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bennyhannahmama 11-15-2008 09:40 PM

Diet Coaches
Today was a bit tough with a whole lot of running around. Went to the movies with my 7yo DD and her co-stars from an upcoming play. Afterwards, we were supposed to all go out to lunch together. We ran out of time and everyone decided we should order in pizza. The play rehearsal is in a community room at the mall and I was volunteered to get the food. (I was the only parent that stayed.) The good news is that I had to walk back and forth through the mall multiple times getting menus from various places, etc. so I therefore hit my 10,000 step goal before 4pm! :broc: (That's my new sign for "credit".) I also completely passed on the pizza and breadsticks even though I was starved! :broc: I went to Panera Bread again and contemplated getting something more satisfying than the soup and salad I got last week. (It was very satisfying last week, but today I was starved!) I decided to just stick with the same though. :credit: I was reading this thread while eating and when I got to Bill's response to me about being aware while eating I remembered that I had not paid attention to one bit of my meal so far! Thanks for the reminder, Bill. After that I ate slowly and mindfully.:broc: And guess what? The meal was very satisfying. Also when I walked in the door starved I had contemplated buying a chocolate chip croissant (a Panera favorite for me)-- but again, I passed.:broc:

Also, instead of spending more time on the computer, I chose to spend some time writing in my journal and responding to the questions at the end of each of the days I have gone through in the book.:broc:

Something I came up with that I thought I would share was about Giving Credit. I was trying to think of a reminder system (didn't even remember that was one of the tasks until I sat down today to do everything on each day) that would kind of come naturally to me. (For example, for my advantages cards, I read those whenever I brush my teeth. Since that's already a habit, it's a great reminder.) So, I came up with this: Everytime I check the time, I need to give myself credit for something that day.

Last night I did not read another step because I felt like I needed another day to really concentrate on Mindful Eating. I looked at what's coming next though and it's Day #6 Find a Diet Coach. I believe I've already done that with all of you, but of course I will still read the chapter and I may just move on to Day #7 too.

Oh and I've been a bit frustrated with the scale (even though I'm trying really hard not to worry about it since with my Sensewear I can track my calories in/ calories out and I'm doing great. However, I've wanted to weigh myself everyday so I can watch the pattern and see what happens with hormone changes, etc. and remind myself of these patterns when I feel as if I'm "stuck". Despite the fact that the scale hasn't really seemed to move much, I do feel a difference in my body and I am definitely holding my head up higher knowing that I'm taking care of myself and that I CAN and WILL do this! Anyway, my starting weight last week was 149. Then the next day I was 148 and the next 147. Before I stepped onto the scale the next day I prepared myself for seeing that the scale might show that I "gained" weight. For some reason, I just had a feeling it would and sure enough I went back up to 148. And that is where I remained for the next 5 days despite the fact that I was having calorie deficits every day. Thank goodness I was sure about the deficits (since I logged EVERYTHING I ate and have the Sensewear to tell me what I'm truly burning) so that helped me not worry about the scale as much. Anyway, I weighed today and was down to 147 again. It dawned on me that it is a 2lb loss from last week-- woo hoo! I'll take it! I also feel like I'm going to drop again really soon. I've averaged over the week a 750 calorie deficit per day, so that would make sense.

Robin I'm so sorry for the loss of your aunt and the suffering she endured. :hug: I'm also sorry that your hip continues to bother you and hope that gets better very soon!

Jeanie Congrats on deciding to do the 1/2 marathon again-- you know we'll all be here cheering you on through your training. So far the longest race I've ever done is a 5K, but you're inspiring me!

