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onebyone 06-12-2008 09:31 AM

Thursday morning
Good morning coaches. I feel good today, weather is calm, not too hot. A good day.
My food is settling down and I am settling down and getting back into my regular routine. No big shows coming up for a month or so, except another art exhibit at the end of the month but it's all ceramic work and so I just have to er, work... make things... But ceramic sis done ins tages so there's no point fretting over it. It gets done when it gets done. I can't rush it.

Well not to worry folks. (Thanks for all the kind responses to my long post the other day.) I take my bp meds everyday as prescribed, never or rarely miss them. I dom see the doctor when I am supposed to... it's just that that seems to be the only real reminder I have that *surprise* I have not lost any weight. he's good with me, always has been. Encorages me to just lose 10% of my weight and assures me that will be of great benefit to my health like all the new research says it will. 10% = 25lbs for me. It ain't gonna happen in a month.

But I'm okay with it all today and LOVE the Harvard pyramid elkfordian wrote about. Will give that a real look for sure. I too am back to no carbs after 5. If nothing else, I can do that one thing for today. Oh and three meals, 2 snacks if needed, no sugar for me today. Let's give it a go!

Update at 5:16pm-- so far no sugar for today. Very tough. I really craved it around 3pm, especially when getting a coffee on my way home at the local coffee/doughnut place. Told myself "NO CHOICE-you said no sugar and no means no". I won. No sugar. It's after 5 so no white carbs now until tomorrow. I can have fruit and veggies and protein...
And I did get some walking in today. So far so good. I also read a Spark people article that I poo-pooed at first buit am now taking to heart http://http://www.sparkpeople.com/re...les.asp?id=454. 10% lost for me is 25.6; 5% is 12.8; 1% is 2.56. I lose 1%-3% all the time 5-7lbs. So. Interesting. Time for me to re-focus. How's everyone else doing?

coastalsue 06-13-2008 01:03 AM

Hello All,

good to back here-been rather busy with company-way too much overeating and yes overdrinking. actually feel rather sluggish. The weather here has been great so have gotten in over 2 hrs in the pool as warm enough for houseguests to join us in the pool. Thanks for all the birthday wishes-plus celebratng my bro's recovery-actually now the mundane-both food and activities art starting to sound attractive.

plan for tomarrow
1. plan for 1700 cal day (get back to 1500 in a couple of days)
2. record all the food eaten
3. Ride the bike for at least 20 minutes

onebyone-I'll be doing that eat no sugar battle for the next couple of days-sugar is one thing that my mouth never gets enough of but my body starts hating and gives me so many symptoms that it is not good for me. You are inspiring that you followed the No Choice path.

elkfordain-that harvard food pyramid made so much sense! Hope your time away will be a pleasure trip. Bet you'll love a new lap top-it is great fun along with the equipment to make our whole house wireless-very enjoyable.

BillBlueEyes-much credit for waiting over 8 hrs to get the right food for dinner versus eating horrible airport or fast food.

Heidi-Oh those end of the school year push!!-reports, reports ect-Can you have the whole summer off? or is it summer school or continuing ed classes? Good for you to take it all in stride. You will back on eating program very soon plus your new pets sounds like an exercise coach.

wendylan-hope something works out for your swimming-is there a set of exercises you can do with a kick board or a "noodle" one of those aquatic exercises tapes with music? For me I do get my pluse up highter with doing laps but how nice not to have to get in the car to swim. sometimes I do the water areobics as can talk while exercising.

robinW-new pad sounds great!t-much credit-for the work the pt.Hope food chocies get easier.

Kulhjeanie-always one busy lady. sugary food are my head's immediate response to being tired. Actually think I can get a 5 minute sugar high and then become overall much more tired-but head only concentrates on the quick high and not the sluggish side effects. Yoga sound so good-hope it is very enjoyable for you.


BillBlueEyes 06-13-2008 03:17 PM

Friday the 13th
Diet Coaches – A day of time squeezes, three hours of sleep, and failed Internet connections. Ate within my traveling allocations which got expanded to include half a fried shrimp po-boy sandwich yesterday. But no snacking between meals. CREDIT moi for that much. Will also take credit for long walks from one end of the airport to the other, since no other exercise happened. But the trip is done; I'm home.

Sue (coastalsue) - Kudos for 2 hours in the pool. Your plan looks good; hope your weather continues and the mundane feels good.

onebyone - Kudos for no sugar and for the walking.

Readers – Waving from the road.

