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Default bruising easily: iron deficiency anemia ?

Is bruising easily a sign of iron-deficiency anemia ? Or what other vitamins or nutrients could I be lacking ? I find that I bruise easily (I do not have a coagulation disorder though).
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Some people do just bruise easily and it has nothing to do with any deficiencies so I really wouldn't worry unless you have other symptoms.

I have quite bad anaemia and my symptoms were-heart palpitations, severe tiredness, extremely pale skin, frequent ringing in my ears and occasional minor trouble breathing.

My mother has great iron levels but bruises worse than me. The woman can sneeze and get a bruise so I really doubt it's anaemia.
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Not a sign of anemia that I have ever heard of. Do you take aspirin, ibuprofen or fish oil supplements. They can "thin" the blood somewhat and increase susceptibility to bruising. I have also heard of Vitamin C deficiency causing this. Some people just bruise more easily than others, especially as we get older.
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im only 21 though
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I've always been a big bruiser. I also thought it was anemia or iron deficiency. It was not. I just run into stuff alot, and my tolerance for pain is pretty high and rarely pay attention when I do.

not that that is your case.

If you indeed worried, just check with your doctor.
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My doctor told me it was from taking aspirin.
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It has more to do with coagulation in your blood happens if you are taking blood thinners such as aspirin,Vit E, etc. If you are not taking any supplements that are blood thinners go to your doctor and have your PT/APPT checked which is a blood test that determines how fast your blood clots. This will tell you why you are bruising easily.

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It can be a sign of a Vitamin K deficiency (which helps your blood coagulate.) Have you always bruised easily? Are you fair? If so, don't worry about it. If not, eat your spinach!
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why do you take asprin? Is there a history of heart disease in your family or stroke that you're trying to avoid? Do you take a lot of aspirin?

If it's causing you to bruise very easily, I'd say cut back or cut it out for a while and see if it makes a difference.

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I have always bruised easily (massively at times for no good reason) Dr's and Naturopath failed to figure out why. Yes I am fair skinned and do take ibuprofen and such but my bruising stopped when I stopped eating and drinking (alcohols) wheat based products. 30 something year old mystery solved. I am a self diagnosed celiac (or close enough to make no difference) I can't stand to eat wheat long enough to test right, I feel so much better now that I hate going back.

Not to say this is your problem but sometimes odd reasons pop up for why...or you could just bruise easy
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wow edzard, I didn't know not eating wheat could stop bruising. I as well have a problem with bruising VERY easily, but I just recently started a wheat-free diet, so I am interested in seeing how it will affect me. Thanks!
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If you are worried about this, please see your doctor. We are not physicians...and bruising can be caused by many different things. Please don't try to have strangers diagnose you over the internet.
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