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BillBlueEyes 11-28-2008 06:10 AM

Friday (Black Friday in the U.S.)
Diet Coaches - Thanksgiving dinner was really neat; nine adults and no one overate to my old standards of stuffing themselves. Only three people had a full seconds plate and they were all young, slender, males. CREDIT moi. CREDIT us all. Led our guests for a walkabout before desserts were presented. That feels great after a big meal - the classic statement is "make room for dessert." However, I've never seen anybody pass on dessert just because they didn't take a walk.

I was quite happy with small portions of turkey and sausage-corn-bread stuffing with large servings of veggies and salad. Passed on the yummy rolls - can have them anytime. Since DW was serving, I was able to have slivers of three types of pies with a dollop of real whipped cream and feel that I was still eating mindfully.

onebyone - Waving. Thinking of you getting back your upbeat spirits.

angelmomma210 - Ouch for bronchitis. Yay for relaxing for four days.

Anne (wndranne) - Kudos for passing on the unplanned snack. Ouch for the Turkey Trot from the sidelines; hope your foot finds it way back. Hope your Y membership works out.

LOL at your comment about "plumber-style issues." When the low cut jeans first came out, I noted an occasional flash of rear-cleavage. But lately, it seems the standards have changed. I saw a young lady stocking the low shelf of a convenience store with a constant major display of rear-cleavage. She was at work, presumably doing this every day, so, again presumably, had to know. Perhaps there were no other style of jeans available. So, am I out of touch? Is the new reality that such display is fashionable and to be flaunted?

Readers -
"Don't expect your weight to go down every week - it Won't." Beck, pg 175.

RobinW 11-28-2008 10:38 AM

Good Morning

Bill~ Im sooooo thankful my own daughter thinks that the plumbers butt on girls is just gross and disgusting! :lol: (she's 12) What I have noticed is that Im seeing less of the plumbers butt, more belts cinched tighter to keep them up and longer t's. Those jeans with the belly shirts just dont mix.

Big kudos for your successful thanksgiving dinner eating!!!

I meant to get back here the other day, but obviously I didnt make it. It was a very busy day, and today is turning out to be a busy one too.

So who got up to take advantage of the sales this morning? I did....I was up at 3:30 and was back home by 6am!! Got everything I went out for, and even an outfit for my dd from aeropostle. I did good :D It certainly seemed like there were alot more people out shopping this year in the wee hours of the morning....or middle of the night depending on how you want to look at it. I went to kohl's and when I got to the back of the store, the lineups were all the way around the perimeter of the store to check out. So I turned myself around and left....I didnt need anything they had on sale that badly. The only other place that was similar was jcpenny. Every where else was tolerable. But lots and lots of people out shopping.

Ok.....my turkey day went very well. I like having it someplace else. That way I dont have to deal with the left over temptations!! Especially the desserts :dizzy: Big news this year too.....hubs is going to be a grampa again, and this one will probably call me gramma. The other kids were too old when I came into the picture. Pretty cool!!

Have a great day everyone!

bennyhannahmama 11-28-2008 11:54 AM

Missed You All!
Sorry I didn't post over the past couple of days. Sorry for me because I think it made things a bit more difficult for me. Overall though I did okay and I'm looking forward to be fully back OP today. Which means that I need to go workout, eat something, shower and get ready before we leave to go take the kiddos to see Bolt in 3D!

AnneWonders 11-28-2008 04:00 PM

Diet Coaches Today is Day 24 Deal with Discouragement. When I feel discouraged I'm going to read my Response Cards, focus on taking one thing at a time, and find 10 minutes of peace to just sit and breathe in and out. I'm also interested in trying out one of Beck's solutions which is to add up the hours. Time is difficult when you are discouraged, but I think the point she makes that it seems longer than it is, is probably valid. In fact I looked ahead a few days ago when I was struggling with the nursing, and the foot, and the cold, and the kids driving me nuts, and it did help.

I shopped today, and I generally hate to shop. Did not get to Wal-Mart in time for the Wii, and was mad enough at their two-day special that lasted all of an hour and a half, that I went to Target for my shopping. No Wii at Target either, but I bought a bunch of seasonal stuff. Then I met some friends at a mall and for lunch and got home. Then I found the Wii on Amazon for the same price as Wal-Mart. Click! Awesome!

I haven't made it to the Y to sign up yet, because as usual, I way overscheduled. I promised DD a quick trip to the zoo for some Mommy and me time if she was good for Daddy, and apparently she was.

Bill I like a tiny sliver of 3 pies. I'm nervous about variety though, because I tend to eat more when there is variety. But good for you and your friends on eating to normal fullness, even on Thanksgiving.

