercise sessions. It's easy to let yourself down by skipping exercise, but it's a much harder to let down a friend or trainer. Your coach can also work with you to help you overcome your physical and attitudinal difficulties." Beck, pg 110.

onebyone 11-03-2008 07:31 AM

on again modified week 12 do-over
Good Morning Becksters. I am about to dash out the door but wanted to say I have my week planned out as to how to tackle being off plan for 5 days. it's good. I can do this. So I have my morning's worth of food looked after and I will be home for the afternoon so I can deal with that then. It's good to be back in with you guys and it strikes me that I do not stay away very long. I used to disappear for months. Things have changed.

I will be re-doing my Beck starting today and will post new advantage response cards this afternoon.

Have a good day gang.

kuhljeanie 11-03-2008 10:45 AM

seriously advanced planning
happy monday my coaches!

wow, we had a beautiful weekend. el nino and i spent almost an hour yesterday playing in the leaves and collecting acorns. today, my FIL has offered to come up and rake. i'm delighted that he's offered to do this for us given DH's stress level, but we'll have to find another leaf pile to play in. i am reminded that everyone should have the problems i have. i'm so lucky in so many ways. for example, DH mentioned that an annual OSU v. Michigan party is coming up in a few weeks at a friend's house. traditionally, a lot of beer, ribs and wings, chips, and there's usually a giant iced cookie. go bucks. so DH and i came up with a plan. i usually make friday night (dinner out my mom) my non-bistro meal for the week, but for that week, i'm going to offer to bring a bistro meal for each of us, so saturday can be my free meal. we're also going to find a football-party-friendly recipe that i will secretly make healthy (a low-fat, low-sodium white chicken chili or something like that) to contribute. i'll have a little of anything else that looks FABULOUS (one small plate) and that will be it. DH helped strategize, and his presence alone will help keep me accountable. i married a total rockstar. i guess the other piece of it is that given the work i've put into being able to stay on plan for that party, the odds that i'd go nuts are considerably lessened.

i beat my average target calorie deficit for last week by almost 100 calories a day (again, averaged for the week) and i'm pretty proud of that. credit moi! i also beat my target steps (12000 a day) by 2000, and the only area i'm still not meeting my targets is sleep. i've been having trouble getting to sleep lately without prescription help, so that's where i need to focus my efforts. i've read the web stuff - not very useful. have any of you had success dealing with insomnia? once i fall asleep, i usually stay asleep. it's just getting my mind to quiet down that's tough. i'm also starting to get stressed out ABOUT falling asleep, which is definitely working against me. ideas? i allow myself one caffeinated drink a day, at lunchtime.

keeping the candy in the house is working for now, although the reese's cups couldn't stay on the kitchen table because i kept sort of CONSIDERING them. glad that my "diet" food is so tasty that i generally prefer it to other things.

onebyone, i'm liking the plan. :high: i feel ya, girl! my number was 183. i'd go up to 186, then back down. then back up. then back down. for almost an entire year. just broke through - what, 2 weeks ago? VERY recent! let me know what i can do to support you because i know how frustrating it is! also giving some thought to the local food/global PITA condundrum. we've got a fantastic chain here (3 stores) called Dorothy Lane Markets, and they clearly identify which foods are local. they even had a "eat local" campaign. i live within biking distance of two of them, so i'd just need a bike, and some where to stash the groceries. alas, i don't know what you have in your town. our CSA delivered right to our door during the summer - but again, that's a seasonal thig. if i'd had the time i guess i could have canned locally-grown summer fruits and veggies, but time is already at an insane premium in my life. guess it ultimately comes down to finding a balance you can live with. my food comes shipped in styrofoam with dry ice. it's incredibly wasteful, so i called the company about it. they said they're working on finding a less impactful material to ship, but some members donate the boxes to food banks and meals on wheels. ah ha! so now we do that. i guess the real question is, what's realistic for you?

lovely use of the extra hour, bill! sorry to hear that the strawberries were mediocre. i'm not a huge fan of cumin (my spice rack has jamaican curry instead of indian curry) but acknowledging the real time investment healthy cooking takes is what inspired me to sign up with a meal delivery service. :)

robin, MAN does your sunday sound wonderful! i like folding laundry - it's my time to watch HGTV. don't like washing it, though. DH does that part. he also does about half the shopping and some of the cooking, so i guess i have a part-time househusband. hmm...might be something to that...;)

tera, big credit for the Oh Well and moving on! i really believe that's a major shift in thinking that gets us closer to what we want. for me, it feels so good not to beat myself up, too. what a bonus.

shrinkin, agree with you that the family visit is top priority. my heart goes out to you with your mom. even if her head doesn't remember it, her soul does. this is a good thing (we call it a miztvah.) your arm could probably use the day off anyway. and yeah, wouldn't it be nice if i could have that one thought about the candy, and continue to have the same thought the rest of my life? kinda sorta suspect that won't be the case. oh well!

welcome kim! i'm the sensewear junkie. :) i upload that thing about 3 times a day, and am constantly checking my numbers. that, beck, and my meal delivery plan are keeping me on track. and to echo everyone else, this is a fantastic group. wonderfully wise and supportive. welcome!

twilit tera 11-03-2008 11:05 AM

Well, poo. This mouse has a button on the side that operates as a "back" button, so I'd just about got through my post and accidentally pressed it with my thumb! Here we go again... (I am never buying one of these mice.)


