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onebyone 11-17-2008 09:29 AM

week 15 begins.
Hi coaches

I moved a bunch of stuff around and now the bright pink cover of my BDS Workbook is shining up at me. I think I'll open it up and start reading. I am working at home today and completing homework and starting a presentation due wed morning. Getting a bit worried about that right now as a preliminary survey of my bookcases doesn't show the main book I need H.W. Janson's History of Art. Imagine. In this day and age I still need a book... wikipedia just doesn't have everything ... ;)

I plan to make a giant soup for the week today. Got the ingredients a day ago. Having healthy food on hand is a first step to getting back OP.

thinkerbell :welcome2: glad you decided to de-lurk! I have the workbook only and it's all you need and more as you can use the book like a journal; it has space to write out your experiences day by day on the program. If you can only get one, get the workbook. And Beck is great as it is NOT a diet program but it helps you stay on the diet you choose--in fact you need a primary diet plan and a backup and many of us have changed our approaches to food and have had re-starts but Beck remains the same. She gives you solid behavioural actions to take as you face your temptations.
Glad to have you here.

wndranne Kudos getting your regular workout(s) in! Very inspiring. If you can do that I can surely do a 15 minute Walk Away the Pounds dvd right? Right. Or bounce on my mini trampoline. Right? right. And yes I am an artist. I've been a working artist for 17 years and have been an art student for the past 2.5 doing a diploma program at my local art school here. I'm looking forward to finishing and starting my "professional practice" and "creating a body of work" as they say... thanks for asking.

BillBlueEyes The thought of you making granola and zucchini curry warms my heart. You really look after yourself and I need to do some more of that too. Thanks for being such a consistent model of good behaviour for me.
Once my books get completed I'll post some images of them. Most are "non-traditional" but the one I printed is to satisfy a request from me to the teacher to make at least one traditional one. Britt my teacher, said that since it's printed and I have the plates to print from, I can make another edition and we will submit it to the National Library of Canada where they will give me an ISBN number and keep a copy and I will have a publication! This was an unexpected by-product of this project:D

shrinkin Kudos on that tiny new belt! Nice to get a surprise like that and it gives your program a boost for sure. Hope you have a good trip you must be getting awfully good at managing being OP on the road; what works and what doesn't. Will be turning to you for tips if I decided to do summer art shows that send me all over the map this coming year!

RobinW Buffalo is a bit of a drive from where we are... but we really want a Wii Fit! We will be driving down to Ogdensburg this weekend, maybe on the Monday, as I have a rental car for a craft show Sat and Sun. Hopefully I'll make some $ too, but I am not counting on it. 1st time show in the deep countryside. No time to make stock--have Thursday night and Friday set aside for that. Feels very very far away right now! Hope you are doing well today. Did you get snow... oh my... as I said that I looked out and there it is very light snow drifiting down.:brr: ugh.

Have a good day out there!

bennyhannahmama 11-17-2008 10:29 AM


Originally Posted by thinkerbell (Post 2456476)
Hi everyone!

I have been lurking here for a few days and I love what I am reading...how to think like a thin person! woo-hoo!

Here's my problem....I promised myself no more diet books! I ran into a problem last year with the one-click ordering on amazon.com (not diet books but a ton of self-help books....eeek!) So, I am now trying to be very, very selective with the books I purchase.

But I like what I am reading here....it sounds as if it enhances whatever eating plan you are on.

Last week, I did buy the Sonoma Diet book and cookbook.....as it seems like a fun, fresh and creative way to eat and cook....I convinced myself that it wasn't a diet book but rather "cook books".

So this week I found this thread....and I keep getting drawn here and like what I read.

If I do buy the book, (still undecided) can I just get the workbook? or do you think I would need both? or just the book? :dizzy:

I need to confess that I almost have an addiction to books....so this is a big deal for me....any advice?

Thanks for any suggestions/ideas/insights. And thanks also for all the tips I have already picked up from this wonderful thread!

Best wishes,

I'm at work so I don't have much time to post (my update or personals) right now (hope to get back here on my lunch hour), but I really wanted to reply to this. I have a similar addiction to books (especially self-help, diet, etc.) so I feel your pain. Currently, I just have my copy checked out of the library for FREE! I do intend on purchasing my own copy, but not until I actually have the $ for it. I find this much better than making an impulsive purchase.