RobinW 3:30! I was up then too, with DS. Then I slept til almost 6 and didn't get out of the house, which is probably why I missed deal at the stores. But frankly, I needed the sleep more than the discount.

Kim Sounds like you are having a busy holiday. Take some time to breathe.


onebyone 11-28-2008 08:56 PM

Good evening coaches

Had a very busy day again. Had another discussion concering the kiln. This time the receptionist had to turn the kiln off last night and freaked out because it was glowing red (it does that) and the temp read 2200 degrees(yep normal too) but she did not know it did either of these things and called Pat, from the office, in a panic over it and then she called Jeff, the head of the school, and he drove over after 11 pm, to see it and all was normal. Just nobody knew that. And I was asleep fighting off a bug. Didn't hear the phone when they called me. So. Another fine day.

Every class but my book making class ends next week. I have everything under control but not done. Plus I have an art gallery submission due tomorrow (did the prints for it today. They are drying right here beside me) and the makers of the plastic I use in my business are having a design challenge with the winner going to Anaheim in January and I should win but the deadline for the submission is to have the entries postmarked by Dec 1st so I have this weekend to get something fabulous done for that too... and my xmas show is next weekend with customers patiently waiting to get their customwork either before then or at the show.
It's a lot.
But at the end, when the xmas show is over Sat afternoon, we'll pack it up and then head on out to Toronto to pick up the Wii Fit from DH's brother and I get to roam the aisles at the One of a Kind Show to see what that show is like now. I used to do it and was wondering about doing it next xmas. Slowly my days return to me... and school will end and I will have earned another piece of paper (my third post secondary piece of paper at that...)

Can't wait. ... :coffee:

Physically I am much more active this week. I am taking every opportunity to walk a bit more. Credit moi. It's starting to feel better again to be active vs. inactive. My food has really calmed down too. I think taking the pressure off, you know the "I blew it again. I regained all my weight." I was feeling the "I HAVE TO LOSE THIS WEIGHT NOW" pressure... Credit moi for putting that rock down today.

Better go. Will check in tomorrow.

BillBlueEyes 11-29-2008 05:47 AM

Diet Coaches - Was looking forward to using the excuse of an errand to get in a good walk. However, it was raining. Thinking Oh Well. Then remembered that I own rain gear and aren't made of sugar, LOL. So, took the long walk in my raincoat. CREDIT moi.

Was pondering our Thanksgiving spread with DW. We had only 9 items on the main menu - each of them special. we recalled a number of Thanksgivings elsewhere with more than 20 items on the menu - a number of them just ordinary daily stuff like mashed potatoes and frozen corn. Even doing Monday morning quarterbacking, we're happy with limited choices; that may have helped people to eat rationally. OK, there were a dozen appetizers out, but they included baby carrots and pomegranate seeds, and there were three pies with both whipped cream and ice cream. Even so, the menu was limited compared to some memories and we liked that.

onebyone - Kudos for being more physically active and BIG Kudos for getting your head clear from the "I HAVE TO LOSE THIS WEIGHT NOW" pressure.

Robin (RobinW) - Congrats for sharing your life with a 12 yo DD who has a solid head on her shoulders. Kudos to you; she got that somewhere. Congrats on being an expectant gramma.

Kim (bennyhannamama) - Hope Bolt in 3D lived up to its hype.

Anne (wndranne) - Ouches for colds, hurt foot, nursing issues, and demanding kids. Yay for meeting friends for lunch instead of non-stop shopping.

Readers -
"Even though you now have many skills to fight sabotaging thoughts and to increase your confidence, you should expect to face times of doubt and disappointment." Beck, pg 178.

AnneWonders 11-29-2008 09:53 AM

Diet Coaches Today I sat with Day 25 Identify Sabotaging Thoughts. I'm running a list for the next couple of days, but so far I've got something along the lines of "I'm too tired to deal with this," and "I see raisin bread on the counter, must eat raisin bread." Note that I have this thought even though I don't especially like raisin bread. Anyway, fatigue levels of about 5, which is VERY good for me these days. Tomorrow I start writing responses to these formally. I think it is interesting that after doing CBT years ago, I still have running dialogs like this in my head all the time. I need to get better about the responses though. I often give myself a good, rational response, and then do it anyway, followed up, of course by regret. I need to remind myself more about that regret.

onebyone Sounds like you are doing fabulously. I know it feels tough right now, but from this outsider's perspective, you really seem to be making good progress. I hope you are able to give yourself credit for that.

Bill Interesting observation on your Thanksgiving spread. Worth contemplating.