:yay: OP Food
:yay: OP Supplements

Weight up 1.5 pounds, but I think it's only partly to do with being off plan Friday. I wasn't off enough to justify that much weight gain, and I was weighing much later in the day than I usually do. Hopefully this means I won't put as much weight on for my TOM weigh-in next week.

:yay: for passing up free samples at Costco. Was very tempted by cheesecake, but I reminded myself that cheesecake was special, and should be eaten properly (i.e. slowly) with a fork and not gobbled in some store because a complete stranger hands it to me.

onebyone :goodvibes You can do it. I know you can. Good for you focusing on the true goal and not the numbers.

shrinkin: :bday2you: Awesome job answering that voice in your head with some Beck thinking!

Jean: Thanks for the kudos. I do think "Oh Well" is a significant change for me, and the one that is going to make the difference between success and giving up, not just with my weight but with everything I aim for. Historically, I've been a bit guilty of perfectionism. Not the neurotic kind that insists on everything being flawless, but the slacker kind that decides that since perfection isn't possible, the effort isn't worth it.

What a difference two words can make!

RobinW 11-03-2008 01:36 PM

Just a quick :wave: Im tired and cranky :( Food is ok, exercise is GOING to happen today! Might make me feel better.

Catch you all tomorrow. :hug:

onebyone 11-03-2008 10:24 PM

Good Evening! I can do this thing...

I got through my first day back and stayed very OP. Have a plan for the rest of the week and am ready to face another birthday tomorrow. Sort of. I guess.

I've been working on my homework this afternoon. Was in at the school doing my ceramic job this morning, making glazes for the students. I still feel behind the eight ball there but it's starting to get better. Not having the markets looming is a real stress reliever. Last weekend I had a Saturday craft show but this weekend it's free and clear... to get homework done! It's good cause we are in the home stretch for this semester already. I think classes end Dec 3rd or something ridiculous like that. A whole lot of work ahead of me between now and then.

Anyway just checking in. I know I said I'd have new advantage cards... here are one dozen advantages to weight loss for me
1)reaching my ultimate goal: I will have finally done something that I have not been able to do ever... be at a healthy body weight for me!
2) if I can do this, I can do anything else too.
3) my feet will hurt less
4) I will be able to move my body easier
5) will feel lighter
6) will feel sexier and more attractive
7) maybe will be able to lose the BP meds?!
8) have more energy
9) feel better when meeting new people; more confident
10) choosing what to wear will not be so difficult
11) buying clothes will be easier with more choice
12) will no longer feel ashamed of myself as I will know I am doing things to improve my life ie. making positive changes

BillBlueEyes 11-04-2008 05:10 AM

Tuesday - Elections in the US.
Diet Coaches - Off to vote early this morning; I do not wish to be one of those court cases for people waiting in line for hours. My curried zucchini for lunch yesterday was fantastic. I felt so smug having cooked it during the free hour Sunday morning. CREDIT moi. I made an appointment with my personal trainer for next Monday. CREDIT moi again. Hope to get all parts of my exercise back on track. I've been avoiding those annoying stretch exercises and the ones that do the core muscles.

onebyone - Happy Birthday. Many you have many, many more.

Kudos for getting the wagon going in full force as you start you start your new year. Thanks for publishing some of your Advantages Cards. I particularly like "8) have more energy" - that one is so neat - to have more energy to get more exercise to keep the weight under control.

Jeanie (kuhljeanie) - Kudos for the planning for the football party. Wish you good luck in the falling asleep thing; I'm not a good help there because I'm gone within a minute of laying down. (My issue is when I wake up on body-time, I'm up - I have no desire to go back to sleep.)

Robin (RobinW) - Good morning - hope the new day finds you in your usual upbeat mood.

Tera (twilit tera) - Big Kudos for passing up FREE food at Cosco's. When you master that, kindly give me lessons; I'm a sucker for FREE samples.

Readers -
"Although you probably don't want to hear this, the rate you should try to lose weight is the slower the better." Beck, pg 113.

Mahalia 11-04-2008 07:23 AM

Reaping the benefits
I just wanted to say hello. I read the Beck posts all the time, since I'm doing calorie counting and was thrilled to find The Beck Diet Solution. I started reading this thread and then got the book. What a huge help!

Tolerating hunger was a big one for me. I'm still finding myself with the alarm bells going off when I'm hungry, and being able to remind myself that hunger is not an emergency has been really helpful. I used to snack all day because as soon as I got hungry I'd have a little something. I stayed within my calories but it's nice to realize I can just wait a little while until the next meal. I've been traveling a ton because of that I don't worry so much if I get hungry all the time. I just tell myself "there will always be enough food".