Olive2 11-17-2008 10:40 AM

Good morning diet coaches! I'll tell you, it sure is nice waking up every morning to lots of new posts to read. Most of you must be on the East coast.

Well, I did it. I actually wrote down everything I ate and averaged 1600 calories, and got in exercise, for an entire week, 7days, I'm not sure how long it's been since I could say that. The last time I lost a significant amount of weight was over 5 years ago. I kept it off for two years, but then I've been slowly gaining for the last 3 years with no loss. I wish I could tell you what has caused me to finally get my act together but I don't know myself. All I know is this time I'm doing it and I'm going all the way.

Today is Day 10 - Set a realistic goal. I'll read the section and then get back to you. Yesterday was select an exercise plan. I've got one that works for me now. I work out twice a week on an eliptical machine while my kids are in a PE class and I walk for 45 minutes twice a week while the kids are in swim team practice. On the weekend I try to get in at least one long walk with the whole family. This works for now. What I'll need to add is weight training. And I'd really like to take up running again once I lose a little more weight.

onebyone - you sound like you have a very busy life. Hope you continue to stay OP and hope you can find that wii fit, sounds like you need indoor activity, what with it snowing already. I'm jealous, we get very little snow here in Portland. Just lots of clouds and rain.

WELCOME Thinkerbell - The Beck Diet Solution is not a diet book. It uses cognitive therapy (changing your thoughts to change your behavior) and works with any diet. I know what you mean about buying diet books. I have also said I wouldn't buy anymore. The BDS is the last book of this sort that I have bought. I do, however, sometimes check diet books out from the library. If you can maybe you should check this book out from the library first and then decide if it's right for you.

Ack, How has it taken me an hour to read this thread and only get this far on replying to everyone? I'll have to respond to the rest of your posts later, sorry.

RobinW 11-17-2008 11:00 AM

Good Morning

Ok....so I dusted off my pedometer, but I think I left my brain in bed this morning. Not only did I leave the pedometer at home, I left the bottom half of the christmas tree & lights, and my phone charger. :dizzy: BUT I packed my OP lunch :cb: and had my OP breaky :cb: At least I was paying attention to something :lol:

Bill~ most of our knives are serated and Ive used them for years and years without sharpening. My parents however have some really cool cooking knives and dad always sharpens them with a sharpening stone. My ex bought an electric sharpening thingy he used for his hunting and fishing knives. That worked pretty good. Aside from that, I'd call one of those sharpening places in the phone book. Usually they will come right to your house. Kudos for getting cooking and stuff done ahead of time!! I love it!

shrinkin~ Awesome NSV!! :cb: :cb:

Realized last night that I have lost about 5" in the rib cage and waist. Went to buy a new belt and ended up buying a MEDIUM. WOW. Stunned me.
Dontcha just love when this happens!?!?! Good for you.

Anne~ Kudos for using posting time for working out instead!! Kudos for setting up your google calendar too!! I like to use the alarm on my cell phone to remind me.

Tinkerbell~ If you were to decide between the books, Id go with just the book and leave the workbook until after you've read the book. I think this is my last "diet" book. It really isnt a diet book, but a way to learn how to eat properly. Pick any of the diet books you have to follow, then use Beck's teachings to stay on plan.

Well, hubby just got back......he went home and picked up all the things I forgot :D I can start cleaning the windows so I can put the tree up (at the shop) Home decorating wont start until the middle of december!!

Id like to share an observation..........CNN can really put me in a funk about the economy. Ive started only watching it in the morning and refuse to watch it any other time. Even the morning stuff can get to me. BUT....I was at the mall this weekend and from the people shopping and the site of the parking lot, you would never know there was a slow down. Then you look at the little shops on my street who are struggling and you think....what is so exciting at the malls? So.....shop local this season, remember those little shops that have interesting items that can be bought for the holiday season. Lets try to help them thru......the christmas season is usually what helps them get thru Jan, Feb, Mar. I was talking to several on friday here, and many are very scared they are going to have to close up after the holidays.

popping back on to say hi to those that seemed to post at the same time as me....

onebyone~ I love books!! You certainly cant curl up with a computer on the couch and read :lol: No we didnt get snow here, its around us tho. There are several cars driving around with a good 6" of snow on them. We are in north buffalo.....when you hear about the major snowfalls here, its almost always everywhere except right here :lol: Good Luck finding your Wii, monday would probably be a better day for shopping. The malls are just crazy here on the weekends.

