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onebyone 11-03-2008 10:24 PM

Good Evening! I can do this thing...

I got through my first day back and stayed very OP. Have a plan for the rest of the week and am ready to face another birthday tomorrow. Sort of. I guess.

I've been working on my homework this afternoon. Was in at the school doing my ceramic job this morning, making glazes for the students. I still feel behind the eight ball there but it's starting to get better. Not having the markets looming is a real stress reliever. Last weekend I had a Saturday craft show but this weekend it's free and clear... to get homework done! It's good cause we are in the home stretch for this semester already. I think classes end Dec 3rd or something ridiculous like that. A whole lot of work ahead of me between now and then.

Anyway just checking in. I know I said I'd have new advantage cards... here are one dozen advantages to weight loss for me
1)reaching my ultimate goal: I will have finally done something that I have not been able to do ever... be at a healthy body weight for me!
2) if I can do this, I can do anything else too.
3) my feet will hurt less
4) I will be able to move my body easier
5) will feel lighter
6) will feel sexier and more attractive
7) maybe will be able to lose the BP meds?!
8) have more energy
9) feel better when meeting new people; more confident
10) choosing what to wear will not be so difficult
11) buying clothes will be easier with more choice
12) will no longer feel ashamed of myself as I will know I am doing things to improve my life ie. making positive changes

BillBlueEyes 11-04-2008 05:10 AM

Tuesday - Elections in the US.
Diet Coaches - Off to vote early this morning; I do not wish to be one of those court cases for people waiting in line for hours. My curried zucchini for lunch yesterday was fantastic. I felt so smug having cooked it during the free hour Sunday morning. CREDIT moi. I made an appointment with my personal trainer for next Monday. CREDIT moi again. Hope to get all parts of my exercise back on track. I've been avoiding those annoying stretch exercises and the ones that do the core muscles.

onebyone - Happy Birthday. Many you have many, many more.

Kudos for getting the wagon going in full force as you start you start your new year. Thanks for publishing some of your Advantages Cards. I particularly like "8) have more energy" - that one is so neat - to have more energy to get more exercise to keep the weight under control.

Jeanie (kuhljeanie) - Kudos for the planning for the football party. Wish you good luck in the falling asleep thing; I'm not a good help there because I'm gone within a minute of laying down. (My issue is when I wake up on body-time, I'm up - I have no desire to go back to sleep.)

Robin (RobinW) - Good morning - hope the new day finds you in your usual upbeat mood.

Tera (twilit tera) - Big Kudos for passing up FREE food at Cosco's. When you master that, kindly give me lessons; I'm a sucker for FREE samples.

Readers -
"Although you probably don't want to hear this, the rate you should try to lose weight is the slower the better." Beck, pg 113.

Mahalia 11-04-2008 07:23 AM

Reaping the benefits
I just wanted to say hello. I read the Beck posts all the time, since I'm doing calorie counting and was thrilled to find The Beck Diet Solution. I started reading this thread and then got the book. What a huge help!

Tolerating hunger was a big one for me. I'm still finding myself with the alarm bells going off when I'm hungry, and being able to remind myself that hunger is not an emergency has been really helpful. I used to snack all day because as soon as I got hungry I'd have a little something. I stayed within my calories but it's nice to realize I can just wait a little while until the next meal. I've been traveling a ton because of that I don't worry so much if I get hungry all the time. I just tell myself "there will always be enough food".

Beck and "French Women Don't Get Fat" have been SO helpful to me.

Thanks for letting me lurk!

shrinkin 11-04-2008 07:48 AM

Tuesday report
A quick flyby because the morning is hectic.

Glad to be back home even if only for about 36 hours. Got back late last night and we leave tomorrow afternoon for DS wedding in Nebraska.

OP yesterday for calories. WooHoo for that in face of eating out (had ahi tuna and salad) and then travelling (took fresh fruit with me).

Sunday not quite as OP as family decided that place for lunch was a Southern buffet. I am from the South, but must admit I haven't done Southern buffets in over 20 years. Wasn't even sure they had them any more. I did very well there considering. Had a very large salad, and some baked chicken. It was the only non fried entree in a cast of about 6 entrees. Indulged in tiny tastings of green beans and corn (even though former cooked in ham hocks and latter in butter), tiny amount of sage dressing and literally two pieces of fried okra. Felt pretty smug until dessert...when fell off the wagon and had a very small serving of peach cobbler. However, credit moi for only having one SMALL serving. So was over the limit for the day for the diet, but not enough to gain.