Seems like we are in full holiday swing! Lots of us too busy. Hope you are lurking and we'll see you back soon. Off to put up the seasonal decorations.


kuhljeanie 11-29-2008 02:03 PM

just a quickie flyby! while el nino naps, i'm trying to cram in a bunch of stuff. high on the list is coming up with a plan B since the odds are excellent that i will not be going to india in a week and a half. what a terrible thing...we had reservations at the taj mahal, and it's just a matter of timing that the massacre happened while we weren't there. instead, we'll be taking a cruise and going to disneyworld. my mom is bound and determined to have a good time, so i am too - though it's hard when i think about the folks who's timing wasn't as fortunate as ours, and their families. wow.

thought i really overdid it on t-day - ate pretty much whatever looked good at the buffet, and was so full i skipped two snacks AND dinner. however, with the 10k, i actually ended up with a calorie deficit. how the &^* did THAT happen? am down another 1/2 lb today, but am struggling with getting in my exercise while watching el nino all day. my normal routine includes it, and eating is fine, so i'm not going to panic.

will do personals again on monday - too hard with a rambunctious toddler!

BillBlueEyes 11-30-2008 06:24 AM

Sunday - The end of November
Diet Coaches - Spent the day outside along the Atlantic Ocean. We were rewarded with a male King Eider (Picture) with its amazing light blue head and red and orange bill. For spending my time in a way that delights me, CREDIT moi.

We continue to eat leftover turkey and I continue to just love that. My DW will get tired of it before I do. A week of turkey after Thanksgiving is fine by me. DW made about a gallon of turkey stock with the carcass; we're set for a looooong time for soup base. Drooling here just thinking about it. My contribution was to finish cutting off all the meat, which I did without continuous sampling which is my want. CREDIT moi.

Jeanie (kuhljeanie) - Shuddering to think that you are holding reservations at the Taj Mahal in Mumbai, India even as I type. Good luck with planning an alternative vacation with your mom.

Anne (wndranne) - LOL at the Homer Simpson-esque "must eat raisin bread." Kudos for marching along to day 25 Identify Sabotaging Thoughts. Neat that you're working up your responses.

Readers -
"You can't stop sabotaging thoughts from arising, but you can respond to them." Beck, pg 180.

angelmomma210 11-30-2008 11:58 AM

Okay..this weekend is flying by. Yesterday dh and I went and did some spinning at a store here and it was really fun. Found out some of the things that I am doing wrong and plan on working on it. Nothing on dh yet...but the union is thinking of doing more things to try to help dh keep his job.
Did not do all that good at thanksgiving but that is okay...today is a new day.

AnneWonders 11-30-2008 11:17 PM

DS was pitching a screaming fit tonight for no reason we could tell. Maybe teething?? Very stressful. Took a couple hours to get him settled.

Big week coming up for us. MIL is coming on Thursday, hauling the kids to see Santa (probably) on Friday, and DH is running the local marathon on Saturday.

It seems like a lazy day here, but we got a lot done today. Grocery shopping, kids to park, I got out on my mountain bike for a bit, cooked dinner, played with kids, sat with baby. I made my exercise plan for the week, which includes 2 days of lifting, 2 days of either elliptical trainer or swimming at the Y (yes, I signed us up) or my work gym, one day of biking and two days of rest. We'll see how it goes. Good news is that I can walk without pain now.

Diet Coaches Today was Day 26: Identify Common Thinking Errors. I went over my list of sabotaging thoughts that I wrote down yesterday and identified the errors. I didn't feel the need to make a response card for any of those thoughts. [I may have to make one for the "I have failed my son" thought that keeps dogging me--especially during his crying/screaming fit tonight, but I digress.] Then I skimmed ahead and tomorrow's exercise is learning to make response cards, and I've already done several. I suppose I'm precocious. I'm taking credit for sticking to my food plan and saving enough calories for ice cream, which makes me both thin and happy. I'm also taking credit for making some time to go out on my bike, and riding a few more sections on the way back than the way out.

Jeanie I am so glad your timing was good! I hope you are able to have a nice vacation. It sounds to me like you did just fine on T-day.

Bill LOL, I felt like Homer Simpson...mmm, forbidden donut. I had a chuckle that channeling cartoon characters was not a thinking error. I suppose that is way beyond misguided, and way over the border into outright crazy. Turkey, turkey, turkey. Less variety means less calories ingested! Did you know you were making a good environmental choice for weight management?

angelmomma210 Sorry you aren't happy with how you did on T-day. I think your attitude about it is fantastic though.


BillBlueEyes 12-01-2008 04:49 AM

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