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onebyone 06-26-2008 11:46 AM

Thursday and some success
Good morning coaches

That attractive badboy of a shenpa was luring me last night to eat. But since I could see what was going on, I turned my back on him and ignored him and he went away. Specifically, I had had my supper, was trying the No S plan on for size yesterday (thank you spryng for bringing that simple to follow plan to my attention) and since it was 9pm, and the day did not begin with an S I could not have a snack as that is what that would have been.
I decided I was very tired and went up to bed instead. Had a long good night's sleep.

I'm not sure where I am at in my weightloss plans. I'm sort of floating about, not committing to anything and certainly not writing down my food which helped me out immensely when I did do that. You see, I filled up all the pages of my Beck book and when it was full I stopped.

OMG. You know what? I am going to deal with this artistically. DUH. The shenpa worked cause I can see it; I can visualize the idea. I need to make myself a weightloss focusing book of some sort. Yes. Wow. I have never even thought of creating my own journal for this. Wow. Gee you guys. Don't let me off the hook on this! Please ask me how that journal's coming along okay? I need the gentle reminders to do it.

And so. I found out that the ceramic room floor, studio and kiln room, will be completely redone at any time. Hmmm. All loose materials on all shelves must be dealt with and moved out. YIKES! My 10hr a week job will double in hours. Oh yikes. Talk about your shenpas. Once the July 1st holiday passes I have to start tossing the stuff out of the room, major cleaning and re-orgainzing and with the loss of Penelope my boss and the only ceramic teacher in the school gone by then (she's officially at her new job July 1st) that makes me, a veteran of only THREE ceramic classes ever(!) head of the studio until the new hire shows up whenever they hire them. Possibly September. I don't try to think about this. I will just do what needs to be done. the tough part is balancing all of that with getting stuff ready for the weekend markets, for trying to figure out what the heck will sell this year, and for continuing posting to my blog, and my etsy shop and getting ready for special local art shows like the two or three arts in the park coming up in July and August...and now this small job may take up a few weeks of my making-things time. it means I have to, yet again, DO MORE (I feel the shenpa awaken here). I'm really not a born multitasker. I actually need three days off in a row to feel good. I enjoy lots of downtime where I do nothing for days and days. I am very far away from that schedule. Very far. OH WELL. NO CHOICE. Not scratching that shenpa. I've chosen all these things. I can back out too, but choose not to.

Sorry to gripe. Didn't mean to. I'm ready to make a plan for myself again though. And that my friends is progress.

Have to get back to it.

Enjoy your day...

PS. Welcome new Becksters! Love reading your posts!
PPS. I am going to add another S to the plan for me: No standing while eating...or Sit and eat always... Becksters we get this one eh? very important.

JennyG 06-26-2008 03:55 PM

Quick question? When it says under your post Completed Beck Program-day 42. You’ve met your goal. Congratulations!..... does that mean you all met your goal in 42 days? lol, maybe thats dumb but just wondering!


spryng 06-26-2008 04:10 PM

Hello it's me again :)
just a quick post from me as I'm about to head out to do a TON of errands now that I am off work.. no book yet :( was really hoping it would be here today, but maybe tomorrow. And yes what are those cards you encouraged us to fill out while we are waiting for our books??
well, sorry to post and run but I'm late! :)

eusebius 06-26-2008 11:18 PM

Good evening yeti matadors! Olé!

Today was Day 11 - Distinguish Between Hunger & Cravings. I am actually finding this much easier than I used to. And I find now that the higher protein levels in my diet mean that I no longer have the drastic low-blood-sugar spikes I used to experience, which made me feel hungrier than I actually was. So things are stabilizing quite a bit in that department. Thank goodness!

Also high-intensity interval cardio again today ... I ratcheted up the speeds just a tiny bit, by .1 mph for each interval ... baby steps ...

I think perhaps I have not been eating enough for my activity level, particularly in the protein department, so that my body is in a bit of a starvation mode. I am going to try and tweak things a bit that way.

coastalsue - your exercise and diet sound great! I do highly recommend weight training. I have noticed immediate improvements in my energy level and also in everyday tasks, like lifting groceries and opening stubborn pickle jars. WTG on recording your daily menu ... I completely know what you mean about the sense of panic and the mind wrestling. It can be so overwhelming and it's hard ... but possible! ... to separate from those feelings and witness them.

Bill - good job eating only one munchkin (or, as they are universally known this side of the border, Timbit). I think they have about 30 calories in them so I wouldn't worry too much! May I have some blueberries please? Thanks very much (burp).

