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superstar78 02-05-2008 12:26 AM

Numbered plans calorie count
Does anyone know how many calories Plan 3 no lites and Plan 4 no lites would be equivalent to? I was on the Purple plan no lites - does anyone know how many calories that would be equivalent to? I want to ensure that I have increased my calorie count. It feels like I'm eating a lot more food.

shshshhh 02-05-2008 03:46 PM

When I was curious about the comparison between numbers of calories and carbs vs protein grams, I went to a web page- spark people - and entered the exact same foods for each meal, just the amounts for the different plans. When you do that, you can go to the nutritional analsysis page and it will give you a print out analsysis of each meal and each category (i.e. protein, calories, carbs, fats, fiber). I found that the most exact way of judging the different plans - took it to my doctor and he told me I cannot follow the newer numbered plan because although the calorie count was the same, the nutritional analysis showed the numbered plans heavier concentration was on complex carbs and I needed the protein emphasis.

The link keeps getting edited out, just enter the two words without a space and add a .com at the end.

Hope this helps

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