Dailyplate or Fitday???

  • Hi everyone,

    I am a strong advocate of calorie counting, and I have been a fitday user for over a year - pretty religiously until the holidays 07 when I slacked off calorie counting. I'm back at it, and I'm considering switching to dailyplate because I've heard they already have the calorie count for lots of brand name food that I do tend to eat (Kashi products, Laughing cow, etc.). What other features does Dailyplate offer that fitday does not?

    Can dailyplate users tell me what you like and don't like about dailyplate? If anyone feels strongly about fitday, please share your thoughts on that too.

    I'm anxious to read the responses to this!
  • I love thedailyplate and loathe fitday...I tried fitday first because it is supported most by this site...however, I found that it didn't have many brand name foods already in it - I hardly ever have that trouble with thedailyplate....
  • i used to be on fitday for ages until i discovered dailyplate. I just love how it has specific products i eat on it, so i can track exactly how much i'm actually eating. Fitday isn't that good for estimating calories for me. A disadvantage of dailyplate is that it adds the calories you've burned through exercise to the calories you're allowed to eat that day, which is a bit pointless i think so i tend to ignore that.
  • I think both are good products. There are some differences, so - depending on your personal preferences, either would be a good choice.

    It sounds like you use a lot of pre-packaged foods. Thedailyplate has a much better database for these foods. In Fitday, you must make a custom food for them.

    I cook mostly using whole ingredients, following recipes. Thus, Fitday works well for me.

    I like the layout, and the reports. I travel quite a bit, and I don't always have an Internet connection available. I pre-plan my eating, so I enter everything in Fitday the night before. I then adjust it at the end of the day if I varied from my plan.

    Again, it is a good fit for my lifestyle and my plan. Go with whichever product works best for you.
  • Thanks for the feedback. I just went to dailyplate and registered and encountered my first problem. I entered 'lentil soup' in search and got nothing. Do I have to manually enter that? In fitday, even though the items are extremely random (chicken feet, etc.), there are many kinds of food with calories by cup, tablespoon, etc. I'm trying to figure out if dailyplate does that.

    Thanks for the help and anyone else with thoughts, please chime in here.
  • Hi counting - I think we were entering at same time. I actually don't eat a lot of prepackaged foods - for instance, the lentil soup I just ate is homemade. But I do eat a few, like most days at work I eat a laughing cow wedge, and I often eat Kashi products a few times a week. I have entered lots of 'custom foods' in fitday (like the ones I mentioned and others), but someone told me dailyplate has a lot of those already.

    Now I'm confused...maybe I need to play with dailyplate a bit more (or use both for a few days) and then decide.
  • i love the daily plate...i also used prevention from time to time...which is completely free...
  • Hey Sugar - thanks for the vote. Is prevention also a calorie counter? Is it from prevention magazine? I may check it too while I am still in the process of deciding. Thanks!
  • i prefer fitday.

    love the simpleness, the layout, and how it works easily. Morever i like the "report" function.
  • I like fitday, maybe because I like to enter in all my own food info. I always use the nutritional info that comes off of a package, as those slight differences between store brands and national brands can add up.
    Then once my custom foods are in there, they are there forever, and easy to find.
  • I am like fiberlover, I prefer entering in most of my foods from nutrition labels. After a while, you find you eat the same things over and over so it is not that big of a deal.

  • I cook from scratch and use recipes. I tried some recipe analysis site, but they had no info on some of the main ingredients - so that didn't work too well. It just takes forever to enter a whole recipe's ingredients into fit-day, but I guess that's what I would have to do. Anybody got a better suggestion?