Did two rounds of pool exercise while at Moms...one on Saturday and one on Monday. Hard wrok outs both days. So, CREDIT for that particularly in view of fact that last trip I totally fell off the wagon and did zero.

Weekly weight in: down 1.5 pounds; 4 week average loss: 0.75 pounds per week.

Will try to do some personals later, but have to get to pool, to cleaners and to vote before work. Plus have physical therapy today...which is good because arm did a back slide while traveling. Oh Well.

Have a great day all...hope all the US citizens make it out to vote!

PS. onebyone--welcome back...more later.

onebyone 11-04-2008 08:14 AM

Nov 4.
Good Morning Becksters!

I had a pleasant surprise last night when on the other board I post on that is all about my foodplan I got a personal reply from one of the people who work wiht the author of my carb cycling program as to how to pattern my week given my wanderings of late and that today is my birthday. Was told it's okay to make this a "cheat day" and then was given the pattern to follow for the rest of the week. Did not expect that.

I don't want a whole cheat day. Will apply some Beck thinking to my day. Afterall I have the rest of the week to consider and don't want to put myself on tilt! So I treated myself to regular white bread this morning--discovered I don't like it now. It tastes way too sweet! Will not have that stuff again. Blechh. Go figure. But, nevertheless, with breakfast done I am ready for the day. I am going to get one of those big iced buns I always walk past today for my birthday treat during school and when I come home DH says he'll have dinner ready. Probably takeout dinner but food nontheless and then we are off to see a movie tonight. Not overly exciting but we are pretty broke and I am looking forward to a movie. Not planning on popcorn tonight. So my cheats today will be white toast, iced bun and takeout food. I am not going "whole hog"... been there done that. Feels good to be back OP. And yes, this is OP! And by the end of this month my goal is to have seen Nadine the trainer for an update, get measured and weighed and re-visit my workout routine with her and that same day to join the gym.

I so want to be swimming.

That's all I'd change. Love my work. Love my projects. I can even deal with the pace of things as they are very very fast right now. Don't mind that so much so long as I move forward.

Better go. Thanks for being here you guys!
:hug: to you all.

PS I really fought stepping on the scale this morning. "Just wanted to see" if I was down as I was perfectly OP yesterday... one day OP after 5 not OP and I expect a, oh, 5lb drop?! UNREALISTIC. It's more important for me to fight that uge and so I add another red X to my countdown to my next weigh in 6wks 4 days from now.

barbpos 11-04-2008 09:17 AM

Hi all. Here for one of my infrequent posts. All the past ones have been about how smoothly things have gone for me. Well, I finally hit a snag in October. I started the month at 183 and got down to 180, which is 70 pounds down since the beginning of the year. Then, I got into my old overeating at night patterns and had a couple of binges, and ended the month at 185. I know it's not all a real weight gain...even with the extra eating I've done, I just couldn't possibly have eaten nearly 20,000 excess calories in 2 weeks. So, hopefully it'll come back off quickly.

I've been working at getting totally back on track, reading my advantage card, and trying to invoke Beck responses. "NO CHOICE", etc. I think it's time to work again on eating slowly and seated only, and to post here a bit. I still spend a lot of time on my South Beach board.

Otherwise, I'm still doing well with exercising at least 5 times a week and writing my planned food down each morning. Keeping to South Beach, with some minor flexibility and modifications. My replacement at work is on board, and I'm in the process of transitioning out. I'll stay on the regular payroll until the end of the year and may keep doing some consulting after that.

BTW, I found out last week that Judith Beck's new book is being released soon. It's available for pre-order on Amazon.

twilit tera 11-04-2008 10:14 AM

Good morning, Beckbuddies!

:yay: OP Food
:yay: OP Supplements

Had my Debussy presentation last night. My throat was dry before I even started and I thought I said "um" way too much, but the class seemed to be enjoying it and I saw my professor nodding a lot, so I think it went well.