Anne I'm very impressed with your thoroughness of working through the different tasks-- you are definitely setting yourself up for success. I am also super impressed with the limiting the screen time. I'm not up to the time/energy step yet, but I know I will probably need to look at limiting myself too.
As far as goal setting, I'm with you. I don't like to have a certain number hanging out there. I remember a long time ago when I weighed 104 lbs. (I was in high school) and I was obsessed with wanting to weigh 100lbs. Stupid, stupid, stupid!! Guess where trying to get myself to lose 4 more lbs. got me?? Yep, to 149! I haven't read that step yet, but couldn't you set your goal to be something not number based? Either way, I think the 5 lbs. at a time is a fantastic idea. I know for me right now I'm just fully concentrating on 10 lb. goals.
Keep up the fantastic work!

Bill I'm with the others in thinking that you handled the no-show pilates instructor incident very well. I hope you do get to try a class soon. I've wanted to try Pilates myself, but haven't done that yet. Sounds like you're starting off a new week with a great attitude.

Shrinkin Huge kudos for you for walking to your different errands. I truly think that's some of the best exercise, just incorporating it into our lives. Thanks for sharing some of your responses. I guess I do have quite a few of those floating around my head. I know getting them down on paper (at least initially) is really important too. I need to work on that. I just don't think any of the examples in the book have really spoken to me yet. I'll need to think of some of my own thoughts to challenge or respond to.


Sorry to hear about your hip pain too :( I think it's quite common to end up with some kind of injury on the other side of your body due to compensating for another injury. I apologize if you've already posted this and I missed it, are you going to physical therapy?
Looks like you're doing great with staying OP-- keep at it and it will become the norm!

I think you should go re-read your post and look at places to give yourself credit. I see quite a few. Please be kind to yourself, you've obviously been under a lot of stress. What things can you do differently next time to make sure you don't get so run down? I hope you are enjoying some of your down time (This is something I have struggled with for SO long and finally just started getting better at!)

Oh and this is for you Onebyone


Tip! If you find you're self-critical every time you make a mistake in your eating, you'll undermine your confidence. If you eat something you hadn't planned to eat or if you mindlessly eat standing up, for example, beware of overly harsh sabotaging thoughts. Make sure you tell yourself something similar to the following: This is hard. I'll get better at it. Next time, I can...
Beck, p. 76

RobinW 11-15-2008 11:03 PM

Thank you everyone for you thoughts and prayers :hug: I just got off facebook, where one of my cousins is posting dozens of old pictures of our family. There is actually a picture of all the adult children all together in one photo......its a rare thing, there were 11 kids!!! There are only 5 kids left...my dad being one of them.

Today wasnt bad. I picked up loads of veggies today, and a nice sauce that's only 60calories per 1/4 cup, should make a nice lunch addition.

My hip is alot better today, I still took it easy tho. I am going to have myself looked at, but probably not for another week. I really think this hip issue is tied in with something else that I have absolutely no control over. Its a long drawn out explanation that I wont get into here. But I will have it looked at.

Im off to bed......have a great weekend everyone.

BillBlueEyes 11-16-2008 06:04 AM

Diet Coaches - Got lots of chores done, including clearing out a book case that had become a repository for all the things that didn't have a place to go - five shelves of junk drawer syndrome. Ugh. CREDIT moi for working on my environment. Attended a string quartet performance that included Mozart's "Dissonance." Live music goes right into my soul. A reception afterward offered ample opportunity for over indulgence. I did well when sticking to the fruit tray - CREDIT moi, but dawdled too long at the tray with brie - Oh Well.

shrinkin - Ouch for sore, but Kudos for jumping right into your PT. And Kudos for walking to those appointments. The walking to appointments or errands is a part of my life now that's just wonderful. And, like you, I'm frequently blown away that I used to drive short distances - just never considered walking.

Robin (RobinW) - Good news that the hip is better. I do hope you follow up on your notion to have it looked at - particularly if it linked to something else. Yay for all those veggies.

onebyone - Yay for Wii Fit - did you get one? Do you like it? Ouch for those evil homemade cookies. Kudos for getting right back on track. LOL at your description of the bright pink nude half off the chair. LOL, but wishing I would take a class like that to get past my "I can't draw, so I won't, which proves me right" syndrome.

anglemomma210 - Good grief, walking pneumonia! Sending supportive thoughts for both your pneumonia and your psaga.

