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Default Revival Slim and Beautiful Diet....Slim Fast..beware!!!

Hi all!

Just wondering if anyone has found this AWESOME DIET! It's called the Revial Slim and Beautiful diet.

I did slim-fast in college and went from 210 to 165 with a LOT of exercise.

Well I wanted to try it again and being smarter I started checking the label. The main ingrediant in Slim fast...SUGAR!!!! I also checked the protein level (you know protein keeps you from getting hungry) 2grams!?!?!!

No wonder when I tried it lately I was falling off the wagon every 5minutes!

Well becoming very frustrated I decided to try this Revival diet. It is a combination of Shakes and Bars...just like slim-fast. Each bar or shake has a whopping 20 grams of milk protein or soy protein!

I was 273 in July and I was holding steady at 218....and couldn't shift the weight. I got the program Wednesday the 30th I was 219.5 (really annoyed) and today I weight myself (saturday Feb 2nd) I'm 216!!

It's awesome!!!! Finally something is working for me again!!!!!
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I got a women's world a few months ago with that program in it and it looked pretty good but the revival stuff seemed kinda pricey so that's what kept me from doing it. But It had a thing were you could also use I think it was called genisoy as a replacement.
Does the revival taste real good then?
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S/C/G: 273/218/165

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You're right the "plans" they have are pricey. But, If you've ever looked at nutrisystem or Medifast they are about the same price. But, yes, I had to choke down the price tag.

Yah, genisoy is from the same company. Now, the Dr. has just packaged everything together like the other weight loss plans.

I have the vanilla shakes (because I put frozen fruit in them) and I think they taste pretty good. They are a little on the sweet side but not too bad.

The bars, I have the peanut butter crispy bar it's really good, it tastes like a candy bar. Although, I would rather my bar tasted like a double cheeseburger...but hey, can't have everything.

But, the main thing about this diet is...IT WORKS! and it's Easy..I'm all about the easy. I just want to drink my food or eat my bar, I don't do counting...I don't have the willpower to measure out...4crackers....and 3slices of this....I just get too frustrated and eat everything in sight!
So, for me it is working well.
I will tell you, I am a bit hungry on this diet. Even with the snacks...so sometimes I go over my 1200 calories...I add a salad in the middle of the afternoon or couple necatriines...but better that than a burger or huge pile of fries.
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Thumbs up Revival Diet Homestyle

I read about this diet in First magazine. It seems good enough to give a good try. In this magazine however, they tell you that if you want to do this diet and save money there are a couple of recipes for the shakes.

So I decided to try the recipes and save some money. I am starting today and like you MommyPeaches, I am starting out at 219. I was glad when I found your post and you said you lost 3.5 lbs in 4 days. I would definitely appreciate it if you continue to keep us posted on your progress. I will do the same and hopefully this diet will really work for me too.

I've already lost 12 lbs by doing Atkins half the time and Weight Watchers the other half. I definitely like Weight Watchers better but the weight is coming off a bit too slow for me. So lets see how this one works out.
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I have started this diet. Lost 5 pounds in 1 1/2 weeks. Happy with that. Try to keep to 1200 calories a day but sometimes go over. Has anyone substituted tofu for soymilk. I am allergic to soymilk (but using it anyways) and just read tofu could be used instead. If anyone knows anything about this I would like to hear from you.
Everybody keep up the good work!
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I just wanted to make a couple of points clear for those who might be reading this thread.

~Slim Fast has more than 2 grams of protein per serving. A ready to drink can has 10 grams per serving. When you get the powder form of Slim Fast, you must be sure that when you calculate the protein grams, that you are also including the protein grams that are in the milk you mix it with as well-which would equate to about 10 grams per serving as well.

Also, Slim Fast has changed their plan in the past few years-it is no longer just a shake or bar for 2 meals, and a meal for the third. There are snacks included in the plan, and a small amount of regular food that you eat along with the shake.

Also, when you go on any plan that includes a lot of shakes and bars or special food-like Slim Fast, Medifast, Nutrisystem, or the plan discussed in this thread-it is important that you start thinking about maintenance and the rest of your life while you are on it. You have to have some sort of a plan for maintenance, unless you want to eat the prepackaged food/shakes and bars forever.

One of the big keys to lifelong weight control, is learning not to "diet" but to make lifestyle changes that last forever. It's a good thing to think about now-rather than waiting until you are at goal. It can help you avoid the yo-yo cycle.

Start weight after baby #3: 233.9
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90 pounds lost!
Ambriehl Saroj
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I tried the Revival shakes and bars a few years ago. I didn't lose much weight, but that is my fault, I learned I can't do "shake plans" as a means of weight loss.

Cons- EXPENSIVE!! Shake plans don't make you learn a new way of life.

Pros- Convinient, taste WAY better than slim fast, lots of flavors good variety.

Everyone one of us has our own reasons and lifestyles that have made us overweight in the first place, we just have to find what works best for each of us to get ourselves to a healthy weight.
Failing to plan...is planning to fail.

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Aphil - thanks for clarifying some of the information above.

I'm a slimfaster and have found great success...but please note that I am not on the "Slim Fast Diet"...I have created my own that starts out each day with a S/F shake and combines counting calories/fiber/sodium/protein. I wholly agree with Aphil that you must create a lifestyle that you can maintain...if you have any questions about mine, feel free to see what I eat with some samples in my blog...
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Besting my Goal! Losing another 10lbs to see how it feels!
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Thumbs up Delicious and easy to follow

I started this diet 5 weeks ago and have lost 14.5 lbs. I make all my own shakes and have Cafe Steamers for dinner. The daily costs are only about $6, and then I have to add the snacks. I hardly ever feel hungry. I have a back injury so I do not exercise. The shakes are excellent (chocolate, vanilla, strawberry). My skinny friends think so too. When they come to visit, I have to get out my blender and make them some.
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