Noticed something about my weigh in last weekend. My fat% was lower last week than the week before. This leads me to think that it was either water or muscle gain that caused the extra weight.

Beautiful sunrise this morning at the health club. Working out in the pool is usually a pleasure, but having that gorgeous sky to watch through the windows made it even better.

After going off plan last week, I feel totally back "in charge." Contented... positive... :D

No class tonight - my Government professor is an election judge, so he'll be at the polls. I've got some reading in Early Childhood Education to catch up on, so this works out.

Jean: Hope your workout helped and you feel better rested today.

onebyone: Congrats on a great new start!

Mahalia: :welcome: to the Beck thread (or maybe just congrats for ending your lurk?) I, too, was one of those that never even considered that being hungry for a while would be alright... until I discovered Beck. Now when I tell my hubby that I'm hungry, and he wants to rush to get me food, I just say, "oh, no... I'll be okay until...(we get where we're going, our next meal time, etc.)"

onebyone: Glad you had a good weekend :hug: :yay: for not going overboard at the buffet!

Well, the dishes are calling and the music is playing. Time for me to get busy!

kuhljeanie 11-04-2008 10:20 AM

happy election day US coaches!
and HAPPY BIRTHDAY onebyone! :woohoo:

left the house horribly early this morning to get to my polling place in cincinnati and vote (was waiting until after the election to officially change my address). i really thought it'd be ugly but i was in and out of there in less than 20 minutes. what a pleasant surprise! have heard some horror stories. yay my polling place. i made sure to thank the workers.

having a little twinge of sciatica; i may be overdoing it on the treadmill. it's so exciting to have major speed increases, i keep pushing myself harder and harder. thank you, back, for keeping me in line. :p i'll just switch to the elliptical today, and walk tomorrow. hoping that by thursday i'll be running again. i'm so, SO looking forward to being able to run a 12 min mile for 60 minutes. it's been a dream for a while, and i'm really really close! if i can do that, it's the first faint glimmer of being able to complete a full marathon. so. will take it easier the next few days. i have a massage tonight, too. that'll help.

food is still great. a testament to the power of finding the right plan! i finished yesterday 44 calories over, but was almost 200 calories over my burn target for the day, so again beat my deficit target. all good. except for getting to sleep. maybe tonight i'll take 1/2 hr and make a list of all the things i usually think about when i'm trying to fall asleep, so i know they're "safe" until morning. will see how that goes. the last two nights i've been working on my resume until late, which tends to lend itself to heavy ruminating on my current job, what it would be like to change, the fact that i haven't been interviewed in over 4 years, etc., etc. finished last night though, so tonight all we have to do is decide what color cork flooring we want in the pantry DH is building over thanksgiving. kudos to me for being so brilliant to have married such a cool dude. :)

tera, i so hear you on the perfectionist "slacker" thinking. having completely unrealistic expectations has held me back on so many things, which i didn't get until i read beck. kudos on passing up the cheesecake!

onebyone, so glad to hear the happy in your "voice" again! maybe you can stash the scale somewhere hard to reach, like off-limit food? your birthday plan sounds perfect. funny how our tastes change, huh?

shrinkin, nice work at the buffet! those things are crazy challenging. big credit! big credit! finishing the week with a loss even with the travel and your arm is just fantastic.

ah bill, those annoying stretch exercises and core strengthening can be the most fabulous things in the world when you do them under a really good yoga teacher! i look forward to each and every class. have you ever considered yoga or pilates? all the stretching and core training you could want, usually in a great atmosphere with cool people. just a thought...

waving to robin! hope you're feeling more cheerful today. :wave:

hello barb!!! lovely to hear from you! sounds like you're already well on your way to back on track. if there's anything we can do to help, let us know! nice to see you again!

hello mahalia to you too! thanks for lurking AND posting! :)

RobinW 11-04-2008 10:30 AM

Good Morning
Im calmed down a bit from yesterday. Too many issues all closing in on me with not enough time or energy in my day to get them all done. I talked to my mom....and she has this magic stress relieving thing about her. That did me some good.