Olive~ Kudos for starting to keep track of your food!!! Good for you. Makes a big difference doesnt it?! BIG kudos for getting on the elpictical!! I hate that machine :lol:

K.........Im off to get some decorating done! :santa:

angelmomma210 11-17-2008 12:43 PM

Wndranne..That is quite a thing to do. Am not even near there yet. I agree that hunger tolerance is very important to have..and know. Take come time for yourself.

RobinW…Glad that you are doing better and that the hip is almost back to normal. Good luck on doing the dvd…let me know how that works out. About leaving you stuff at home…you can’t do that…that is something that I do. LOL,=.

Onebyone…you are really one busy person. Don’t know if I could keep up with you. Good for you for moving your book where you can see it.

Shrinkin…Congrats on the new belt..and for ordering double veggies at applebees..good job

BillBlueEyes..about knives..my dh keeps them sharp with a stone. That is his job here.

Tinkerbell…welcome..you are my kinda person…..I love tinkerbell and have a lot of her stuff. I have both books and find that I use the workbook a lot more.

Olive2..good job journaling…my dh said that when I do it I really do good…need to do that again.

If I missed anyone..sorry.

I stayed home today as I have accute bronchitis instead of pnemonia. I coughed most of the night and so I decided to stay home instead of driving with students on board. Still tired and sore so not gonna do much today...just take time for me.

No news of dh yet, but we are hopeful.

Will try to be a better support for you all. I am restarting day one again...gonna redo my list because I thought so more things to add...also gonna put them in a small notebook and add things to stand out with it. Like with my Hunger is not an emergency I plan on putting cops lights with the saying. Just something to get my attention.

Have a good day all. Will try to check in later.

RobinW 11-17-2008 01:15 PM


Like with my Hunger is not an emergency I plan on putting cops lights with the saying. Just something to get my attention.

I read this and all I could picture was your purse blinking like mad :lol: Good for you getting yourself restarted!!

bennyhannahmama 11-17-2008 01:25 PM

Diet Coaches
I feel very blah today. It probably has to do with the fact that I didn't get myself ready for this morning last night because I was too tired and then overslept this morning. I hate starting any day like that, but especially a Monday! It's also one of the 2 days I work outside of the house (Thursday is my other) so I can't really do anything to catch up until I get home tonight.

Yesterday was probably one of the toughest days I've had since starting this program. It probably din't help that I was in the kitchen all day (made the kids chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast, baked 2 pumpkin pies) and it was snowy and cold and I just wanted to warm myself up with food. I didn't though :broc: I actually planned the pancakes and a piece of the pumpkin pie into my meals for the day :broc: and it was a lighter version with a whole grain crust that was only 275 calories for a nice size piece!

I got a great workout in (48 minutes on the elliptical) and ended up with a HUGE deficit at the end of the day (something like 1300 calories):broc:, but the extra 800 calories came from exercise and being active around the house, so I din't feel the need to eat more.

I consciously let myself have a nibble of the pancakes (you know one of those little drops on the griddle that makes a cute teeny tiny pancake-- it just happened to have 1 mini chocolate chip in it) and it's amazing how I could hear the justifying going on in my head. What's also interesting is that I found myself taking other little tastes later on the day. Wow, what a slippery slope that is :( I really need to watch that.

Later in the day I passed a box of crackers that I had bought last week and hadn't tried. I very impulsively decided I wanted to try one and did. I don't like that it was an impulsive decision, but I did track it in my Sensewear software (the whole whopping 9 calories!) :broc:

Robin I went to school at UB :)

Well, my next patient is here, so I need to go. I have more to say (shock!) and I want to respond to some people personally, so hopefully I'll get back on here after work tonight.