Beck and "French Women Don't Get Fat" have been SO helpful to me.

Thanks for letting me lurk!

shrinkin 11-04-2008 07:48 AM

Tuesday report
A quick flyby because the morning is hectic.

Glad to be back home even if only for about 36 hours. Got back late last night and we leave tomorrow afternoon for DS wedding in Nebraska.

OP yesterday for calories. WooHoo for that in face of eating out (had ahi tuna and salad) and then travelling (took fresh fruit with me).

Sunday not quite as OP as family decided that place for lunch was a Southern buffet. I am from the South, but must admit I haven't done Southern buffets in over 20 years. Wasn't even sure they had them any more. I did very well there considering. Had a very large salad, and some baked chicken. It was the only non fried entree in a cast of about 6 entrees. Indulged in tiny tastings of green beans and corn (even though former cooked in ham hocks and latter in butter), tiny amount of sage dressing and literally two pieces of fried okra. Felt pretty smug until dessert...when fell off the wagon and had a very small serving of peach cobbler. However, credit moi for only having one SMALL serving. So was over the limit for the day for the diet, but not enough to gain.

Did two rounds of pool exercise while at Moms...one on Saturday and one on Monday. Hard wrok outs both days. So, CREDIT for that particularly in view of fact that last trip I totally fell off the wagon and did zero.

Weekly weight in: down 1.5 pounds; 4 week average loss: 0.75 pounds per week.

Will try to do some personals later, but have to get to pool, to cleaners and to vote before work. Plus have physical therapy today...which is good because arm did a back slide while traveling. Oh Well.

Have a great day all...hope all the US citizens make it out to vote!

PS. onebyone--welcome back...more later.

onebyone 11-04-2008 08:14 AM

Nov 4.
Good Morning Becksters!

I had a pleasant surprise last night when on the other board I post on that is all about my foodplan I got a personal reply from one of the people who work wiht the author of my carb cycling program as to how to pattern my week given my wanderings of late and that today is my birthday. Was told it's okay to make this a "cheat day" and then was given the pattern to follow for the rest of the week. Did not expect that.

I don't want a whole cheat day. Will apply some Beck thinking to my day. Afterall I have the rest of the week to consider and don't want to put myself on tilt! So I treated myself to regular white bread this morning--discovered I don't like it now. It tastes way too sweet! Will not have that stuff again. Blechh. Go figure. But, nevertheless, with breakfast done I am ready for the day. I am going to get one of those big iced buns I always walk past today for my birthday treat during school and when I come home DH says he'll have dinner ready. Probably takeout dinner but food nontheless and then we are off to see a movie tonight. Not overly exciting but we are pretty broke and I am looking forward to a movie. Not planning on popcorn tonight. So my cheats today will be white toast, iced bun and takeout food. I am not going "whole hog"... been there done that. Feels good to be back OP. And yes, this is OP! And by the end of this month my goal is to have seen Nadine the trainer for an update, get measured and weighed and re-visit my workout routine with her and that same day to join the gym.

I so want to be swimming.

That's all I'd change. Love my work. Love my projects. I can even deal with the pace of things as they are very very fast right now. Don't mind that so much so long as I move forward.

Better go. Thanks for being here you guys!
:hug: to you all.

PS I really fought stepping on the scale this morning. "Just wanted to see" if I was down as I was perfectly OP yesterday... one day OP after 5 not OP and I expect a, oh, 5lb drop?! UNREALISTIC. It's more important for me to fight that uge and so I add another red X to my countdown to my next weigh in 6wks 4 days from now.

barbpos 11-04-2008 09:17 AM

Hi all. Here for one of my infrequent posts. All the past ones have been about how smoothly things have gone for me. Well, I finally hit a snag in October. I started the month at 183 and got down to 180, which is 70 pounds down since the beginning of the year. Then, I got into my old overeating at night patterns and had a couple of binges, and ended the month at 185. I know it's not all a real weight gain...even with the extra eating I've done, I just couldn't possibly have eaten nearly 20,000 excess calories in 2 weeks. So, hopefully it'll come back off quickly.

I've been working at getting totally back on track, reading my advantage card, and trying to invoke Beck responses. "NO CHOICE", etc. I think it's time to work again on eating slowly and seated only, and to post here a bit. I still spend a lot of time on my South Beach board.

Otherwise, I'm still doing well with exercising at least 5 times a week and writing my planned food down each morning. Keeping to South Beach, with some minor flexibility and modifications. My replacement at work is on board, and I'm in the process of transitioning out. I'll stay on the regular payroll until the end of the year and may keep doing some consulting after that.

BTW, I found out last week that Judith Beck's new book is being released soon. It's available for pre-order on Amazon.

twilit tera 11-04-2008 10:14 AM

Good morning, Beckbuddies!

:yay: OP Food
:yay: OP Supplements

Had my Debussy presentation last night. My throat was dry before I even started and I thought I said "um" way too much, but the class seemed to be enjoying it and I saw my professor nodding a lot, so I think it went well.