Tera (twilit tera) - Ouch for the hip pain and walker - hope that's something you can get looked at. Yay that you got to your two class observations before getting hit with that.

Kim (bennyhannahmama) - Big Kudos for eating slowly and mindfully. Neat idea to work on giving yourself credit. For me, that's a Beck strategy that breaks open my mind to seeing the positive steps I'm taking rather than just the shortcomings.

Anne (wndranne) - Neat! - five pounds and then a reward. What rewards do you plan? Thanks for the reminder, "No use compounding a lousy situation by getting all upset about it and making the bad vibes last."

Readers -
"If I start to resist writing down my plan tonight, I’ll remind myself:
• I haven't been able to stick to a diet without doing it.
…" Beck, pg 147.

shrinkin 11-16-2008 08:33 AM

Sunday report
Total caloires on plan, but too much fat yesterday and more than one glass of wine. Has been hard to get back to totally healthy eating.

Did not get to the pool. In part, from having to go to work. Other reason was that I am sore from PT exercises. Plan to go today.

Busy work day today plus have to get laundry finished and pack to travel again. Leave tomorrow for day and a half in GA with my DD working on her wedding plans, followed by travel to NC for work. Will be chairing a high profile meeting, so have work to do to get ready for that too.

BBE-WooHoo for the attack on junk drawer syndrome! Kudos for sticking to the fruit tray.

RobinW-:^: share some more details on your sauce? What veggies are you using in your diet? I need some inspiration to get back to eating veggies. Glad to hear the hip is getting better.

bennyhannahmamma-WTG on passing up the chocolate chip croissant...great feeling that behavior change isn't it! Kudos for taking control of the scale. Yup, the weight generally bounces around as it bounces down. Great Beck quote...for all of us who are struggling.

onebyone-ouch for the "not totally at rest or peace feeling." Sending you some positive thoughts for feeling better. Accepting where you are is important. You have a right to feel tired. Kudos for still desiring to get back on the wagon even though tired. You will get some rest and then get back on the road to where you want to go.:hug:

wndranne-I understand the anti-goal mentality. Part of the problem with scale goals is that sometimes the body takes its time with a scale response. Wondering if you have a nonscale goal too? I need to come up with some goals. Lately, have been wandering around without them.

twilit tera-Big ouch for the hip requiring use of walker. High five for staying on your food plan in spite of inability to do the usual method of recording!

angelmomma210-Seems when it rains, it pours. :( Yup, your :stress: level has been high for a long time and it does impact the body. Kudos for you keeping your sense of humor and even tempered spirit in spite of it all!

Waving to BornToFly, olive2, kuhljeanie and maryblu and the BAG ladies!

Off to work!

twilit tera 11-16-2008 10:07 AM

Not a great check in for me today. Anger has dissolved and now I'm sad. I've been struggling to not comfort myself with food.

Thanks everyone for your concern. I haven't seen a doctor since getting my knee looked at last summer. That ended up costing about $600 that we just didn't have - because it involved an MRI.

Although I haven't really shared this with anyone on 3FC yet, we are really just surviving. I don't have health insurance, it would cost about a quarter of my husband's paycheck to put me on it. I'm just trying to get through school and get back to work, but if I can't walk, how can I teach? It would just suck SO much to have gone through all this just to end up back where I was before - taking a call center job for some company that treats its customers and its employees like...

assuming that I could even find such a job these days.

I realize this is about the most negative post y'all have ever seen from me... I do try to stay positive and productive...

Anyway, I'm on the Texas Health and Human Services website. Hubby and I have always managed to make just enough money to NOT qualify us for any kind of assistance, but maybe... It would just be helpful to know what an orthopedic specialist would say after looking at these joints of mine.