Jean - Now I am visualizing you as a proud matador wielding a giant staple remover! LOL!! Enjoy your lovely day off! You definitely have earned it!!

onebyone - awesome tactics. Turning your back might not work on a bull but it definitely defeats the yeti. I think the visualizing book is an absolutely brilliant idea and even something you could publish later on!! As a freelance musician I totally feel the crazy uncertainty of your work situation. Last term I was loaded with extra responsibilities at the university when my full-time, now tenured colleague went on maternity leave (something i wouldn't even be entitled to!) I got all her students and her masterclass, and a bunch of her other duties fell on me as well, still on one-fifth of her salary, this at the same time as premiering a concerto. Doh! The shenpa got me! you are much more aware now and can use this wisdom to your benefit.

Jenny - I think Bill made a sort of tracker for his progress on the 42-day Beck program, which he completed a while ago ... but this was actually already after he'd lost all his weight and was working on maintenance ... am I on the right planet there Bill? :)

spryng - the advantages response card is basically a list of all the reasons you want/need to lose weight. you write out the list on a 3x5 card (mine is a memo on my phone) and read it several times a day to remind yourself of your goals and how important they are to you. It really helps!! Also many of us have posted our lists to this group as a sort of accountability tool and a prompt for discussion.

Hugs to all and to maryblu, wendy, heidi and anyone I've missed!

BillBlueEyes 06-27-2008 05:53 AM

Yeti Matadors – The big deal for me in Program-day 11: Differentiate Between Hunger, Desire, and Cravings was becoming aware that Desire wasn't hunger. In particular, not only was Desire for seconds not hunger and that it was rather easy to avoid by not having the serving dish on the table.

Did my weight session at the gym. CREDIT moi. Small things: deliberately thought about the spoonful of granola and fruit I was eating to avoid thinking about the next spoonful. CREDIT moi.

Really enjoying the matador variations here. Perhaps we need to extend the Beck program to include Program-day 43: Mix Your Metaphors, LOL.

Jean (kuhljeanie) - Kudos to your yeti matador for defeating the shenpa staple monster, LOL. And Kudos to you also for getting to the gym even though tired. Thanks for the picture of el nino. And thanks for reminding me that the second munchkin wouldn't taste as good as the first anyway.

onebyone – Alright already, go buy yourself a notebook for recording your food log, LOL. I keep mine in a Microsoft Word document, but pencil and paper should suffice. Ouch for the extra work in the ceramics lab. Kudos for standing down the Desire to eat after 9 PM.

Erika (eusebius) – Kudos for increasing the exercise speed. Neat that you adjusted your diet with protein to level off the sugar spikes. Thanks for the word Timbit, that's new to me. As kids we called them donut holes, which I prefer since there must be negative calories for consuming a hole. [e-mailing blueberries]

spryng - I suggest that you wait until you get to the program days in the book before creating your Advantages Card. It's not a rush thing. For me, I created my list of advantages once, and have subsequently revamped it at least a dozen times as I come to realize what's most important for me. The book gives a list of examples, most of which were appropriate for me in my first list. Keep the faith; Amazon will deliver, LOL.

JennyG - Nope, not right away. After you finish the first four chapters which, for me, were some of the most important of the book, you'll get to the 42 days of the program. Program-day 1: Record the Advantages of Losing Weight is first. That's when you create your Advantages Card. As Jean (kuhljeanie) said, reading it daily keeps us reminded why we want to stay on our eating plan and exercise plan. I keep mine in an Excel spreadsheet where I also keep my checklist. I've read my Advantages Card daily and checked off the checklist daily for the eight+ months I've been doing Beck.

As Erika (eusebius) noted, I created my "program days completed" tracker when I first started, to encourage me to complete the whole thing. I couldn't figure out how to convert one of the standard trackers into counting from 1 to 42, so I just rigged this one. Even though I was working the program every day, it took me 74 calendar days to complete the 42 Program-days, taking more than a week to do the one day exercise, Program day 12: practice Hunger Tolerance, and several days on others such as Program day 27: Master the Seven Question Technique.

Readers – " … have you ever strayed from a diet for any of the following reasons:

• You felt upset and thought that eating would make you feel better. …" Beck, pg 21.

