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  • Thursday
    Diet Coaches – Have been skipping my lunch time walks recently due to scheduled meetings. That's not good; they improve for my attitude for the whole day. Need to work harder to get back to taking those. But on the positive side, another notch of progress in my fight with paper clutter. Can see the light at the end of the tunnel for the major sort and labeling phase. CREDIT moi.

    MaryBlu - Yay for a blissful swim, and Double Yay for "Produce is away tomatoes like crazy." Yep, DW wants shade as well as all the other positive attributes of all the great trees. I jokingly suggested that she wants a tall Hosta, which really annoyed her.

    onebyone – Kudos for "these basic Beck strategies kicking-in again!" LOL, at Roald Dahl in little containers in my fridge - that's so Roald Dahl type imagery that appeals to kids. Ouch for having to be counselor to your admissions adviser; hope you find the right person to help you choose you killer project.

    onebyone – Kudos for "these basic Beck strategies kicking-in again!" LOL, at Roald Dahl in little containers in my fridge - that's so Roald Dahl type imagery that appeals to kids. Ouch for having to be counselor to your admissions adviser; hope you find the right person to help you choose you killer project.

    shrinkin - Yep, the purple tomatoes have a slight cast of purple (not the DEEP purple of purple bell peppers or eggplant). Kudos for another day on plan. Good thought to begin the process of including favorite foods before they become cravings. Dark chocolate is good for the soul. Perhaps even healthy, despite an ONQI of only 10. OK, so I'm not over it yet.

    Susan (QuilterInVA) - Yep, I know that sweater in the office in August thing; I'm wearing a long sleeve shirt today - in AUGUST, for crying out loud. Kudos for leaving the pretzel at WaWa. By the by, I love the name WaWa. People who shop there come to think of the name as a reasonable word, yet the first time I saw it I cracked up laughing.

    freer - Ouch for the heat in Texas - the Boston Globe recently reported the long string of hot days in Austin. Just WOW. Kudos for "right back on plan." LOL at your "evil" boxes.

    Readers – "… Dieting will become easier. …" Beck, pg 24.
  • onebyone

    I forgot to comment on what you said:

    I wonder if you are like me... when I struggle and finally get to my goal, like you when you finally broke your plateau, well that's exactly when I eat. I don't know if it's from relief that I got my wish, or anger that it-took-so-long-I'll-show-you, or just celebrating that I reached a goal. I never know but I do know this is always a danger time for me.

    This is a really great insight to yet another reason I may have eaten off plan and there must be something to it. I say this because had I not finally broken the plateau, I would never have eaten. I will think more on this because that is ringing some sort of bell for me. Great stuff.

    BBE I live in Austin. Would love to read the Boston Globe article, then again, I could probably write that article - I've LIVED it!
  • Thursday report

    On plan yesterday for calories. Did not watch water intake. Weigh in day today: down 2 pounds, offsets last week's no change. Average weekly change for 4 weeks: 1.12 pounds. No scheduled or unplanned exercise yesterday. Pool day and PT today. Still icing elbows without much change. BBE, Kudos on another round of clutter control! Hope you get that lunch walk soon. Adding back some favorite foods would be heavenly, but not sure that I cna handle it. QuilterInVA, Like your idea about the once a week fab desert. Not sure that I am ready for that, but when getting close to maintenance, might be a good plan. Kudos for getting back to Curves!

    Hope everyone has a successfull OP Thursday.
  • Good Morning Coaches 4/57
    Well it's Thursday. So glad. One more day of this first week of my food plan behind me. It's not that bad. I'm getting through it, making the most of it.

    I had a tough day yesterday with sugar cravings all morning and into the afternoon. I didn't act on them. I just stuck to my plan (the consequences of going off my plan only to have to re-start it are just too dire to risk it. NO CHOICE I am staying OP. Today too.) I've been eating better than usual and drinking my water. lots of this stuff ---> dancing around in me and my fridge waiting to be eaten. The hard part is the planning, but it's starting to get easier. I tell you this is a 180 degree turn around for me. I am eating small meals 5x a day--6x if the day is longer than usual. Never stuffed full and never hungry. Dare I say it? Eating in moderation could I be doing that? Hmmm. Since I've never done that I wouldn't know what that feels like... maybe this is what it feels like? haha! Feels good today. My "normal" way of eating is eat big breakfast, don't eat for a long time cause you're too busy, oh! Starving! Eat lots (I am starving) don't eat for a long time... Eat lots! (Starving!). That's my normal pattern. So this is quite foreign. I guess that's why it feels like a lot of work. I am learning something new and that takes focus and attention. Anyway, I am still at it. Day 4 of an 8 week experiment with this food plan. Beck will get me through.

    Gotta run. Will check in this afternoon.
  • Im here........checking in.
  • Good afternoon!