Noticed something about my weigh in last weekend. My fat% was lower last week than the week before. This leads me to think that it was either water or muscle gain that caused the extra weight.

Beautiful sunrise this morning at the health club. Working out in the pool is usually a pleasure, but having that gorgeous sky to watch through the windows made it even better.

After going off plan last week, I feel totally back "in charge." Contented... positive... :D

No class tonight - my Government professor is an election judge, so he'll be at the polls. I've got some reading in Early Childhood Education to catch up on, so this works out.

Jean: Hope your workout helped and you feel better rested today.

onebyone: Congrats on a great new start!

Mahalia: :welcome: to the Beck thread (or maybe just congrats for ending your lurk?) I, too, was one of those that never even considered that being hungry for a while would be alright... until I discovered Beck. Now when I tell my hubby that I'm hungry, and he wants to rush to get me food, I just say, "oh, no... I'll be okay until...(we get where we're going, our next meal time, etc.)"

onebyone: Glad you had a good weekend :hug: :yay: for not going overboard at the buffet!

Well, the dishes are calling and the music is playing. Time for me to get busy!

kuhljeanie 11-04-2008 10:20 AM

happy election day US coaches!
and HAPPY BIRTHDAY onebyone! :woohoo:

left the house horribly early this morning to get to my polling place in cincinnati and vote (was waiting until after the election to officially change my address). i really thought it'd be ugly but i was in and out of there in less than 20 minutes. what a pleasant surprise! have heard some horror stories. yay my polling place. i made sure to thank the workers.

having a little twinge of sciatica; i may be overdoing it on the treadmill. it's so exciting to have major speed increases, i keep pushing myself harder and harder. thank you, back, for keeping me in line. :p i'll just switch to the elliptical today, and walk tomorrow. hoping that by thursday i'll be running again. i'm so, SO looking forward to being able to run a 12 min mile for 60 minutes. it's been a dream for a while, and i'm really really close! if i can do that, it's the first faint glimmer of being able to complete a full marathon. so. will take it easier the next few days. i have a massage tonight, too. that'll help.

food is still great. a testament to the power of finding the right plan! i finished yesterday 44 calories over, but was almost 200 calories over my burn target for the day, so again beat my deficit target. all good. except for getting to sleep. maybe tonight i'll take 1/2 hr and make a list of all the things i usually think about when i'm trying to fall asleep, so i know they're "safe" until morning. will see how that goes. the last two nights i've been working on my resume until late, which tends to lend itself to heavy ruminating on my current job, what it would be like to change, the fact that i haven't been interviewed in over 4 years, etc., etc. finished last night though, so tonight all we have to do is decide what color cork flooring we want in the pantry DH is building over thanksgiving. kudos to me for being so brilliant to have married such a cool dude. :)

tera, i so hear you on the perfectionist "slacker" thinking. having completely unrealistic expectations has held me back on so many things, which i didn't get until i read beck. kudos on passing up the cheesecake!

onebyone, so glad to hear the happy in your "voice" again! maybe you can stash the scale somewhere hard to reach, like off-limit food? your birthday plan sounds perfect. funny how our tastes change, huh?

shrinkin, nice work at the buffet! those things are crazy challenging. big credit! big credit! finishing the week with a loss even with the travel and your arm is just fantastic.

ah bill, those annoying stretch exercises and core strengthening can be the most fabulous things in the world when you do them under a really good yoga teacher! i look forward to each and every class. have you ever considered yoga or pilates? all the stretching and core training you could want, usually in a great atmosphere with cool people. just a thought...

waving to robin! hope you're feeling more cheerful today. :wave:

hello barb!!! lovely to hear from you! sounds like you're already well on your way to back on track. if there's anything we can do to help, let us know! nice to see you again!

hello mahalia to you too! thanks for lurking AND posting! :)

RobinW 11-04-2008 10:30 AM

Good Morning
Im calmed down a bit from yesterday. Too many issues all closing in on me with not enough time or energy in my day to get them all done. I talked to my mom....and she has this magic stress relieving thing about her. That did me some good.

Today I got some vacuuming done around the shop......you'd be surprised how much dust t-shirts create!! Im always amazed when I literally see a path cleared by the vacuum :lol:

I also started checking into some cleaning services for the house. Not being able to keep up bothers me, and even thinking about hiring someone to clean my house makes me feel like a failure. But you know.....I just cant do it all! I even went to supersuppers yesterday afternoon, and picked up last night's supper. I plan to book a session at one of the other organizations here (same concept) but better quality food, and I have more imput into how much fat goes into each meal. Hubby has noticed my stress level, and even came grocery shopping with me last night without being asked. Actually I told him I needed to go to walmart and pick up my dd's b-day present. He offered to come with me :faint: I nearly fell over!!!!