Completed Beck Program-day 42. You’ve met your goal. Congratulations!

coastalsue 06-13-2008 10:22 PM


Billblueeyes-sound like one tough trip!! 3 hrs of sleep along with other annoyances-much credit for remaining on plan.

did my 3 goals today-credit In fact ended up with less than 1600 cals

tomarrow will be a bit harder-leaving early driving 2 hrs then babysit for 9 hrs and then drive back home again for 2 hrs. Little chance to exercise. Just doing this posting is making me plan to pack some low cal foods to I am not snacking on the kids' crackers and cookies all about the place.

saw a bit of Orpah today and there were some inspiring folks who had lost of ton of weight. Really have to maintain that "I can do this" attitude. I hated biking so much today-in my head just complaining on how boring a stationary bike is-knew that was not helpful. Finally just focus on counting my in and out breaths up to 20 and start all over again with one. At least i wasn't listening to all that silly whining in my head.

success to all


BillBlueEyes 06-14-2008 06:25 AM

Diet Coaches – Plan to get to the gym today to help recover from three days of not exercising due to travel. Was delighted to get home and discover some leftover asparagas salad with walnuts and blue cheese; so appealing when I was tired and hungry. It's a big part of my food plan to have access to healthy food that I really want. When traveling, I frequently face unhealthy food that is VERY appealing when the available healthy-enough food is only tasty-enough. Makes staying on plan possible, but with an effort and a little bit of feeling deprived. Just reminds me of the importance of the Beck strategy of surrounding ourselves with food we love so that on plan is the desired path.

Sue (coastalsue) - Ouch for four hours of driving; eight hours of babysitting grandkids seems worth it though. Good luck with snacks for the drives and when surrounded by the kids' nibbles. Kudos for staying with your plan yesterday. You Budhists are so clever at clearing out your head when it's stuck - I like that breath counting strategy. Big Kudos for being able to step back and look at yourself complaining instead of just wallowing in it.

Readers – "I now know:

• I need to give myself credit everytime I do what I'm supposed to do. " From the Introduction, Beck, pg 13.

Completed Beck Program-day 42. You’ve met your goal. Congratulations!

onebyone 06-14-2008 07:01 AM

Market Saturday
Morning Coaches

It's an overcast humid morning here. Smells and feels like summer for sure.
I'm about to go out the door for my market day. Just checking in. Stayed 95% on plan yesterday. That was good! Got some walking in too... also good. Have decided to stay focused on losing 10% of my bodyweight by my birthday. This sepcificially is 25.6 lbs by November 4th. !0% is what makes a difference healthwise and that'd be a good present for myself. The best actually.

Anyway better go. I'm having a NO CHOICE NO BUTTERTART market day.
Can't eat it if I don't buy it...

Have a good Saturday folks.

maryblu 06-14-2008 10:18 PM

One sad Beckie here
Guys, can't even focus on anything other than how sad I am about Russert. It is the saddest thing; he was such a great guy, and absolutely the best at what he did. Such a loving son and father, friend, mentor......wow, so sad. I am a sad, sad Beckie.

BillBlueEyes 06-15-2008 07:43 AM

Sunday - Happy Fathers' Day you guys
Diet Coaches – Rode my bike to the Farmers' Market. Bought two quarts of local strawberries for the two of us - will just have to sacrafice and overeat fresh strawberries because the local kind only last a few days. Got to the gym. CREDIT moi. Cleaned blocked rain gutter down spouts. CREDIT moi. I hate that job. Makes me want to eliminate all the trees whose leaves cause the problem. LOL, thanks to Beck, instead of thinking of eating my way out of an unpleasant job, I think of wiping out all the trees. Oh Well.

maryblu - Sharing your sadness for the loss of Tim Russert.

onebyone - Kudos for staying on plan. Good luck with "NO BUTTERTART" today.

Readers – "I now know:

• If I regain weight, I can go back to using the skills I used to lose it -- every time." From the Introduction, Beck, pg 13.

Completed Beck Program-day 42. You’ve met your goal. Congratulations!

northwest 06-15-2008 10:17 AM

Getting back on track
Hello Diet Coaches,

I am trying to get back on track. I'm afraid that an out of town wedding, followed by 30th wedding anniversary celebration and allowing that old diet devil :devil:to convince me that I don't need to lose more weight have thrown me off the wagon.

Bad sign that I did not weigh last Friday as I was pretty sure it would show a small gain. Credit moi for coming back to the group for support. I might have to go back to Weight Watchers. There is something about paying to be on a diet that makes me more compliant!

So, I am going to keep working on Day 14 until I get it right!

northwest 06-15-2008 10:19 AM

"Overeating" the fresh strawberries doesn't count as a diet sin in my book. It's just one of life's little joys. There's a stawberry and rasberry patch next door to my office building. I'm going to go pick some at lunch time tomorrow!

coastalsue 06-15-2008 07:58 PM

HI all,

Billblueeyes-happy father's day! Enjoy your strawberrries.

Hey Northwest-congradulation if that was your 30th anniversary.

OnebyOne-hoping for cooler and drier air but much hotter sales.