    Day 3 down, starting day4.

    I didn't realize how often I eat standing up. I knew I ate all of my meals in front of a tv and knew that wasn't ideal. So yesterday was supposed to be day4 but I realized that whenever I made something to eat I took my first bite on the way to sit down. Did it at lunch today too, but I'm more mindful of it and I guess that's when change comes in in.

    We were supposed to be gone to a cottage with my Girl Scout troop but 2 of the 4 girls couldn't go so we postponed it. Bummer! So instead yesterday I was reading blogs from 3FC and was inspired to find out what my weight has done over the years. Yikes! My lowest was 120 in 9th grade. 165 when I got pregnant my senior year. 225 when I delivered. I'm not sure but I think I got down to 199 but by 1993 I weighed 235. Lost 17 pounds that same year on Jenny Craig. Weighed 246 in 1995. 260 in 1997. Lost 30 pounds in 6 months using Phen-Fen. In 2000 I was back up to 256.5. December of 2001 I wieghed 275. In 2 months I lost 21 pounds using phentermine, WW and working out. Stopped the phentermine but kept working out and WW and lost another 14 by July, 2002. Maintained that until November. No matter what I did the scale wouldn't budge. Back up to 252 when 2002 ended. And it's been a steady gain since. To my highest weight of 310. I hadn't realized how much I yo-yo'd until I read through all of my journals and wrote it down. The sad thing is that at every single one of those weights i felt fat, even at 120. The best i felt was when I lost 35 pounds in 2002. I know I felt so good because I was exercising regularly. Well that is all behind me now. today is a new day. Forward march!

    Well my daughter is bugging me to use the computer so i'll try to check in later.
  • Good evening! Just a quick check in tonight. I had a great day - went to Curves after work - ate healthy meals and logged them on The Daily Plate. Feeling successful tonight!
  • Friday
    Diet Coaches – Missed walking during lunch time again. Oh Well. But had a great walk after dinner while there was still light. CREDIT moi.

    Sue (CoastalSue) - Waving west. Think of you every time I see pictures of that other swimmer - the one who eats 12000 calories per day and is all muscle.

    Heidi (hbuchwald) - Waving west. Hope you still have some summer left before the rush of starting a new school year.

    onebyone – Kudos for the fourth day on your new journey. Yep, planning is the hard part for me, too.

    Robin (RobinW) - Waving back. Wishing you waves of business to help pay for that new bathroom.

    shrinkin - Congrats on the continued scale drop over four weeks. Good luck with those elbows.

    Susan (QuilterInVA) - Kudos for Curves and all the right stuff for another successful day.

    freer - Austin is my favorite spot in Texas. Your football stadium is as large as downtown Boston, LOL. And it's terrific that you keep Lake Austin and Zilker Park so close to the center of the city. You people know how to live.

    M (goodnuff) – Boy do you ever remind me how SHOCKED I was to discover how often I would take my first bite on the way to the table. I agree with your thought that becoming aware is the first step to change.

    Readers – "…Cravings and hunger will diminish. …" Beck, pg 24.
  • Friday report
    Morning coaches!

    Another OP day yesterday. Successful pool workout. PT visit with some good news. Head of program has agreed for my therapist to work out a training program for me, if my Doctor agrees. Normally, the trainers do this, but with all of my joint issues, physical therapist would be ideal for me. Elbow problem with water walking as recent evidence. Who would have thought it? Hopefully, inernist will agree when I see her again in early October.

    Yesterday was Beck Day 36:"Believe It". Made a list of my new mental tools from last few weeks for future use. Still need practice in lots of areas, but food desire and stress eating ID'ed as areas needing more focus. Looking forward to Today's chapter: "Reduce Stress".

    onebyone-Betting that day 5 goes just as well for you!
    RobinW-Hope things are smoothing out in your world. Mouse report? Have you picked out your new bathroom floor?
    goodnuff-OH WELL, about all that PAST. You are learning some new skills now that will make things different for you.
    QuilterINVA-WTG on getting back into your routine now that your health is better. Any more quilting stories to share?
    BBE-Kudos for getting that after dinner walk into sunset! Hope lunch time trot works out for you soon.
    MaryBlu-Smiling here for your great weather and your swim. We are supposed to be having some highs in low 80s and full sun this weekend.
    freer-Slipping after victory is one of my downfalls too. Made it on my list of "tools" for future: "Persist, especially when victorious!"

    Lake House with DH only this weekend. Should be relaxing, but easy to get in water time for exercise. Catch up with you early next week.
  • Good morning,

    Just a quick check-in....