Olive2 11-16-2008 11:16 AM

Day 8 - Create Time and Energy

This is what I worked on Fri and Sat. I pretty much have it down. I've been writing down everything I eat, getting in my exercise, reading and doing BDS, planning my meals, etc. I know that if I want this to work I'm going to have to make sure I keep up with this group. As long as I'm reporting in here to my diet coaches, I should stay on program. I have a tendency to fall into lurkdom, and then fall out all together. Not this time. I'm going to be here as much as possible and be accountable to all of you. I'll check in here when I wake up early, before the kids get up, and on other days at night while my DH is putting the kids to bed. I'll make visiting here a priority over other websites and distractions.

Tera - I'm so sorry for all your troubles. :hug: I hope you can find out what's going on with your hip without breaking the bank. It's so frustrating when money gets in the way of just living. :( Feel free to vent all you want here to help keep you from the emotional eating. That is a big one for me, keeping things inside and then just eating away the stress and sadness.

shrinkin - Hope you have a good trip.

Bill - Nice going with the clearing of junk. That's something I've been working on too, but am putting off until I have the BDS and weight loss thing down. One big project at a time for me.

Robin - Glad your hip is feeling better!

bennyhannahmama - Sounds like you're doing great. Good job with all that credit and figuring out a system to remember to give yourself credit. That's great that you're not stressing on the scale but figuring out your own body's natural ups and downs. That's something I have to remember.

onebyone - Sorry about the WiiFit. They're pretty hard to come by here too. I don't have one but I may get one as a reward somewhere down the line. That is, if I have reason to reward myself, which I'm sure I will. I love your description of the drawing, but don't fall off that chair! I've been hearing great things about Mad Men and look forward to watching it someday.

Anne - I like how you're setting your weight goal. That sounds like a really healthy way to do it.

Angelmomma - sorry about your illness, hope you feel better soon!

:wave: to all the others out there

angelmomma210 11-16-2008 11:20 AM

You all are such wonderful friends...am glad that I found you all. I know that I have not been very supportive but you all are in my thoughts. You all are an inspiration to me. I have not done much with beck but do plan on starting again. Still coughing up a storm, but will be going back to work tomorrow. We sure do hope to hear something soon about dh. Thank you to all of you for your support.

AnneWonders 11-16-2008 01:55 PM

Today I'm working on Day 11, Differentiate between Hunger, Desire and Cravings and Day 12, Practice Hunger Tolerance. I'm picking tomorrow to monitor my hunger levels before, during and after meals. I gave Day 12 some thought and decided not to do the hunger tolerance exercise of skipping lunch. Since I'm breastfeeding, and my supply is not what it could be, I'm not going to purposely do something that could mess with it. And in the interest of full disclosure, woo hoo!

I do think hunger tolerance is important and for the record, I've never been able to lose weight without learning to live with real hunger at some level. I've also been down this road enough that I don't kid myself about being hungry when I'm eating what/when/more than I'm "supposed" to. I overeat because I want to eat pretty much all the time, hungry or not.

I'm so tired today that it hurts, and it is like I'm seeing the world through a fog. I did sleep pretty well last night, maybe 6 uninterrupted hours, but somehow I'm a zombie today. I didn't get to ride yesterday, but did go to the track and then to the playground with DD and ran and climbed and slid. I am STILL sore from lifting last Monday!

Have to run now. DD is back from the park with DH, and I'm now on Mommy duty. Will try to check in later tonight for personals.