Completed Beck Program-day 42. You’ve met your goal. Congratulations!

spryng 06-27-2008 01:21 PM

Afternoon all! :)
ok so today I'm off work early, got on at 4 am so I could finish by noon, I don't do that very often, lol..
ok, so today is going great OP.. but last night was not the case. Did great all day but after my errands I was ravenous! I didn't binge or anything but I defintely ate more than one plates worth, lol.. but today it's going well and I'm proud that I've done this well this week :)
erika sounds like you are doing great! yeah I have hard time determining craving vs desire too. like last night I was satisfied at one plate but it just tasted so good I kept eating, lol.. not good!
billblueeyes yeah I'm trying to exert some patience, lol.. not easy for me ;) but maybe it will be in the mail today!!! (keeping fingers crossed) I'd love to spend the rest of today reading :)

JennyG 06-27-2008 11:20 PM

Well, I am on day 4, and I love this book!! I also joined weight watchers today, so I think I will be back on track in no time!! I am so excited, I have some advantage cards wrote out, they are great, it really goes to show how many times u don't eat sitting down, which is now my new goal for this week!!
hope you all have an excellent weekend, I'm going to Celebrate Canada day from now til sometime Tuesday nite!!

BillBlueEyes 06-28-2008 05:53 AM

Diet Coaches – My walk was to Whole Foods to buy bananas. CREDIT moi. Small things: bought smallish bananas rather than the largest I could find, just because that's the size that made sense for me. Previously, I always bought the biggest driven by that same feeling that wanted more of everything. CREDIT moi.

Read an article in Gourmet Magazine on how to make marshmallows. I now know how. Consist of sugar syrup blended into cold water with a little gelatin to hold the air, with some vanilla extract for flavor. Nothing more. I really want to make them just to watch the transformation. But I don't particularly want to eat them. I haven't bought marshmallows since my kids needed them to burn over a fire. I could add then to hot chocolate but I don't drink hot chocolate in the summer. Actually, I don't drink hot chocolate in the winter either. I could keep them, "separated by parchment paper, in a sealed tin container for up to two weeks." And then throw them away. Oh Well.

spryng - Kudos for "doing well this week." Amazon will deliver your Beck. [Sending patience.]

JennyG - Boy oh boy, isn't it a surprise how often we eat when not sitting down. I'm still working to remember to not pop the last spoonful of whatever I'm serving into my mouth. Or, blush, to eat from my plate while carrying it a few feet to the table. Kudos that you're already on Program day 4: Give Yourself Credit, and Kudos that you've joined Weight Watchers. You're moving on.

Readers – " … have you ever strayed from a diet for any of the following reasons:

• You were too tempted by the sight of food when shopping at the supermarket. …" Beck, pg 21.

Completed Beck Program-day 42. You’ve met your goal. Congratulations!

spryng 06-28-2008 11:35 AM

morning all!!!
It came yesterday!!!!! yay!!!! I was headed out the door to run errands for the afternoon so I took it with me and read while dh drove. I am so psyked!!! I'm still in the beginning of the books so I haven't got to any of the daily things to do or think about so hopefully I can start on that tomorrow.
But anyway, today has gone well so far. I'll be away from home the rest of the day so hopefully there is no straying involved. Chat with you all later!

coastalsue 06-28-2008 02:03 PM

Hi everyone,

Big wave to all-Our internet service has been very erratic, but there is alot going on in our area-many, many forest fires on coastal mountains-burning for over a week now-most all homes so far have been spared. The fire have resulted in horrible air quality in many part of Northern cal. Being coastal we are better than most and the town has many vistors escaping poor air in the valleys. Basic game plan is for people to remain indoors and don't exercise outdoors to avoid irrating the the lungs-so it is bye, bye swiming for the next 2-3 weeks(this is how long they think the fires will lasts.)

Check in as our server will allow
take care

northwest 06-28-2008 09:13 PM

Hello Diet Coaches,

Haven't checked in for a while. Have been drowning in work. One person on my team on medical leave and a position vacant for the last month. Replacement starting on Monday. Worked til midnight 3 days in a row, then had to cook at a company picnic. Went home and crashed and slept 11 hours.

I am having trouble seeing the advantages of losing the additional 10 pounds or so that I need to lose outweighing my desire not to be on a diet. In fact, I think I was doing better when I was just focusing on the skills of the 14 days and not considering myself to be on a diet.

There is something about trying to follow all of the different rules, especially reading the advantages cards every day, that I think is tipping me into all or nothing thinking. If I don't follow all the rules I feel like I'm failing.

I tend to go off track when I become exhausted, and this last week at work has taken it out of me. Maybe I'll go back and read the "Get Back On Track" chapter.

