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Unhappy Im In Need Of Some Major Help !!!!

Well This May Turn Out To Be A Long Post...just Warning You Now..

I Stated Lawl Back A While Ago..anyways I Did Really Good I Lost About 46lbs In A Short Time 6-9 Months And I Felt Amazing, Well After That I Seemed To Slip Back Into The Old Habits And Now Have Gained About 40 Lbs Back And Cant Seem To Get My Butt In Gear..i Know I Need To Do It..none Of My Clothes Fit I Dont Feel Like I Used To...but Im Seem To Be Obsesses With Always Sneaking Food, Eating Food In My Car On The Wat Home After Work After I Have Already Eaten Dinner I Eat Another Meal From Fast Food Then Throw The Trash Out The Window So My Husband Doesnt Know...oh My Gosh I Dont Know What To Do..i Keep Buying The Right Food To Be On Plan But Keep Going Off And Finding Food ...someone Help Me I Dont Know What To Do To Get Back To Being So Good...when I First Did Lawl I Was So Motivated And It Was So Easy To Stay On Plan...
Not This Time , My Lawl Has Of Course Closed So I Am On My Own Now... I Know All The Normal Stuff To Do To Get Back On Plan...set Mini Goals,,,tell Yourself How Good You Felt And Write Down Things About How You Felt Etc...but This Is Not Working For Me Can Someone Please Help...i Feel Im Out Of Control With Food Thanks Jamie
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Jamie, That is a hard one. You need to stop and figure out why you are doing what you are doing. Is it because you feel pressured into losing? Is it because you are more comfortable being overweight and being thinner is scary for you? Is it because it is habit that you are having a hard time breaking? Why are you eating? Is it a stress relief for you? Could you find another stress relief instead? Do you really want to lose weight? I know it is a tough thing to do. Fast food is addictive, but it is not good for you.
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Hey Jamie, great to see you! Your post really hit home to me because I am just rebounding from the same stuff, and a major gain. I am back on the wagon and feeling so much better already. I will tell you some things that have helped me. Bear with me, this may get a little deep. I bought the book "The Self Hypnosis Diet". It comes with a CD of trancework to listen to that gets into your subconscious and helps to reprogram the way you feel about food. I the CD on my MP3 player and listen to one track a day. It takes about 10 minutes of uninterrupted time per day. This one simple thing has really helped me to break free of some bad habits, and a crazy love affair with fast food. Also, on the fast food note, I no longer carry any cash. If I want it, then I have to use my debit card or write a check. It is way too easy to buy a few things off of a dollar menu and scarf them down on the way home if you have cash in your pocket. Throw away the trash, then DH never knows. Right? I know, I have been there. If you use your debit or write a check, there is a paper trail. Your fast food habits are being tracked by your bank account. I carry a crystal in my pocket called Laboradorite which is a crystal that aids in weight loss. Since I am a Reiki master, I charge it up with postive energy to keep me inspired and encourgaed throughout the day. There are many pretty pieces on Ebay. Lastly, I have finally forgiven myself for my weight. Looking back to the past and beating myself up for the ways that I have gotten here does not serve me in any way. There is a Hawiian healing process called HO'OPONOPONO. I have found it to be very useful in letting go of the past and forgiving. You can google it to get more info, or PM me and I can send you some info. I realize that my techniques may not work well for some people, but they do work for me. If there is anything that I can help you with, please let me know.

Good luck Jamie, I know that you can do this.

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All good advice. The truth is it is easier to lose weight then to keep it off. Losing only involves eating well for a short time. Maintaining means eating well for life. For me therapy has helped me learn why I choose destructive and negative patterns. I learned that I do not cope well with chaos. I handle stress well but when too many things are off at one time I become unattached from myself. I handle the problems coming at me but I stop taking care of myself.
I learned to stop taking on extra projects. I learned to say no to some invites.
Yoga has been a great help. I have wanted to try Reiki but have not made it to any of the classes my center offers.
One thing to keep in mind as you lose weight this time is that this is the way you will be eating for the rest of your life. You will add in a few calories but your diet needs to be vegetable based, with lean protein and moderate starches. You can not sabotage your hard work by going back to where you were.
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Wow, Tuesday, you really ought to learn Reiki. I work on animals all the time, with amazing results. You would love it. Good suggestion on the yoga. I have been considering Yoga as well.
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Jaime - I could have written that post. I kicked the fast food thing by giving myself a time limit in the car. Going from work to home? Must be there in 5 minutes (I work really close - not a speed demon, but all of the fast food joints are on the way). That way I don't have the time to stop in, much less eat.

But I agree with everyone else - not stopping for food is only the physical answer. As painful as it may be, you need to really think about why you do this? As easy as it is to say, it is not an easy thing to figure out - and the 'answer' may change over time too. I'd love to be as introspective as Katie-but I find myself coming up with "because I want it" as a reason to eat. I know that there is something deeper that's the root, but I'm blocking it out for some reason. Wow - deep post for me.

Anyway - you are obviously not happy doing what you are doing - whatever eating the food is supposed to accomplish, it is failing you. You deserve better!

You've done it before, you know you can do it again. We're with you!
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I too am back from a few months of good/bad behavior. Needless to say, back with a gain also. You've gotten some great advice already and I certainly don't wan't to take away from any of that! I would however like to add a couple of "practical" ways to overcome in the meantime.
First, have a "treat" handy in the car (if it's the fast food thing we're trying to overcome). Something you enjoy that's good for you. Maybe a beautiful crisp apple, an orange already peeled and in sections, baby carrots, whatever would come across as a "treat". I personally LOVE peanut butter on caramel rice cakes! YUM!!!
Next, put your purse in the trunk and make sure you have NO money in the car. There is nothing worse than going through a drive through and having to get out and open the trunk for your money!
Lastly, when you get home, take the money you would have spent on that fast food and put it in a bank for YOUR SPECIAL REWARD that isn't food! It may be a manicure, a new pair of jeans in the next size DOWN, or even a couple of tickets to the movies for your honey and you on a date! Whatever motivates you, you can begin to save for it. It's amazing how quickly that money will accumulate and your focus will change.
Of course, as I said, these are "practical" helps. You really need to take a deep HONEST look into your core and find out what the real reason is for your unhealthy relationship with food.
We're all here for ya and we've all been there one way or another!
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It is my problem as well. After losing 16 lb and and being only 11 lb away from my goal weight - I loosened up and gained 10 back :-( Oh, and my COD "membership" expires end of March :-( And I still don't know why I sabotage my efforts with bad food that is totally not worth the sin!
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