RobinW 11-16-2008 06:41 PM

Evening :wave:

Tera~ Im so sorry to hear about what is happening with you. Here is my take on accepting assistance. (remember Im a Canadian living in the US) Back home, health care is provided....we pay for it, but its done by taxes etc. Accept the assistance to get yourself fixed up! Your health is very very important, and if you qualify for it, use it. You have already paid for it.....we all pay taxes right?! So it really isnt charity or assistance....it's there for you to use when you need to access it. Please dont feel bad about using it.

shrinkin~ the sauce is "classico roasted red pepper alfredo sauce" 1/4 cup for 60 calories and 2 carbs. My staple veggies are broccoli, cauliflower, green beans, yellow beans, spaghetti squash, celery and carrots. Im not very brave. Once in a while I'll buy a fennel bulb and make a coleslaw with it or juice it with tomatoes. Ive recently added potatoes back into my diet. We were eating too much pasta, and I started replacing that with potatoes.

If you ever buy those lean cuisine meals, especially the saucy ones, I put them in my "soup" cup (because it's big) toss in about 1/2 to 3/4 cup chopped veggies heat up and stir the sauce around to coat. I was surprised to see so little food in those things when I put them in my soup bowl :eek: The veggies make me feel like Im having a full meal rather than a snack.

Bill~I am going to follow up. I just need to decide who I am going to go to. I want to talk to a few more people and get some opinions first.

onebyone~ do you live close to a border? There are quite a few around here right now. I dont know how long its going to last tho. The shopping has begun here. Its unbelievable!

Hello to everyone else :wave: I'll post more personals tomorrow. Its so nice to see so many new people here. :)

Ive had a busy day.....did some baking, low fat pumpkin bread, my nacho turkey soup made for next weeks lunches, a loaf of fococcia bread baked and some butter tart squares for hubby.

Im feeling much much better. My hip is pretty much back to the way it was before this all started. I am very suspicious about it's timing. Regardless, I have my pilates for dummies dvd out and ready for me for tomorrow morning. My veggies are cleaned and ready to be eaten next week, and I have my workbook ready to be worked in :D Im planned and ready to go......I even dusted off my pedometer!!

Have a great evening everyone.........stay warm too!

onebyone 11-16-2008 09:57 PM

week 14 day 7 done.
Evenin' Coaches.

I made it to school today. I got my prints done . I had to do prints on the opposite side of prints I'd made before so they can now be folded and sewn into a very large book. So glad that is done. They aren't perfect, with some black smudges on some of them, and one page with a big black mark that I have to try to get off of there somehow, but it's okay. It's a big part of what I needed to do done. I also got the kiln pre-heating today and then set the timer for it to start tomorrow morning. I made a bucket of glaze and that was that. This morning I worked on another project and have it 3/4 done. This evening I have not been able to make myself work on anything. I have all day tomorrow to get stuff done, with a 2 hr break for coffee with two friends at 1pm. That will be good. I'm feeling lonely amidst all this activity. I'm living a very unbalanced life right now. Soon to right itself though and then sooner still to start up again for my final semester at school in January.

Foodwise not good. Oh Well. Can only try try again.

RobinW I'm near Ogdensburg. Was wondering if their Walmart had Wii fit's :?: Where are you? And where are those pesky Wii Fits!?! Oh you are ready to go OP this week girl! Kudos. I'm :cheer3: for you!

wndranne Congrats on getting to Tolerate Hunger Day. It is a key day for sure... your plan sounds good!

angelmomma210 My goodness. Pneumonia. :hug: You need a nice relaxing holiday with some warm sun to heal your poor worn out body. I do sincerely hope this all comes to a conclusion soon. I wish you didn't have to go back to work though perhaps the return to your normal routine will make you feel better. :hug:

Olive2 I too think that keeping up with this group is essential to even wanting to keep going OP. I have been on and off the wagon so many times since I started on here but I keep trying. Don't know where I'd be without it. At least I am not heavier than before; I easily would have been. Credit moi for that for sure. And credit to you for recognizing this too.

twilit tera It can be very very hard to lift yourself up in the world to a better status. It's hard. I understand what it is like to be poor but have to find a way to keep going. You show all the essential characteristics of one who will succeed. You will figure this out. And as Robin said if you have a way to access help for medical things do it. It is an investment in you. And you will pay it back big time. Just keep moving forward.:hug:

shrinkin You are one travelin' gal. I hope you find a great pool in GA to swim in while away... :hug:

BillBlueEyes Kudos on getting that junk shelf under control. I have many tasks ahead of me for December just like that and I can't wait to be doing those things. It means I will have completed the things before me right now! And yep we made the effort to find the elusive Wii Fit but No Luck. Argh! I feel I will never get one... may have to wait until .... argh! January! Here, I'll add a:tantrum: for emphasis... my inner 8yr old is on the loose!