Today I got some vacuuming done around the shop......you'd be surprised how much dust t-shirts create!! Im always amazed when I literally see a path cleared by the vacuum :lol:

I also started checking into some cleaning services for the house. Not being able to keep up bothers me, and even thinking about hiring someone to clean my house makes me feel like a failure. But you know.....I just cant do it all! I even went to supersuppers yesterday afternoon, and picked up last night's supper. I plan to book a session at one of the other organizations here (same concept) but better quality food, and I have more imput into how much fat goes into each meal. Hubby has noticed my stress level, and even came grocery shopping with me last night without being asked. Actually I told him I needed to go to walmart and pick up my dd's b-day present. He offered to come with me :faint: I nearly fell over!!!!

Ok.......so I have a few more things under control, or at least on the way to being under control. Work is busy.......and the november newsletter hasnt even been started yet :eek:

barbpos~ thanks for the heads up about Beck's new book!! Sounds like you are doing good, keep it up! :hug:

onebyone~ Happy Birthday!! Very cool having someone who actually works with the author of your plan to reach out to you. Very nice! I love your new cards, makes me think I might want to rethink mine a bit.

shrinkin~ WTG on your losses!!! :cb: :cb: Sounds like you did pretty darn good at the buffet. Give yourself a big pat on the back for that one!! I experienced my first southern buffet when I went to waycross, georgia....amazing!!! The best thing about that trip was seeing alligators on the side of the road (that freaked me out a bit) and boiled peanuts!!! :lol:

Bill~ Kudos for making an appointment with your personal trainer!! Kudos for getting out and voting and for cooking your lunch ahead of time!!

Have a great day everyone......my goal today Get out of the shop by 2pm! I'll let you know tomorrow if I made it.

RobinW 11-04-2008 10:31 AM

Tera & kuhljeanie we must have been posting at the same time :wave:

shrinkin 11-04-2008 12:49 PM

Return to personals...see earlier post
Hi, coaches,

Gave my report earlier and now have a short break and can do some messages.

RobinW-No one can do it all, so none of that "feeling like a failure". :nono:You have to pick and choose what is most important...or even better delegate! :D Love the idea of a cleaning service and supersuppers sounds like a great idea. Its all part of that Beck idea of creating time and energy for being healthy (aka diet and exercise). Hope you make it out by 2.

kuhljeanie-Ouch for the sciatica. It can be hard to hit the exercise just right...enough to be a challenge, but not getting ahead of the body too much. You will make that 60 min at 12 min mile pace....just keep on keeping on. Great idea about the list before bedtime. When really stressed and waking up at night, I put paper and pen by the bed. When I wake up with concern about something, I write it down...can then go back to sleep. Otherwise, I just keep thinking about it.

tera-Sounds like your Debussy presentation went well! Kudos for that. Love the sound of sunrise at the pool. Our pool has no windows :(. Oh well. LOL...I think someone is :?:...unless i am mistaken, I was the only one at a buffet this weekend? ;)

barbpos-Welcome back to posting! Hope you return often and share your thoughts. Kudos for getting in control of your eating again before any significant scale change.

onebyone-A belated Happy Birthday to You! High five for choosing against the full cheat day that your plan says you are entitled to! Great Beck thinking there. I am willing to bet that you may not even like that big iced bun...will be interesting to see if it too has lost its appeal. So, is your plan not to weigh, or to weigh and ignore the number? :?:

Mahalia-Kudos for delurking! Congrats on learning that hunger is not an emerency. I have had to learn a balance between not being concerned about next meal (fixating and/or thinking I have to eat to prevent hunger) and planning for healthy food. So, when travelling, plan for healthy food, but be prepared to wait out hunger if things go awry. Have not seen French Women Don't Get Fat...but sounds interesting.

BillBlueEyes-WooHoo for great use of Sunday morning free hour...great use of setting the clock back and yum for curried zucchini. WTG for apt with personal trainer. Yup, all those muscles count....especially the core.

Still thinking about angelmomma210-hoping things are going her way and she has returned from Kathy's Day with peaceful spirit.

Back to work!

angelmomma210 11-04-2008 03:44 PM

Hey all...I did not have a good day yesterday...missed Kathy alot and it was a hard one for me this year. Today I went into a-fib again. Dh has 2 meeting today in just a few. The first is to put in a grievance for his proposed firing and the second in the third in the series of four for what happened with the supervisor printing things out and not knowing where they were..aka privacy act.
Went to work and went into a-fib and came home. Staying home as I am a little light headed. Don't want to drive kids like that. Will keep you up with what is happening...gonna go and lay down for a few. Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers.