Maryblu- agree we lost one of the "good guys"

Just lazing around today-much more exhausted than want to admit to after yesterday activities-food planning is also a bit weak as having all of DH favorites-don't plan to over indulge but will not lose on this day's selections.

enjoy your day
I'll be becking more tomarrow.


wendylan 06-15-2008 09:01 PM

Feeling just yucky today,ate way too much and my clothes are feeling really tight.Probably due to my lack of exercise,donuts,chicken wings,regular soda and moping.I worked alot of days in a row and worked Fri till 11pm and then Sat back at 8 am.That does a number on me and I felt entitled to eat whatever I wanted.I need a good kick in the butt!I am going to sleep in in the morning and go grocery shopping and will try to get to the Y Mon eve.So hard to stay motivated.I need to be reading my cards,the more I work I slack off.We have a diet doctor in the area and I was thinking about going.He costs $80 for initial evaluation and he uses Phentermine among other meds.He uses the ADA diet and sometimes the fat blockers like prescription Ali.I fel like a different person on Phentermine and can stick to my diet much easier and have more energy.I do not know if he will prescribe it for me though because I have high blood pressure and am on Synthroid because I had my thyroid removed.My blood pressure is controlled on meds however.The Phentermine does give me a nasty short temper but I just can't seem to get a handle on things by myself.With the Phentermine onboard I can follow the Beck principles much easier and I think about food a whole lot less.I am just not getting anywhere and my weight is climbing.

BillBlueEyes 06-16-2008 06:34 AM

Diet Coaches – We did it. We overate fresh strawberries. Sooooo good. CREDIT moi. Still recovering from trip. Only took a short walk. CREDIT moi. My own computer's Internet connection didn't survive the trip; hope to have it fixed today.

coastalsue - Oh Well - Father's Day only comes once a year. Good luck starting the week strongly Beck.

wendlyn - Ouch for feeling yucky. Good luck on making the med choice. Kudos for being so thoughtful about it.

northwest - Congrats on the 30th wedding anniversary. Ouch that your Diet Devil stays around. Thanks for the pass on overeating strawberries. With your kind permission, I did it again this morning, LOL.

Readers – Waving from a borrowed computer.

Completed Beck Program-day 42. You’ve met your goal. Congratulations!

kuhljeanie 06-16-2008 10:51 AM

morning everyone,

mixed weekend. i'm giving myself a big credit for winning the 2-hour argument in my head friday night that i was done eating for the day. i wasn't hungry (in fact overate lunch AND dinner) and was still thinking about salty/sweet. i was tired, tired, tired. i even walked into the kitchen a few times and made myself walk back to the living room. finally went upstairs and took a long hot shower, went to bed. that felt good.

this weekend had many opptys to blow it, and you can't really eat on plan if you don't have a plan. instead, i ate what i wanted, but worked to pay attention and not overdo it. had more success than i thought when i logged my food this morning. i made sure to write everything down in my little notepad so i'd stay accountable, and have some idea of how well/badly it had gone. not as bad as i would have thought, food-wise. go beck and go me! the thing that just gets clearer and clearer is that i need more sleep. too many nights when i'm just barely getting 6 hours (or not even six.) i can't continue to function like this.

so, that's going to be my focus. being overtired makes everything about dieting harder. it's a struggle to exercise, i don't have the energy to plan, shop, or cook the good stuff, and i'm craving sweets. i've got a touch of the stomach bug that seems to be circling with the cicadas this time of year, so my weekend indulgences don't appear to have had an impact on my weight. i may not be so lucky (and i use the term loosely) in the future.

bill, LOVE strawberries! they're ridiculously low in calories for the taste. what a wonderful thing. mary, it was a tough weekend over here too. we lost him far too early. what a shock. sue, i hear you! i love my kid to death but sometimes i feel like he's draining me dry. sometimes i wonder what i'm smoking to be thinking about a second one. hey wendy, let us know how it goes! obviously health is the #1 priority - sometimes figuring out how to get there involves balancing all kinds of conflicting needs. glad to hear you're doing what you need to do to get yourself sorted out. let me know if there's anything i can do to help. hi northwest! funny how this board really does work to keep us accountable to each other, since this is such a supportive group of folks. good luck at your weigh-in! onebyone, sounds like your "no choicing" it is working for you. kudos!

wendylan 06-16-2008 08:59 PM

Did my shopping,costs more and more at the store every time I go!Have good foods in the house now,can't say I am eating any.I am going to call off sick for Tues. and I am off Wed.I need to get myself and my house in order.I need to spend some time thinking about all this.I did not get to the Y today but I did pick up a gift card I wanted to give the swim coach for helping my son.Swim team started tonight and my son still does not want to join.I will check in Tuesday.thanks wendy

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