    BBE I'm so glad you've visited and enjoyed our city! My husband and I are originally from Chicago and we love it here. We wouldn't live anywhere else in Texas. I see you're in the Boston area. Talk about a great city!

    shrinkin Thank you for that quote: "Persist, especially when victorious!" This morning was my weigh-in and I've hit a new low (11 lbs. lost) so I needed to hear this again. I will definitely keep an eye out for a 'victory slip' today.
  • Just Starting out
    Hello everyone, my name is Amy, I live in the Blue Ridge mountains of NC. I have just started working through the Beck workbook and am only on day 1.
    I hope this is the right place to post, not sure....Anyway I have about 25-30 lbs to lose. Before I continue can someone confirm that I am posting in the right area?
  • TGIF gang! 5/57
    Hello coaches

    freer on your all time low. I too slip when victorious... make sure you plan some kind of non-food reward for yourself... awesome.

    shrinkin That's great news that a physio will help you get your exercise in. So great you've got help to get you moving in a way that won't hurt you, just help you. I was talking to a friend last night who's put her back out. I thought she was on vacation somewhere but she's been in agony. I think she needs to work out to strengthen her core, and thereby the back too, (but I'm no pro..could be way wrong on this) but I do know that once you're in pain, it's a challenge to make sure you move properly so as not to hurt yourself by accident. And it really makes you want to not even try... to sit still. How frustrating is that? VERY. You are one tough bird to keep going. With an attitude like that, you'll reach all your goals for sure. Kudos!

    BillBlueEyes It's good you didn't allow yourself the excuse of not doing your walk because you couldn't do it at noon. You made it fit your day. I'll remember this as I move forward into regular exercise as well. My schedule will be super-full very soon but this gym is in the mall I walk through to get to school 5x a week No excuse that I can't get there at all. None. I am aiming to get into the habit of going to the gym before school starts in two weeks. I have a free week to start me off on that. It's all good. Kudos to you.

    QuilterInVA Yay! Happy to hear you're on track!

    goodnuff It really is startling to see what we've done with our bodies. I have a similar history to yours. I never did weight loss drugs but I did get "vitamin B" injections into my abdomen fat and my butt fat and my outer thigh fat (the sites alternated because areas would build up with scarring and bruising over the 6 months I did this) all for the low low price of $420 a month. Wow. The things we've done. I've known people who did gastric bypass and regained their weight. They just stretched out their tiny tummy eating ice cream and milk shakes and such. Very dangerous. Others who had their ears stapled, a very popular acupressure fad from the late 70's. Starvers, bingers. incredible what we will try. Weightloss is really very boring: eat right, exercise, repeat. And yeah, I also have a real habit of eating standing up and on the way to sitting down. Very surprising to me too. That's why this Beck book is so great. She gives us many actions we can do to set us up for success in weightloss. Yay!
    You're doing great.

    RobinW Hi! TGIF! Have a great day!

    Well so far so good on this foodplan. I am sticking to it and now I can see the light at the end of the tunnel for this first week. My really challenging days are ahead of me: Saturday at the Farmers' Market and Sunday on the road to an art show, then the day at the art show, then home. Long, tiring days, and the last days of the first week I never want to repeat. I may write out my weight loss advantages list and tape it to the inside of the top of the tin box I bring with me to shows. It has blank credit card slips and the little book I write sales and/or orders in. The box is critical to me so it's always near me, and if the Advantages list is on the lid there's no "forgetting" why/what I am doing this for...and how far I have come. It's much more than just 5 days worth of effort to be here at this point. All the searching, the angsting, the trying and giving up, then Nadine and the gym and... I start at the gym on Monday. Try and do that routine she made for me on Monday. hooboy. Will do my best with that. And I'll get to.... GO FOR A SWIM!!! And a sauna. I love love love the sauna. Starting at this gym is really my reward and that's so great. Such a change. I'm feeling good today. Hope everyone who reads this is too.
  • Welcome HisBeloved

    Hello everyone, my name is Amy, I live in the Blue Ridge mountains of NC. I have just started working through the Beck workbook and am only on day 1.
    I hope this is the right place to post, not sure....Anyway I have about 25-30 lbs to lose. Before I continue can someone confirm that I am posting in the right area?
    You are absolutely in the right place. We are all either working through the Beck exercises or have already completed the book and are working at making all the exercises second nature... We use each other as support and encouragement and as coaches like Dr. Beck suggests. Glad to have you here.
  • Welcome HisBeloved!
    to the Beck board! You are absolutely in the right place. Great group of coaches here. Some with long term experience, some of us are a few weeks in and others just starting. Everyone contributes.

    There is so much in the Beck plan. Many of us (including me) are new enough we are still needing practice. I am on day 36, but when I get to Day 42, I think I am going to restart at day 1 again. So, I will be very glad to have you posting about those early days.

    You fit right in!
  • Thanks for the warm welcomes everyone :-) I am eager to get started. I actually had already started ww, with the South Beach Diet for back up. I am so grateful to have a place for support! I look forward to getting to know you guys better.
    Thanks again for the welcome!