Hope you all have a great day!

kuhljeanie 11-17-2008 02:45 PM

happy monday my coaches!

my posts these days are all abbreviated, sadly! want to welcome thinkerbell, though!

sciatica has flared ugly, again. beginning to suspect that a weekend spent carrying el nino on one hip is the cause, since it's usually much better by the end of the week. he's got a cold so is especially clingy.

feeling generally blah. i hate winter and cold, and for some reason am feeling like my world is contracting. i'm either watching the kid while DH wears himself out fixing up both the houses on the weekends, or working. once el nino is in bed, i'm doing laundry, paying bills, cooking or cleaning up, etc. just don't feel like fun is part of my regular life. i shouldn't complain - there are so many folks who have actual, real problems, and i'm just depressed and not sleeping. just can't shake the feeling that my life is going by and this is it?

argh. scale finally moved past 174.5 to 174. somehow i thought i'd be more excited about it.

not a lot of time for personals, but tera, just wondering if the opposite hip issue was CAUSED by the knee. if you were favoring one leg, the other leg gets used differently and might have been thrown out of alignment. keep the faith! and anne, i was that nursing mother overdoing it. i'd just pick a period of time (say, one hour) to delay a meal, and check in with yourself for that hour to see how it feels. then, eat!

cheers to all - off to the next VOC meeting, and will have to stay late again to get in a short workout.

BillBlueEyes 11-18-2008 05:16 AM

Welcome tinkerbell
:welcome: tinkerbell :welcome:

Welcome to the Beck Diet Solution Discussion Group, Support Group, Diet Coach Group.

And, in case you didn't get this when you joined 3FC last month, :wel3fc:

How did you initially find out about The Beck Diet Solution?

And how did you find 3FC and this thread?

BillBlueEyes 11-18-2008 06:05 AM

Diet Coaches - Did the session at the gym with my trainer. CREDIT moi. Ouch! Seems that as I had worked so hard to build up the fun big muscles, I was ignoring many of the core muscles. So we worked those - BORING - but oh so necessary. And we worked on stretches, which I have also been ignoring - also BORING - yet critical to get full range of motion. He lowered the number of reps on some exercises and directed me to work on form. Form. Form. Form. There's a wrong way to do every exercise that allows me to avoid using the muscles that are under-developed. And I was doing them all. Doing the right thing for my body is so much less fun than making the numbers go up. Oh Well. Glad I did this so scheduled a session for next week. CREDIT moi for that, also.

Jeanie (kuhljeanie) - Ouch for that feeling that one's world has contracted to servicing the kids and work. BTDT. I especially hated it when my friends with older kids told me it get's better, but the problems get bigger. I didn't care to hear that; I only wanted some more time in the day to breathe or cut my toe nails or talk to DW. Sending supportive thoughts.

shrinkin - Waving to the road warrior.

Robin (RobinW) - Kudos for charging out of the gate with OP breakfast and OP lunch. Thanks for the reminder about supporting the local businesses. I was about the push the one-click Amazon button for Beck's second book, but you remind me that I can just wait and buy it at my local bookstore - the one that has readings by local authors and has knowledgeable staff who have helped me when I was puzzled. Hope your business remains strong during rough times.

onebyone - Congrats for finding your BDS workbook. Gook luck with planning your presentation for Wednesday. So neat that you are going to have a book with an ISBN number - that really gets to me. And thank you for the kind words.

anglemomma210 - Ouch that there's still no news. Continue to send supportive thoughts. Kudos for starting the Beck program again; good timing, you can join right in with the several posters going from the start.

Tera (twilit tera) - Waving to the biology student. For my botany class tonight I'm to bring a flower; presumable to talk about its structure.

Anne (wndranne) - Kudos for getting back into lifting after a 3.5 year break. And Kudos for getting in your exercise on your schedule. Thanks for the link to the Good Eats site for knives. I'll pursue that.

Kim (bennyhannahmama) - Kudos for the workout and Kudos for the healthier pumpkin pie. Ouch for the nibbling but Kudos for the prompt recording into your magic Sensewear that knows all things. LOL at addiction to books since I'm also one of that clan. I have 4 (count them four) books about eliminating clutter. And that's only because I've put the other 10 or so on my Amazon shopping list where I store books to try to prevent myself from buying them. Writing a book about clutter is such a cheap shot to feed us addicts.

Olive (Olilve2) - Kudos for having an exercise plan that dovetails with your kids schedules - I mean, I guess, as if you had any other choice, LOL. And Kudos for an entire week of exercise. Sounds like you're moving along.

thinkerbell - I'm absolutely the last person to help with an addiction to books, but when you figure out the cure for that, please publish a book so I can buy it, LOL. My first copy of Beck came from the library, since I had never bought a diet book in my life and had no desire to start. When I immediately felt it was the right book for me, I Amazoned it right away. I use the book version - it has several chapters before and after the 42 program days that I like. I keep my checklists in different Word and Excel files, so I don't need that feature of the workbook. I do recommend that you get one or the other, from the library or purchased. I think it's necessary to read the book to get the full impact of Beck's strategies.

