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Default Slow heart rate & dieting (?)

Hi! I posted not long ago (like a week ago or so) about my heart rate getting very high when I exercise. Well, that was always normal for me. my heart rate has always been around 85-105 resting and 130-165 while exercising.

The past few days I have noticed that my heart rate is now only like 57 while resting and I have ti put the treadmill on very fast speed, and incline 5.5 just to get my heart rate up to the reccommended 127 bpm.

I am a calorie counter. I set my calorie intake for 1200 calories. But I will admit I have maybe 4 days out of 20 ate the 1200 calories. I have been usually taking in around 500 to 800 calories a day. I read online that for my weight and height I should actually be eating 1600-1700 calories a day to lose weight or my metabolism will slow down and I will not lose much weight if any. The page said that eating very low calories may back-fire. Well, I haven't lost 1 single pound since January 11th. In 8 days of barley eating! I think it has back-fired. I was just wondering if your metabolism has anything to do with your heart rate. I was wondering if a slow metabolism could make you have a slow heart rate? And if you think this may be what is happening with me not losing any weight in 8 days.

Thank you for your replys!
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Yes. Your metabolism is linked with your heart rate. A slow heartrate can be an idicator that your meatabolism is low.
500-800 calories a day is INSANE! It's not healthy. And frankly, I don't know how you do it. You can't be eating much AT ALL!
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500 to 800 calories a day is WAY too low for anyone, and can cause health problems.

1200 calories is actually too low for many women over 200 pounds as well. Most women on a 1200 calorie diet only have 10-30 pounds to lose, or are very sedentary, older, etc. and have circumstances where they cannot lose on a higher level.

You simply have to eat more. An extreme diet of 500 calories a day can cause a ton of problems. My mother had her gallbladder removed when I was a child, and it was associated with "crash dieting".
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