RobinW 11-16-2008 10:04 PM

Im in Buffalo. There are wii fits here at some places. Walmart has them too, but they are out online. Id call first before heading over. If there is a circuit city, or best buy in Ogdensburg, you could check there too. Even Target carries them too.

shrinkin 11-16-2008 10:40 PM

Monday morning report on Sunday night

Have an extra busy morning in the am, so decided to post early. Trying to stay accountable in spite of life intervening and travelling way more than I like.

Was on target today for calories. CREDIT MOI for ordering double veggies at Applebees lunch with DH and for having some asparagus and winter squash tonight. Also, went to produce shop and got some broccoli and more fruit. DH will be home alone, but hopefully he will eat healthy while I am away.

Did a decent pool workout tonight. AND did my SEVEN PT exercises this am. CREDIT MOI for doing both in one day. Tempting to allow self to miss one or the other.

Realized last night that I have lost about 5" in the rib cage and waist. Went to buy a new belt and ended up buying a MEDIUM. :carrot: WOW. Stunned me.

Now have a nonscale goal of dropping another inch to fit into a black and gold jacket (hopefully by New Years).

Have more work to do tonight and still need to finish packing.

Will try to find time for personals on the road if I have internet access via a real computer and time....but for now, must say to Twilit Tera...hope you can find a way to get the help you need. Dont give up. I'll be thinking positive thoughts and sending good vibes your way.

BillBlueEyes 11-17-2008 04:56 AM

Monday - Hello new week
Diet Coaches - Domestic me here. Made my granola for the next two weeks and made a batch of zucchini curry for this week's lunches. CREDIT moi. I do need to sharpen or get our kitchen knives sharpened; cutting onions with a dull knife is so pointless. Does anyone else use dull knives? What do the rest of you guys do? Sharpen yourselves or take your knives to some magic place that sharpens them? There's this image in my head of a guy peddling a tricycle with two front wheels supporting a box with a bell calling out "knives sharpened." Can't for the life of me remember where that image is from - did I see such a guy in real-life or is that from some movie like Mary Poppins?

shrinkin - Double Kudos for double veggies at Applebees. Double Kudos for both pool and PT. Double best wishes for travels to both Georgia and NC. Double Congrats for inches lost from both rib cage and waist. And Double Thanks for two posts yesterday. (Are you burning your candle at both ends or what, LOL.)

Robin (RobinW) - Yay for feelling much much better. Kudos for being so ready for next week. [ Not to self: remember to dust my pedometer next time I'm wielding the ol' feather duster.]

onebyone - Kudos for moving forward one bucket of glaze at at time. It's good to hear your positive approach to a mound of stuff to get done. The book is sounding neat - can't wait to hear how it comes together.

anglemomma210 - Ouch for "coughing still." Sending supportive thoughts for your DH's saga.

Tera (twilit tera) - Sending supportive thoughts for figuring out how to get help for that hip. Ya gotta do what ya gotta do. Kudos for avoiding the trap of using food for comfort.

Anne (wndranne) - Good choice to avoid the Hunger exercise while nursing. That was tried about a year ago by a nursing mother on this thread who began to feel faint and I nearly had a heart attack just reading about it. Neat that you already know that "I want to eat pretty much all the time" isn't about Hunger.

Olive (Olilve2) - Kudos for avoiding the "lurkdom" route and for actively pursuing Create Time and Energy - despite being rather busy with kids etc. Glad you're here.