Ok.......so I have a few more things under control, or at least on the way to being under control. Work is busy.......and the november newsletter hasnt even been started yet :eek:

barbpos~ thanks for the heads up about Beck's new book!! Sounds like you are doing good, keep it up! :hug:

onebyone~ Happy Birthday!! Very cool having someone who actually works with the author of your plan to reach out to you. Very nice! I love your new cards, makes me think I might want to rethink mine a bit.

shrinkin~ WTG on your losses!!! :cb: :cb: Sounds like you did pretty darn good at the buffet. Give yourself a big pat on the back for that one!! I experienced my first southern buffet when I went to waycross, georgia....amazing!!! The best thing about that trip was seeing alligators on the side of the road (that freaked me out a bit) and boiled peanuts!!! :lol:

Bill~ Kudos for making an appointment with your personal trainer!! Kudos for getting out and voting and for cooking your lunch ahead of time!!

Have a great day everyone......my goal today Get out of the shop by 2pm! I'll let you know tomorrow if I made it.

RobinW 11-04-2008 10:31 AM

Tera & kuhljeanie we must have been posting at the same time :wave:

shrinkin 11-04-2008 12:49 PM

Return to personals...see earlier post
Hi, coaches,

Gave my report earlier and now have a short break and can do some messages.

RobinW-No one can do it all, so none of that "feeling like a failure". :nono:You have to pick and choose what is most important...or even better delegate! :D Love the idea of a cleaning service and supersuppers sounds like a great idea. Its all part of that Beck idea of creating time and energy for being healthy (aka diet and exercise). Hope you make it out by 2.

kuhljeanie-Ouch for the sciatica. It can be hard to hit the exercise just right...enough to be a challenge, but not getting ahead of the body too much. You will make that 60 min at 12 min mile pace....just keep on keeping on. Great idea about the list before bedtime. When really stressed and waking up at night, I put paper and pen by the bed. When I wake up with concern about something, I write it down...can then go back to sleep. Otherwise, I just keep thinking about it.

tera-Sounds like your Debussy presentation went well! Kudos for that. Love the sound of sunrise at the pool. Our pool has no windows :(. Oh well. LOL...I think someone is :?:...unless i am mistaken, I was the only one at a buffet this weekend? ;)

barbpos-Welcome back to posting! Hope you return often and share your thoughts. Kudos for getting in control of your eating again before any significant scale change.

onebyone-A belated Happy Birthday to You! High five for choosing against the full cheat day that your plan says you are entitled to! Great Beck thinking there. I am willing to bet that you may not even like that big iced bun...will be interesting to see if it too has lost its appeal. So, is your plan not to weigh, or to weigh and ignore the number? :?:

Mahalia-Kudos for delurking! Congrats on learning that hunger is not an emerency. I have had to learn a balance between not being concerned about next meal (fixating and/or thinking I have to eat to prevent hunger) and planning for healthy food. So, when travelling, plan for healthy food, but be prepared to wait out hunger if things go awry. Have not seen French Women Don't Get Fat...but sounds interesting.

BillBlueEyes-WooHoo for great use of Sunday morning free hour...great use of setting the clock back and yum for curried zucchini. WTG for apt with personal trainer. Yup, all those muscles count....especially the core.

Still thinking about angelmomma210-hoping things are going her way and she has returned from Kathy's Day with peaceful spirit.

Back to work!

angelmomma210 11-04-2008 03:44 PM

Hey all...I did not have a good day yesterday...missed Kathy alot and it was a hard one for me this year. Today I went into a-fib again. Dh has 2 meeting today in just a few. The first is to put in a grievance for his proposed firing and the second in the third in the series of four for what happened with the supervisor printing things out and not knowing where they were..aka privacy act.
Went to work and went into a-fib and came home. Staying home as I am a little light headed. Don't want to drive kids like that. Will keep you up with what is happening...gonna go and lay down for a few. Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers.

BillBlueEyes 11-05-2008 04:38 AM

Welcome Mahalia
:welcome: Mahalia :welcome:

Welcome to the Beck Diet Solution Discussion Group, Support Group, Diet Coach Group.

And, in case you didn't get this when you joined 3FC some 4 months ago, :wel3fc:

How did you find out about The Beck Diet Solution and how did you find this forum?

BillBlueEyes 11-05-2008 05:29 AM

Wednesday - US elections are over.
Diet Coaches - Voted. CREDIT moi. Only watched election results from about 9pm to 10pm ET; was glad to wait until this morning to get the details. Got in a shortish walk before class last night. CREDIT moi. Learned how the plant uses photosynthesis to create glucose to store energy and then burns the glucose and Oxygen to do it's work. Amazingly simple and complex at the same time. And, as the professor points out, they've been doing this for a billion years without even knowing about the Kreb Cycle or ATP. I didn't know (or had forgotten) that water is made as a byproduct of burning the glucose and that the main purpose of the Oxygen is to accept the excess Hydrogen and produce water as a waste product. So, we, like plants, are making new water all the time as part of respiration. What a system!!!!

onebyone - Congrats on getting the help from the person familiar with your carb cycle program. It's neat that you aren't going to weigh in for six more weeks - you can better concentrate on staying OP and how your clothes feel.