Glad you're here; hope you feel free to join in the discussion. Many of us have found that posting regularly helps us to stay on track.

Readers -
"If I start to resist writing down my plan tonight, I’ll remind myself:
• I really want to lose weight because of all the advantages." Beck, pg 147.

thinkerbell 11-18-2008 07:17 AM

Wow! Thank you so very much for the warmest welcome!! :hug:

Your kindness and encouragement has pushed me over the edge.....I shall get the book so that I can join you....you guys (and ladies!)are awesome...I can feel the love!

Just a bit about my screen name....I am THIN-kerbell or THINKER-bell, depending on my mood! THINKER- bell seems like she needs to join a thread about how to THINK like a THIN person.....a sign from the Universe!? LOL!

Happy that I found you'all....hopefully today I will find the book at B&N. One promise I am keeping is no more one-click ordering on amazon....(unless of course I can't find it at a real store.)

And Billblueeyes, great idea about that book about how not to buy books.....that's hysterical!

Oh well!
All is still well!

Best wishes,

AnneWonders 11-18-2008 08:23 AM

Last night I did Day 13, Avoiding Cravings. I made my list of distraction activities, a response card, and avoided one craving, my usual dark chocolate squares (2) after dinner. Well, those are more of a habit than a craving, but the same basic techniques work.

Today is Day 14, which is writing out a food plan for tomorrow. I resisted this one at first, because I like the flexibility of eating what I want, as long as it fits into the plan. I can better match my hunger levels and cravings that way and am less apt to fall victim to the occasional box of donuts that presents itself at work. (Listen to that language, "fall victim," as if that box of donuts beats me up and stuffs itself down my throat--I can take 'em.) Then I sort of realized that I eat the same thing for breakfast pretty much every day, I pack my lunch and snacks at work the night before (and write it in my food log ahead of time), and I'm now planning and preprepping dinners as much as possible to save some time, so essentially I have the plan, I'm just not writing it down as such. So, no big deal. Plan for tomorrow in short: cereal w/ milk & banana for breakfast, leftover chicken stir fry from tonight's dinner for lunch, and a chicken/pasta dish that is in our usual rotation for dinner, a few healthy snacks (carrots, V8, yogurt) and an indulgent dessert (2 dk choc squares). There, done! Not so big a deal.

Welcome thinkerbell. I love the double meaning of the username! I'm also a book addict with an Amazon prime shipping subscription. Yikes.

onebyone: good for you for making soup, always yummy and reading BDS again. Every step helps.

bennyhannamama: thanks for mentioning the library. We love it but never go. One click is so much quicker. But the library has story time and DD likes that. Must move butt there. Sometime. I'll schedule it.

Olive: congrats on your week! Did you set your goal?

RobinW: interesting observation about CNN. I had to stop watching news sometime during my pregnancy because I would burst into tears about everything and sometimes take DD and hunker down so nothing bad would happen to us. Weird. I'm a lot happier without it. Here's sending you focus vibes so you remember your pedometer.

angelmomma: bronchitis now! And you are doing so well refocusing. Big credits to you! :hug:

jeanie: you did the hunger thing while nursing? Wow! I hope your sciatica clears up soon. My DS has a cough, so I'm guessing I'll be toting him around a bunch too. Which will make DD want to get in on the action. Which will make my back give out. :dizzy:

Bill: nice work on the abs!


AnneWonders 11-18-2008 09:38 AM

Oh, yeah. Something I did, which is not part of BDS but feels like it is in the same spirit is tracking my levels of tiredness/fatigue on a scale of 0 to 10, zero being good night's sleep wake up naturally fresh and happy, and 10 being so tired my eyes won't focus. Being tired is such a trigger for me, and if I can name it and give it some awareness, perhaps it will be a useful tool later. I do know that if it is important, it should be tracked, and rest is very important to me. This morning, I'm about a 5 out of 10 on my scale (sleep starts coming easily at 6 or 7).