Readers -
"If I start to resist writing down my plan tonight, I’ll remind myself:
• It'll take only three minutes at most.
…" Beck, pg 147.

AnneWonders 11-17-2008 08:36 AM

Hi everybody. Sorry I never made it back for personals last night. I decided to go for my run (C25KW4D1) and then lift (NRLWS1WB1). Getting back into lifting after a 3.5 year break is making me so sore, I'm having to manage that carefully. Credit moi for making that schedule. I've also read my Response Cards (which also contain my exercise plan for the week, and my short term weight goal) this morning, got my reminder email from my Google calendar, set my timer for internet and monitored my hunger levels while eating my breakfast while sitting down and paying attention. My plan for today is to work through the Day 13 exercises for Overcome Cravings.

onebyone: I also have serious problems sticking to plan when I'm tired and worn out, which is why I'm following the Beck structure now, even though I'm not normally a plan person. It helps. It also helps to get as much sleep/rest as you need if at all possible. This is a very common issue brought up on the Maintainers threads. Are you an artist? Your posts are always interesting.

bennyhannamama: I'm ok with a short term weight goal, since 5 lbs from now, I still won't be where I want to be. When I am at a good weight, my goals are usually running goals, certain distance, certain pace, etc. I'd also like to be able to do a pull-up, eventually. Make sure you track your weight--fluctuations of up to a couple pounds are normal, and if you are losing two pounds a week, it is easy to hit a two week plateau just through luck of bad timing on the weigh ins. If you are on plan, you are getting there. Good for you for spending another day on Mindful Eating. It is so important. One of my favorite books is Mindless Eating by Brian Wansink (see my review here). It is really amazing the stuff people do when confronted with food, no hunger or emotional trauma needed.

RobinW: I'm glad your hip is feeling better and you can get on that Pilates.

Bill: I'm glad you are getting your home cleaned out and organized. I find that to be stress relieving. As far as knives go, I think one of the Good Eats shows was just about knives...lemme see. American Slicer it was called. You can get a link to the show transcript at the Good Eats Fan Page--an excellent resource.

shrinkin': You sound busy with the upcoming trip. I always find a trip to the pool helps soreness. It kind of acts as a milder form of the ice bath that pro athletes use to help recovery. Now, I'd love to find a way to take my own advice, since I'm sore too! :dizzy: Oh cool, just saw you got to the pool in your latest post. Did it help?

tera: :hug: Does your school offer health insurance for students? I used to get mine that way, lo these many years ago, and remember that it was affordable. Not the best stuff, but covered the basics.

Olive: I'm looking forward to seeing you here. Accountability helps.

angelmomma210: :hug:

I'm off to check in with the Maintainers and LWL and will be back tomorrow (or later tonight, depending on schedule). I've totally blown my 20 minutes but am rationalizing it since I used my posting time for working out last night.


thinkerbell 11-17-2008 08:48 AM

Hi everyone!

I have been lurking here for a few days and I love what I am reading...how to think like a thin person! woo-hoo!

Here's my problem....I promised myself no more diet books! I ran into a problem last year with the one-click ordering on amazon.com (not diet books but a ton of self-help books....eeek!) So, I am now trying to be very, very selective with the books I purchase.

But I like what I am reading here....it sounds as if it enhances whatever eating plan you are on.

Last week, I did buy the Sonoma Diet book and cookbook.....as it seems like a fun, fresh and creative way to eat and cook....I convinced myself that it wasn't a diet book but rather "cook books".

So this week I found this thread....and I keep getting drawn here and like what I read.

If I do buy the book, (still undecided) can I just get the workbook? or do you think I would need both? or just the book? :dizzy:

I need to confess that I almost have an addiction to books....so this is a big deal for me....any advice?

Thanks for any suggestions/ideas/insights. And thanks also for all the tips I have already picked up from this wonderful thread!

Best wishes,

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