Jeanie (kuhljeanie) - Congrats for completing your resume, and for putting in the effort to ruminate about your current job. Kudos for continuing on your food plan, and Double Kudos for recognizing that you're married to "a cool dude."

Robin (RobinW) - Kudos for the wisdom of using your mother to get some calm when that's what's needed. LOL at seeing the path made by the vacuum cleaner. BTDT. Good idea to check into cleaning services. My experience has been that it was the best decision I ever made to support my marriage; neither DW nor I wanted to be the cleaning fairy. We have a person come every other week and stuff gets cleaned out even in places which both of us are actively ignoring, LOL. DW is free to do more difficult stuff like stain the porch on the last warm day of the year to spare the wood from the ravages of Boston area winter.

Barpos - Kudos for continuing on plan, especially Kudos for that exercise 5 times per week. Ouch for having to fight the "night patterns." Thanks for the reminder about Beck's new book.

angelmomma210 - Glad to hear that you and DH were able to use the weekend to remember Kathy. Ouch for the return of the a-fib. Good choice to come home and rest. Sending supportive thoughts for the continued saga at your DH's office.

shrinkin - Big Kudos for staying on track while visiting your mom, including "two" trips to the pool. Drooling over your Southern Buffet, but what a challenge! Did you get fried pickles? Good luck on your next travels to the wedding of your DS. Nebraska in November might be chilly, LOL.

Tera (twilit tera) - Ooooohhhhhh ... that sunrise at the health club sounds like a reward in itself for leading the good life. Congrats that your Debussy presentation was well received.

Mahalia - Yep, that "Hunger is Not an Emergency" was a bop in the head for me also. I never imagined that it made sense to just wait until the next scheduled eating event - which wasn't so far away. Glad you dropped in, hope you continue to post. Many of us find that posting helps us to remain accountable, and we always welcome another perspective on all our wanderings about.

Readers -
"Most dieters have difficulty distinguishing between true hunger, a desire to eat, and a craving." Beck, pg 117.

onebyone 11-05-2008 07:50 AM

Hello Becksters!

Just checking in. Stayed to my plan yesterday and did not have a "cheat day" but held it to a cheat meal. And it was full of veggies at that! Did not have big sticky bun. Will have to plan that in on another day. WEnt to the movie and saw W. the Oliver Stone film about George W. Bush. Surprisingly sentimental portrait and interesting to see his take on the characters of that sooon-to-be-history white house. Condy was a caricature: all rolling eyes and yes-man shrill voice... very SNL. The film ends with the cliched The End in white letters over black background... and the audience burst into applause. We all knew that last night it was the end for that guy.

Seems like most folks were happy about that.

Gotta run. Planning an OP day today... Bye.

RobinW 11-05-2008 10:39 AM

Good Morning

Tera~ kudos for getting up bright and early to get your workout in.....your view sounds beautiful!!

shrinkin~ Thanks....I know its not "failure"....but its how it feels. kwim? But this is what I have to do to make time. Hm....too bad we couldnt hire someone to do our workouts for us!! :lol:

onebyone~ sounds like you had a good day yesterday. Kudos for having a cheat meal instead of a cheat day!!

Bill~ stuff gets cleaned out even in places which both of us are actively ignoring funny how that happens!! Im always amazed how long something will stay on the stairs before anyone takes it up :lol: Kudos for your walk before you class. Sounds like you are enjoying your class too, good for you!

The good news!! I got out of the shop by 1:30 :cb: :cb: :cb: did some shopping, enjoyed the sunshine during my little walk, then went home and chilled out for a while. Had a nice piece of salmon for supper, did a bit of christmas shopping after, watched some of the election results on CNN and was in bed by 10 :D

Have a great day everyone!

kuhljeanie 11-05-2008 11:50 AM

struggling to stay awake this morning. like a fool, i spent half the night camped in front of CNN watching election results. once they'd made the call i thought, i should go to bed, but then they started talking about the candidates' speeches coming up, and the conversation in my head to watch sounded almost like one of those "i can eat this, because..." conversations. like, i SHOULD stay up (instead of going to bed like i'd planned) because it's a truly historical night, this has never happened before, etc. to be fair, it WAS a truly historical night in a lot of ways, and i'm glad i got to see it. but, yipes. met with the headhunter this morning and was definitely not as fresh as i would have liked. need to play with the resume AGAIN - first pass, too much detail. on the second, apparently not enough. fingers crossed that third time's the charm. the job sounds interesting - right up my alley, but i really like the people i'm working with now, still have a lot of questions. we'll see!

little squeezed for time today - would love to say hi individually but just swamped! have a great wednesday!

BillBlueEyes 11-06-2008 05:34 AM

Thursday - (And the US elections are still over)
Diet Coaches - FREE ice cream at work as part of the United Way Campaign. It was scooped out by vice presidents - presumably to show that they are one of us. Thought about it. I don't eat ice cream for lunch. It's OK ice cream, but not to-die-for ice cream. To get a tiny portion just for the taste I'd have to negotiate with a vice president who had an agenda to be a likable person by serving huge portions. Then I had a clear thought: I didn't have to go at all, even though FREE. So, I didn't. CREDIT moi.

onebyone - Kudos for veggie day. Thanks for the review about W. That's on my list - but the list is long.

