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Cool Any protein-packed, non-traditional breakfasts "to go"?

I don't like cooking breakfast in the morning.. I'm a procrastinator and always get right out the door at EXACTLY the right time I need to get to work at EXACTLY the right time. I don't have time to make breakfast in the morning, and anyway, I don't like breakfast food. It's all either starchy and sweet or egg, and I'm not really into either. (I am really turned off of eggs at the moment)

Does anyone have any ideas for a protein packed, low-carb/low-sugar/low-salt (preferably non-dairy) breakfast that I can just grab and go? I'm not picky other than I don't like breakfast foods, I promise!

I've eaten things like: soybeans, tuna, chunks of chicken breast, a banana, cooked beans, vegetable soup, peanut butter and celery.. So I'm pretty open-minded concerning breakfast, in that it doesn't have to be "breakfast" food at all!

Just something that I can have ready the night before, reach in the fridge on the way out, throw it in my bag and eat at work..

Any ideas??

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Have you ever tried smoothies? I eat smoothies every morning. You can even pre-prep them at night and blend in the morning (magic bullet like blenders, I recommend bella cucina from Macys, are good for this). You can experiment with various ingredients. I put hemp protein powder, spinach, frozen strawberries and half a frozen banana.

Other options - Why not create a wrap? You can put beans, veggies, etc in it. I also like scrambled tofu in wraps.
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How about just a ham or turkey sandwich?
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Somedays I just reheat the dinner leftovers and eat them for breakfast. I'm not a big fan of traditional breakfast food either.
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I usually eat an Amy's organic bean & burrito for breakfast but they aren't low sodium or non dairy. They do have some without cheese that are non-dairy I believe.

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i usually eat a granola bar and a high proptein slimfast. it's quick and easy
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This morning I wrapped teaspoonfuls of cream cheese in turkey with vanilla soy protein powder in water (so, I made a shake). It was yummy.
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Ummm... Peanut butter on whole grain toast (or bread if you dont have time to toast it). Or peanut butter on a banana? THAT is delicious.
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What about some casein protein?
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