RobinW 11-18-2008 10:33 AM

Good Morning

Thinkerbell~ how many of us read tinkerbell? :lol: Isnt that funny? (funny strange not haha) :lol: K, Ive only had one cup of coffee so far......Im working on #2. :D Welcome to the group!!

Bill~ Kudos for working with a PT!! I loved working with mine, but I think she is the reason my hip is out of wack. So....remember that sometimes when you are stretching and you think you are stretching a muscle.....sometimes it isnt. Its something funky in your hip being stretched like it isnt suppose to be.


Today is Day 14, which is writing out a food plan for tomorrow. I resisted this one at first, because I like the flexibility of eating what I want, as long as it fits into the plan.
I didnt like this one either. But while I was reading your post, I was thinking......remember those days when mom's had every day of the week planned out? Monday was chicken, Tuesday was meatloaf, Wednesday was pasta etc? I think they were on to something!! Kudos for getting your food for today planned! I still struggle with this. I tend to plan my food in the morning, because I dont want to think about food in the evening when Ive closed up the kitchen and shouldnt be thinking about it. kwim?

BennyHM~ Cool UB!! Is there anything about buffalo you miss? I still cant get over the fact that it is such a huge place, but its almost like a small town. Pretty cool.

Alright, well I put the tree and garland up at the shop yesterday. Put up over 600 mini lights and started moving things around for the "holiday season". All the bending and pulling messed up my hip for the rest of the evening. On the plus side tho, it isnt too bad today. Its starting to look festive around the place. I just need to go out and get a few santa hats for the top of the tree and my headless t-shirt body forms :lol:

Food isnt too bad....I had too much bread yesterday. It's homemade and really really good!! No I wasnt hungry, no I didnt need it!

I better some work done.....have a great day everyone!

kuhljeanie 11-18-2008 11:35 AM

snow? SNOW?
anne, LOVE the idea of tracking tiredness! that's freaking brilliant! my monitor tracks my sleep, and that's related - but i'm betting there's direct correlation to making poor food choices and skipping workouts, and being tired. nice. good luck keeping the back straight with the little ones climbing all over you. it's so hard to say no to that little face when he's sick and wanting to be held!

sciatica is really bad today - seems to track to el nino's coughing. i'm shocked at how irritated i am at not being able to run. craziness. :)

day two, of the scale showing 173.5, so it's "real." i think i figured out why i'm not more excited. i'm no longer putting that much stock in the scale fluctuating up, so it's not HUGE if it goes down, either. nice, but not earth-shattering. i guess i'm not a slave to the scale moving in either direction anymore. feels a little strange, but it's real. maybe i'll feel more celebratory when i get into the 160s. haven't been there since i was in my 20's, so that's a big deal. though to be honest, i haven't weighed 173 since i was in my 20s either, so, hmm...might just be part of feeling down in general. it snowed yesterday. SNOWED. hate the cold, hate the wet, only have one coat that fits properly and i'm not ready to invest in a good one yet. waaaaah. :)

food still OP - although exercise is shot to heck. may check in with the doc but i'm hoping it'll just clear up.

hugs to all with injuries! and angelmomma, hope those lungs clear up soon!

robin, agreed - my mom plans and buys so religiously in advance that she only goes grocery shopping every other month. she's a terrible cook, but it works for her. she only buys fruit and veggies more often. i also took your advice and turned off NPR this morning, when all i could hear was PANIC! PANIC! it won't make much difference to GM and Ford if i listen to music on my commute instead of their troubles. too much bad news that i can't do anything about may be contributing to my funk.

bill - might want to think of working your core and stretching as self-care, rather than boring. who wants to do something boring for the long haul? i LOVE my core/stretching work - but i also have the world's best yoga teacher. have you tried pilates?

glad to have you, thinkerbell! love the screen name. :)

onebyone - how insanely cool is it to have an ISDN number? i'm with bill on that one. i know a famous artist! also really happy to hear you climbing back on the wagon. it really DOESN'T matter how many times you fall off - just that you always get back on. :hug:

wonderful job with the pancakes etc., kim! a real testament to the power of planning. how much do you love your monitor? i've got a tan line and a little indentation around my upper arm from my armband. LOVE it.

hi olive! i know, some days it takes forever to post and respond to everyone. if/when it starts feeling like a burden, feel free to do as much as you can and let the rest go!

cheers all...i may try to run today, since running didn't seem to hurt last week (not like lugging el nino around.) wish me luck!

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