Jeanie (kuhljeanie) - Yep, "third time's the charm." Smart to do it several times to clear out the head enough to write the really good one.

Robin (RobinW) - Yeah for getting out of the shop at 1:30 and enjoying the sunshine. Do t-shirt sales drop during the winter? Do you just hibernate until it's warm enough to wear t-shirts in the Spring?

angelmomma210 - Waving. Sending supportive thoughts.

Readers -
If it has been anywhere from 20 minutes to up to three hours since your last reasonable-sized meal, remind yourself that any urge to eat is probably due to a desire to eat, not to hunger." Beck, pg 117.

kuhljeanie 11-06-2008 09:25 AM

good morning my coaches,

congratulations bill! that's a big one for you!

went to bed much earlier last night, without sleeping pills. wasn't tossing for hours, so i thought i did pretty well, but when i uploaded my monitor, discovered that i'd gotten less than 6 hours of sleep again. criminy. historically, exercise has been the key. apparently it's not enough anymore. i also made a list of all the things i'm worried about, which i think helped me fall asleep faster. the problem last night was regular wakings every hour or so(which i don't remember but must have done, because i'm feeling it now.) i'm going to keep at it for another week or two, and then i'm going to involve my doctor.

had a wonderful day calorie-wise. ate 1500, burned 2900. running doesn't hurt my back when i'm doing it, so it was probably something else (maybe yoga?) that tweaked the sciatica. will continue to exercise with attention.

hope everyone is well! it was awfully quiet around here yesterday...

onebyone 11-06-2008 09:43 AM

Challenges week 13 day 4 playing catch-up! ugh.
Good Morning Coaches!


Credit moi for staying off the scale this morning. I really wanted to see my weight today. Didn't do it. I questioned why I was staying off the scale too... sure sign I am starting to struggle... so credit moi for not giving in.


I am facing a weird temptation. I am at home, missing my morning printmaking class so I can get the work done for my afternoon class (yes I am that behind) and the assignment is to make 5 photographs of an inanimate object in 5 different contexts using different light/angle etc. So I chose a fork. A fork is hard. So I have
1) a bunch of forks all piled up to show the "mass manufactured product" aspect of my fork.
2) I have an image of me using it to scramble eggs (tool to mix with).
3)I have one of a formal place setting. It's a utensil there-part of a group of dinnerware.
4) I need one with it spearing food, maybe a tomato, and feeding it to me
5) I got a package of pillsbury peanut butter cookies and I used it to make the pattern on the top of the cookies. Not sure if I will show the fork pressing into the raw cookie or just show all the cookies with the patterning left by the fork (object is here but in its absence--always a clever tactic for an art class). AND SO... there are now some baked peanut butter cookies (I am not a peanut butter cookie fan) so I am just telling you, my coaches, that I am packaging up these cookies and bringing them in to class. They spread out on the cookie sheet and attached to each other when I baked them so they aren't perfect looking but that's no reason not to get rid of them.

I was going to do "fork in the road" but not sure about that. It is a metaphor using the word fork but like "forked tongue" I am not sure it fits the criteria.

Anyway. My brain is tired. And if I can, I will list the things that are facing me this month: scholarship applications are due Nov 14th. Need to fill out forms and gather material to present to the jury. We have 4 scholarships, 3 of which are available only to third year diploma students. There are 6 of us graduating. 3 prizes. 6 students. And there is one other BIG prize of $2750 available to all students. I'm feeling very less-than with my work. Have seen what others are producing. Wish I had made that I say to myself... I did win a scholarship last year and would really like to add another one to my resume. A big one a small one I don't care.
Also have a presentation to a class on Nov 19th. All 6 handmade books due the end of the month. I have 1 completed.
Guess it's not that bad but the ceramic studio! Eeeps! The big kiln, that I am counting on, was showing FAIL on it's electronic box. Something bad happened a night ago in that kiln. I cannot afford to have that thing out of commission. with all the farting around that we had to do to figure out a firing schedule and method and all the big things that are being made and now all the demanding voices lookign for their work... well the crunch I expected is happening. The big kiln will fire 3x the amt of the small kiln... And I fear the small kiln will break down if it's pressed into constant production. Ah well. I can't fix a kiln. I can't make it fire faster. I can only do what I can do with what I have got. it isn't my fault the teachers are making their students make big things and not letting them know things take time to dry and time to fire and this is all adding up as there are a record number of students too. :shrug: I asked Jim, the diploma teacher, to prioritize the work for me. Because if I have to pick and choose I have no clue who needs what when and will treat everything equally based on size mostly and I will fire the most that I can each time, leaving some of the really big things out. It's inefficient to fire say 6 tall things vs. 20 low small things. I am nothing if not practical.

Can you feel how frustrated I am getting? I am. It's happening. I need to let it go as it will push me toward the food for sure. Maybe should let it push me toward the mini-trampoline;) Bounce my frustration away... :trampo: <--- that does look good doesn't it?! Yep.