BillBlueEyes 11-05-2008 04:38 AM

Welcome Mahalia
:welcome: Mahalia :welcome:

Welcome to the Beck Diet Solution Discussion Group, Support Group, Diet Coach Group.

And, in case you didn't get this when you joined 3FC some 4 months ago, :wel3fc:

How did you find out about The Beck Diet Solution and how did you find this forum?

BillBlueEyes 11-05-2008 05:29 AM

Wednesday - US elections are over.
Diet Coaches - Voted. CREDIT moi. Only watched election results from about 9pm to 10pm ET; was glad to wait until this morning to get the details. Got in a shortish walk before class last night. CREDIT moi. Learned how the plant uses photosynthesis to create glucose to store energy and then burns the glucose and Oxygen to do it's work. Amazingly simple and complex at the same time. And, as the professor points out, they've been doing this for a billion years without even knowing about the Kreb Cycle or ATP. I didn't know (or had forgotten) that water is made as a byproduct of burning the glucose and that the main purpose of the Oxygen is to accept the excess Hydrogen and produce water as a waste product. So, we, like plants, are making new water all the time as part of respiration. What a system!!!!

onebyone - Congrats on getting the help from the person familiar with your carb cycle program. It's neat that you aren't going to weigh in for six more weeks - you can better concentrate on staying OP and how your clothes feel.

Jeanie (kuhljeanie) - Congrats for completing your resume, and for putting in the effort to ruminate about your current job. Kudos for continuing on your food plan, and Double Kudos for recognizing that you're married to "a cool dude."

Robin (RobinW) - Kudos for the wisdom of using your mother to get some calm when that's what's needed. LOL at seeing the path made by the vacuum cleaner. BTDT. Good idea to check into cleaning services. My experience has been that it was the best decision I ever made to support my marriage; neither DW nor I wanted to be the cleaning fairy. We have a person come every other week and stuff gets cleaned out even in places which both of us are actively ignoring, LOL. DW is free to do more difficult stuff like stain the porch on the last warm day of the year to spare the wood from the ravages of Boston area winter.

Barpos - Kudos for continuing on plan, especially Kudos for that exercise 5 times per week. Ouch for having to fight the "night patterns." Thanks for the reminder about Beck's new book.

angelmomma210 - Glad to hear that you and DH were able to use the weekend to remember Kathy. Ouch for the return of the a-fib. Good choice to come home and rest. Sending supportive thoughts for the continued saga at your DH's office.

shrinkin - Big Kudos for staying on track while visiting your mom, including "two" trips to the pool. Drooling over your Southern Buffet, but what a challenge! Did you get fried pickles? Good luck on your next travels to the wedding of your DS. Nebraska in November might be chilly, LOL.

Tera (twilit tera) - Ooooohhhhhh ... that sunrise at the health club sounds like a reward in itself for leading the good life. Congrats that your Debussy presentation was well received.

Mahalia - Yep, that "Hunger is Not an Emergency" was a bop in the head for me also. I never imagined that it made sense to just wait until the next scheduled eating event - which wasn't so far away. Glad you dropped in, hope you continue to post. Many of us find that posting helps us to remain accountable, and we always welcome another perspective on all our wanderings about.

Readers -
"Most dieters have difficulty distinguishing between true hunger, a desire to eat, and a craving." Beck, pg 117.

onebyone 11-05-2008 07:50 AM

Hello Becksters!

Just checking in. Stayed to my plan yesterday and did not have a "cheat day" but held it to a cheat meal. And it was full of veggies at that! Did not have big sticky bun. Will have to plan that in on another day. WEnt to the movie and saw W. the Oliver Stone film about George W. Bush. Surprisingly sentimental portrait and interesting to see his take on the characters of that sooon-to-be-history white house. Condy was a caricature: all rolling eyes and yes-man shrill voice... very SNL. The film ends with the cliched The End in white letters over black background... and the audience burst into applause. We all knew that last night it was the end for that guy.

Seems like most folks were happy about that.

Gotta run. Planning an OP day today... Bye.

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