BillBlueEyes 06-29-2008 05:38 AM

Diet Coaches – Small things: At 5:30 pm on Saturday, DW gave me the challenge to procure 2 (and only 2) 100% whole wheat hamburger buns for Boca burgers. Seems that the nearest supermarket sells them in packages of 8 or 12, which of course we could freeze and then toss when the freezer burn and ice crystals make them inedible. The two local bakeries both close at 5, so the obvious choices are eliminated. Using trusty bike, I made it to three places still open. Only rolls being sold as singles were dinner type rolls with nuts and raisins- not Boca burger compatible. Last place had ciabatta bread rolls that are deadly good, but no whole wheat at all. Settled on a whole wheat baguette. Problem solved. CREDIT moi. Life must be good if this constitutes my report to my Diet Coaches, LOL.

Sue (CoastalSue) - Ouch for no swimming due to the environmental problems in Northern California. Hope it clears soon.

northwest - Ouch for the workload; perhaps they should give you the salary of the unhired person until she comes on board. Kudos for identifying the "all or nothing thinking." Can't fix it until you recognize it. My sympathy for feeling that the list of things to do on the Beck plan are onerous. I feel that Beck understates the time it takes to: record today's food, plan tomorrow's meals, read Advantages Card, and check the checklist. After the 42 day program is complete, she suggests that they don't need to be performed daily, which should help. Although I have one standard meal plan, I still do the food recording, check list, and Advantages Card daily. But, I admit to suffering from the fear of sliding off the mountain with any small slip. Sending you warm support for finding your balance that gives you the support you need without undue burden.

spryng - Glad you got your book. Interesting thought, "I'll be away from home the rest of the day so hopefully there is no straying involved." Are you saying that you find it easier to stick to your food plan away from home than when you're at home? Just wondering if that's true for others. For me, it's easier to stay on plan at home - I think because there are no surprises.

Readers – " … have you ever strayed from a diet for any of the following reasons:

• You were too tired to cook, so you opted for fast food instead …" Beck, pg 21.

Completed Beck Program-day 42. You’ve met your goal. Congratulations!

yoyoma 06-29-2008 06:46 AM

I had temporarily put Beck on hold because I had to return my library book even after I'd renewed it. I just bought a copy, and I also picked up another book called The Thin Commandments Diet.

The author, like Beck, is a therapist. He's also got a proven track record of success with his patients (about 50% maintain their weight loss for years). Anyway, I really enjoyed reading it. The body of the book is very compatible with the Beck approach -- all about mindset and behavior. I think it really helped me to look at the problem of weight management differently.

The book is not in any way a substitute for Beck. It does not contain a behavior modification program. It does contain a separate diet plan, which I am ignoring. But I would highly recommend reading it. It reached me in a way which Beck did not, with the same basic message.

eusebius 06-29-2008 08:14 AM

Good morning Beckies - I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend. Mine's going pretty well. I weighed and measured this morning. Scale weight is the same but bodyfat % has gone down 1.4% and I lost another inch off my waist. So this plan is working!! Now the challenge is to stay off the %^&* scale until next Sunday ;)

I've also been doing Days 12 and 13, dealing with hunger tolerance and cravings. I did the skipping lunch exercise back in January and it taught me a lot so I didn't feel the need to do it again. I do recommend it though. As for cravings I've been finding that our talk about shenpa and awareness has been helping me immensely. My cravings lately are lasting about 20 seconds, if that. Go Yeti Matadors!!!

Spryng - WTG getting back on track with your eating!! Glad your book is finally here ... have fun reading!

Jenny - Happy Canada Day *waving flag* Glad you are enjoying the book! I know you will get so much out of it.

Bill - your creative powers are being tested with the hamburger bun episode ;) Good job!!

coastalsue - That is a major bummer about the swimming. are there any indoor pools around? or do you not use those?

northwest - I totally understand your dilemma. it has happened to me all sorts of times! The all-or-nothing and perfectionist demons have so often controlled my brain. I find it helpful to write down EVERYTHING I have to do, w/o exception, or get a service like vitalist or iwantsandy.com to send me e-mail reminders, and then (easier said than done) think only about the task at hand. It is so easy to get overwhelmed thinking of all one must do and as a depression sufferer I know that sometimes I just have to go one inch at a time, one weight rep at a time, one Beck task at a time. Keep in touch with us and let us know how you are feeling.

yoyoma - Thanks for the book recommendation! Sounds like it's really worth checking out. BTW you're not a cellist by any chance? ;)

jean, wendy, heidi, onebyone
and anyone else I've missed - big smiles & waves!

Enjoy your Sunday everyone!

yoyoma 06-29-2008 08:31 AM

No, no, I'm not plugged into music at all. I'm just a yoyo dieter and part of my motivation for trying to stick with this for the long run is to be a better role model as a parent. Actually, I'm looking forward to the day in the far future that I can ask the moderators to change my user name (to something like MaintainenceMom)!

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