Gotta go. Break is over.

twilit tera 11-06-2008 10:09 AM

Quick pass til later.

I didn't want to delay posting this update until I 'had time', but I really don't have time. I have to get the flowers I got mom into some water and have much homework after.

So, to make this quick...

:yay: OP Food (both days)
:yay: OP Supplements (both days)
:yay: :swim: at the health club (on Tuesday)

Voted early this year, so was able to relax a bit Tuesday, compared to others. Did stay up to see results, only about 30 min. past bedtime for me when McCain conceded, so not too terrible, but had trouble falling to sleep afterward, so woke up groggy anyway and generally grumpy most of the day.

I'm much better rested today. Gonna do much biology, and hopefully have time for personals after.

Love y'all!

shrinkin 11-06-2008 10:31 AM

Morning coaches,We are in the car half way to Nebraska. I'm trying to post this on treo.Yesterday was so- so. did not get calories recorded but most food choices OK. Got DH to stop at restaurant last night that I knew would have fish. CREDIT MOI. Caved in though and had small biscuit while waiting for food. oh well. did not overeat.This am a victory. At hotel breakfast in Iowa, ordered what appeared to be smallest breakfast. Got my usual egg substitute and sausage links...but standard order included bacon (gave some to Dh and left the rest), hash browns (left them all), biscuit (had one bite and left the rest). Also left about a third of the eggs. CREDIT MOI...but can I keep this up for the next 5 days on the road with all the festivities?exercise is off target. DH said he would be sure hotel had pool for me...well, last night motel had attached water park....sounds great...but they close early and don't open till 10...DH chagrined and now guilty for my missing my wed exercise which was to make up for missing tue exercise to go vote...oh well...but must to better than that on rest of tripSorry this is sloppy..but the tiny keyboard and screen are tough.will try to post back when I can...but plz send some positive vibes my way...facing some sabotaging threats

RobinW 11-06-2008 02:09 PM

just a quickie :wave: things aren't so good, Im struggling with quite a few things and need to absorb Dr. Beck's book by osmosis!!! (think it will help if I put it under my pillow?) Im going home early and probably to bed.

bennyhannahmama 11-06-2008 09:07 PM

Glad I Found My Way Back
Hello again everyone. Thank you all for the really warm welcomes!
Yesterday I picked up the BDS book at the library and have already started reading it.
Then today I got my Sensewear WMS mini! I can't wait to start using it tomorrow. So, since I haven't kept up with this board since my original post, I'm not going to try to reply to everyone's previous posts, but will try to jump right in from this point forward!

kuhljeanie Would you mind sending me an email so I can pick your brain about the Sensewear? BTW, thanks for inadvertently introducing me to the BDS!

BillBlueEyes 11-07-2008 06:07 AM

Friday - wet rainy Friday
Diet Coaches - Had an opportunity to overeat at an event catered by one of the city's favorite delicatessens last night. But didn't. Passed completely on the platters of yummy fresh cookies and brownies. CREDIT moi. I didn't have the urge to eat one; I had the urge to eat one of each. Or two, or so. Easier for me to just pass than to go there. Had an extra mini wrap of Greek salad and didn't eat the wrap. Good step. Had the hummus appetizer - that's good while ignoring that the pita chips were unusually crisp and generally crisp is achieved by calories. Oh Well. Didn't get in my walk due to schedule and rain. Oh Well.

onebyone - Ouch for frustration. Ouch for a balky kiln. Ouch for being forced to choose whose work to fire first. (LOL at the thought of onebyone being the Donald Trump of her university - "You're Fired!!!") Kudos for mushing forward.

Jeanie (kuhljeanie) - Kudos for "ate 1500, burned 2900." Yay for some sleep. Neat idea to make a list of the worries so free the mind.

Robin (RobinW) - Ouch for things on the mind. Kudos for stopping to post when struggling. Sending supportive thoughts to get back in stride.

shrinkin - hello to the road warrior posting from a tiny covert device while in transit who missed out on the chance to get her daily exercise by sliding down those long slides at a water park that wasn't open even though sliding down water slides although it's great fun isn't really much exercise but stayed on plan despite breakfast at a hotel that, like they all do, served only giant portions of whatever, who is somewhere in Nebraska for which Google declares a temperature at this moment of 30 degrees Fahrenheit which is below freezing even in Nebraska all of for which she deserves Kudos without punctuation

angelmomma210 - Waving. Sending supportive thoughts for the last day of the third week of your DH's nightmare.

Tera (twilit tera) - Yay for having to do some biology - now that sounds like fun. Kudos for continuing on plan, on plan, and on plan.

bennyhannahmama - Kudos for getting The Beck Diet Solution and your sensewear both. You're on your way.

Readers -
"did you know?
It's important to distinguish between "need" and "want" People have actually gone for more than a week without eating and haven't died. So, precluding a medical disorder, we definitely don't need to eat on any given day." Beck, pg 125.

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