Oh Oh - hours are shrinking in Portland COD

  • Went in today and there is a whole new crew of counsellors. There were only 2 there, but they told me they were re-vamping the office. New office hours were posted on the door and they are closing much earlier on Saturdays and a couple of hours earlier on weekdays. I asked if they were closing but they insisted they were not, just cutting back on the hours they had no clients coming in. Hmmmmm

    Also, I had been on Red1 and now they want to change me to the numbered plans because none of the new staff have been trained on the older colored plans and they are calling the nutritionist to get a different portion allotment for me since I was staying on the higher protein plans for medical reasons (per my doc's advice).

    Interesting development. Really hope they are not closing.

  • I hope for your sake they are not closing, but both centers I have gone to cut their hours before they closed.
  • I know, that is why I was concerned. Judging from what the others posted about the staff not knowing/telling anyone even when the COD closed the day after folks signed up. Crossing my fingers that they were telling the truth but not very hopeful.

  • Roberta, At the center I went to, they cut their hours last fall also, but they are still open (that center is in Tigard). So perhaps it is just their seasonal shift of hours, as I do think more people are trying to lose weight in the summer.
  • Barbara
    That makes me feel so much better. I have a long way to go because of some serious medical issues that occurred this past year and lost about 4 months of my program time. I did not pay for stabilization or maintenance so I will have to get that from someone on the board when I get to that point.